Silentish Saturday!!!


Friday started with a walk on the treadmill until Skye woke up.  When I got the phone out for a selfie she put her hand on my shoulder to pose;)

IMG 6950

Currently OBSESSED with this tank.  Sponsored by Nike!

IMG 6959

Andrew wore his Christmas present from the kids.

IMG 6977

She is a big fan of getting a shampoo head massage from us.

IMG 6960

Got to meet up with MEGAN for lunch.

IMG 6984

180 Tacos is kind of our place.

IMG 6978

Skye turned 5 weeks old yesterday!

LRG DSC02673

They went out for a bike ride and Skye and I joined them for a few minutes until Skye was hungry!

IMG 6990

Showing off their skills (we were all in PJs by 4:30 pm yesterday).

IMG 6999

Andrew picked up Cafe Rio for us all and Megan D and her husband joined us!

IMG 7004

She brought the most heavenly popcorn.

IMG 7001

Skye wasn’t a fan of the group hug.

IMG 7008

My mom sent me this and this is 100% me;)

IMG 7005

I hope your Saturday morning run is a really great one… I should be joining you all next Saturday for a run!  I’m going to miss my training partner (one last pregnant picture of me and Skye) for my runs but it will sure feel nice to run not being pregnant:)

IMG 2691


What are three things that you are doing today?!

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Hi Janae,
I just wanted to say hi and I’m so glad you seem to be doing so well. I’m very excited that you are approaching the 6 week mark, you can start running again and that’s when my baby started sleeping really well at night!! Has your family avoided all the flu this season? I’m getting over the stomach flu so I won’t be doing my usual Saturday treadmill run :( Have a great weekend!


Oh I am so sorry you have had the flu! I hope you feel 100% ASAP!! Luckily we haven’t had the flu but all of us have had colds! Thank you so much and I’m so excited!


Skye is looking especially cute in these photos! So glad you’re able to get outside for a bit. I know that makes a difference in my day. ❤️


It really does! Thank you so much Joy! I hope you have a great Saturday!!


Hi Janae! Skye is looking beautiful and all of your pictures of you and the family crack me up! I bought a new elliptical so I used that and did a short treadmill run at the gym…soooo cold to run outside still. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress on running and everything else!


Thank you so much LeAnne and I hope it starts warming up soon for you guys! That is awesome that you have your own elliptical again! Enjoy your weekend!


Every time you post about Cafe Rip, I regret not going there while I was in town. Andrews dad shirt is the cutest and I love them in their sunglasses.

Weekend work days for me…I certainly live the dream LOL.


I’m still upset we didn’t go together… I guess you need to come back out and do a half with me! I hope work is great for you today!


I love Andrews shirt. That’s awesome.

Warm enough to ride bikes! I’m loving the warmer winter. Hopefully we have kind of a rainy spring though so we have enough water for the summer.


Yes… hopefully!! I hope you and your family get to be outside and enjoy the weather today! Have an awesome one Jenny and see you at Costco next week ha?!?


We probably will try to get out there. Clean air and warming is a really great combo!
I’ll watch for you!


I’m so excited that you get to run again next Saturday! I can’t wait to hear about it. My agenda for the day:
1. Netflix and treadmill
2. Finish making my stepson’s birthday cake (yep, an ice cream cake for January)
3. Have an epic party for him tonight


Three things: bike riding, movie time with kids, and photo booth time. My husband is setting up a photo booth with a green screen. :) We created one for a couple of the kids’ b-day parties and they were a hit. I made the background from streamers and we have collected a bunch of props and ask guests to bring some as well. Anyways, we love them and it just makes taking family pics so fun. You’re probably thinking we’re so weird right now! :) I’m glad you’re almost at the point where you can run again. I just hopped on the bike yesterday, after 4 days of not working out due to my bike and miss it so much. I love my workouts for so many reasons. BTW, glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like camping. My cousin took me my first time in college, up in WA state and OMG, we had to wash our hair under the faucet (not even in the bathroom!) and the water was brain freezing cold! Her husband did catch us a salmon to eat, though. That was pretty cool. :) Have a wonderful Saturday, Janae! Always love your blog; just a burst of positivity!


No workouts due to my back! Oops!


