Don’t forget + celebrating every mile + I think I’ve been making this up all along.

We did FOUR runs together this last week.  I think that is our record.  Andrew hurt his shoulder lifting (it is getting a lot better but he is just taking time off from lifting for a little bit) and I have GLADLY welcomed him back to running.  It’s been great.  I am definitely a social runner (while I love my alone runs too) so it has been nice to get back to running again with someone after months of running on my own.

I asked my mom if the kids could come hang out with her for 45 minutes and she told me to meet her at Costco (everyone was happy about that;) and we could just run from there.  Brilliant.

IMG 8109

So we were off… 28 degrees and Andrew was still in shorts along with NO GLOVES.

IMG 9841

Andrew is that one guy.  At least he has put away his flip flops for the season.


We finished with 4.38 miles (pregnancy running = I don’t ever mind stopping on random distances… normal running = a different story).

I’m really celebrating every mile right now for a few reasons… 1) I know I’m going to miss it for a little while when I am taking a break after I have the baby.  2)  I really love pregnant running… especially after the first trimester.  I love the way it makes me feel, I love not caring about pace/speed/distance and just running whatever I want each day and I love the time I get to just think about her while I’m out running… Andrew and I talk about her a lot whenever we run together too.  3)  We GET to run and that is reason enough to celebrate each mile we run.

IMG 2041

We finished up our run and met my mom right at the front of Costco as she was finishing up her shopping.  Costco is crazy this time of year, I couldn’t believe how many people were there.  The pumpkin pie was the perfect sample (we should have brought our own whipped cream;) after the run though.

Did you like pumpkin pie as a kid?  Our kids love it but when I was little… yeah, no.  I wasn’t going to come NEAR that stuff because the texture freaked me out.  I’m sad I missed out on it for those years but grateful our kids understand how good it is.

IMG 2057

I’m also grateful that they understand the joy that accompanies Costco trips at a very young age too!  It makes Andrew very proud.

IMG 2058

After Costco we picked up a hot chocolate and as I was drinking it, I came to a realization.  I am actually not sure hot chocolate has been a pregnancy craving for me.  I think it is just a real life craving for me because each winter I drink insane amounts of it.  I think I’ve just been telling myself this winter that it is a pregnancy craving to help me feel more socially normal for drinking so much hot chocolate along with all of the marshmallows.  I guess we will see in a few weeks if I still want to drink it as much as I do now.

IMG 2067

Back home for chores + finishing the kitchen (IT’S ALL DONE WAHOO… I’ll share pictures tomorrow morning)!

Our Thanksgiving plans changed back to doing it on Sunday night (long story short—>  my niece was going to have her bday party today so that is why we switched it but then my nephew got sick so it got cancelled and now we are back to celebrating Thanksgiving tonight with the kids before they both leave)!  But we did talk over FaceTime with my sis and her kids for a while… I’ll be doing FaceTime a lot once this baby is born because we aren’t going to be leaving very much.

They like to see my belly:)

IMG 2089

So instead of doing Thanksgiving dinner, we made letters for Santa and delivered them to him.  I think due to the fact that Utah has a bajillion kids, Santa is out and waiting a lot earlier in the year here than other places (maybe not though, I don’t know).


We do this every year… definitely one of the favorite traditions.




Flashback to last year with the kids celebrating their first Christmas together!


We ate before leaving home (grilled cheese sandwiches and soup are back in my rotation of goodness) but then we went to pick up pie for today.


And I got a piece of banana cream pie that was fabulous and Andrew had a piece of coconut cream pie!

IMG 2086

We got home and had some of the neighbors over to watch The Grinch.

IMG 2090

DO NOT FORGET… tomorrow is Hug A Runner Day!!!!!!


Pumpkin pie—>  What are your true feelings about pumpkin pie?  Have you always felt that way or has it changed over the years?

Can you stop at random numbers on your watch or do you normally stop at exact .00 or .5 distances?

What are your Sunday plans?!

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It looks like I am the first one awake! (Pregnancy insomnia in full effect!)
Pumpkin pie is amazing and I have always loved it. My Dad makes it every year for Thanksgiving. A few years ago I asked him to give me his special recipe, and he told me just uses the recipe off the can of pumpkin! An oldie but a goodie I guess!
Have a great sunday, Janae!


Oh Abbey… pregnancy insomnia is the worst. I hope tonight that you get a full night of sleep! HAHA I love that you thought it was a special recipe… things always taste so much better when someone we love makes it:) Enjoy your Sunday Abbey!


So funny we watched the Grinch too yesterday! We put the Christmas tree up because freezing rain was falling and we couldn’t go out! But we’re happy it’s done. Snowstorm this morning so I will attempt to get to a pump class.


It’s a classic!! Oh I am so happy your tree is up now (and jealous;)! Stay warm and I hope that pump was great this morning Mel!


I’ve always loved pumpkin pie! My kid (6yo) loves it too!


You both are very smart:) Enjoy your day Rebecca!


