In case you missed out last week, the most viewed posts were:

*WHY I RUN.  A GUEST POST FROM MY PILOT BROTHER!  (Turns out he needs to start a blog because his post had higher views than I have had in a long time ha)

*Friday Favorites, Doubles & Found ‘Em!

*How Does It Compare & I Need Your Suggestions.


Let’s talk about some things that have happened recently…

Recently Took this picture:

IMG 3520

Recently Ate this… Trader Joe’s has the best treats.

IMG 3487

Recently taught the 8 year olds at church and the girls wore polka dot dresses.

IMG 4410

Recently Bought this chalkboard to put up our weekly dinners.

IMG 3507

Recently Read this book that Andrew gave me at Christmas (and recently preordered Ryan Hall’s new book—> Run the Mile You’re In).

IMG 2693

Recently Started Reading this book w/Brooke so I can learn how to help her with her math over the years (thanks Kristin for the suggestion, it’s awesome):

IMG 4349

Recently Wondered why Skye always chooses to sit on my head when there is an entire bed for her to sit on.

IMG 3612

Recently Wore this sweater and these jeans.

IMG 3578

Recently Followed brittanyanne278 for her inspiring/positive outlook on life.  She has been through so much (she used to be a big runner and then was in a terrible accident and is now paraplegic) yet just shares so much goodness and brightness.  I really look up to her.

Recently Listened to Rambling Runner with Crystal Harris, Rambling Runner with Marcus SmithAli on the Run with Sarah Cummings, Cold episode 8 and I’ll Have Another with Stephanie Bruce.

Recently Loved (and still love) this tinted sunscreen/moisturizer each morning.  When I went for my hydrafacial the esthetician recommended this stuff for me and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

IMG 3028

Recently Thought About how life changing it is (I’ve tried both multiple times;) to work towards being better rather than bitter when life gets hard.

IMG 1286

Recently Forgot how old I am and had to figure it out based on what year I was born.

Recently Enjoyed Normal ice cream for the first time (if you are ever in Salt Lake City PLEASE go there). Skye grabbed Andrew’s ice cream so fast that she knocked it off the cone a few seconds after this picture was taken.

IMG 3594

Recently Played Soggy Doggy.  Skye is skeptical of it but Brooke and Knox are currently obsessed with this game and we play it a few times a week.

IMG 3458

… along with a lot of Operation.

IMG 2249

Recently Learned from Kate how to set downtime on your iPhone (so that you just get phone calls and texts but don’t find yourself 45 minutes deep into IG without realizing when you should be sleeping or getting ready to sleep… I also set mine for a few hours after the kids get home from school/dinner so that I am not finding myself on my phone but can still take pictures)… Settings—> Screen time—> Downtime:

IMG 3546

Recently Laughed about this little clip my brother sent me… ps why haven’t I thought about doing a donut trail mix?

And from what Mindy posted:

IMG 3545

Recently Watched Made To Be Broken on Netflix.  SUCH a good documentary about Karl Meltzer trying to beat the record for the Appalachian Trail (2,189 miles.. with a gain/loss of over 464,464 ft).

IMG 3384

Recently Dreamed about moving to Hawaii for the next three months.

IMG 3411

Recently Smiled when I saw on Skye’s camera that Brooke darted into Skye’s room when she woke up to give her a hug.

IMG 3114

Recently Added this to the top of our sideboard (we used to have holiday decorations here) and I love how simple it looks:

IMG 3828

PS I have a Skye update going up this afternoon on HRG Baby so check back for that!


Share some of your RECENTLY items?  Thoughts, watched, read, laughed, ate etc.

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This post made me smile! Happy Monday!

I recently cleaned out FIVE BINS WORTH of old clothes and shoes to donate- that felt GREAT!


Oh I am so glad! Oh Jessie, that is an incredible feeling! And now I want to go do the same thing:) Have a wonderful Monday.


Love your handwriting, girl! And I’m totally on board with that Barbara Walters idea. It would be perfect!

Recently had a wonderful trip to Dallas and got even more excited about what’s ahead in these next couple of months. And recently started watching New Girl and can’t believe that I’ve been missing out on it all of these years!


I wish I could claim that as my handwriting ha… That is Andrew’s! It’s hard to read my handwriting:) . I am SO glad you were able to go to Dallas (such a cool miracle). Oh that show is the best. Keep enjoying. Have a wonderful Monday Natalie.


