I missed you! Time to fill you in with a million pictures.

HELLO!! I missed you yesterday!  Friday consisted of a lot of family time (trying to soak up some quality time before a lot of changes come our way)…  We got home late (remember, we all have different perceptions on what late is;) and I went straight to bed!  I wanted to share our Friday night happenings today instead:

We went up to Temple Square in Salt Lake City with the kids and met up with some friends to look at the lights.

A picture with flash:

And a picture of us without the flash:

LRG DSC01041

Definitely one of our favorite yearly traditions together.

IMG 3093

Before looking at the lights we went to the coolest vending machine in the world (in my opinion).  I had seen some friends post about it so I wanted to check it out.

IMG 3072

In the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (right next to Temple Square) they have vending machines where you can buy things that will be sent to someone that needs help!  They have everything from goats (to provide milk for a family) to baby supplies to first aid kits to fresh water to chickens and so much more.  I wish I would have taken a video of the line for the vending machines because it kept getting longer and longer over the course of the night.  It gave me goosebumps to see how many people waited in line to donate.

LRG DSC01023

They are doing this vending machine as part of the #LightTheWorld movement… We are using this calendar below as a guide to help us find ways to serve each day this month!  You can find ideas for each day HERE with different ways to serve:)


Andrew talking to the kids about what the vending machine was all about… they were a little confused why an animal didn’t come out of the vending machine when we said we were buying one:)

LRG DSC01032

Afterwards we walked around downtown for a little while.  We were all amazed by the candy scenes in the Macy’s windows!  If only they let you buy these…

IMG 3078

And then we hit up one of our favorites—>  Cheesecake Factory.

LRG DSC01033

The kids saw the Linda’s Fudge Cake in the front and it reminded them of Matilda so that is what we had for dessert.  Andrew had the cheesecake but pregnancy and cheesecake don’t mix well for me.

LRG DSC01038

We also went on the train around town because that is a highlight for the kids.  Knox thought he was Superman and Brooke thought she was pretty tough while we rode around.

LRG DSC01057

While we were there Brooke found a huge unicorn that she is positive Santa is going to bring her… uh-oh.

IMG 3082 2

And now onto Saturday stuff!

I came out to seeing both kids sitting by the Christmas tree just staring at it.  Maybe this is their form of morning meditation or something.  Not a bad idea.

IMG 3141

Andrew and I asked a babysitter to come over so we could go on our weekly date.  We decided for our date together this week we wanted to go on a run (maybe this was more my idea than his;).  This last week was probably my best feeling week of running during this pregnancy… not sure why but it all just felt good this last week.  I hit 34 miles total (mostly running, some of that walking) this last week.  Today will be my rest day and maybe our little girl will come today because she’ll miss going on a run with me and decide to come;)  PS every night the kids include in their prayers that they hope she comes during the night… I’m more praying she comes after a nice 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep but whenever she comes, I’ll be happy.

IMG 3181

Not too many of these miles left!  I have a feeling that walks will definitely take over for a while (either on the treadmill or the indoor track or in the afternoons when it is a bit warmer and we can take the baby with us)!

I of course had 12 layers on…

IMG 3165

And Andrew had his shorts and t-shirt on.  I did pay close attention to all of the other runners out on the trail with us to see if I was dressed correctly or if Andrew was and the majority of runners were bundled up like me:)

IMG 3176

Later on we spent some time over at Mer’s house catching up on life!

IMG 3194

And then after I took a nap (oh, this nap felt so good too) we went to a ‘new to us’ park.

IMG 3197

My sister knows all of the best park spots so we took her recommendation and she was right yet again!

IMG 3212

I am currently Zupa’s number one customer even though they don’t make their salads as big as I would like them.  I did buy an extra side of dressing though so I could make my own version of it today at home.  This salad just hits the spot for me right now and it’s mainly because of the dressing.

IMG 3221

And the food highlight of the day (because I’m sure you dying to know what tasted the absolute best) was this maple bar that Andrew brought home last night.

IMG 3222


What are three things that you are doing today?

When you go to a donut shop… what is the donut that you pick?

How was your running overall this last week?  What was your best run?

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I thought the baby had come!!! We missed you yesterday.


I thought the same thing! I was sure it was baby day :).


SORRY GIRLS!! I sure wish she made an appearance yesterday! PS I’m bringing my laptop to the hospital and Andrew will write a little post when things get started! I hope you both have an amazing day!


Okay, on the line of “what do you not like that everyone else likes”: Never got the big deal about donuts… The only donut I enjoyed was a Voodoo doughnut (https://www.voodoodoughnut.com) that I split with my friend.. They don’t really taste; it’s just like fried fluff… :3 Spudnuts were okay, I guess.. :3


HAHAH I love it… just send me any donuts you get! I have never been to Voodoo but it is on my bucket list! I hope you are having a beautiful day!


