15 Things We Need to Catch up On–> 36 Miles in Two Days!

How has your week been so far?  I hope you had an amazing Christmas. I’d love to hear all about it!

I feel like we have a lot to catch up on since my last few posts were kind of short so let’s get moving.

1.  A lot of running happened over the previous two days.  36 miles of running to be exact (6 of the miles with Skye too:).  Knox comes home today and Brooke gets home tomorrow so I wanted to get in the long runs before they were back and while Skye was asleep.

2.  PB & J sandwich before my 20 miler and one during.  I saw a lot of people on the path when I was eating this sandwich as I was running… they were probably so confused by what I was doing.  I’m happy to report that my stomach is handling real food quite nicely during the run.

IMG 2600

3.  I went early in the morning, climbed about 1,050 feet over the course of the 20 miles and finished with an 8:29 pace.  I love using a hydration pack… I was able to drink so much water while running.  The convenience is too good to be true and I’m really getting used to wearing it while I run.  Overall, I felt like I could have kept going on and on for a long time during this run!

Also, Andrew was still not feeling super great so that is why he didn’t join me and the majority of this run was in the dark so I didn’t jump on the trails.

IMG 2603

4.  This sickness actually traveled to multiple members of our family, it spread like wildfire.  Skye and I were some of the few that didn’t catch it.  My brother started feeling better again before they left and he decided to match me.

IMG 2606

5.  I love seeing these little cousins all bond together.

IMG 2608

6.  Skye’s favorite present—> the new binkies that we bought for her.  She kept switching between the blue and purple one and then carrying the other one around with her everywhere.

IMG 2643

7.  We went to Spitz for their incredible fries and salads.  I think Skye really enjoyed all of the attention on her.  We are incredibly grateful that we will get to spend every holiday/bday with her.

PicMonkey Collage

8.  And then we spent our Christmas Eve eating candy and watching movies.  Chocolate covered gummy bears are so so so good.

IMG 2645

9.  Christmas morning presents and snuggling.

IMG 2689

10.  The second long run of the week—> 16 miles.    The first 6 miles were with Skye and Andrew and I did about 1000 feet of climbing for this run. I pushed Skye for 5 of the miles and the last 3 miles were SO INCREDIBLY HARD.  These are the runs that are going to help prepare me for race day.

Both of the long runs this week were not on the trails but I found really hilly roads to run on so I’ll call it even;).

IMG 2746

11.  We watched every Christmas episode of the Office afterwards.

IMG 2757

12.  All of the family that wasn’t worried about getting sick from each other (because they’d all been exposed already) came over for take-out.  Andrew and I realized we didn’t want to cook so we just cooked up a pizza for the kids and got Chinese food for the adults.

IMG 2759

13.  Andrew and I made up a bunch of random games before people came over and they were a hit.

IMG 2769

14.  Dessert.

IMG 2776

15.  Everyone partied pretty hard.

IMG 2761


What were some of the highlights of your last few days?

What’s your workout for today?

-Taking a rest day and hitting up yoga (I figure if I write it here then I will be more motivated to go to a class so I can really stretch out).

Last thing you ate while running?

Post-Christmas plans?  Relaxing?

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Today we are taking Christmas down! We have 6-7 mi planned with some running friends in about an hour and in the meantime, I’m hanging on the couch with the pup looking at our beautiful tree, and sipping on coffee.

Merry Christmas and enjoy getting your babes back!


We just finished taking Christmas down too! I hope your run with friends was perfect! Thank you so much Marissa.


I’ve taken the last few days off running so I’m running today.

We are planning on mostly just letting the kids play today. We were so busy yesterday that they hardly got to play with thier new toys.


Are you running in the snow?!? Have the best time with your kids today… I think we are going to take Knox sledding! Enjoy Jenny.


That will be so fun! Haha no, treadmill. Although, I strongly considered it because the treadmill didn’t sound fun. Last year I braved it a couple of times, hopefully this winter I muster up the same courage at some point ;) have a fun time!


Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with all of your family! I’m just hanging at the house with my adult daughters, hubby is working. Just enjoying the time together.


Enjoy your time today with your daughters, that sounds perfect! I hope your husband has a great day at work too. Thanks Melvie!


Highlight of my past few days was probably the fact that I basically lounged around in PJs or comfy clothes. That’s my favorite state of being. :) Also the amount of time I got to spend with friends and family was just wonderful. It’s always so nice to just relax with my favorite people!
Workout today is another LIIFT4 strength workout – I think today is back and biceps, but I’m not sure. I try to not look too closely until I get to it so I don’t dread it… ha!
Post-Christmas plans – sadly I am back at work today. But it’s okay, it’s quiet around here and should be through the end of the week. I still have family and friends in town that I will be seeing throughout the week, so that’s great!
My new addiction is crocheting… a bunch of people I work with do it and I’ve been wanting to learn for awhile so I started last month. I made a blanket for my stepdad for Christmas and he LOVED it. I also made a doily and an ear-warmer/headband thing for my mom so now I’m officially addicted.


