My Friday Favorites & 39 miles in 2 Days.

Which is harder mentally… 14 miles on the treadmill or 25 miles on the snow?

39 miles of mental strength building in 2 days= mission accomplished.

I had to get my run in before the kids were awake and I just don’t trust the ice the day after a snowstorm in the dark (plus another layer was added at night over the ice) so I did it on the treadmill.

Note to self:  When I do my next ultra I’ll plan it for training during a bit warmer months.

IMG 6344

The first 4 miles were the toughest of the run and then it felt like my body just gave up trying to fight the idea of running the day after a 25 miler and loosened up.

2 hours= 14.26 miles.  I added in a few hills throughout the run too but nothing major.  The guy next to me kept looking over at me while I was snacking on Gushers throughout my run at 5 something in the morning.

IMG 6346

IMG 6349

I love how close my Garmin is to the treadmill.  My watch was only .02 off.

I didn’t pause my Garmin after the treadmill stopped after the first 60 minutes (that is the limit).  For 2 minutes and 35 seconds I put my hair in a Power Bun (I couldn’t stand it touching my back any longer), fixed my socks and drank up so that is why my watch time was longer but I just think it is so cool that they are so close.

IMG 6351

Andrew ran on our treadmill at home and we both finished up at about the same time.

Skye wanted to help me refuel afterwards.

IMG 6364

We were at Knox’s class for a little while in the morning during Skye’s nap time.  That went really well;)

IMG 6378

I was 100% very tired after the double long runs this week so when Skye napped, I napped.  I took a lot of downtime on the couch too.

If I don’t take time to recover I will have to take time to be injured.

IMG 6389

Our kids had some friends over and the mom brought us peanut butter bites when she came to pick them up.  They were delicious.

IMG 6385

Brooke wanted to pretend she had twins yesterday…

IMG 6393

For dinner we put chicken, buffalo sauce and ranch seasoning in the crockpot to make some tacos.

IMG 6395

Andrew has his long run for the week this morning!


Time for a few Friday Favorites:

*Angie shared this documentary with me and I LOVED it.  It got me through those treadmill miles yesterday, I’m very thankful.  Every time I felt tired I just thought about what these people do at the Barkley Marathon and stopped complaining to myself.

*A super interesting episode from Oprah.  “The body believes in what your mind is thinking.  Although the body is intelligent it cannot tell the difference between the actual situation and the thought.  So whatever thoughts you are holding, your body believes that is your reality.”

IMG 6109

*Last week when I asked for recommendations on how to keep my legs warm on these cold mornings, Macy told me about THESE TIGHTS. I got them and when I tried them on in the dressing room I started sweating ha so I knew they would help for my winter running. I wore them on my 25 miler and they were magical. I didn’t think once about feeling cold on my legs/butt.   They are a new winter staple for me.  They were my first purchase from Athleta and I’m sure I’ll be back.

IMG 2812

*I also bought this tank from them because I want to test out their unstinkable promise… so far so good.

IMG 6176

*Stacey gave me the idea to try Smartwool Knee-high socks to help with the cold runs and she is a very smart woman… these were amazing.

IMG 6177

*Caldera 3s!!  Full review coming your way when I get more mileage on them but I’m 99% sure these will be my ultra shoes.   I wore them for my 25 miler in the snow this week and my feet were very happy at the end and 100% DRY.  The grip on the bottom kept me from sliding all over.


*I buy muffins every time I go to Trader Joe’s and while their blueberry muffins are usually my favorite, these are pretty fabulous.

IMG 6178

*I just found out that Utah has the largest Costco in the world so that is pretty exciting to me.


What do you have going on this weekend?

Have any favorite things lately that we would love to hear about?

What’s your favorite recipe to make for dinner (gonna start meal planning for next week)?

If you are a treadmill runner… do you use your watch on the treadmill?  Is it pretty close to what the treadmill says?

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Gary Robbins is so inspiring isn’t he? The next year he went back and still didn’t finish (epic bad weather). There is a commentary video that you can watch for this movie too.

