Silentish Saturday!!

Got out the door early to take Brooke to go with her dad and then he took her to school.

I went to the gym (probably shouldn’t have bought a gym pass because I go like once a month) to strength train.  Once I got there I decided to take a class instead which meant I lasted 54 minutes longer (the class is one hour) doing weights than I do when I do them on my own.

IMG 8033

Getting to know each other.

IMG 8045

Nothing better than the smell of a baby right after a bath.

IMG 8043

L.U.N.C.H.  Followed by two pieces of Andrew’s pizza once I got home.

IMG 8046

It’s a good thing that I always bring Skye an extra outfit in the diaper bag ha.  She was holding onto Megan’s hand during lunch.

IMG 8047 2

My in-law’s came over and we hung out talking with them for awhile.

IMG 8055

And then we went to a wedding reception for Andrew’s cousin.

IMG 8097

The noise for Skye was a little much so we hung out outside for a while.

IMG 8086

But we made sure to enjoy the food too.

IMG 8082

IMG 8081

She met her great grandpa.

IMG 8087

Utah sunsets.

IMG 8091

IMG 8099

This picture of Brooke that her dad sent me yesterday made me really happy.

IMG 8056

It’s run time with JOSSE!


What are three things that you are doing today?

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I NEED that donut bar in my life!!!! Skye is just precious! Enjoy your Saturday!


Oh thank you so much Lindsey! I hope your Saturday is a great one too!


Somebody actually likes double bubble? Whaaaaaat?!!


I know… I just took one to put them in my diaper bag for when I need a bribing tool with Brooke and Knox.


Those donuts look pretty amazing.

I don’t know what today holds but I’m going it’s productive like last Saturday.

Have a good day!


I hope today is very productive for you Jenny and the weather is PERFECT. Enjoy!


I want one (or two–let’s be honest) of every donut in that donut tower! What an amazing looking wedding! If Tom and I had “his and hers” candies at OUR wedding (instead we stuck with the Greek tradition of jordan almonds…though ours did have chocolate between the almond and the sugar candy shell…), MY candy would have either been m&ms or gummy worms or sweedish fish or reeses pieces or whoppers! What can I say–I like ALL the candy!!!!

What I am doing today: 1. I went to the gym this morning for RPM and for 20 minutes of Body Attack. I hate Body Attack–if I am really honest–and it’s not so good on my knee, but we launched Body Attack 100 today and the gym was making a big deal of it, so I went to support my team of instructors for at least the first part of class. 2. I just had an AWESOME breakfast at home. I made breakfast nachos–multigrain tortilla chips (I get the Late July brand, with chia seeds in it, from Costco) and scrambled eggs with some shredded cheddar and salsa and chopped spinach scrambled into the eggs and 1/4 of an avocado, diced, on top. My whole drive home from the gym I kept on telling myself I wanted–donuts! an egg and bacon and bagel sandwich from Einstein’s! SOMETHING WITH ALL THE BREAD AND SUGAR!!!–but since I might be going out with my husband mid-day before I grade papers, I decided I needed to be a little bit good and combine SOME carbs without flour (those chips are perfect for it) with healthy fats, fiber, and protein. So–egg nachos!!! 3. Grading papers and grading papers and grading papers. Final grades for all 110 of my college English students are due on Thursday, so I am in “buckle down” mode!!!

I hope you have a great day out in Utah–the land of beautiful sunsets!!!


I would definitely take your candy bag except for the whoppers;) I love other candy enthusiasts. Way to go on your workout this morning but boo about your knee not liking that class. I need those breakfast nachos, that sounds so ridiculously good. Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the time with your husband! Good luck with all of the grading, you’ve got this Stephanie!


ha ha ha thanks. how about htis–i will give you all my skittles in a halloween haul if you give me all your whoppers? even exchange? ;)

and as for nachos–i went through a time where i had eggs almost every day (it was part of an attempt at carb cycling & counting my macros…), and if I had to have eggs again IT NEEDED TO BE DELICIOUS. The truth, though, is that just like some people can have pizza for every meal, I could probably have nachos for every meal. I love htem so much!!!!


