Week 8 Training Recap and St. George!

(top, shorts, shoes)

Kaydi is running a marathon in April, and so our schedules for an 18-miler together worked out perfectly. Thank goodness because she sure pulled me for those last few intervals.

She planned the route (it was gorgeous), and we had the best time catching up on life after not seeing each other for a bit.

These trails here are something else, and seeing that snow on that mountain felt very bizarre in this area.

This red dirt has my heart. Andrew and I talk about moving here one day all of the time…

I swore I stopped my watch at 18, but it turns out I did at 17.99… It drove me crazy when I noticed.

We started with a 4 mile w/u, stopped for water (I was actually thirsty because it was so much warmer than home), and then started the workout. 7 x 1 mile fast (6:05 average for those), 1 mile float (6:59 average for those), 1 mile c/d. There was a quick bathroom break and another quick break to grab some stuff out (I brought the wrong shorts, and it was so annoying to not have my usual pockets for long runs).

It was challenging, but we did it together. It’s always fun to have someone to take gels with you at the same time, and feel horrible/amazing/powerful/exhausted with;). It was really fun because our stride was very similar, and so we were in-step often throughout the run.

We then went straight to the bike park. Skye had been talking about it non-stop and was so excited. Before she ever even got on her bike, she fell on a cactus. Luckily, she had pants and a hoodie on to avoid many of the needles getting in her skin, but she had hundreds in her hands.

The Instacare treated her like a princess. They moved her to the top of the list because she was in so much pain, had a topical cream to help numb the areas, treated her so well, made sure she was as comfortable as possible and hooked her up with prizes galore.

Three hours later and she had to get on her bike for a bit. She sure is brave.
Afterward, my brother took us all out for the most amazing ramen and pork sandwiches. You never have to worry about his food recommendations because they are always perfection.
We then went next door for this heaven. The base is shaved ice topped with all of this, and it is a new must each time we come to St. George.
Beck just wanted to sip on the coconut milk.

And the girls went for the oreo version.

We were all out late on Saturday night with my cousins, and surprisingly, I woke up first after sleeping for 10 hours straight. We all needed sleep so badly.

The sunshine was so good for our souls.

Here is how week 8 for Boston training looked:

Monday:  12.15 miles @ 8:04 average pace

Tuesday:  9 miles @ 8:35 average

Wednesday:  17.08 miles @ 6:58 average (watch paused for 90-second recovery in between intervals)… the plan was 12 x 1k, but we took it down to 10 x 1k because we were all feeling off (I’m guessing this has to do with everyone’s diets the day before for Valentine’s Day of chocolate chocolate chocolate). 

Thursday:  10.22 miles @ 8:25

Friday: 9 miles @ 8:30 average

Saturday: 17.99 miles @ 6:55 average. 4-mile w/u, 7 x 1 mile fast (6:05 average), 1-mile float 6:59 average).

Sunday:  Off!

75.5 miles for the week

Last time you had to go to an instacare?

Tell me a highlight (or two or three) from your weekend.

Do you have the day off today?

Do you plan on living where you do now forever or will you eventually move?

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Did cactus gate happen while you were on your run? That all sounds so stressful!
Float miles are the worst. Good job at that long 17.99 mile workout!
I’m off today after working the last 7 days. Highlight of the weekend was leaving work on Sunday!


It happened right after my run… I will never forget the scream she let out. Hahah thank you for reminding me that it was 17.99;). HALLELUJAH. 7 days in a row.. you are amazing. I hope you get to relax so much today. Happy Monday, Molly!


17.99 love the accuracy 😂 TJ and I almost pulled the trigger on moving to St George last week. See you down there!


YESSSSSSSS! It truly is the best! Have the best day, Liz!


Poor Skye! Sounds like she handled it like a champ – glad she is feeling better. Haven’t been to an urgent care in ages but had to go to L&D last week for a crazy high (127!!) resting heart rate. Thought I had the flu, but apparently I finally got the ‘rona! Thankfully the baby is all good and I’m on the mend now.

It looks so beautiful there! Makes me miss the warmer weather :) soak up all that sunshine for us to enjoy vicariously!


Dominique, I am so thankful that you and baby are okay. That must have been SO scary! I hope you are able to rest this week as much as possible! I hope you get warmer weather soon.