I have a long weekend which I’m excited about. My 15 miler tomorrow will be in single digits (why do I live where it’s so cold my eyes hurt?).

For food prep, if you don’t already have an instant pot I highly recommend one. I cook chicken for the week so the rest of my cooking goes faster. Oh, and you can have slow cooked tasting chili in <30 min. I bake potatoes in mine too.

Have a fantastic day! Awesome job on your B2B runs this week.


Angie, I can’t thank you enough for that documentary, it got me through that run! I will watch that commentary video too. Keep the recommendations coming. I wonder if Gary Robbins is planning on going this year? I hope your 15 miler is incredible (and what you said about it being so cold your eyes hurt… NOOO). I really need to finally get one of those, that sounds perfect for me. Thanks Angie and go rock that long run tomorrow!


Hey hey, Janae! Happy Friday!!! I love that all of your Friday favorites have to do with cold weather running! Glad your readers were able to help you out with awesome recommendations. And, heck yes, train for a fall ultra next time. ha ha Kudos to you for hard winter training!

I have a half day of work on CASUAL FRIDAY here, so I am happy! I’m leaving at 11:00 to go do a workout, and then later today my oldest daughter, husband, and I are going to Philly for a Sixers game. We’re huge Sixers fans, so I’m SO SO EXCITED!

Friday Favs—I try Athleta items every now and then. I recently bought these two and am liking them :) I got the tights in green and love the pop of COLOR:

This, too:

I think my fav long sleeved top for running will always be the Lululemon Swiftly Tech though!!!

Oh, and loving this for my hair! I put it on overnight while I sleep :)

Happy Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!


Right…. I get the best recommendations from you guys. I love this community so much!

Well, now I need to buy all three of those things. Those green tights are amazing and so bright and happy.

Enjoy the half day, casual Friday and have the best time at the game, sounds like the best time! Thanks Jen!


The contender tights also come in CAMO. And in petite sizing. I really, really, REALLY want a pair tbh.

HAVE FUN with the Sixers!!!


Ooooh! I need to check out the petite sizing!!!!
And, thank you! I’m so excited for the game!!! ????


I don’t know how you do 14 miles on the treadmill, but you’re a warrior FOR SURE!!

Trader Joe’s has amazing blueberry muffins, but I might need to try those bran ones. I’m telling you, though, you must get that pancake bread!!!

Even though I really just want to rest on weekends, I also want to make sure I do all of the things I haven’t done yet out here before the end of next month. So I might have to have a little adventure this weekend to make sure that happens! Hope that y’all have a great weekend, Janae!!


I cannot wait to try the pancake bread! I have been dreaming about it since I read your comment yesterday:)


I promise that it won’t disappoint, Tara!! :)


Natalie, I seriously planned out my day today so that I can make it to TJs to try this pancake bread you talked about. Sounds like pure joy. I agree, go get some adventuring in before your next chapter. So excited for everything you have up ahead!

Tara, let me know what you think about it!


Stir fry is soooo easy! I buy those bags that already have all the veggies and sauce. I just add diced chicken, rice/or rice noodles, and some extra soy sauce for flavor. AMAZING! Most of those stir fry in a bag cook in less than 10 minutes… OH! And you can add whatever veggies you want pretty easily.

I have a 3.5 month old and a 20 month old so I be whippin’ things up FAST in the kitchen on week nights! :)

Smart Wool socks are some kinda of voo doo magic. I don’t know how they keep your feet so warm but they do. The only socks I wear skiing and my feet are warm and dry the entire time.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I need a quick dinner option like that. I can’t wait to try it. YOU ARE BUSY… I can’t even imagine how crazy it must be with two little ones.
They really are magical, I can’t run with anything else in the winter. Have a wonderful weekend!


Old Navy had some fleece lined tights which I have used this winter (I live in the midwest and it has been a frozen tundra this year). These tights have been a lifesaver for me and they are WAAYYYY cheaper at $34 a pair.


Do you know if they still have that same pair online????


Yes!! And on sale!!! Here is the link:


You. Are. Seriously. The. Best. I just used my rewards $ too and got them for $10!!!! AHHHH You just made my morning. Can’t wait to try them when they get here. Have a wonderful day!


