I’M BACK & My Tips.

6 miles happened yesterday and I was pretty thrilled about that.  Brooke asked to join me for the last few minutes so that was the absolute best too.  She starts cross-country tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see how she does and if she loves it or not!

I had someone ask for tips yesterday on running with their little ones and I really have no idea what I’m doing but I’ll share what works for us so far… I do exactly what Brooke wants to do.  I don’t force anything.  If she wants to walk for the majority of the time, great.  If she wants to go really fast and then walk for any incline, perfect.  I do not want to force her in the slightest, I want her to do what makes her feel happy whether that is .05 miles or .4 miles.  During our runs I do give her little mental tricks that I love for running and life.  I tell her about how our thinking (I can vs I can’t) is what takes us to our goals in life or away from them.  I talk to her about thinking about things that make her happy (gratitude) when things feel hard etc.  Who knows if she will like cross country (they do very short distances for her age) and want to continue with it or never want to run again or maybe she’ll wait to run until she is an adult.

Whatever she wants to do, I’ll be clapping.

LRG DSC09972

6 miles @ 8:29 pace.  I listened to this episode (it was so so good) during my run and for my stretching afterwards.  My body is recovering great from the ultra but I need to really be on top of stretching to make sure I stay injury free through all this.  I still feel more tired than usual so I need to make sure to really get in some good sleep this week too.

IMG 1359

Lately I’ve been having smoothies after workouts but these crepes were a fun change.

IMG 1360

We spent a lot of the day watching conference (it is on today too here) which was amazing and after watching I’m inspired to work on some things in my life big time and spend way more time serving others.

Somehow we were able to keep the kids entertained the entire time we were watching too.

IMG 1490

After the first session of conference ended we made some sandwiches for lunch and then rode our bikes to an ice cream store.

IMG 1498

S’mores ice cream in a cake cone for life.

IMG 1499

We then hit up our trampoline for an intense game of dodge ball.

IMG 1500

Followed by more conference while Skye napped.  I love to take notes to help me to pay attention to things.  Brooke saw my notepad and brought over one for herself too:)

IMG 1509

Andrew has canker sores all over his mouth from stress.  This last week he was very stressed out but now that everything is over, the canker sores will hopefully peace out.

IMG 1511

We had coupons which meant free food which makes it taste even better.  Skye stole all of the mangoes from my salad.

IMG 1513

And then it started drizzling a little bit so Skye was happy to sport Andrew’s coat.

IMG 1518

It’s so crazy to me to see her walking all over now.

IMG 1529

The kids made a license plate for Skye!

IMG 1533

Did you see the Boston Launch 6 from Brooks?  They are beautiful!

IMG 1358


Sugar cone, cake cone or cup?

What do you have going on today?

Anyone else get canker sores from stress?

Anyone run with their kids?  What are your tips?

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My son started running with me when he was 5. He wanted to run a 5k. He wanted to see how long s 5k really was. So we did a 5k every run. But, I let him set the pace and choose walk breaks. During our run I would tell him what helps me, positive thought, breathing, etc. each run we would have a challenge. Less time on a walk break, a short sprint, etc. I always told him one day he will want to run faster than me. When that day comes I would be so happy.
Now he’s running half marathons and running faster than me. (He’s 12 now)(I’ve shared his running accomplishments with you about Logan)
I now run with a friends daughter. It works best for her to pick how long we run. I still give a challenge each run. Every child is different. One thing is the same, always make it fun for them.


I totally remember you emailing me about Logan. You are both incredible and I am SO amazed by his love for running at such an early age. And the best tip ever–> Always make it fun for them. I love this so much. Have a wonderful Sunday Diane!


Waffle cones!!
My 6 year has been interested in running and I love it too!! I wish they had elementary cross country that’s so cool sounding! We’ve done a few mile fun runs that some local 5ks do but there aren’t many where we live. It reminds me of a onesie he had as a baby that said “someday I’ll run with mommy”


I feel for Andrew. I get bad canker sores and blisters, too. They are so bad sometimes that I can’t talk or eat for a few days. I don’t really have any advice on how to deal with them. They just suck and people will keep trying to make you talk after you tell them it hurts. I hope he feels better soon.

Question about the Launch: do you find them to run a little small? I bought them in the same size I wear Ravennas and I seem to have blisters on my big toes from wearing them. They feel fine though.


Hey Lee… you can’t talk or eat sometimes for a few days when you get them!? That is terrible! That is a great question… I always get them in the same size but they do feel a bit more snug than my other running shoes. Did you get them online because I bet you can still exchange them for a bigger size. That is a bummer! Have a great day Lee!


Hi Janae! A tip for canker sores.. crush up aspirin and mix a few drops of water to make a paste and rub that on them. Have a great day!!


We’ve never heard of this… I’ll have Andrew try it today! Thanks so much Jennifer!


I loved Kara’s episode! So kind and genuine! (I met her in real life and she is the same person you hear. So kind and patient to chat.)
I feel like you can really tell how much she adores her husband and son!

