A Painful Workout, Getting Back in the Habit & Who Else Does This?

Well, these smiles were sure nice to come home to after a hard workout…

Bananas are a must before my run.  They taste delicious and my stomach is very happy with them during the run so I start each morning with these.  Last week I realized I didn’t have a banana since we hadn’t gone shopping because we were leaving for California so I made a late night stop at the grocery store to spend 41 cents on two bananas… I couldn’t imagine getting up to run without a banana.  Totally worth the trip because they are a must.

IMG 6004

I hit 9.6 miles for the day and it looked a little like this—>  2 mile w/u, 25 minutes at 7:00 pace goal (ps I have fun trying to hit the exact pace that my coach assigns to me sometimes… it’s kind of a game for me), 3 minute recovery, 8 x 400 @ 1:36 goal (my paces—> 1:37, 1:32, 1:36, 1:34, 1:35, 1:36, 1:34, 1:35) w/90 second recoveries, 2 mile c/d.  For some reason I went into this workout thinking that the first threshold pace was going to be the easy part and the 400 repeats would be crazy hard but it was the 25 minute interval that was more difficult for me for sure and the 400s felt pretty good.

PS have you ever felt hot and cold at the same time on a run?  I did yesterday and it was very strange.  Also, don’t mind the hair on my shirt… poor Andrew finds hair spiders all over the place due to me and Brooke’s hair.

IMG 6649

Below shows how I felt after the above 25 minutes ha.  At first that interval made me nervous for my race coming up because how can I do 13.1 miles at around that pace if 25 minutes felt hard?  But that’s silly because race day is completely different—>  with the adrenaline from the race, a taper, sleeping (Andrew is going to be on Skye duty the night before) and lots of positive thoughts = It’ll happen and if not, I’ll just keep working and trying.

IMG 6650

I sent Andrew a text during that 3 minute recovery about how hard it was and he replied that he could do something to make me angry so I would run faster (my response back to him was a joke)…  Angry running used to be my specialty so I’m trying to learn how to run fast when I’m not mad about something ha.

IMG 6651

Andrew did his workout on the treadmill (1 mile w/u, 4 miles @ 7:50, 1 mile c/d) and he rewatched part of a movie that he estimates he has seen already 40 times.  He is all about rewatching movies.  There are very few movies that I’ve seen more than once… but TV shows, I can watch those over and over again forever.

I got in about 4.5 minutes of stretching and 2 minutes of planking before Skye was bored and ready to eat again.

IMG 6667

I promise (probably) this is my last shout out to this stuff but I can’t believe how much more enjoyable my runs are now that I rub this all over the areas where I was chafing like crazy.  Dove, you have made my runs (and post-run showers) so much more enjoyable and a little less bloody ha.

IMG 6647

On the drive to school yesterday Brooke requested a picnic for lunch so we made a bunch of sandwiches but I couldn’t wait until we left to eat mine.  I’ve been putting bell peppers on my turkey sandwiches at home and it’s a great idea.

IMG 6672

Skye woke up and then we were off…

IMG 6682

Hopefully this becomes something we do often.

IMG 6687

Brooke does not eat her string cheese by the strings, she just bites right into it!

IMG 6691

We hung out outside while the kids rode their bikes.  If my hair is down, Skye will be grabbing on to it.

IMG 6695

We had a very fancy night of pot pies from Costco and played Guess Who.

IMG 6699

IMG 6700

PS I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing things down in my planner again.  I stopped using my planner right after having Skye because I wanted to just stay in bed with her and snuggle for a few weeks (which I did and highly recommend if you can).  But now I have forgotten too many things because I have just been putting things in my phone so it’s back to pen and paper for me.  Andrew and I had a little planning meeting with our planners so we felt pretty cool and organized for a few minutes.

Skye studied her hands intensely while we did this.