Second these! I’m in Buffalo, NY (aka the coldest, snowiest place EVERR), and these tights are so warm and so inexpensive! I was trying to stock up on them, but they always sell out of my size.


You are welcome! I bought 2 more pairs as well with my rewards $$ making them so cheap! They will be a good addition under my snowboard pants as well. Have an awesome day!


THEY COME IN PETITE SIZING!!! My 4’11” self thanks you for the ‘favorite’ and Old Navy for getting that the shorties of the world like to stay warm, too!!!

(now if Atlanta will just have another cold front…ha ha ha…)


We have date night tonight!

My mom used to make the best bran muffins and I ate them all the time. My kids don’t seem to like the though so I don’t make them often. Now I want some.


ENJOY DATE NIGHT JENNY . Send me your mom’s recipe:) . Have a wonderful day!


It makes me giggle thinking about eating gushers on the gym treadmill ☺️ And your snow and treadmill long runs…. you have some serious grit!

We eat instant pot burrito bowls a lot and love them! My favorite recipe is from

I’m going to st George this weekend! We have a birthday party, running and lots of fun planned :)


Oh thank you Alicia… the gushers tasted really good hahaha! I will be checking out her blog and I think I’m going to buy an instant pot now that I actually cook food;) .
ENJOY ST GEORGE AND THE WARMTH (I’m not jealous at all;).

Thanks Alicia!


I haven’t commented in ages (I read on a reader and don’t always have time to click through) but I’ve been following your ultra training journey (and running in the snow journey!) with awe. You are so hardcore! Glad you’ve got some good recommendations for keeping warm :) I love the pics of Skye when she’s sleepy!

This weekend we have beloved friends visiting who we haven’t seen in years! We’re cooking veggie curry for them, and a veggie stew, but those aren’t our go-tos as our little boy isn’t keen on spice or sauce! I loathe running on the treadmill so I can’t comment on that – I did 5k on one last weekend I was staying in a hotel, and I was all over the place! Hope you have an amazing weekend – and good luck to Andrew for his long run!


Hey Lys! It is so good to hear from you! Oh I am so thrilled that your friends will be visiting you! Wish I could come join you one day for some veggie stew. Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!


Okay I need to come to Utah to check out this massive Costco! It’s so funny because we literally look forward to our Costco trips every week — so crazy how a wholesale place can bring so much joy.

Also, that buffalo chicken crockpot meal sounds so good! Going to pick up some ranch seasoning so we can try it!


You need to come to Utah and VISIT ME:) . Yes, try it and let me know what you think! PS YOUR NEW PLANNER IS BEAUTIFUL!


AHH I am so happy to hear that you’re loving the Caldera 3s so far!!! We’ve gotten great response to them at the running store I work at, and I think their design and the tread beneath them is SO SMART. I admire that the design of the grip on the bottom of the shoes is really made to be a bit versatile–to handle hikes and trails as well as “weather conditions” on roads like your snowy run. (That said–because I feel more comfortable with a higher heel-toe offset, if I DO buy trail shoes over a fresh pair of Ghosts, I think I am going with the Cascadias–the offset is pretty close to the Ghosts, which is close to the Launches, and that’s what works best for me)

And Athleta. That company has my heart HARDCORE. I love that they use a lot of sustainable materials in their fabrics, and I *really really totally completely* love that they make clothes for tall/petite/regular height/maternity/girls and that all of their marketing and messaging FULLY RECOGNIZES that approaching fitness and taking on a healthy, active lifestyle really has nothing to do with your weight or body shape–all shapes, sizes, etc can fully be healthy and active and should be able to be outfitted in the right things to support their activities. And as I was reading what you wrote about those leggings I was thinking that you need that speedlight tank top–the torso is long (too long for me…but I am a short Greek sasquatch…)–and LO AND BEHOLD that’s the tank top you got. HA! If your fitness certifications from way back when you taught spin are still active, you should see if you can register for the fit pro discount, which is REALLY NICE for full-priced items…