I visited Leadville a few years ago and got the worst altitude sickness. I can’t imagine running the marathon!


YOU HAVE MET HER IN REAL LIFE?! Oh that is awesome… I really hope I get to someday too. I can’t imagine running that marathon either for multiple reasons haha. Have a wonderful day Molly!


Mmm now ice cream sounds like a good plan for today :). I love that Brooke runs with you!! Have a wonderful Sunday!


I think that ice cream needs to be on your plan. Thank you so much Melissa, you too!


I also get canker sores, and have one right now — work drama stress (sometimes I wish I worked more with men, women can be so nasty sometimes!).
I run sometimes with my 13 year old daughter. It is very humbling as she is so much faster than me and her stride is so much longer. I have better endurance (she rarely runs and I run a lot) but I still feel really old and slow running with her. She just joined her school track team and is fast for her age, so that makes me feel a bit better! ha!
Loved that episode with Kara. I also love all Mario Fraioli’s podcasts and his newsletter — subscribe if you haven’t already!
Have a great day, Janae.


BOOO to the work drama stress! I am so so sorry about that, that is terrible. I hope that this week goes so much better and that the drama is ends! Your daughter is on fire… keep me updated with how her track meets go! I forgot about his podcast… I will absolutely be subscribing! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I do exactly what you do when I’m running with my kids. I let them pick the pace and follow their lead.

I’m happy with basically any ice cream cone haha :)


Hahaha I guess I am too:) . I bet your kids had the best week ever! Why does school have to start again!?!?


Hi Janae! I would love to hear more about what you learned from conference and some of the changes you plan on implementing. I find you and your family’s faith and lifestyle very inspiring. Have a great Sunday!


YES!!! I would love to talk more about it and there was a talk in particular that I really loved by Elder Ballard and that one really inspired me and I’ll link to it as soon as they have it online. Basically he talked a lot about the fact that simplicity = joy. We need to love God and love our neighbor. We minister to our neighbors because we love our Heavenly Father. Simplicity speaks to my soul ha (I get overwhelmed so easily by to-do lists) but thinking about simply loving God and my neighbor and doing what I can to help those around me just makes so much sense to me and brings me a lot of peace.

Each week we partake of the sacrament at church and when we take the sacrament we covenant to always remember Him.
There was a talk by elder Holland that I loved and he said, “The hour we spend in sacrament meeting is the most sacred hour in our week. While there, might we offer up our small crust of comfort and tiny cup of compassion for those who suffer? One way to ‘always remember Him’ would be to join the Great Physician in His never-ending task of lifting the load from those who are burdened and relieving the pain of those who are distraught.”

I’ve never connected ‘Always remember Him’ to the fact that when we are helping others, that is how we always remember Him. It inspired me to spend time each week (during the Sacrament at church) and a quiet time at home to sit and really ponder how I can help others.
Sorry, that was probably TMI but those were two of the things that really inspired me and I can’t wait to listen today. Have a wonderful day Erica and please keep me updated with how you are doing!


Ha, you can never TMI on that stuff! I really appreciate you sharing this!

As far as Brooke – go ahead and throw in a few tips about running form, proper arm motion, etc.. while you are running. You would be surprised what they will pick up. I coached youth sports for 12+ years when my kids were ages 3-15. My main goal was to make it fun enough that they wanted to play the next year, especially at the younger ages.


Hi! I have found the dabbing tea tree oil directly on canker sores is amazing. It numbs them immediately. As it washes away after your initial treatment, just keep repeating treatment. The numbing/healing effects are incredible. Tea tree is also anti-septic. (Though the oil is not really intended for oral use, you can deal with the bad taste to conquer those cankers! THey are the worst!) Happy healing.


Really!?! I will have Andrew try this. Thank you SO SO much. I hope you have a wonderful day Dorothy!


I 1000% support tea tree oil. I apply it with a Q tip and hang over the sink to let the drool run out of my mouth after I apply it but keep at it and it helps them go away. The taste is horrible but it can be dealt with. Doesn’t have to be expensive in my opinion any brand will do.


The amino acid L-Lysine is fantastic for healing canker sores! I start taking it when I feel one coming on or have one in full force and it heals them up very quickly. You can find it in the vitamins and supplements sections of any store.

Glad you’re healing well! Very excited for you for Boston! One of the best days of the year! :-)


Awesome! Thank you so much and I’ll pick some up for him so that he can take it the next time he starts feeling one coming. Thank you Kaitlin, I am too. It’s like a holiday:) . Have a beautiful day!


Waffle cones for me! And Conference-ing today as well :)

Stress canker sores are totally a thing! I get them every time I have a big deadline coming up. I usually dab a bit of tea tree oil on it and that seems to help! (And stop eating oranges and other acidic foods)

Free food always tastes so much better! That salad looks amazing. What is your go-to Cafe Rio order?? I miss it so much, I used to live in Utah and now am back in Canada where we have one (kinda sad) little Costa Vida.