What a fantastic family adventure! When I didn’t see a post yesterday my first thought was you were in labour… Your virtual friends are getting excited to see this little girl ;-) Hope you have a great Sunday!


AHHHH I am so so sorry Mel! I will have Andrew write a little post when we are at the hospital to let everyone know! Thanks so much and I hope you are having an amazing day!


Such a beautiful family you have! <3 I love all your Christmas traditions!


Thank you Katie! I hope your Sunday is an amazing one!


Ha ha, you know we all thought you were having the baby! Any day now… : )


YES HOPEFULLY soon!!! I’ll have Andrew write a post when we get to the hospital to keep everyone updated! Sorry for the false alarm yesterday! I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Ok girl I REALLY thought you were in labor!!! But yes, your traditions are lovely ?

I’m going to church, taking a nap, and folding laundry today for sure. My life is very exciting as you can tell hehe.

I’m 36 weeks and I’ve been walking a lot and listening to podcasts. My walks have been great for me mentally but they make my baby feel so low in my pelvis and that kinda hurts! I know it’s good though.

I hope you have a great, blessed Sunday!


Oh I how I wish I was yesterday:) Sounds like my day today too! AHHHH You are so so close! Please keep me updated with how you are doing! Are you having a boy or a girl?


You’re so close too! I keep thinking, 4 more weeks, because for some reason it sounds way shorter than a month haha! I’m having a boy!!


Love all the family time!
I would love one of those vending machines in my town – what an amazing idea.
My three things:
1. Clean the house – done :)
2. Hiking trails with my dog
3. Resting (I’m a little sick this weekend so I’m taking it easy!)

Hope your little girl lets you get some sleep before the big day! And I can’t wait to see what you chose for her name :)


Sounds like a great day Erinn and I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling 100% asap! Thank you so much girl and enjoy your resting!


Oh man that salad has mango on it? Now I’m dreaming of eating it and it’s only 9am! :)

Honestly your pics just look COLD, I can’t believe Andrew was just out there in a t-shirt and shorts. I guess that is good incentive to not stop for any breaks because you know if you stop you’re going to be absolutely freezing! Good motivation haha!


I know, he really doesn’t have a normal body thermometer hahah! Go find a delicious mango salad today, it is so worth it Kristina! Thank you!


Three things I’m doing today…..church, running, going to winterfest at carowinds tonight!

Any day now your little girl will be here!! Can’t wait!


Enjoy Erin! Sounds like an awesome day (I want to go to winterfest)! Thank you so much:)


I thought the same thing! Andrew needs to know it is his job to send out a Twitter alert when you go into labor and again minutes after the birth :)


YES YES YES!! I am even going to have him write up some short blog posts to keep everyone updated. Thanks Tonya and I hope your Sunday is an amazing one!


I love that vending machine idea! What an awesome way to give back during the holiday season. It makes my heart warm to hear that the line kept growing and growing throughout the night as well.

3 things for my day: make waffles for breakfast (check and there’s about 238653 leftover ones even though the box said the batter batch would make 8…), pack for a work trip and donate some clothes!

Have a wonderful day Janae!


Nothing better than waffles for breakfast! I hope your work trip is a great one (where are you going?!)!! Thanks Maureen, you too!


I’m so glad you had a nice day with your family yesterday. :)
Today I’m working on a few new Christmas cookie designs.. Due to repeated requests from friends, I sell them during the holidays so my kitchen will be full of cookies from now until Christmas. :)
Enjoy your day!


Thanks Christina! Okay, I need to see a pic of your Christmas cookies! They sound amazing!


I’m Chickybellas on Instagram if you want to take a peek. ☺️


Yep, I too thought the baby had arrived ?
Three things today… My hubby and I are heading out for an 11 mile run in a little bit. The 1st double digit run of this marathon training cycle!! Then later I’m going to a neighborhood Christmas Boutique, followed by finishing up our decorating.
This last week of running was just plain hard! Every run felt like I was running up hill in mud! So frustrating! I know I haven’t been sleeping well, and with my schedule, I’ve been running in the afternoon… That probably has a lot to do with it. But I am just going to stay positive!
Enjoy your Sunday!! ?


Oh I hope that your 11 mile run went REALLY well! What marathon are you training for? I am so excited for you and your husband. Oh I totally have weeks (ehhh months) that feel like that too and sleep makes such a big difference. You are doing great and a bad week usually means an amazing week come next. Thanks Wendy!