SOme of my favorites for this Friday:
I’m excited about the new fabrication for the Rebound Racer sports bra with Brooks. That’s the sports bra I run in. I also love that there are a lot of interesting things in the pipeline for Brooks’ sports bra line over the next few years.
I’m also excited to get my hair cut later today. It has been a literal YEAR (and almost to the day actually) since my last haircut, and even though I can feel myself a little bit shaggy and I see so many split ends, my hair has grown out well. The woman who does it is excellent–but it’s time for a fresh haircut.
Another favorite for the day is the fact that lululemon does free hemming, even when you order something from their website or buy it from the lulu outlet or have had it and worn it a few times and decide that the fit would be better with hemming. If it’s one of their products they will do it for you. I recently purchased something at an amazing discount that I had wanted and watched until it hit the sale section of the website, and this evening after my hair cut I will pick it up. It will be appropriately “Stephanie sized” and I am excited for that.
Also a favorite: diet tonic water with a splash of orange bitters (like you’d use for an alcoholic drink) in it.
And though no one has commented on my latest blog post that I wrote about not running my 10k a few weeks ago, that post is I think my absolute favorite of the few posts I have written for my super small fledgling little blog.
One last favorite for today: I bought this top ( a few weeks ago, closer to the start of this past semester, and I think I have worn it three times since–with slacks and with jeans for going out to dinner. I love it. And by love I mean I really, really, really love it and want to wear it pretty much any time I have to wear clothes that aren’t yoga leggings and a hoodie.

Hope you all have a great day out there! :)


Oh I am so glad other people are loving the Caldera 3s too… I can’t believe how amazing they are! Reading about your love for Athleta and all of the great things they do made me want to go back again and again.
Have the best time getting your hair cut and I had no idea that Lululemon does that!
I commented, that was a beautiful blog post and it gave me a lot to think about!
PS that top is so so cute. Thanks, you too!


Aww thanks for the blog love! I can’t wait until I am home and can ‘approve’ the comment (on my work computer I can’t remember my dang password, and it’s saved on my laptop at home…oops!!!). Your ocmment was so sweet, it made my morning that much better.

And ha ha I bet you NEVER have to get anything hemmed! I have to get pretty much everything hemmed–sometimes even ‘ankle length’ skinny jeans in petite lengths and sizing. I’m just way too short. Oh well. I like when places will do that ish for free. :)

And now I really need to go to Trader Joes for blueberry bran muffins AND for this infamous pancake bread that someone on here wrote about. I never knew such a thing could possibly exist!!!


That mental game of yours is on point! The mileage alone could be daunting, but with the conditions and adaptations–you’re strong!
I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more beautiful beard…the color, the waviness, WOW.
“…the body believes that is your reality” is such a powerful statement. Keeping those positive thoughts.
YUM! I would definitely eat bran muffins with blueberries. I don’t usually get them because I’m not so fond of raisins, which always seem to be paired with bran. Enjoy!
We’re getting another cold blast this weekend, so maybe I’ll find my motivation to declutter closets. And I’ll definitely get the coat and mitten donations dropped off for someone who can use them.
I’ve been on a bowl kick this week. It started with ground turkey that I cooked up with chili powder, cilantro, and a bit of lime juice, then had a nacho/taco/rice bowl bar with black beans, corn, salsa verde, cheese, etc. Guac would have put it over the top, so I need to get some more :)
Happy Friday!


Corey, stay warm this winter and enjoy the organizing! Can I come over for your bowls. I will be copying this idea. THANK YOU for your sweet comment and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


I’m such a dork – I get so excited when you say that you followed some of my advice :) I’ll now be known as the “Smartwool and Straws for Runs Girl” haha!
I’ve never used my watch on the treadmill, but it uses GPS so I’m pretty sure it would tell me that I’ve gone nowhere in 60 minutes. Plus, our ‘mill is in the basement, so it can’t even get a signal.
My goal this weekend is to relax and find something fun to do. My little family has been laid up with various colds and stomach bugs all winter and we are finally feeling OK again. Time to get out of the house!
Have a great weekend, Janae!