IMG 6639

Andrew teases me because I have a very precise nighttime routine.  One of the things that I do each night is put my running clothes out (and sometimes two outfits when I’m not sure what the weather is going to be like)… anyone else do this each night?  I love routines.

IMG 6703

Karoline shared this story with me about Mary Shertenlieb and it made me cry.  Mary is truly amazing.  HERE is an article about it:

Screen Shot 2018 04 18 at 12 41 11 PM

*ALI has Sarah Sellars on her show today so you know I’ll be listening to that during my 6 mile easy run today.  I can’t wait to learn more about her.

Skye fell asleep while I was writing this post… Running and food talk is very boring for her since she can’t do either yet.

IMG 6697


Are there any movies that you have rewatched a bunch of times?  What about tv shows?

Are you a planner person or do you use your phone (or computer) calendar to keep track of everything?

-Maybe my phone is broken or I just don’t see things pop up but I cannot rely just on my phone to remember things.

String cheese—>  do you eat it by the strings you pull off or take bites out of it?

To go along with my deodorant for chafing love—>  Have you found any new tips/tricks/things that help your running out?  Let’s all share and learn from each other!

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I’ve watched all three Pitch Perfect movies a bunch of times! My 10 yr old son loves them too and creates LEGO scenes from the movies lol.

I write lots of things on my wall calendar…..I know old school! And set alarms for reminders and my husband makes fun of me for it but I’m always on time and remember most stuff!


omg that is hilarious about your son recreating LEGO scenes from the movies!


I’ve watched many movies more than once. Remember the Titans, White Christmas, Sound of Music, and all Disney movies are definite repeats.
I HAVE to write things down in a planner. My favorite time of the year is getting to buy new calendars and planners so I can write birthdays and other events I already know the dates of. Just having things put on my phone or computer would be a lost cause.
I eat string cheese by the cheese. It’s the best!


Calendar and Steno book for daily “To Do” list. I cannot live with out these two things, else everything would be forgotten on a daily basis. :-)

One of my favorite running tools, is my giant whiteboard. It has all my upcoming workouts and races. Also times of my favorite strength training classes.


The white board is such a good idea! I want to try that! I hope you are having a great day Amy!


Thanks for always linking these great podcasts and articles:) And you know I love to see you using your planner again;) LOL. You know I use mine. I can’t remember a time I didn’t use a planner;) I always have all appointments/Big stuff in my phone ical. But it is also in my planner, and more than appointments my planner is my daily guide on To Do Lists. The older my kids get the busier our lives have gotten. Enjoy those park picnics, those are the days you look back on in 10 years and remember;)


Daaaaannnnggggg! You hit that workout exactly! Awesome job, Janae!! And I love that y’all had a picnic. I still peel my string cheese. It’s more fun for me!

I watch movies I love multiple times. Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Replacements, Captain Ron (just to name a handful) are only some of the ones I’ll watch over and over again!


Sounds like a fun/hard workout! I love adding in repeats or speed play to keep it interesting! SO pumped for your half too! I’m looking to run one within the next month. :)


My husband laughs at me because I write notes on stickies then stick them to my phone, instead of using the note feature on my phone. I still use paper calendars along with the one on my phone.


Hahaha that is awesome! I like real sticky notes much better than the notes on my phone too! I hope you have a great day Rachel!


while I love the idea of having a cute calendar/ bullet journal, I always end up just using my phone for everything. Its convenient because it syncs with my computer calendar and notes, and I can share notes with Jesse. To satisfy the want for cute notebooks, I write all my recipes down in cute little mole skins or shinola notebooks.


Great job on that workout! Tip – this might be gross but if I cut my toenails too short, they can get sore and kind of ingrown at the corners and they hurt especially while sleeping (if the sheet is weighing them down) or in my shoes while running (or just living). What makes the pain go completely away is putting a huge dollop of non-petroleum jelly ( I love the Alba brand) on the corner. It softens the skin and nail and no pain!