Poor Skye! But brave to be back out there right after.
Those shave ice bowls things look and sound amazing!! I’m going to have to be on the look out for that.
We talk off and on about where we would want to live if not here…. Probably closer to the coast, but somewhere less crowded than the orange county beach towns.
Amazing job on week 8 of your training!! That high mileage makes me tired just reading it, ha ha
Our youngest son was home again this weekend, finally working towards getting his license, so that’s always fun. I’m taking him back today.
Travel safely back from St. George. It looked like fun weekend.


Seriously, I want one of those bowls every day now. Thank you so much, happy to check that week off. SO happy you had time with your youngest over the weekend and good luck to him with his license. Happy Monday, Wendy!


Poor Skye! What an awful ay to start a bike ride; so proud of her for getting back up there after her boo-boos were okay! Last trip to the InstaCare was THIS morning- tested positive for flu B after a weekend of coughing and congestion. No running for me for a few days. :( Thanks for sharing your trip to St. George- it’s nice to look at the beautiful pictures while stuck in bed! Happy Monday Janae!


EMILY!!! NOOOOO. I am SO sorry you are so sick. I hope you are able to get in so much rest. Thinking about you!


You tell Skye she is one tough cookie for getting right back to her bike after the cactus attack. Ahhhh….I went to St. George for the first time last October and your pictures make me wish I was there again.

My weekend highlights – pre-birthday celebrating (I’m 45 today!) including coffee with friends, a sushi date with my husband AND a one mile time trial that saw me set an 11-second PR and my first sub-7 mile EVER! I was on cloud 9 all weekend. My last mile PR was a 7:01 at age 38 and this weekend on the eve of my 45th birthday I ran a 6:50. So awesome!!!!


I totally will, thank you! Let’s plan your next St. George trip for when we are there too. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! Sounds like the absolute perfect day, and I am thrilled about your mile pr. You are on FIRE! Thanks for sharing and we are all cheering for you!


Aww Skye! Glad she got back on the bike, what a champ. Last went to Urgent Care last year for what I was afraid was a torn hip labrum, turns out just strained!!
Have to work today, nursing knows no holidays, as you know :) But did get out for some nice hikes this weekend. I love Colorado but dreaming of one day Southern California!!


I am so thankful your hip was strained and not torn… sounds so painful though. Ohhhhhh yes, we feel you on that. I’m sorry you have to work for you but so glad you got in some hikes over the weekend. You better get to move to your dream spot… keep me updated on that! Have a beautiful day, Bri!


What a trooper Skye is! I live in IN now and have previously lived in CA and CO. I sure as heck don’t plan on living in IN forever. Sorry Midwest! Not my cup of tea! :)


I hope you are able to move to your dream spot soon! I’ll tell Skye that you called her a trooper, thank you:). I hope your day is a beautiful one, Alyssa!


Poor Skye! She is so so so brave though! Not sure I could get on a bike immediately after that.

I have today off and have been so lazy. Slept in (almost 10 hours of sleep!), had a slow breakfast, watched some tv. Now finally getting around to moving haha.


ME NEITHER… I kept asking her, ‘are you sure?!’ haha. GOOD FOR YOU. We need days like that. They recharge us. Hope the rest of your day is a great one too, Mariah!


Skye is a rockstar!
a few years back i put my 3 yr old niece by our aquarium sign and without noticing she stepped on a cactus and the needles went thru her shoe! My sister noticed when they got in the car………….i felt like the worst aunt ever! Who plants cactus near a photo op in TENNESSEE?!?!?!

It’s been busy at work, but it’s one week until my birthday and I am starting to be able to focus on it more, so excited! 38!

Both my husband and i love our jobs, they are pretty much our dream jobs, and we live downtown right on the river with miles of paved trails and it’s just gorgeous…………..so I think it would be hard to ever leave Tennessee. HOWEVER, Texas is amazing and I think we could end up there someday, maybe Austin, maybe west Texas, maybe the tiny little town of Gruene.
Tennessee & Texas, my top 2 for sure:)


Seriously!?? Why would othey put the cactus there?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY next week… you better celebrate like crazy! I love hearing that you are in your dream spot but Texas sounds perfect too:). Happy Monday, Loribeth!


We recently built a home in Washington City. We are splitting our time between there and Murray, Utah. Like you, I just love the red dirt. When we get our first glimpse from the freeway, I am in heaven!


Random, but based off your comment about bringing the wrong shorts…where do you store your gels for a long run/race? Same for hydration? I notice you dont seem to carry a hand held, and while I do ( for the marathon distance only) I would love nothing more than to ditch the thing, but it carries so many of my gels– I also keep a few in my flipbelt, but sometimes tend to feel tied down with them there while racing. Just looking for a more “professional” opinion:)

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