A quick lil’ hello from us + on a mission.

HEY!  I hope your day has been a great one so far.  No signs of the baby coming anytime soon but your stories on the baby post make me really excited because who knows… it could happen at any second:)

When the kids wake up they usually come straight to our room (or to each other’s rooms to play) but this morning I found Brooke parked on the couch staring at the Christmas tree.  This is one of my favorite things to do too.  Must be in her DNA.

IMG 2939

We had some pancakes together and then they were off to school.  Andrew had a shift at the hospital today so we will get to party with him tonight… actually the kids are going to be asleep by the time he gets home and I might be too (I kid, kind of)!

IMG 2948

I went for a run and made it to 5.5 miles!  When I run I start to feel nervous that they predicted my due date wrong and that I’ve got another 8 weeks or something because I don’t think I should be feeling this good running this close to the end.  My average pace was 10:07 and thanks to the sun, it didn’t feel as cold as it was.  I need a bobbi pin (how do I lose those so ridiculously fast?).

IMG 3002

After the kids got done with school we went out for some errands!  The kids think that the carwash is the coolest place ever.

IMG 3005

They also are very amused by the things outside of stores full of air and shaped like a person at the top.  They could sit and watch this for 30 minutes straight!  Brooke told me she wants us to all move back to our old apartment just because they had one of these outside.

IMG 3008

We went up north to get Andrew’s last Christmas present (I am SO excited about this one)!

IMG 3024

And I thought… hey, while we are up here, we might as well make it over to Trader Joe’s.

IMG 3027

They are quite the helpers and I wish that every store had mini carts for the kids!

IMG 3028

I was on a mission to go to Trader Joe’s for the reason below.  And it is delicious.  I haven’t tried it with milk yet but I snacked on it in the car and it was amazing.  Maybe I should use hot chocolate with it instead of milk for breakfast tomorrow?

IMG 3035

And below is my dinner and I can’t wait.  I also picked up some Cinnamon Rolls at TJ’s so I know what dessert is too:)

IMG 3036

Josse had PNEUMONIA the last little while but she is back and healthy so we are going on a run together tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!  We’ve got a lot of training goals together to talk about for 2018:)

IMG 4546


What are you having for dinner?  

-I eat dinner earlier and earlier each day… eating gnocchi at 4:30 for my first dinner tonight;)

Best find that you have had at Trader Joe’s lately?

Cold for your run today or was it really nice out?

On a scale from 1-10… how has your day been so far?

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Ehhh I’m thinking brinner for dinner again. I think we have that at least once a week.


I want to be in your family:) Brinner is the absolute best in my opinion!


Do not worry about your due date. I ran 4 miles and felt fantastic 2 days before Hope was born.


That is SO good to hear because I couldn’t believe how good I felt today! Thanks for the reassurance Erica! Enjoy your Thursday night!!


Where is your couch from?


Hey Jen!! It is from RC Willey! I can’t find it on their website anymore (I bought it about 4 years ago) but they have so many cute ones. It’s where we get pretty much all of our furniture!


I did 18 miles a few days before my first daughter was born!! I had no signs she was coming, I swore I would go late. I went late with my 2nd and swore she was coming early (though she was small for being late at 6 lbs 8 oz so I think she needed some extra baking time).
My day has been not so good, made some errors at work, one of my students threw a few chairs at me (I am a special ed preschool teacher), and we are finishing up a 3 week process of repairing sewer pipe issues. But we are almost done. The former owners of our house did DIY plumbing and sewer pipe repairs and our plumbers who were excellent have NEVER ever seen that before, duct tape was holding together parts of a pipe!!


NO WAY!!! That is incredible Carrie! Thank you so much for sharing with me… I feel much better now ha. I was worried I felt too good and that meant = we are weeks away from meeting her:)

I am SO sorry Carrie about your day. I hope that the sewer pipe issues are fixed for GOOD (who does DIY plumbing with duct tape?!?!) and that tomorrow is a much better day at work. You are amazing.


Brooke snuggled up in front of the tree is the cutest! I would totally do that too if our tree was up right now. The gnocchi things look really good, how were they?


Today was awesome! No time for a run because I spent the day at a neighbor’s home with 25-50 other women in the neighborhood doing a home transformation for another family in our neighborhood while they were at work. Repainted the entry, living room, kitchen, and hallway (total upstairs other than bedrooms), put up wood slats over a wall that was wallpapered, replaced light fixtures, replaced blinds, scrubbed doors and bathroom, took out the old furniture and brought in new furniture, hung pictures and shelves and cute things, all between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. Incredible day!!!!!!