I follow A TON of your advice!! Keep it coming Stacey. I really look up to you and all of the amazing things you have done and continue to do!

Enjoy a weekend of health and happiness with your family! Thanks Stacey!


Which Garmin are you using? I’ve never had mine be close to the treadmill mileage…..always way short!

I love TJ muffins, I used to get them all the time, then stopped for some reason. Need to get back into that habit!

Have a great weekend! Congrats on the successful back to back long runs! ?


Hey Laura! I have the Garmin 935! It’s not as accurate during speed work but when I’m going the same pace for a lot of the run it is awesome. Go get those muffins and thanks so much. Have a wonderful weekend!


You crushed your B2B runs this week, awesome job! I didn’t want to run yesterday, but I thought about you powering through the snow for 25 miles and it inspired me. Thank you for sharing!

I just got two new gadgets that I think will help me will meal prepping! I LOVE egg muffins in the morning, but I hate having to clean the muffin tin. I just got these silicone muffin liners! I can’t wait to try them.

I also got this no-drip olive oil dispenser. It measures out teaspoons and tablespoons!

I haven’t used either one yet, but I will share about them on my blog when I do!

Have a great weekend!!


Way to go getting out there Chelsea! IT MEASURES OUT TSP AND TBSP… we need that. Thank you for sharing! Thanks, you too!


I love that you were eating gushers at the gym while running on the treadmill! I bet that guy was jealous! Ha!
This weekend we’re expecting snomageddon in PNW so we’ll be homeboundish as of this afternoon until we know what is actually going on with this storm. If all goes well, I’ll be playing in the snow with my boys and maybe trying to finagle a snowy trail run also. I just started back to running again post injury so I have to keep it slow and short but anytime on the trails is better than nothing!
My fav dinner is MOD Pizza (yay for no cooking or cleaning!!) or my new love, BBQ bean tacos w/ pineapple salsa! If you look it up on Pinterest, the site the recipe came from is “A Couple Cooks”. I can’t get my husband or kids to try it yet but I’ve had it 4 times in 2 weeks at lunch!!
I have the Forerunner 235 and I can’t get it synched up with the treadmill so I don’t use it. It clocks me at slower paces so I wear it to watch my HR and that’s about it.
Have a great day!!


I should have shared with him haha. Stay warm this weekend and I am SO glad you are back running again. Those tacos sound fabulous, thank you. Thanks Jenny, you too. Drink lots of hot chocolate this weekend!


I LOVE those Athleta tights–I have two pairs and they’ve gotten me through some single-digit runs! I bought them when I was on a trip to California and the employee looked at me a little funny until I told her I live in the midwest. :-) They are also great for hiking in the winter!

I’ve been really into roasted sweet potatoes and carrots with rosemary, mixed in quinoa and a little bit of mustard seed. Simple, nutritious, and so good!

Let us know if the “unstinkable” shirt works!


Oh great tip about using them for winter hiking too… awesome! Well lI need you to send me that sweet potato dish asap. Hahah I totally will. Thanks Kristin!


I cross country ski and just bought these tights:

They are on the pricey side but I needed a super warm pair for skiing/ winter running (when there isn’t enough snow). They are amazing, super thick and don’t fall down! I’ve tried numerous “winter” tights before but I never found them to be thick enough, these are!

I also wear SmartWool socks for skiing/running but I still add the sticky toe warmers on the bottom of my’s been so cold in Minnesota! Toe/hand warmers are a lifesaver!


Okay, those pants look incredible! Thank you for sharing… I might just have to get another pair. Okay, I’ve never tried sticky toe warmers, those sound very interesting… I don’t know what I would do without hand warmers too! Have a wonderful weekend Caitlin.


Going to Girls on the Run coach training this weekend -couldn’t be more excited to start the program at my daughter’s school!

THE BEST recipe -I make it every single week and never have the leftovers I hope for!

And my new-to-me favorite thin: NO KNEAD BREAD -it takes absolutely no time (or baking skill) to make this bread and it comes out amazing every single time.


