13ish Month Skye Update!

I went from weekly pregnancy updates to monthly Skye updates to now just trying to find an extra minute to be able to write a separate post.

Skye is getting busier and busier by the day.  She is a little over 13 months now.  My sister got her wish for me to have a busy baby;)

Brooke was one of those babies that never got into anything.  Not once did she get into the cupboards.  I was always spilling more on myself while eating than she ever did.  My sister would always tell me that she couldn’t wait for me to have a ‘busy baby’ and that day has arrived, ha.

I turn my back and this little one is into something.  I walked into the pantry and she was holding the honey up and trying to drink from it like a bottle.  There are usually a few outfit changes a day, multiple clean-ups and much more with Skye but it is so fun seeing her mischievous face multiple times a day.

IMG 3775

*Her favorite foods are SPAGHETTI, blueberries, avocados, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, string cheese, peanut butter, peas, kiwis, sweet potatoes and bites of everything that we are eating.

*She can now stand on her own!  I think walking should be happening soon.

IMG 3998

*She loves to sit on our heads anytime that we are laying down… it’s her way of getting us to stand up and get moving.

*SKYE PLAYS FAVORITES.  You never know what you are going to get each day.  One day she will just want Andrew to cuddle with and follow him all around and one day she is all about Mama and doesn’t go to anybody else very easily.  It’s always a guessing game.  We do know that whenever my mom is in the same room, Skye will 100% want to be with her.

IMG 2762

*If the door to the stairs is left open then this little girl crawls at a 5:45 pace to get over to them.

IMG 3767

*Skye does a fabulous job pulling my hair/eyelashes and she has bit me a few times so we are trying to work with her to learn that is not okay.

*Cuddling is on her terms only.  If you try to cuddle her when she doesn’t want to cuddle she will wiggle her way right out of that.

IMG 4021

*She does not love the idea of swimming pools but will gladly play in a bath for 20 minutes.

*Skye is a stomach sleeper with her buns up in the air through and through—> just like me.

*Church is a struggle because it is currently right during nap time.  She loves to crawl under all of the pews to get away from us but then she will also flirt like crazy with her eyes to whoever is sitting behind us.

*She tries to feed me often throughout the day.

IMG 3962

*She still tries to jump on our robot vacuum and get a ride around on that.

*Skye’s heaven:  Binky, getting a neck scratch and rubbing the corner of her blanket.

IMG 2616

*I think she is starting to understand that the big kids sometimes leave for a few days (going to their other parents houses) throughout the month and her excitement for when they get home is really cute and she follows them around for awhile.

IMG 3981

*Beretta is not allowed in the kitchen (she is allowed everywhere else but the kitchen—> she sheds a lot so that is why) and Skye has picked up on this rule.  Skye has heard me tell Beretta to get out of the kitchen enough times that now she will say GO and point to Beretta if she ever goes into the kitchen area.  We all laugh so hard that she thinks that Beretta will listen to her.  She loves petting Beretta and she will try to put her head down on her when Beretta is taking a nap.

*She absolutely thrives off of all of the attention she gets from Brooke and Knox.

IMG 3500

*Her favorite part of life= when Brooke and Knox are playing with her.  Look at the wind blowing through her hair.

IMG 3708

*If she can’t find the binky, she will resort to something else.

IMG 3292

*Speaking of her binky…. Whenever she has hers in and she has to sneeze she has learned to hold the binky in while she sneezes so that it doesn’t fly out.

*We can now get a little ponytail to fit on top of her head so that is quite exciting.

IMG 3414

*And if the rubber band ever falls out or breaks then her hair stays in position and doesn’t move.

IMG 3527

*Going out to eat with Skye has become comical… I need to start bringing my own broom and dustpan to clean up afterwards.  Andrew and I usually switch off eating while the other one is helping her but she keeps us laughing the whole meal so that makes it fun.

*Skye hates nothing more than getting her nose wiped.  She knows exactly when we are coming to do it and squirms like crazy.