I’ll run double tomorrow :)


We are Californians living in Croatia, and I miss Trader Joe’s every.single.day! Quick 2nd baby arrival story — baby #2 was 2 weeks late (the worst!), and it was no.1’s birthday. Went to the midwife, no sign of baby, so my mom and I dashed to the store to whip up a birthday party for 3 year old (who didn’t know it was her birthday in case I was in the hospital). At the store my water broke like the movies, and I was instantly in full-on labor. Born an few hours later. So, you never know!! Wish you all the best! xo


Oh Trader Joe’s .. I need to make it there soon. Jojos are a favorite … as well as clotted cream to dip in strawberries (you must do this, maybe after baby arrives I am not sure the pasteurization process on clotted cream) … I keep watching and waiting for that sweet baby girl to arrive. I have THE FEVER, baby fever that is and while we have three littles … I feel in my heart we are not done yet however we have to wait a little while bc the daycare bills :(


I am just now getting back to running from having Pneumonia. I wonder if Josse could say how she did with recovery. I am still coughing some but I feel normal otherwise. I had to stop running for three weeks so my fitness took a hit. It’s so annoying! and now I’m a hand washing freak.


I am so so sorry you had that! I will ask her today!


Hey Veronica! She is the same as you… still coughing and more tired than normal! She had an ankle problem right before the pneumonia hit so she took 6 weeks off from running total and is starting from square one again! She said it is super frustrating but a good time to be coming back (during the cold winter rather than racing season)! She’s just happy to be up and moving at all now! Good luck to you! I hope your fitness comes back quickly and that the coughing stops soon!


Yes pneumonia is no joke. It’s a different recovery for everyone and when I was in the thick of it I thought I was never going to recover. I got sick at the beginning of November and was not able to do anything for 3.5 weeks. I slowly started with easy bike and then have been able to transition into running but I’m still tired and not running the pace I use to. It takes time and what has helped me, I think, is I got an herbal lung support and take that with Vitamins A, E, and Cod Liver oil and large amounts of vitamin C. Be patient and don’t push it. Relapses happen if you push to hard.


I had the best run/day yesterday. 8 miles outside with the most perfect fall weather. A good day at work. An AWESOME yoga class that left me a sweaty mess but so full of peace. And then an impromptu, much needed dinner date with some girlfriends!

This is not a Trader Joe’s find … But speaking of cinnamon rolls … I saw this the other day and had to share -http://www.latimes.com/food/sns-dailymeal-1859475-eat-cinnabon-cinnamon-bun-cookie-milk-113017-20171130-story.html


Dinner tonight is homemade pizza on a pizza stone! SOO GOOD!

I wish we had a Trader Joe’s nearby — but the nearest one is hours and hours away :(

Nice out! It’s 70 here!


I am so excited – a trader joe’s opened up one mile from my house! Previously, I only went 3-4 times a year because it was 30-40 mins down a very trafficky road. Those sweet potato things look AMAZING! I’m going to have to grab those.


So glad to hear Josse is doing better now. Was wondering where she went ; ) Can’t wait to hear about your running goals for 2018! Setting some myself.


You may be the only person who wishes they had little carts for kids at stores. I let my daughter do that once….never again. She ran into everything and everyone. I wish we had a Trader Joes closer. I love their pretzel rolls and about 100 other things there. And it was a balmy 24 degrees this morning for my run. Not ideal for speed work.


Dinner will be stuffed acorn squash and a spinach salad.

My run was awesome. 25 degrees, low wind, and great conversation at 5am.

Buy the naan from TJs. Fresh bread in 4 min, whenever you want it. Totally worth it.


Trader Joe’s dark chocolate butterscotch caramels………..so good.


TJ’s reduced guilt guac (it’s mixed with greek yogurt) and the truffle dip (pricey but yummo) are my two new favs. I have been seeing mini cannolis and the frozen cauliflower thanksgiving stuffing popping up a lot on Instagram too, so I need to make a trip asap!

Have a great weekend Janae! Can’t wait to get updates about the arrival of your newbie that is destined to be quite the cutie :)


Yay! I’m glad you made a trip to TJs for that cereal!! I’m the girl who posted earlier that I drive 30min to the grocery :) Thanks for taking one for the team and sampling that cereal for us ;)


Sounds like a lovely day :) And there’s nothing wrong with dinner at 4.30 ? We had pizza for our dinner in a pause while decorating our tree and before watching the Snowman :) Not too cold here for my run – had to lose hat and gloves on the way round!


Hot cocoa O’s? Ooh I’d love to join the product developing team of Trader Joe’s!

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