Marathon Training Log–> 5 Weeks to Go!

I hope you are having a great Sunday.  Andrew worked a bunch of shifts once we got home from our trip so it’s going to be really nice to get some time together today!  I hope you get in your favorite things today and enjoy your three day weekend (if you have one:).

Monday: 10 miles @ 8:18 average in Cayman

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:27 average in Cayman

Wednesday:  15.1 miles @ 7:25 average w/ 10 x 1k and 2.5-5.5ish minute recoveries.  You can read about the entire workout here.  Half of the intervals were uphill and half of them were downhill.

Thursday:  11 miles @ 9:02 average (some on trails + some pushing Skye) w/1269 ft of up

Friday:  6.75 miles @ 8:50 pace (part with Brooke as she ran too:)

Saturday:  20 miles @ 7:25 average with 6 miles starting at mile 11 @ 6:25 pace.  I was shooting for those 6 miles to be at around a 6:05 pace but realized quickly that wasn’t happening.  Definitely a challenging run that I’m very happy I finished:).  We started really early so the first half was in the dark but the temperatures were perfect the whole time.  1st 20 miler in this training cycle that didn’t include a race.  Great dress rehearsal for the marathon with my fueling!

IMG 4266

Sunday: Off!

72.85 miles for this week and just 5 weeks to go!

IMG 4265


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What do you have going on today?

Any September birthdays or races?

-It’s Knox’s bday month!

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Have some good quality time together!
By the way, thanks for ketting me know about Skye’s stuffed animal. I found it online, haven’t found a website that ships to The Netherlands though but I won’t give up :D

It’s also my son’s birthday next month. He turns 4, which also means he’ll start school. He’s excited and I’m quite nervous about it ;)

I went for a long swim this morning. Forgot how tired that maken me, ha. Have a great sunday!


How about I just mail one to you guys?!?! How exciting about your son and I totally remember those nerves with Brooke… good luck! You can do hard things. Great job on your swim today and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


That’s great progress!!…I also have 5 more weeks to go for the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY. Longest run so far is 17.50 miles which was last Saturday; I’m using the Mapmyrun training app for the first time.


Are you sure? Because that would be great! But only if it’s not too much trouble for you! Should I send you an e-mail?


Yes for sure! It might take me about a week to get it out but send me an email! Do you have Venmo?


I have a half marathon on September 29th!


AHHH wahoo Kelli! You better let me know how it goes. I bet the weather is going to be perfect and all of the hard work this summer is going to pay off. Hope you are having a great Sunday!


I just finished my 20 miler and survived! My first marathon is oct 6th – so soon!!!


YOU DID IT WAHOOOO! Our marathons are just a day apart… I have very good feelings about that weekend for the both of us. Recover well and congrats Katie on TWENTY MILES!


I’m tired just reading your training log! :)
I had to take some time off from running due to some health issues but I was cleared this week, just in time to run a 10k today! Great weather and a relatively easy course = great run! It felt so good to be back at it! I have two more 5ks later this month as well. I have missed running so much!
Since I was up around 4am, I’m now going to take a nap and hopefully spend time with family and friends later today!


I am so sorry about your health issues Rhiannon, I didn’t know this was happening. So happy you were back in time for your 10k… congrats! You have a lot of races this month and that makes me happy. Recover well and have a blast with your people today!


Best run this week was today. Ran a half marathon and had a goal in mind but didn’t think use get it as I did train that hard, and was sick for part of the week, but I did, first time under 2!!! Been trying for that for awhile so very happy about that.

You are an inspiration with your mileage though! Over 70! That is fantastic


CONGRATS SARAH!! I hope you feel like a million bucks after this race and I’m so happy you were better in time for the race. You rocked it girl!!


Your so speedy! That 20 miler sounds tough! How do you do 10 mile runs back to back and feel good? Any tips on recovery or what you do in between to get ready for round two?! Hope you have a great Labor Day :-)


I always get a kick out of hearing what runs you find really hard and what runs you find really easy because they are always the opposite of mine- I’m a heat and humidity runner, but when I was in Utah, I was like umm?? excuse me ? elevation? cold? NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. In this case, the grass is def greener on your own side :)

I moved to Taipei for some school stuff so all runs have been fun because I’ve enjoyed exploring, but even at 6 am, it’s in the 90’s with lots of humidity. Since the goal is to have fun and explore, I’ve had a lot of really great runs.

Happy early birthday Knox! I know your 20 miler wasn’t as fast as planned, but you still crushed it.

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