Recently just started watching Parenthood….wow. It’s so good!! Also recently beat my current 5k PR by 1 second in a time trial (on an actual course, so I know it’s exactly 5k) over the weekend! Super proud of that because it was really cold (and I generally don’t run fast in the cold, I’ll see you in Hawaii!), so I’m now able to run my race time in a workout! Progress!! I’m excited to find another one when it warms up a little and see how close I can get to breaking 19….:)

I have to get that soggy doggy game for my kids. That’s so cute!

Downtime is the best! The weekly phone usage stats were such a big wake up call for me. I’ve tried to cut mine down as much as possible. It’s crazy to think you can spend HOURS on your phone without realizing it.


Okay, Mollie that is AWESOME!! Way to go beating your 5k pr BY YOURSELF… imagine what you could do in a race at this time (added bonus if it was warmer)?! You are going to break 19. I know you will.
I AM SO JEALOUS… I wish I was just starting Parenthood for the first time. Such a good show.

Right about the phone? It freaked me out but I’m so glad they added that so we know to make the change. Have a wonderful day Mollie!


You’ve been having lots of fun, recently!

Recently ate stuffed peppers, AND all my family members did, too (somewhat miraculous for some of them).
Recently read 6 books! I’ve been cozying up with blankets and books quite a bit.
Recently enjoyed “The Last Suppers” by Mandy Mikulencak; a story about a woman who is head cook in a 1950s prison, and takes special care preparing last suppers for the condemned men.
Recently resumed watching “When Calls the Heart” with my 10-y.o. son. It’s a nice shift from video games(!) and really brings out his natural empathy.
Recently ran in the snow! Maryland got an actual snow storm (10+ inches for my area), though I ran when it was about 4 inches in the morning.
Recently decided (again) that snow is beautiful…and we can have summer back now.
Recently drooled at that TJ’s cookie!!!
Have a great day!


Send me some of those stuffed peppers and SIX BOOKS… Corey, that is awesome. Oh wow, that book sounds really interesting. I’ll have to check out that show. Way to go getting out in the snow to run and I’m right there with you, bring summer back. Get the cookie asap!


Recently BROKE 2 IN THE HALF!!!! (Yesterday). I was dying to tell you!! Thank you for all of your encouragement this training season!! Official time -> 1:57:59!!

Have a wonderful wk Janae!!


I just had to jump in and say CONGRATULATIONS; that’s amazing!!


Thank you so so much! Have a wonderful day :)


Ahhhhh I was thinking about your race yesterday!!! Hugest congrats Eleanor! You crushed your goal!! How do you feel today? You should be so proud! Thank you for telling me, sooo happy for YOU!


Thank you so much, Janae!!! So many happy tears at the finish!

I am sore (everywhere!!), but feeel pretty good overall. And haven’t stopped smiling!!!! Looking forward to my massage Thursday!


Isn’t that a good feeling when you are sore after a pr race= you know you gave your all! Huge congrats and enjoy some post race treats today too:)


I recently (Saturday) ran outside! And my chin was numb after but everything else was good. My legs get 10 times more sore after running outside for the first time in a while.


Oh I am so glad you got out on Saturday! Isn’t running outside the best?! Have a wonderful day Jenny.


This post is awesome!

I recently signed up for The Rut 50k and started a new fitness challenge.

Have an amazing day!


YOU DID… okay, this is awesome! Keep me updated with all of your training, I’m cheering for you Angie!


Fun post, thanks for sharing! Love the sweater and please keep sharing netflix/running-related must-watches! Everything you’ve recommended in the past I’ve watched and love, but I struggle to find them on my own for some reason! Also…LOVE the last photo with your beautiful furniture and pictures above it. I’m all about the simplicity in my decorating too. It keeps me calm and makes cleaning easy without much clutter! BUT…my OCD is flaring up – could you move the glass vase in the upper left hand shelf to be in the center of the shelf like the other 5?? hehe!! Have a happy day, I enjoy reading!! :)


BAHAHAHAH Okay, long story… so I actually noticed that when I put the picture up and then fixed it and took a new picture but forgot to switch it out. DO NOT WORRY, the glass vase is fixed. Brooke put it away for me the other day after a party;) . I hope you have a wonderful day and I will keep the recommendations coming… I feel like it is part of my job description to do so. Have a wonderful day Sara!


Recently got this book to read with my 7 year old every night – short quotes and inspiring passages – I think you would like it.

I’m absolutely obsessed with your cupboard in that last pic.