*I love her sleeping schedule and I wish I could say I did something to sleep train her so well but I really have no idea how it happened (besides letting her cry it out for a few nights when she would wake up at 9 months old)—> 7 pm-8 am and then usually a 3 hour nap starting at 10ish and sometimes a short nap before dinner.  I feel very lucky.  I will say I think the sound machine helps her out a lot to sleep through the craziness going on at our house when she naps etc.

IMG 3565

*If I am eating a treat in the same room as Skye I have to be very sneaky about it otherwise she goes for whatever it is I am eating.

*The pediatrician told us that it is time to take away the bottle.  AHHHH NOOOOO isn’t she still an infant?  We are working on it and I’m already missing the cuddle time.

IMG 3174

*If she sees something else she wants to eat other than the thing in her mouth she just spits it right out to let us know she wants whatever we are eating instead.

*She loves looking over at us for approval of whatever she is up to:

*She just thinks that she is one of the gang and doesn’t hold back trying to jump in on the games and wrestling.

IMG 3626

*The solution to the majorirty of the time Skye cries= pick her up.  She does not want to miss out on anything that is going on.

*Andrew starts his capstone in February and then shortly after that he will be working full time.  Andrew does so much with the kids so this will be interesting to see the changes that will come with him being gone more… I have a feeling I’ll be more tired, the house will be messier and I will run a lot less:). It sure has been fun (and beyond helpful) to be able to do this first 13 months with Skye with both of us at home.


When did you ditch the bottle?  What did you go to instead?  We have tried a bunch of sippy cups but she is not interested.  

How old are your little ones currently?  Loving the stage they are in or is it a hard one?

-I look back on her first few months of her life and wonder how in the world we did that.. those first few months are SO hard with the lack of sleep/recovery/trying to figure it all out!

How old were your little ones when they started to walk?

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My oldest never really took a bottle so I didn’t have that issue but I started my girls off with cups early, around 6 months old. Straw cups are great if they don’t like sippy cups and small open cups. My youngest had a swallowing disorder and although she took a bottle it was tricky as she frequently gagged and we ended up basically using a preemie nipple to help. But we trialed a sippy cup around 6 months old and she gagged and coughed a lot with it. When she was a year we switched to an open cup and she did amazing with it. Because of the disorder she really couldn’t use a straw until age 2, otherwise that would have been my option for a no spill cup. They do make the cups with just the small opening at the top. Sippy cups aren’t the best for speech development any how (although not as bad as they once thought they were). But trial put a teensy bit of water in an open cup.


Thank you Carrie for all of this information, I didn’t know that sappy cups weren’t great for speech development. On the hunt now to find a straw cup or small open cups. That is so hard about the swallowing disorder that you went through with your daughter. Have a wonderful evening!


#1 girl – didn’t walk until 14 months but was 5 word sentences at 18 months

#2 boy – first steps at 9 months but no words until 22 months

Both my kids were off formula 1 week after their 1st birthday – once it was all milk, #1 didn’t want a bottle anymore. She was off the binky at 2.5 (and never napped again….until now, when she is in middle school. She sleeps like a teenager)

#2 loved his bottle and I was more willing to have him havd it longer so probably about 14 months. The binky fairy came on his third birthday (his teeth were having serious issues that thankfully corrected itself). He was way more addicted to his than his sister – he always needed 3-4 in his crib.


SO interesting how different your little boy and girl were with walking and talking! Hahah going to middle school each day deserves a nap! I’ll have to keep in mind the ‘binky fairy’… that is a really great idea. Have a wonderful night Jessey.


Hope did those Nuby No Spill Sippy Cup with 2 handles.
She walked at 10 months and the reason I remember is she took 10 full steps in her Halloween costume. Not sure how that did not throw off her balance.
Hope is 4, and a great age, but I have really liked them all.

The anticipation of your schedule with Andrew changing will cause more anxiety than the actual change. You will find your new normal. Welcome the highs and lows that come with it, just like a marathon. :)


Maybe the Halloween costume added to her balance;) You always know just what I need to hear… why worry about the future change now?!? Thank you Erica and Hope is so lucky to have such a wise mama!


I love these updates and I’m so excited for your “friend to friend” updates as well!! Skye is precious and she seems like a firecracker!!

