Silentish Saturday + 3 (with some strange feelings about this…)

IMG 7668

(Sweatshirt, leggings, shoes)

I completely forgot to take a selfie in my running clothes (for the first time in 13 years, haha)!  So I linked my day outfit instead;)

9.2 miles @ 8:15 pace.

IMG 7662

He told me he is ready to be the one driving again… I wonder why?!

But he did get to ride his bike for 30 seconds before he was back laying on the grass.

Soaking in the perfect weather.

And the people.

The kids put on a kid’s marathon on the street… Brooke is basically flying.

Beck has been begging for his own scooter.

Hear me out on this one… a bleu cheese, cranberry, bacon and jalepeno sandwich.

Somehow Beck is three years old today and it has me feeling really strange about the baby phase of our life maybe coming to an end?!  I DON’T KNOW!

We cannot wait to celebrate this little guy!

And a happy birthday to Beck’s birthday twin–> CURLY.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Happy bday to the birthday twins!

3 things:
1-Head of the Hooch is happening this weekend………one of the worlds largest rowing regattas and there are over 2000 boats here on the Tennessee River and high school and college kids from all over. It’s super cool that it’s right at the aquarium & riverfront, and seeing the boats on the water is so fun!

2-it’s going to be in the 70’s today and I am thrilled for that running temp at lunch!


Have a great day:)


Tacos. Always a good day when tacos are involved! I want to come with you to Head of the Hooch! That sounds amazing!


First time commenter, long time reader (from Australia) – You have one more in you Janae. Go for five!


HELLO LAURA! I think we need to chat more! Uhhhhhhh I cannot make up my mind (although, Andrew has haha). Nothing permanent has been done so you never know! I hope you have a beautiful day!


Happy birthday, Beck and Curly :) And I totally know what you mean about having a hard time letting go of the baby phase. It’s impossible!


Stacey, thank you! It really is?! It’s nice to let that stage pass (hello, sleep) but I know I’m going to miss it. Let’s talk more about it all. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Happy Birthday to Beck!! Sweet little guy 💕
And Happy Birthday to Curly.
Have a wonderful day celebrating. I can’t believe he’s 3 already.
3 things today – some sort of workout, walk the doggie, then make a list of everything that needs to get done before hosting Thanksgiving.
Have a great weekend Janae!


Thank you so much, Wendy! Hosting Thanksgiving! Wow, how many people are coming? I hope your day is a beautiful one!


Happy birthday to Beck! Three will be a great year for him! 💙
Today I am prepping for our Alison Roman family dinner tomorrow night.
Otherwise I will be doing what I have been doing for a week now: thinking to myself “holy shhhh 3:36!”
Have a fun weekend celebrating birthdays!


I’m thinking you are right! I WANT TO COME TO DINNER. 3:36. Molly, you are incredible. I’m so thankful you shared your journey with me because you gave me some very helpful tips!


Happy birthday Beck and Curly!

I’m trying to wrap my brain around that sandwich combo! It sounds good, like every bite would be a little different. Jalapenos are a little spicier than I like so I’d probably go with pepperoncinis.

It’s another “between trips” weekend here. Les got home Thursday night and leaves again tomorrow. I will celebrating the time change in the morning with an early morning run or bike ride.


Haha right?! It was surprisingly good even though I was regretting ordering it until I tried it. Happy time change and have the best bike ride, Kathy!


I’ve been reading your blog since Brooke was a tiny squish and Curly was a tiny little human. Man how time flies.

Three things: Making Challah French toast for brunch, wore tights for my run and should totally have worn shorts, planning on watching some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies today.


I love that we have been friends for so long. Thank you, Jacinta! Ohhhh I hate when I make that clothing mistake on the run. I’m going to need to come over for that brunch, it sounds heavenly.


Happy Birthday Beck and Curly!! 10 mile run, breakfast with friends, 1 year anniversary at the local Patagonia store (they do all sorts of activities and give out free stuff), then relaxing. Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much, Mariah! Sounds like a perfect day. ENJOY!


Happy Birthday to Beck and Curly! Wasn’t she JUST Beck’s age?!

Dog walks
Gravel Bike ride (so many gorgeous fall colors)
Boring grocery store after bike ride so way less produce options

Have a great rest of your weekend! I’ve been LOVING following the New York marathon shenanigans and hope to catch the race tomorrow online or the App.


sell tires, make dinner, wash floors, be a incredible father and husband if I do say so myself


Send a big birthday hug to both Beck and Curley!!!
Had a beautiful 15 mile run and then walked my dog for a couple miles. Phoenix weather is now in the ideal phase.
Our neighborhood is having a block party in the park with a band, games and food trucks. Looking forward to hanging out with friends. The best part is that it is walking distance and ends at 6pm!!! Feeds my introvert early night soul!!


Maybe just one more, Janae… please!

You are a good mama and your babies are precious. Plus weren’t you the 5th child (I’ve been reading for a long time)?

5 is lovely number for children.

Happy Birthday Beck and Curly.


How is that possibly Curly!? She is so grown up and gorgeous!
Yes! to the sandwich. It looks and sounds amazing.
Brooke’s running form is amazing! She must be super fast by now.
November 4th is my little sister’s birthday also.
It’s a great day!

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