Ordered. Thank you so much and I am going to start reading this with Brooke and Knox! Have a wonderful day:)


This was such a fun post!

Recently read Little Women again
Watched the Wonder movie–read the book 4 years ago and I think the movie captured it so well!
Ate some Ben and Jerry’s . . . the BEST store-bought ice cream, I think
And went for a long walk in the SNOW! We have a snow day today . . . :-)

I had been feeling really discouraged about my slow injury recovery, but I ran 1.75 miles on the treadmill today, and it actually felt pretty good! Trying to be patient with myself. Thank you for all your positivity and encouragement!


I love that book so much. And I read the book and watched Wonder and completely agree with you! I also agree with you about the ice cream. Enjoy the snow day and I am SO happy that you were able to get in a 1.75 miler today. You’ve got this and you are being so smart about your comeback. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better than ever. Keep me updated Kristin!


Hi Janae!
Love your dress and your outfit in your post. You make comfy clothes look great!

Our kiddies love games as well and we enjoy that family time together. Have you ever played Sleeping Queens with your kids? It’s a card game that is truly fun for parents and kids alike. It has a very small amount of simple math and it’s a fast moving, fun time. I highly recommend it. Some of our favorites with the kids are ARGH!, Yatzee, and Sushi Go. All fun for everyone. A game we love to play with friends is Code Names. It is sooooo fun.
Hope you have a fabulous week!


We LOVE that game… it really is so great. I’m going to find Sushi Go and Code Names–> Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day Tiffany.


Recently (last night) we ordered a large pizza with the intent of lunch leftovers today…….we polished off the whole thing.
Recently I wondered how great to be a bear and hibernate during the winter months.
Recently I bought Hope the ugliest unicorn t-shirt from Walmart, and she think she is hot stuff in it.


Awesome you ate the whole thing but sad that you don’t get the leftovers haha:) . I’ll join you in the hibernating and that unicorn shirt sounds like something Brooke would love too! I hope your Monday is a great one Erica.


Haha, I just had the same thing happen about my age!!

I recently thought it was so stinking warm running at 5am this morning. Our weather is all over the place this month. We go from high 30s to high 50s as our lows, which makes a huge difference in what you wear to run!


CAN I JOIN YOU ON A WARM 5AM MORNING RUN… that sounds incredible and confusing:) . Glad I’m not alone in remembering my age. Have a great day Marissa.


This was a fun post!

When I saw the book you got for Christmas, I immediately thought of a podcast I listen and one episode they had the author of that book on, it was hilarious and insightful at the same time. The podcast is called Another Mother Runner (though I am not a mother myself, yet, I learn so much and feel like those ladies are my friends!) and it was episode #322. If you are looking for something to listen to on your runs, I highly recommend this podcast!


Done and done… thank you Sarah, I can’t wait to listen! Have a wonderful day and I hope your next run is a great one.


Where is your dress in the second picture (with Brooke and Skye) from? I LOVE it!!!


Thank you so much Caitlin! I got it at this store a few years ago:
They don’t have it anymore but they still have a lot of great ones. I’ve worn it so much it actually has two holes in the shoulders ha. Have a wonderful day.


Thank you! They have tons of cute dresses! Holes in the shoulders are just signs of a well loved piece of clothing!


We just watched Made to be Broken, too! Holy cow. So crazy! I can’t imagine running like that.

I love following your ultra training – can’t wait for your race day!


I agree… they were so inspiring but at the same time I don’t have any desire to run for that long ha. Thank you Chelsea and I hope you have a really great week.


Skye with that ice cream cone kills me!
Recently I have been trading some of my morning runs for PopSugar workouts on Youtube. They have a HUGE collection, and I have been really enjoying taking some time this winter to get better at being “totally fit” rather than just “running fit.” Once the weather perks back up again, I’ll increase my miles, but for now, this has been a good change!
Recently my little guy had his second haircut. He looks like a little gentleman :)


I need to copy you with that… you are being so smart to get totally fit before the miles pile on again. Second haircut ahhhhh! How is time going so fast Stacey? Weren’t we just pregnant? Have a beautiful day.


Love this post! But I can’t figure out how to do the downtime on my phone??? I go to settings and then I can’t find a screen time option? What am I doing wrong? I love this idea because I know I waste so much time on my phone!


Hey Kendra! For my phone the screen time is under Notifications, Sounds & Haptics, Do Not Disturb and then it says Screen Time! Is your phone updated? That is usually the problem for me on my phone! Let me know if you see it now, it is so helpful. Have a great day.