I have a 3 year old daughter and 4 month old baby boy! My daughter weaned off bottles right at a year with no trouble. We went to those Nuk sippy cups. She is more like Brooke, she’s pretty relaxed and never really got into things. This age of 3 though….whew, this is tough! She just turned 3 so I’m hoping the closer we get to 4 things will get a little better. We are still working on potty training and she still has a pacifier at night when she sleeps.

My baby boy is still such a baby and just so sweet. I love the snuggles and cuddles and I don’t want him to turn into a toddler lol.


Oh yay!! The first one of those will probably go up tomorrow! Oh I am so glad your little boy is such a sweetie.. enjoy those snuggles! You sure have your hands full Torrie and I hope that threenager stage ends soon ha:). Good luck with the potty training and I hope you have a great night of sleep tonight. Thanks so much for your comment.


I’m sitting here reading this with my 5 week old baby sleeping in my arms. It made me feel so much better seeing you reflect on how hard the first few months are because I’m right in the middle of that now, and it is really hard! Really sweet, but really hard too. It’s just nice to see someone else acknowledge it and know that it gets easier.


Tracie. First, congrats on your new little one! Second, you are not alone! Those first 3-4 months are really hard for me! It’s now easier to see how hard it is as I look back now that I sleep and I’m not trying to figure out the million little things about a new baby (and I had Andrew home with me and it was still way hard)! You are doing amazing and if you ever need anyone to email with about it all, I’m here! Cheering you on and hoping that some sleep comes soon for you:)


Tracie, you are SO not alone!! Hardest months of my LIFE!!! I didn’t understand why everyone was waxing poetic about the newborn time and how great it was and how lovely and blah blah blahhhh… all I could think was … are you kidding me?! It gets easier, I promise. Hang in there!!


Such a fun update! My daughter is about a week younger than Skye! She started with the NUK sippy cup around 10 months for water only. Then we moved to the Munchkin 360 and open cups so she was completely weaned by age 1. But she is a really independent eater and drinker so she was very interested in drinking from cups like the adults.

I’m enjoying her mobility and while she doesn’t walk yet, she climbs everywhere which keeps me on my toes. Stairs (we need to get a gate for the bottom stairs), stepstools, couches… She also started speaking in sentences, asking “What is this?” Incredible how much they grow every day. Enjoy!


My 2nd is 15 months. I forgot how tiring this stage is (a different tired than the lack of sleep newborn thing). She was a bottle lover but she didn’t have an issue with the straw cups. She gets one when she wakes up and one after dinner (both 6 oz). She eats cheese and yogurt daily too. She started walking at 9 months old but my first was right around a year.


My daughter is turning 3 in a few weeks!! I would say I like the toddler stage much more than the baby stage since she had colic … toddlerhood still has its hard moments, of course, but lots of fun ones too! P.s. I did the 8 km!!! On the treadmill – It was so hard and I wanted to quit at 5 but I pushed through!!


B.box sippy cup with the weighted straw!
My daughter is 13 months old and it’s the only one she will take! It has two handles and the weighted straw helps because it works no matter how she holds it! We just ordered off amazon.
Good luck though! They look so big when they figure out the sippy!


My kids could not be more different with walking! My 3 year old walked by 10.5 months and was literally running and climbing stairs by a year. My baby will be one next week and is cruising everywhere but don’t think she’ll be walking for maybe another month. The 3 year old is in a really fun stage because we can have actual conversations with her and she has the best imagination. Now that my baby is turning one I’m remembering that 1-2 is a hard age because they are in to EVERYTHING but can’t really communicate!

My advice on cups. Start her with an open cup with water (or milk). You can hold it or she can. Once she gets the hang of that cup, move to a straw cup (we like the House Savvy toddler tumblers with silicone straws). Once she figures that out we moved to the Munchkin 360 cups. We did this method with my almost one year old and she was drinking from all those cups by about 8 months. We weaned my oldest off daytime bottles at a year, then off the bedtime bottle by 13 months. Plan to drop my youngest’s bottles at a year (she goes to daycare, so they’ll help with the transition!) Good luck!!


