Silentish Saturday–> 1st tradition done.

Four miles @ a 9:50 average pace with the boys… it has turned into our Friday morning tradition to do this although I bet the next Friday we are all together there will be a few inches of snow on the trail.

Maybe by next year Knox will want to join me for my long runs and hand me water bottles and gels along the miles while we listen to Michael Jackson.

IMG 1854

Let’s start with breakfast.  Thursday night= “ANDREW, I REALLY WANT A CINNAMON ROLL.”

Friday morning= the kids got some of the rolls for breakfast that Andrew bought.

IMG 4361

School + egg tacos for lunch at home.

IMG 1840

The late afternoon involved a trip to South Town mall to see the Harry Potter stores/set-up (the three of them were in heaven… we need to go to Harry Potter Land).


Knox did a spell that made the room snow:)


Practicing up on some Quidditch!



Winter is here!

IMG 1881

One of 20 slices of the best pineapple ever.


1st tradition of the season—>  Riverwoods for their lighting event (when they turn on all of the Christmas lights for the first time).

LRG DSC00734

Watching the ballerina’s perform a few dances from The Nutcracker.

LRG DSC00740

Santa popped in.

IMG 5735

A picture that makes me really happy.

LRG DSC00749

Gonna miss these kids next week!

IMG 2008

There was a lot of dancing too…

Because I can’t stop with this salad.

IMG 7576 2

Kids to bed and Andrew and I watched Last Man on Earth.


What are three things that you are doing today?

-Running, plastering the backsplash (ehhhh watching Andrew do that) and celebrating THANKSGIVING (we moved it from tomorrow to today)!

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Love her dance moves! And Knox looks so amazed in the snowing picture!
3 things: work (penguin name voting going on!), lunchtime run, and going to a movie with the husband tonight!


Oh let me know what penguin names win! Sounds so fun! Have a great run and enjoy movie night Loribeth!


How fun, I’m a Harry potter fan and would love to take my kids one day! I love pineapple so much but can only eat it cooked because of I eat too much of it fresh, the acid pickles my tongue! Today my husband Joel is going to watch the Yale vs Harvard football game while I stay home. its going to be cold & rainy plus I am getting over a cold so I opted to stay home and watch Netflix! Let the relaxation begin!


That is so interesting about fresh pineapple! Enjoy your day of relaxation… that sounds perfect and I hope you are feeling 100% ASAP Dawn!


Last Man on Earth is hilarious!! My husband and I watch it all the time. I think Carole is the best. Enjoy it!

This weekend’s pretty quiet. We’ll be doing some cleaning, making a trip to the farmers’ market and visiting friends for an evening of wine and cheese.

Have a great werekend and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Okay, Carole is by far my favorite too. She is hilarious! How have I gone so long without this show?!? Sounds like the perfect weekend Julie!


Such great holiday pictures! I had a newborn last holidays so I didn’t experience many traditions. Excited to do that this year!
Three things I’m doing today, hiking, naps, hanging with family. My husband, one year old, and I drove from Nevada to Utah today (11 hours) and are ready for som good quality family time. I’m a longtime reader and have never commented but I had to today because I thought of you as we were just south of SLC and passed Cafe Rio! (They don’t have those in Nevada).
Enjoy your day!


Oh this year will be so fun to do all the traditions with your little one year old, I’m so excited for you guys! Have such an amazing time with your family (after such a long drive) and you need some Cafe Rio! Thanks Claire!!!


Running, winterizing the house, and watching football. We have 3 different favorite college teams in our house so football kind of takes over Saturdays right now. Enjoy your early Thanksgiving!


Oh that sounds so fun! Enjoy the games and spending time together! Thanks Ali!


That royal blue sure is your color! I hope you and your cute family have a great early Thanksgiving :)


Hey Nicole! Thank you so so much! I hope you have a great weekend!


Ok. What do they have besides items to buy at the Harry Potter land? We thought about going mostly because I’m a big fan, but then it seemed kind of like it was just a novelty store. I do really really want to go to Harry Potter world (please bless my kids are as big of fans as me) ha!

I went to Provo highs phantom of the opera last night and was very impressed with the singing! The main singers sounded amazing and hit all the notes!