YOU ARE DOING GIRLS ON THE RUN at your daughter’s school. That makes me SO so happy! Enjoy Kim and I will be making both of these recipes, thank you so much.


I ran about 14 miles today! Except mine was outside, not on the treadmill. It’s getting hot here again which means more sweat and more laundry for me; I could use some unstinkable running clothes.

I relate to what you said about your body giving up on fighting running haha. Lately every run I take my hips and thighs are tight and painful for the first couple miles but I persist and they just give up and feel okay again.

You’ve made me crave muffins now. My current favorite snack is a banana granola recipe I made for the first time a few days ago. It tastes exactly like banana bread.


Way to go Grant on 14 and I hope everything was feeling great (after those first few miles)! Hahah hopefully the unstinkable offer is really true. Ummm that granola sounds amazing! Have a great weekend Grant!


High-fives and claps to you and Andrew (and good luck to Andrew for tomorrow) on amazing runs!

Tomorrow is run and coffee meet up with friends, take dog for a hike, get my hair highlighted

Sunday is dog hike, meet up with friends, more dog walking, and then a massage. My friend is a runner/yogi/massage therapist and he has been staying with me this week (he says the guest area of my house is very comfy so I hope you and the family stay with me if you ever come to Boston! :)) He lives in San Diego with his wife and son but is conducting seminars this week around Boston (he use to live here). He is giving me a massage as a thank you for staying with me! Totally not necessary but I’ll take it :)

If anyone goes to San Diego or lives there, he conducts running tours of different areas. I tried out 2 of the routes when I was out there in November and December and it was great. Let me know if interested and I can forward you the link to his website!

I hope you have a great weekend, Janae!


Can I join you on Sunday, that all sounds so great and you know I am 100% taking you up on that offer. Your home is amazing! That tour idea is so great, I would love to do that someday. Thanks, you too!


39 miles in 2 days – WOW, the only time I have even gotten close to that, was running a Ragnar Ultra. I think I did 33 miles – but that was in FOUR runs. 39 miles in just two runs is amazing.

This weekend my goal is to kick the last of this awful cold (my kiddos too). I’ve been off my running game for the better part of the last two weeks, and I am ready for it to be done. We are close – I can feel it!

Favorite things: I got some bath paint from the dollar section at Target. You can do fingerpainting on the side of the bathtub. It’s super bright so I’d be careful with nice washcloths.

My favorite recipes are the ones that are so easy they are hardly recipes.. like chicken & Indian sauce in the crockpot to go with rice and veggies, or pizza crust + tomato/pesto sauce + cheese and veggies, or applesauce pancakes (basically just use applesauce instead of water). I am always looking for more of these. Here’s a recipe I just got today from my coworker:


That bowl looks so crazy good… I need! I agree.. I love those kinds of recipes. I’m going to copy you with the bath paint, such a fun idea. Ragnar Ultra–> What an incredible experience. Good luck getting back to feeling 100%


Huh, my Garmin 235 is way off of my treadmill. It has me going farther and faster than the treadmill says. I will say, I *feel* like my pace matches my watch; my treadmill will say I did a 12:00 mile and I never go close to that slow outside, for example. I have been curious why my Garmin thinks I go so much farther, though. It’s at least half a mile farther than the treadmill, usually a bit more. I’m new to treadmill running so that has been a surprise. I assume the treadmill is more accurate since the Garmin is not outside using GPS??


Boooo… did your Garmin 235 allow you to calibrate during your first few treadmill runs? Mine had me do that in the beginning and I think that helped a lot! If I were you, I would trust the treadmill over your garmin… I feel like more times that is much more accurate than people’s garmins. Good luck and keep me updated on how you are doing!


So impressed with that mileage!! I also want to try your chicken taco recipe, that sounds yummy! Dinner ideas, I got the Magnolia Table cookbook and it is my favorite cookbook ever! Joanna Gaines has 2 enchilada recipes that are both really good, I made my beef enchiladas a little healthier by using a lean ground beef and low carb tortillas and they were still delicious. She also has an amazing banana bread recipe that you will appreciate with all those miles you’re running!

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