Question if you get a minute – has your Dad always been allergic to eggs or did it develop as an adult? I am thinking I might have tracked down this odd skin reaction and was wondering if it has to do with eggs ( I really hope not because I love eggs so much).


Awesome tip!!! I will have to try that in the future Amanda. So my dad has always had his egg allergy:( I hope so bad that your body can keep handling eggs, that would be so sad! Keep me updated!


I don’t rewatch new movies very often, but I love rewatching movies I grew up with like Overboard, Princess Bride, Goonies, etc. I also like to watch all the Harry Potters in October and all my favorite Christmas movies in December.
I love using a planner. My husband always tries to get me to use my phone, and I do sometimes, but I always rewrite it in my planner, even if it’s already done. There’s something I love about physically crossing something off a list that just does it for my brain.


I totally agree… crossing things off with a pen just feels so good:) I do the same thing with Christmas so I guess there are some movies I rewatch a bunch! I hope you have an amazing day Karin!


I will rewatch old movies if it has been awhile since I’ve seen them. But TV shows all the time! I constantly rewatch Friends, Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, Grey’s Anatomy.

x Elise – http://www.thirtythoughtstoday.com


I write things down AND out them in my phone. Maybe I just don’t trust my brain anymore.

The thought of biting into a string cheese makes me cringe.

I don’t re watch a lot of movies, just the really classy ones like Mean Girls, Clueless, The Duff, Drop Dead Gorgeous and the like. Even then it is only once every couple of years.

That shirt looks super cute on Skye ;)


I was just telling Andrew yesterday that is my favorite shirt that she has… THANK YOU. You’ve got style. I miss you.


I’m definitely a pen and paper planner person. If I don’t write it down then it doesn’t get done or I don’t remember it. It also feels pretty good to be able to cross something off my list!


Sttring cheese by the strings for sure!


Aaaah thanks for sharing the Sarah episode! Thought of you SO MUCH during this one. Utah girl! You’re just going to love it, I know it. ENJOY and wish we were running together IRL! <3


I can’t tell you how happy your podcast makes me! Also, one of my very close friends was just in New York and she posted about hanging out with YOUR MICHAEL!! It made me so happy ha. I hope you have a beautiful day and the podcast was amazing.


There are so many movies that I watch over and over. With a tv series I have to give it some time before rewatching a it.

I always lay all my running clothes out if I’m running in the morning. It makes getting up so much easier!


Awesome job on your workout!! I can tell you are excited about your Half Marathon. You are going to ROCK IT!
I love to watch my favorite movies over and over. The Sandlot, The Devil Wears Prada, The Shining, Mean Girls, Tombstone and I always watch The Family Stone at Christmas. I got tired of A Christmas Story after watching it for SO many years.
I’m a planner person too. I have a refillable one that I’ve used for several years. I use a leather notebook for my run log.
I’m going to try that Dove deodorant for chafing. I have a permanent scar from my HR strap. It does not look good during swimsuit season. I’ve been using medical tape for sensitive skin but it doesn’t always stay on when I sweat.


Thanks Elizabeth! Oh I love The Sandlot! Let me know if the deodorant solves your chafing too! Have a beautiful day:)


Sounds like a great workout!

I can re-watch an episode of Friends and Gilmore Girls anytime and we watch The Greatest Showman twice this last weekend :)

I use both a planner and my phone calendar. The husband and I share our online calendar so we can keep track of our meetings/etc. and then I use my written planner as a daily checklist.

The only way to eat string cheese is by strings ;)


Great job on your workout!
I love to rewatch movies and tv shows…Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls especially!
I have a huge desk calendar and that helps me so much at school!
Not a huge fan of string cheese :/


Thanks for posting all the podcasts I keep coming here to listen to all of them. Also, my husband will rewatch his favorite movies over and over (for decades!) …the Rocky movies and Tin Cup (he’s a golfer) and the Jason Bourne movies.