I ditched the bottle for both of my kids when they were 1. Both times it was harder on me than them! With our most recent, I swapped out bottle snuggle time for book reading snuggle time. I still get in my snuggles this way! We went to the zoli straw cups for both of our kids and it was an easy transition.

Our oldest is 3 and our baby is the same age as Skye (also born on December 8!). I’m loving the stage with our 3 year old, minus her not wanting to eat anything except Hershey kisses, meal times are the worst! Our 13 month old is super busy like Skye, so we get exhausted from chasing her all over the place. But, she’s starting to really understand things and I’m loving watching that happen.

Our 3 year old didn’t walk until 20 months. Yep, super late. I was FREAKING out over it. She pretty much went right from walking to running. Our 13 month old started walking at 10 months. Way too early in my opinion! We weren’t ready for her shenanigans!


My daughter is 14 months and I know we need to ditch bottles (she only has one morning and night) and I am dreading it!! Her ped told us she has to be off them by 15 months so I better get working on it :) I just love the snuggles and she loves her bottles!


I love Skye’s mischeivous grin :) It is funny that you say she gets into everything because even before this post, looking at previous pictures you’ve posted, she kind of gives this (as sweet as can be) devilish little eye. Hee. So precious AND a lot of work. You do a fabulous job. I truly don’t know how all you moms do it! I can barely take care of myself and dog :)


I really enjoy Skye’s updates and I love that you chose to see the positive in her crazy, albeit, normal toddler antics! I usually love a busy kiddo but my 4 year old is crazy busy and his 8 yo brother is the exact opposite! I’m usually exhausted from gyming and working all day and I pray on my way home for a second wind just to keep up with him!
I almost feel like this 4 yo – almost 5 yo stage is proving to be hardest for my 2nd. He’s definitely my wild child with a very very strong personality, his mothers stubborness and his fathers need to question and argue about everything! Give him an inch and he’ll take a 100k! But I’ve said that about every stage he’s gone through!
I have loved every state my 8 yo has gone through but he gave me a false perception because he’s so chill, a great listener and basically my left hand!
As far as bottles, I believe they were gone at or just after 12 months. My first transitioned easier than my second so he may have been closer to 13-14 months though.
I always thought I would have early walkers; I don’t know why I was so anxious and eager for them to get going! I was a late walker and my boys definitely took after me! I think they were both walking around 14 months. I hate that I can’t remember specifics! Hopefully facebook doesn’t go away any time soon since all of those highlights are there for me to remember! Ha!


All of my kids were weaned off the bottle at 12 months. I started at 11 months introducing sippy cups at meals and gradually replaced the bottle feedings with sippy cup feedings (night time bottle was the last to go). Try different sippy cups – hard spout vs soft spout vs straw vs lip vs whatever. It looks like you have Avent bottles, maybe? They have a sippy cup top attachment that may help her transition. Also, if the bottle just becomes a non-option, she will adapt. It might be hard for a couple of days but she will adapt, I promise.

My first kiddo walked at 11 months, my second one at 11-1/2 months and my third one at 14 months.


I nursed my son till he was 2, but aside from that he stopped having bottles about 11 months and used sippy cups instead.

He walked at 14.5 months, which I remember because his first steps were on my birthday. He was one of those kids whose verbal milestones all happened way early but motor skills milestones were all a little slow.

He just turned 13, and most of the time I’m loving the stage he’s in now. He is smart and funny and a good conversationalist and he is becoming more thoughtful and sensitive to the needs/feelings of others. Of course, sometimes he is grumpy and there are struggles with talking back and screen time, but for the most part he is a joy to parent right now. Knock wood.


What a cutie! It’s so fun to read all about her preferences and demeanor–your photos show a fun, mischievous personality in that little one. She and her siblings sure look like they love each other a lot.