The little wand store was the coolest part for sure! I’m not a big Harry Potter person so I was just there for the family but the kids loved going… but yep, mainly just merchandise stuff! Have an awesome day Jenny!


Going for a run. (However, I have a knee that is bugging me a little, so we will see how it goes.)
Playing in the snow. First snow happening right now.
Wedding of a former student.


What is going on with your knee?!? I need details! I hope your knee felt great during your run today! Enjoy the snow! What does Hope think about snow?


There are so many reasons I want to come to Utah but the Harry Potter area sold me on it! I’ll be on the next flight out, can I crash on your couch?! Kidding! The place looks so fun!

3 things for my day: 7 mile run (done!), sending my boyfriend’s Christmas list and my list to my mom so she can shop, and I have no idea what else! I might do a little Christmas shopping myself.


Great job on your 7 miler Maureen! Enjoy the Christmas shopping and come to utah now.. I’ll take you to the Harry Potter place ha!


Three things we are doing today (hopefully)
1. Breakfast at Denny’s – a date tradition
2. Costco – I really want to get a Christmas wreath (seeing Christmas photos makes me want to decorate our place more)
3. Probably more movies in our PJS.

Have a great Caturday!


I love your breakfast date tradition… I want to copy you! Enjoy your movies and trip to Costco (we went today too)! Thanks Kristine!


Those Harry Potter stores look so cool! I haven’t been to the Harry Potter theme park yet, but I really want to go.


I think we should all meet up there! Have a beautiful day Fiona!


Love the Christmassy photos! The Harry Potter place looks like so much fun :) Three things I’ve done today: went for a run (just starting to edge up the distance after my injury :) ), yet another children’s party, and cooking a huge vat of jambalaya – which my five year old then declared he didn’t like ?

I have a question: do you have any advice on how to get your running confidence back after injury? I had a stress fracture, probably related to changing to a more mid-foot strike. Now I’m so paranoid about how my foot is striking, whether I’m making my hip hurt, whether my old plantar fasciitis is coming back….I’m over analysing everything!!! My podiatrist told me to run at tempo so it’s not very conducive to just chilling!


Thanks Lys! Sounds like a great day so far! And so glad you are back from injury! Question… what does tempo mean from your podiatrist? I’ve never come back from injury running fast all of the time! I usually keep my pace easy/slow until I have built up some endurance again! Mind if I write a post about this next week? It’s a great topic!


That would be totally amazing :) I had expected to come back slowly too, but he said 80% effort or I would be running differently from my usual style. I was a bit surprised about that because I’d been marathon training and so had been doing a lot of slow paced running. But my foot has held up pretty well so perhaps he does know a thing or two!


We had cinnamon rolls over here, too, because I knew earlier in the week that they were going to be my post-birth breakfast. This morning I had a baby! A quick labor, just over two and a half hours, at home like planned. The 8 lbs 15 Oz little boy hurt! Lol. Have a great weekend!


Congrats Kristen!!


I love your boots! Where did you get them?


Thank you!! I got them a few years ago from Frau! These are similar but they don’t have the same color!

I hope you are having a great weekend!


Running with the hubs and a few cross country kids, Christmas shopping (Hobby Lobby is 50% off!), and Thai food with my mama for her 72nd bday!


How cool that the mall had Harry Potter stores!! I went to Orlando Harry Potter world in Feb 2016 and it’s awesome!! Then I got the chance to go to the London Harry Potter world to see the actual sets in April. That was really awesome too and I want to go back.


Today consisted of
1) Running a 5k (finishing first for the females!)
2) Watching football
3) Planning for these two days of school before Thanksgiving Break


Those pictures of the kiddos watching the lights and ballet dancers is priceless. Their little faces of wonder!!!!

Today some of us went for a Turkey Trot-it was snowing which was an added bonus.
My daughter is making pumpkin bars for a Friendsgiving
Wiping floors and laundry when my son comes in from playing in the snow (this will be all day long……)


I just heard about this Harry Potter place a week ago and I have been thinking I should take Annabelle. How was it? Worth it?


Catching up on a few days that I missed of the blog…I just gotta say, Brooke’s dance moves make my heart smile <3


Hahaha thank you! I totally agree.. I love watching her dance! I hope your Tuesday is an amazing one Alyssa!

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