I keep all appts in my phone with an alarm set for them all.


I keep watching Love Actually every holiday season. My other half refuses to join me in this exercise because once was enough for him. I don’t have a lot of tv shows I watch repeatedly.

I am pretty lucky with minimal chafing, but before a long race or a super rainy day, I like sticks of body glide (you can buy foot glide too!) and I like using both body glide and foot glide. Sometimes, I have gone so far as putting a bandaid on my achilles pre -chafing /blisters as a protective measure haha. I haven’t tried it, but some swear by vaseline. And some friends I know use a cream called Udderly smooth. (there is one called chub rub!). I haven’t personally tried Udderly smooth but friends seem to like it.

I use my phone or google calendar for planning purposes – I found that a daily planner is pretty useless for me.

String cheese – usually bite into it – but haven’t had string cheese in awhile as we just buy blocks of it!

Have a great day!


There are certain episodes of friends that I love and have rewatched over and over again!


Hi Janae!
I use rubber medical tape to avoid chaffing of my sports bra – its wonderful!
I love cheese sticks but I eat them like Brooke…. :)
I use a good old fashioned calendar
I have watched Dirty Dancing a million times….love that movie!
***Oh and by the way I am running the Silos District Half Marathon in 2 weeks up in Waco, TX with the Fixer Upper crew…. I am so excited!!!


PEGGI!! I am so so so excited for you! I wish we could come. Please let me know all of the details, you are going to rock it!


I never thought to use deodorant to prevent chaffing! I have been using runner’s glide for years which seems to do the trick for me.
I used to buy a planner every year but since relying so much on my phone for everything I have stopped doing that.
String cheese – I love to just bite into it! It is way too good to eat it slowly!!!


I set out my clothes every night, I even untie my shoes! Haha! I feel like it saves time and I don’t have to think that early in the morning.


Sara, I am going to copy you and untie my shoes at night too… thank you so much! Have a great day:)


I love rewatching Harry Potter and Christmas movies. For tv shows, my go to is Gilmore Girls…can’t even count how many times I have watched all the seasons. I definitely love my paper planner. I put my appointments in my phone but they don’t pop up so I would have to actually pull up the calendar. Having them in my phone helps if I am out and need to schedule something, but for reminders, paper is better for me.


Birdcage, When Harry Met Sally, Jaws, Casablanca, and You’ve Got Mail I can watch repeatedly. Seriously doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them I’ll sit right down and watch again.

In order to remember something I need to write it down. I generally can picture what I’ve written down so it sticks with me.

I bite into string cheese as well.

In a pinch lip balm can also ease hot spots, preferably not a medicated one because OUCH! (yeah, ask me how I know)


Eating string cheese without stringing it is just wrong. So wrong.

I love my Passion Planner!!


Angry running is my specialty too! My running partner (aka my dad) always jokes that he needs to get me started on politics and then the runs will feel easier.


HAHAH that is awesome!! I love that you run with your dad Haley!


I lay out multiple clothing options especially now with spring weather and windy weather we’ve been having.
I love pencil and paper notes and planners. I also try to keep track on my phone calendar too because if I’m out I have it with me if I need to look up something. As my boys get into school and sporting activities I would like a wall board for us all to see what is going on.


Skye’s little expressions are priceless, you’ve captured some great shots lately! I’m with Brooke on the string cheese :) And I used to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with my Dad when I was little, so now any time it comes on TV I have to watch. And Dirty Dancing… nobody puts Baby in a corner!


I’m going to try that workout Andrew did, tomorrow because he has the same half pr and wanting to go faster too. Where did you get the 7:50 time to run those 4 miles at? I guess this is considered tempo run.


Just wanted to say that I have my 1/2 this weekend, and I needed to read what you wrote about “If it feels tough for 25 minutes, how can I do it for 13.1 miles???” You’re absolutely right about those extra factors and race day adrenaline. I just need to boost my positive thoughts :)

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