Hop you have a wonderful conference Sunday!!


Enjoy conference today! I am so so sorry about your stress canker sores! I’m going to have Andrew try that, thank you so much! Oh we miss you here in Utah and I am glad you have a little Costa Vida there. I get the grilled chicken with mango salad + grilled veggies. I always get the tropical dressing too! If you ever come back to Utah to visit, let me know! Have a wonderful day Rachel!


Listerine helps with canker sores, and less stress ?


Oh really?! Awesome… we have that! Haha well now the less stress thing will definitely be a thing for me!


Ugh I feel for Andrew. I get canker sores in my mouth too when I’m really stressed. No fun! Thanks to this post I am hungry for crepes and ice cream!


Waffle cones!! Now I’m thinking that’s my afternoon plans. Met my best running friend for 6 miles. It was so nice to get out kid free and run/chat.
Canker sores are so painful..my daughter gets them and my friend recommended coconut oil. It really helped with the inflammation and she seemed to not get any new ones after we used it. Worth a try!


Oh I hate canker sores! I get them so easily from stress or something so simple as a bit of crusty baguette gone awry (and the usual suspects of citrus!) I’ve heard that taking Lysine supplements help, or swishing with peroxyl (I am not sure I spelled that right but it’s a mouth rinse the dentist recommended).

Cake cone. I just love when there’s ice cream clear to the bottom….I went to an ice cream place that used to put a marshmallow or jelly bean in the bottom of the cone to prevent seepage.

For running with kids I always think to take lots of breaks and incorporate fun things. Kids naturally do fartleks!

Glad you are enjoying General Conference. Looks like an inspiring and comfy way to spend part of the weekend!


Sugar cone FTW!
Canker sore are the WORST! I don’t even want to think about it because I’m afraid I’ll get one. I’m sending Andrew speedy healing vibes.
I did my my long run and some grocery shopping this morning. Now I’m headed to work for a little while.


Sugar cone!! :) I just finished a 20 mile progression long run – I am training for the Vermont City Marathon at the end of May. The run went well! I totally get canker sores from stress. I also realized sometimes when I am running really hard I will bite my lip, which is such a bad habit as I can bite a little too hard when my legs are really hurting and cause my lip to bleed. It’s a good distraction from the running pain, but not a good habit! I am working hard to not do this ever again!


Brooke’s hair has gotten so long. I’m excited to see how she likes cross country and that she wants to do it. So much fun.

I’m so messy! I actually prefer ice cream in a dish because I feel like I make such a mess Lol.


Sugar cone for sure.

Just an easy run today – did a long run yesterday, now in my pjs and enjoying some downtime. Last week was crazy – a leak that originated outside our condo managed to leak into my condo among other things and so we had to deal with insurance brokers etc, and currently there is a giant dehumidifier in our condo courtesy of the water restoration company.

Pretty happy the week was done.

Hope you are having a great weekend! And yes those Brooks Launch are gorgeous.


I used to have canker sores a lot in my twenties, eating apples and tomatoes was so painful! I use a toothpaste that´s a bit salty tasting, I think there are antiseptic herbs in it, and I think that is wat keeps them away now. (and generally eating more healthy) My oldest son (21) has them sometimes too, I feel his pain then. Today I spectated at Rotterdam Marathon with my sister. Her boyfriend and his sister were running, and some other people I know. We started at 1 km after the start, saw the top runners, our people and took a subway to the 15 k point. Waited to see them again and took the subway to the 30 and 40 km point. The app didn`t keep us updated right so we missed them. Then we walked to where we would meet them after the finish, and sat in the sunshine. When we were home again we had chinese takeaway, my sister and I ate like we had been running too. Spectating is quite tiring too, and really fun.


I so feel for poor Andrew with canker sores. Whenever I get them I just can’t seem to stop biting down on them by accident. I’m sorry I haven’t a solution to offer.
Yesterday I went to buy the same shoes that I’ve worn for the past 2 marathons, Brooks Launch 5, only to learn that they had the new 6 in stock. Although they also had a pair of the Launch 5 in my size, I decided to get the 6 and break them in during taper. But the salesman is holding the Launch 5 pair for me until I leave for England, just in case! I bought a half size larger than usual too and am glad to see this is your thought too. Sadly, I’ve got a strained right glute and am resting, but not panicking!! Happened during my 20 miler last Wednesday ?.
Keep up the great work and excellent parenting, particularly with regard to wee Brooke’s cross country. Please tell that sweet child that she has a lifetime of running fun ahead–and that it is a very, very ancient person telling her this who must know!


Ugh, canker stress sores are the worst. Hang in their Andrew. Cake cone all the way ❤️ Thanks for sharing about running with your Brooke and how you let her be the guide, but you find those moments to share wisdom and love.


Yup will be sporting my new brooks launch Boston edition this weekend! Can’t wait for my first Boston! I’m worried about the weather forecast though!


Ok Skye’s license plate totally made my mama eyes tear up

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