THE BEST… a day of comfy clothes = heaven. I am so glad you were able to be with your people. Way to go getting in the strength workout (you are motivating me:) . I hope your day at work goes quickly and I need to learn how to crochet… I can knit but I think I would like crocheting more. Thanks Rhiannon!


I’ve never been good at consistent running while traveling and we’ve been all over for the holidays. I look forward to being home and back on a schedule! So the work out for today will probably be some legs up the wall for some hamstring TLC. :) Enjoy the relaxation yoga! xo, Ali


You have been busy! Getting back to routine after a trip feels so good:) . Oh and so does sleeping in your own bed. Thanks Ali, have a beautiful day!


I’ve got a running question for you! I know that your body is used to higher mileage, but it seems like you’ve super-ramped up because of the ultra. I’ve ramped up my training, too, and my hips are feeling it. Have you noticed anything since you’ve started running more? I notice it more in the back of my hips, so maybe it’s a hamstring/glute thing? I foam roll and stretch (I’m sure I could be better about it lol), and I try to activate my glutes when I run. I probably need to focus on hip and glute exercises at the gym, more. Anyway, I was just curious if you’ve ever experienced sore hips and if you corrected it! Congrats on all of your miles and on not getting sick! I hope everyone gets better soon!


Hey Miranda! Personally, I haven’t noticed anything bothering me right now but I think that is mainly because I am going a lot slower… usually when I add in speed/long workouts, that is when my glutes/hamstrings start to feel it! I would definitely focus on some more glute/hip/core work and lots of stretching. Yoga today felt amazing for my entire body. I wish I could get everyone in to see Dr. B to get it all figured out. Have you ramped up your speed more? I think another part of the whole equation is as you are working harder with your training, are you recovering harder too? The more we run the more we need to really take our downtime serious too! Good luck and please keep me updated!


Sounds like a perfect way to spend Christmas.

We had a super relaxed Christmas. We cooked for the 2 of us and spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas day on our pjs :). Watching movies listening to Chrisrmas music and eating chocolate . Went out for a short run as per Christmas day tradition and then back to pjs:) and napping by the fireplace. And today we are headed to his moms for boxing dinner:).

Glad your kiddos are coming home and that you got in your long distances! Have a great day and enjoy the holidays!


That pic of you and your brother is so cute! Today I am just going to relax and enjoy a day off.


Oh thank you Kimberly! Enjoy your day of relaxing… the best!


We had a great, laid-back Christmas with my immediate family—we made great food, slept in, and I got in a HIIT workout in the afternoon. My highlight: I ran a half mile on Christmas Day! I haven’t been able to run in a while, but my PT said I can start easing back into it (very slowly), so I was thrilled about that.

I also got your sorel slippers for Christmas! They looked so comfy so I put them on my list. Mine are a darker brown and I already love them.


Kristin, I am so glad you had a great day and that you got in your half mile! That first run back is the best. Keep me updated with how your comeback is coming and I’m so glad you love the slippers. They are the best!


Have you tried the chocolate covered gummie bears in the freezer? Makes them even better!!!


Well now you just changed my life… I’ll be going to get some today to try this. Thanks Dawn! Have a wonderful day.


Have fun at your yoga class! I got a bunch of classes for Christmas, so I’m excited to go to more classes over the next couple months.


Oh that is an awesome gift idea… enjoy your classes!! Thanks Fiona!


We had a very chill Christmas Eve and Christmas. Lots of baking, hanging out, and movie watching. My favorite part was making and eating cinnamon rolls. So fun to make and basically the most delicious thing ever. Now I have a few days before I go back to work and almost nothing to do, so it’s just more hanging out and baking, haha. And a little running… today was about 7.5 slow miles. Determined to be careful coming back post-marathon.

I usually don’t take in fuel while running but during my marathon I ate some peanut M&M’s around mile 20 and I gotta say eating candy while running is pretty fun. I don’t think I could handle a whole sandwich, though.


Oh I am so glad you had such a great holiday! I agree… cinnamon rolls are something else. You are doing it right for your post-marathon comeback! I didn’t know you had candy during your marathon.. that is awesome!


Your Christmas Day sounds awesome – especially those long runs! I’ve been eyeing your plaid shirt in a couple of posts now – please tell me where it’s from!!!


Oh thank you so much Melanie! I LOVE THIS SHIRT… I got it a few years ago at JCrew so they don’t have it anymore but I’ve been eyeing this one from them that is kind of similar!


Have a wonderful day Melanie!


Love how much you and your family enjoy each other.


Oh thank you Kendra! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get in some relaxing:)


Random, but the brother you took a selfie with has the kindest looking face! He always just seems like he must be such a nice person to spend time with :) hope you all had a joyful holiday!!


I fully agree with you. He really is. He wrote a guest post too that is AMAZING (he has been through some really tough things in his life and he is writing about some of those)… so check it out (I think it will be on 1/7). Have a wonderful day Katherine and thank you so much!


When you eat sandwiches on the run: do you stop or is it really ‘on the run’?


I’m eating while I’m running! I’m going at an easy pace for me so it makes it so I can chew and run at the same time! Have a wonderful day!


My daughter used the same kind of binky and she really liked having two at once: one to hold and one she rubbed on her nose for whatever reason!

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