I’m so excited for your run next week!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

3 things I’m doing today:
1) I cleaned our entire house this morning and got in 6k steps so far before 9:00AM woo hoo!
2) Watching Gilmore Girls (again)
3) Visiting with my mom for a bit of a girls day! YAY!

Happy Saturday!!


That popcorn looks amazing! I made need to make some of that this weekend. I can’t believe Skye is 5 weeks old! I feel like you were just posting that you were at the hospital.
3 things for my day – 7 mile run (check!), starting a new book called “An Accidental Life” by Pamela Binnings Ewen, and steak and mashed potatoes for dinner.
Have a fantastic Saturday Janae!


That is hilarious! We just made an offer on a camper for our return to AmerIca in May.

You don’t have to miss your training partner – put her in the stroller and away you go! I trained with my son after a January birthday and got a PR in my first marathon back (15 months later)

Love the personalized best dad shirt!


What country are you in if you are returning to America? :-)


We are living in Bulgaria/ have been for four years. We’ll be getting home just in time for our son to start Kindergarten!


Wow! Who’s he staying with now? Hope you enjoyed your vacation ^^


He has been in a Montessori pre-school here all 4 years. We just love it. It is English speaking, but has about 85% Bulgarian enrollment, and then some other expat kids.


Three things:
Long run, groceries, yoga

In Skye’s 5 week picture she looks a lot like Brooke!


Oh Angie, you speak my language! I do all the above :-) if only we were Neighbors.


Eight more miles for the Lululemon challenge!! Going to split it up over today and tomorrow. Running on ice with highs in the 20s today…if only treadmill miles counted! Running with a cold outside in the cold…extra fun ;) But I will make it to that stinking 80k hahaha


1) Getting the girls out the door for there writing club.
2) Driving down south to pick up my half marathon race pack it.
3) Enjoying an evening away from home with my husband, aka race vacation.


Started out with a 30 minute treadmill run (always best way to start the day). It’s like my version of Wheaties. Then I’m off to grocery shop, I’m hosteing a late Christmas at my house tomorrow for some family who had the flu really bad during Christmas time. This is ok with me, because now I get to hog their baby without them running off to the next family event !!!!!!! So it really works out perfect. Skye sure is a cute little peanut !!!! I still absolutely love all the ways that Beretta falls asleep with the kids….just too cute. So much love, dogs and kids. (adults too of course).


Can you please tell me where you got that shirt for Andrew? Seems like a PERFECT Father’s Day gift. :)
I’m so excited for you that you get to start running soon. <3

My 3 things:
Yard Work
Half bathroom painting (maybe)
Grocery store for milk, coffee and yogurt. Three must-haves in our house. :)


Hey Jessica!! I got it here:

Thank you so much and it sounds like a great day:) Enjoy!!


Hello Janae,
I actually have never been to Cafe Rio (mainly b/c it’s across the city from me), but I plan on going this upcoming week. Went online to view their menu. I wanted to ask you…are mostly all the dishes you eat the Salad or a Tostada. It looks like a Tostada (salad on top of a tortilla??). Thanks!


Amy!! I am so excited for you to go to Cafe Rio… it is literally my favorite! I actually always get the salad (yesterday I got it with corn tortillas but usually I get flour)! I love the sweet pork and their guac is heaven. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Your Cafe Rio meals always look so good. I wish we had them here in Calgary.

My plans for today is to go to a book club at a new to me restaurant and then swing by my boyfriend’s place. I think it’ll be a fun day.


Oh how I wish we had a Cafe Rio anywhere near me ?

Skye is seriously the most adorable cutest tiny thing ever.

Question. Do you like your Patagonia coat? I need a new coat and I just don’t know what to get because I’m cold all the time and I want down.


Hey Tiffany! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Patagonia coat. I haven’t used it yet in really cold temperatures (not sure where our winter is) but I’m sure it will be really warm. Let me know if you get it and what you think! Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


3 things:
Easy run at Ala Moana Park that smelled like a high school bathroom – gives new meaning to the HI Life.
Freaking out over an urgent message that showed up on our phones about a Ballistic Missile Threat inbound to Hawaii. What!?!?!?
Calming down when we found out it was a false alarm.


When I heard about that happening I seriously thought about you! I’m so glad it was a false alarm and that everyone is okay!!!!

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