Our little ones are so similar, Janae! My peewee is VERY active, as well. His favorite thing to do is stand on the kitchen counter while I hold him, and look through our cabinets. He’s into saying “uh-oh” if he drops something, and (much like Skye and Beretta) will alert me if the cat has jumped into our sink, where he doesn’t belong.
However, he doesn’t like pacifiers, and does like frequent cuddles. My dad is his favorite person in the world.
We transitioned from breast/bottle to sippy cup when he was a year old (he’s 14 months now). The transition was tough, but one day, he just “got it” and has been using the cup ever since. He even likes to drink out of a regular drinking glass if I hold it for him.
And like I said the other day, he is waiting for Skye to walk before he does ;)
Andrew starting capstone and work will be a rough transition, but I have no doubt that you will all do just fine. I realize that I don’t have a running blog, so I can’t really comment on this accurately, but in my experience, taking months or even years off competitive racing and focusing on just running for fun and health is totally fine. If you find you have to cut back on your training for a bit, races will always be there, as will your readers. Thank you for sharing your family with us!


Reading this was like reading about my son who turns 1 in a week! Literally every point was spot on to what he is doing (into everything), how he responds to things and people (he chooses favorites by the day too!), and he even has the same favorite foods! haha!
I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to transitioning him off the bottle. He drinks water from various sippy cups just fine but he has a fierce love for the bottle so I’m worried it might not go well when the time comes to switch his milk to a sippy! Which will probably be in the next couple months.
I am loving the stage we are in right now, but also so sad to see the baby phase ending! SO much transition right now!! He just like Skye is standing on his own and I think will be walking any day now!


My first kid was off the breast/bottle at 13 months and my second was closer to 15 months. They pretty much weaned themselves off and neither were picky about what sippy cup they used.

Our oldest (7) was such an easy kid – he never got into anything, climbed on anything, put things in his mouth he wasn’t supposed to, etc. Our second (2) is everything else – she gets into anything and everything, puts anything in her mouth, climbs and jumps, etc. Total opposites.

Both of them were early walkers – one at 10 months and one at 12/13 months.

Isn’t it funny (or maybe not) how we wonder how we are going to get through it all and then suddenly it’s a distant memory that you cant’ really even remember?!


OK, so now I’m curious if you were a busy baby like Skye or more chill like Brooke?


Great question… this is what my mom said:
Busy but with so many older siblings it was hard for you to get into much mischief. You were by far the most social of all of my kids. You wanted to always be in the thick of things.

Turns out I’ve always loved being social ha. Have a great day !!


Haha, that’s what I would have guessed, thanks!


She is so cute! I’m dealing with a busy 19 month old at my house. And totally the same situation- my first was EASY. We had stairs with no gate, a pool with no fence, chemicals in lower cabinets and many other death traps but she was just right by our side all day long and never got into anything. And was literally the neatest little child- even while eating. And now my second is outta control lol. We put alarms on all our doors that leave outside and actually had to baby proof. I’m like, oh so THIS is what it’s like to have a baby!! As far as bottles- my son still drank one a day until recently. It was very hard to let go of…I think more for me than him! And he wouldn’t take any sippy cups so I was like, we’re just going to have to hook him up to an IV for hydration! But I actually ended up skipping sippies and going straight to straw. We bought the take n toss cups from target – it’s like a five pack with cup, lids and straws in the baby section by sippy cups. My 7 yr old likes them too lol. It took him about a week to really get used to them. But they’re so cheap and I heard that straws are better for kids than sippies because it causes less dental issues in the future. Good luck :)


I’m so so soooooooo jealous!!! 3 hour naps?!!! Gah my baby girl (14 months) barely sleeps through the night and typically needs a quick soothing or two.. and fights any nap schedule I’ve tried. We use sound machine, lights off, lovies, sleepy time owl that sings lullabies… no clue what I’m doing wrong she just doesn’t want to miss a beat?? ??‍♀️ I’m zero percent productive though bc she wants to be playing with us 24/6 and only takes 20-40min naps …. Skye come teach Cece how to sleep!!! Lol it’s my love language too!! #ifyoulovemeletmesleep


My little guy is going to be 6 months next week! Time is flying. I like this stage because he is laughing and babbling all the time. He is one of the happiest babies I’ve met! He used to sleep great, but for the last month and a half it has been terrible. Luckily the last 2 nights he has only gotten up once to eat. I am looking forward to him sleeping through the night! I miss sleep something terrible.

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