What a beautiful photo, it looks professional!

How can double bubble be a favorite?!!!!

Getting ready to head out for my run then we’re hitting the boardwalk later.

Have a great day!


HAHA that’s what I thought but I took them to stash in my diaper bag for when I need them for Brooke or Knox ha. I hope your run was wonderful and enjoy the boardwalk Laura. THANK YOU!


Gorgeous picture of Brooke. And I love the doughnut display!


Thank you Amy, I agree:) Have a beautiful day!


Great sunset!!

3 things: run, froyo with the bestie, and a movie with the hubs tonight!


Well, that sounds like the perfect day ever. ENJOY!!


Just came back from my first long run in beautiful weather this spring. What a treat! We have finally reached this time of year when I leave the house freezing a little and come back carrying 2 layers of clothes in my hands haha If I could only hire someone to carry my extra layers and my bottle of vega hydrator it would be perfect ;-) Hope you have a great time with Josse and a great day!


Oh Mel, I am so glad you had such a fantastic run in this weather… the best! Seriously, wouldn’t be amazing to have someone on a bike ride along with us during a run to keep us hydrated! Enjoy the rest of your day Mel!


Happy Saturday, Janae! Those donuts look incredible! I am going to enjoy this beautiful day by being outside as much as I can. Hope your weekend is awesome!


Enjoy that outside time… I’m going to join you in that. I LOVE MAY! Thanks Kimberly:)


Softball spectating
Grocery getting
Margarita mixing
(I really wanted to mention tacos instead of Margs cause I know you don’t drink but I couldn’t think of a T word for eat)


HAHA you gotta keep up with the alliterations:) ENJOY Kristen, sounds perfect!


Such a cute idea for his and hers!!

Three things I’m doing today:
-17 mile run!! DONE! Initially I only had 13 on the training plan but when you’re feeling good, you might as well go for it :)
-Taking the pup to the dog park
-Celebrating Cinco de Mayo & Derby Day all day long with my friends! Gorgeous day in Chicago to be out and about!

Have a great weekend!!


SEVENTEEN… WAY TO GO ARTHI!! That is no joke. Enjoy your day and thanks for reminding me it is Cinco de Mayo … I totally forgot!


Hot dogs and donuts? Absolutely love it!!

Oh wow that photo of Brooke, so super sweet..


Absolutely stunning picture of Brooke! Long time reader, seldom commenter but I absolutely love seeing all your kids pictures and hearing about their/your days! Three things I’m doing today? 1) Run (check, but I had to cut it short, developed a “weird” blister on my instep of all places!) 2) Grocery shop (check, I love to grocery shop, am I weird?) 3) Celebrate all foods Mexican in honor of Cinco de Mayo! (can’t wait! Mexican my favorite food!)


MELVIE!! Thank you so much for reading over the years, it means a lot to me! I am SO sorry about that blister, that sounds awful. I hope your Mexican food feast was amazing and that the rest of your weekend is great!


Hiking with my dog (we went 7+ miles on the most difficult trails in the park!). Now I can’t walk.

Washing windows. All of a sudden I want to spring clean.

Repotting a plant we got when my oldest was born. (It’s now about 10 feet tall.) That was almost 18 years ago!


Those doughnuts!

Saturday for me was volunteering at parkrun then my first ever SUP yoga session. And after that I needed to take a nap!

Love that photo of Brooke.


I recognize that strength set up…that was BodyPump, right? It’s killer. I’ve been doing it 2-3 times/week for the last 18 months, and I’ve really noticed a difference in how much functional strength I have (and how much bigger and stronger my glutes and hamstrings are). I hope you enjoyed it!


So many things to comment on as I read the post and then I forget most when I’m done. ;) I just wanted to say that you guys are doing such an amazing job co-parenting with love, on both sides. Seriously, so inspiring! The pic of Beretta and Skye is so adorable! The wedding seems like it was so much fun, judging by the donuts and candy! :)

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