Hey, pooping and snoring, how about those? : )

Does the book on poop go beyond caffeine? Does it mention alkalinizing and baking soda (baking soda first thing in the morning)? If so, I might be interested…. Also, does it mention sugar – does sugar prompt poop, or no? : )

Since we’re on clearing things out, how’s your snoring? Did you get a neti pot or ocean spray? There were a lot of comments about these solutions, but we don’t know if you did either one.


Recently watched 4 seasons of Line of Duty (British police drama) on BBC (I watched on Amazon prime), waiting for season 5 to come out this spring. And then started on The Informer – a British series where a young Muslim man become an informer for a counter intelligence police unit. So that is where my evenings are going haha

Recently (like yesterday) bought a new pair of running shoes. Also a new to me brand called On. It is a swiss manufactured brand and they feel like slippers on my feet. I bought the road version (their trail version felt amazing too) called Cloudflow and had to take them out for a sunset run. Must have been the shoes because it was the fastest and best run I have had in a long while haha.

Recently been living in my favourite grey sweatshirt from Sarah Marie Design Studio – Kinda wanna stay in bed. Kinda wanna go for a run. Story of my life as I have yet to pick a race for this year.

We also saw the documentary you mentioned on the Appalachian trail – so good, and makes me want to do at least part of it someday/1

Have a great day Janae!


wore sandals to the airport even though it was 43 degrees outside because…
we flew to Hawaii #sorrynotsorry #comejoinme
ate Banana Cream Pancakes for breakfast (Cinnamon’s special of the week, so delish!)
conked my head really hard when I didn’t open the trunk of my car all the way and it came down on me

Happy Monday!


I recently decided to finish the holiday Lindt chocolate’s in an effort to “declutter.”
I immediately decided to not feel guilty about not participating in all the January No Sugar challenges.

I recently bit my tongue when my 13 year old son mumbled instead of used real words.
I recently said a lot of thanks that I have healthy kiddos.

And thanks to you, I recently started following Brittanyanne278-what an amazing human being and cutest family on the planet (besides yours, of course. )


I recently clicked on the end of this post’s HRG baby link and it took my to Ali On the Run blog :-P


HA!! Thanks for catching that Alyssa!! Fixed now:). Have a beautiful day.


Feel you on the forgetting your age thing! I’m 33 (just double-checked) but I’ve spent most of the past year thinking I’m 32, 33, or 34.


HAHAHA thank you for telling me this!!! You are not alone:)


Those are some pretty great “Recently” activities. Every once in a while I do a journal entry like this (I title them “Currently”) and I love them. It’s fun to go back over the years and see a quick snapshot of what life looked like. I agree with you about Trader Joe treats. Is it wrong that I am STILL dreaming about their candy corn popcorn??? Also, love that family pic!

I feel like most of my “Recently” list is more of an “About to” list. As in “I’m about to start this project…” or “I’m about to clean out that closet…” ? BUT, a couple of things I’ve been doing is trying to get on the treadmill a few days a week (just walking…so lame but the meds I’m on make me dizzy, so I take what I can get), I’ve been making scrunchies (practice still, not 100% happy with my fabric ones yet), made Slime for the first time ever with my cub scouts last week (an event, let me tell you!), watching “Killing the Fat Man” on Amazon Prime and I got my family hooked on The Voice Blind Auditions on Hulu (I only ever watch the Blind Auditions, and I don’t know who won, don’t spoil anything, haha…but my husband who NEVER watches reality tv has really enjoyed watching these episodes with us), been reading “GMORNING, GNIGHT! little pep talks for me & you” by Lin Manuel Miranda, and I’m very much obsessed with Besame Cosmetics right now—for real, AMAZING stuff. Hm, that’s probably it for me. But, if you do decide to move to Hawaii for 3 months, I might join you! Why is it only January? Wwwhhhyyyy, Utah? WHY?!

Have a great rest of your Monday, Janae!


Hi Janae! I am a long time reader, your family is beautiful and congrats on your sub 3 :)

I had purchased Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer you recommended ages ago. Do you still use it? If not, what made you want to switch?


Beautiful! And where is that green cabinet from!!! It’s gorgeous!!!


Oh I always feel so famous when you tag me ? WHY HAVENT WE GONE TO LUNCH YET?! Also I’m ordering that gap sweater stat

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