Hoping the baby makes her appearance today!

3 things today: Stroller run because it’s super warm for IL and my daughter asked to go, making butternut squash soup for dinner, then a holiday pajama party at the Children’s Discovery Museum.

And I always choose a jelly filled donut!

my best run this week was my 5 mile tempo run. When I started my legs felt dead but I kept my goal pace and actually felt like I could keep going!


ME TOO (I need to learn some patience haha)! Oh I LOVE that your daughter asked to go on a run with you:) Stroller runs make us so strong! Sounds like the perfect day (can I come over for dinner?!)! Killer job on your tempo run this week!


I was hoping we could make it up to the vending machines but we are so busy right now I don’t think it will happen. We can still participate with the calendar though.
The parks at lakeview elementary are fun! We go there a lot, you should check those out sometime. Every time I go there, I think how great that park is for running but I never do it because I don’t want to leave my kids playing while I run.
My donut of choice is always the chocolate bar!


I need to find where lakeview is! Thank you for the recommendation! I hope you get a chocolate bar soon!


It’s off Geneva in Provo.


3 things:
– church
– football (fly Eagles fly)
– friends over for Christmas devotional

It was a super emotional running week as my running club lost one of our friends to cancer. We did several runs in his honor. The best run was a 5k where I got to push with Team Hoyt Texas for the 1st time. It was an amazing feeling to lend my legs to an athlete and feel his joy and exactly what I needed to remind me of the privilege it is to be able to lace up.


I can’t wait for the Christmas devotional! Rene, I am so beyond sorry about what you and your running club are going through right now. I bet it was very emotional. I bet that 5k was an incredible experience, thank you for reminding us how lucky we are to be able to run. I hope you have a beautiful day!


They do NOT have maple bars in the south. Ever since I left Idaho, I have wanted one. Minnesota has them. But Georgia and NC? Nope. It’s terrible


WHAT!?!?! That is awful… I need to ship you some Sage!


Three things we are doing today, Dim sum with the family, movie, and maybe a run.
Donuts.. I bought an egg nog cream donut and s maple pecan.. to die for ?.

I ran a total of once this week ? and it wasn’t bad. I ran to work and added extra km.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


That sounds like a great day Kristine! Oh, Andrew would love the egg nog cream donut! I want to try the maple pecan! Okay, that is awesome that you ran to work! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Yep, I just knew we were going to see baby pictures today and find out her name. Glad you’re getting in some great family time before then!


Thanks Tracy!!! I will have Andrew blog when we go to the hospital!!! I wish I had a baby picture today ha… she is teaching me patience (which I need since I’m only 38 weeks ha)! I hope your Sunday is a great one!


I always go with honey glazed if it’s available. Definitely one of my favorites!


I need to try honey glazed asap… that sounds really good right now. I hope you are having a great day Fiona!


3 things I am doing today:

working, ordering Christmas presents online and giving the dog a bath.

maple bar all the way


I just saw this shirt on Amazon, if Brooke likes unicorns, this would be so cute! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077TF7KMN


Cant wait to meet your little girl!
Janae, who was that running coach (Dave, was it?) that you talked about a few years ago? And how do i contact him?


I houses a lot of us thought the baby came. :)

3 things: decorating the house, getting my mother’s birthday gift, dinner out with my husband.

It depends on the doughnut shop. Valrhona chocolate from the Doughnut Plant is one of my favorites. Maple Bacon from Duck Donuts is another.


I love that vending machine and the Light The World calendar. So wonderful you are teaching Brooke and Knox about giving at this time of year. I just had that conversation with a friend — How important it is to be thoughtful and mindful of others during the holidays. There will always be people who are in need, people that do not have, etc…but we should be especially sensitive at this time of year when there is such a focus on material things, family, togetherness. While is seems like everyone is celebrating…there are people who don’t have families to spend time with or are sick or suffering.




Oh Caroline, I completely agree with you. The holidays were my hardest times ever a few years ago, I felt so lonely! Definitely something I write about each year. I swear the holidays are either the best or the worst depending on where you are in life. Thanks for sharing and for being so incredibly compassionate and sensitive to those around you. You are amazing! THANK YOU!


Yes to baby coming after you get sleep. My water literally broke 2 mins after I got in bed for the night and my first thought was “nooooo I really wanna sleep”..


Love that vending machine!! What an awesome concept.


Awww what a fabulous idea that vending machine is! Hmmm as for donut I pick a simple glazed stick. Not a popular choice but they are usually a teensy but crunchy on the outside then slightly underdone on the inside = perfect!


See…. we miss you when you don’t post :) So excited to hear when Baby Girl Baron has arrived!

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