Oh my gosh is that the same Santa both years? I mean obviously it’s the same Santa there’s only one …. hope kids aren’t reading this!


HAHA YES!!! He has been the same the last FIVE YEARS (we go to that spot every year) and he is the best. I hope your Sunday is a great one Kim!


My family is a sweet potato pie family. I don’t even think I was ever offered pumpkin pie until I was an adult, and even then rarely accept if sweet potato pie is available. But if pumpkin pie is the only choice, I hve no problems with it. Fun fact #1: In Bulgaria they call all gourds pumpkins: butternut squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash = pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. Fun fact # 2: Sweet Potatoes are not sold in a can here (food is rarely pre-prepped). So right now I have TWELVE sweet potatoes in the oven. Hopefully this will be enough for 3 sweet potato pies (I need one for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday), and maybe a little leftover. Fingers crossed!

I can stop at random numbers. I use an Apple Watch though, and I CANNOT stop until my watch tells me my goal is achieved. If I am short on time I will just out 20 minutes or whatever and turnaround at the halfway point, but usually I put something “round” like 3.1 miles or 5 miles or whatever, and I cannot stop until my watch tells me I was successful that day.

Today we went in a hike, baked sugar cookies, and tossed the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. Next up chicken/Sweet Potatoes and Brussel sprout dinner, then hopefully a holiday flick before bath/bedtime.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tonya, I have never had sweet potato pie but I’m sure I would love it! Sounds amazing! Good luck with all of the baking today! Sounds like the perfect day! Thanks Tonya!


Love pie, especially pumpkin! I love the texture and the taste. I could just eat pumpkin pie filling and be a happy girl. One pie I don’t care for is pecan.. way too sweet ?


I don’t think I’ve ever tried pecan pie! My mom is trying to get me to try Mince Pie… not sure how I feel about that. I hope you get plenty of pumpkin pie this year Nicole and have a great Sunday!


You should try chocolate pecan pie………………


I have never been a pumpkin anything fan. Now I don’t mind a little pumpkin bread or a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, but a big NO to the pie. Which is totally fine because I’m my opinion there are so many way better pie options. I’m of the opinion that dessert shouldn’t be made with nuts or veggies.

Costco is crazy but their samples get better during the holidays. And I noticed last year that a couple weeks before Christmas they play Christmas music while shopping and that’s super fun because normally there’s no music.


Okay, this is too weird.. Yesterday at Costco the kids were asking me when they were going to play the Christmas music there. I told them that Costco doesn’t play music…. AHHHH THEY WERE RIGHT!?! Thanks for clearing that up for us Jenny ha! I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one! Ha… I love your opinion about pie/nuts/veggies!


Sounds like such a fun day! Brooke and Knox really seem like they grew up since seeing Santa from last year! And next year there will be a cute little one in it too.

Give me all the pumpkin pie! My mom always makes an extra so my siblings and I can have it for breakfast on Friday morning and I really think it’s a tradition that you should start for the family as well :)

Can’t wait to see the kitchen tomorrow!


Thank you Maureen! I want to copy you and have pumpkin pie for breakfast the next day… BRILLIANT!! I hope you have a beautiful day!


Pumpkin pie cake = yes. Pumpkin pie = no. I remember trying it every year thinking I would like it and I never did. The texture is off putting, but so is the flavor.
I am so excited to see your kitchen. And so jealous it’s done. Come best over here anytime;)


The texture really is different but the flavor is amazing… I’ll forgive you on that one. How much longer do you guys have? I guess I could text you…


Big no to pumpkin pie and really most pie in general. Key Lime and sometimes chocolate cream pie are the exceptions. I’ve always been this way.
I’m okay with stopping on random numbers on the treadmill because if I walk to warm up first then I just add the number of miles to .27 (or whatever distance I walked first). So I’m not actually stopping at a random number. It really is down to the .01 mile.
Today: run is done, church, and helping my kiddo with a diorama for school.


I’ll take your pie for you… key lime does sound really good to me! Enjoy your Sunday Ali and I hope the diorama goes well!


I feel the pregnancy insomnia problem!
I love pumpkin pie now but didn’t so much as a kid. I loved other pumpkin things as a kid and still love all things pumpkin now!
I love liberal amounts of whipped cream on the pie though- don’t skimp!
Sunday- church and a volunteer project
I am an anal retentive runner! Even pregnant, I am absolute about starting and ending on the 0 or the 0.5. The only exception is racing when sometimes the course is not exactly .1 or .2 but even that tends to drive me a bit batty!


I agree… whipped cream really does need to be a big part of the pie too! I totally get wanting to end at exact distances., I think I’ll be right there with you doing that in a few months again ha! How far along are you Kristen??! I hope the insomnia gets better asap for you and that you are feeling great!


There was a guy who wore shorts almost every day in high school. I didn’t understand at all. I would be so cold!

I’m definitely not a fan of pumpkin pie. Like you said, I think it’s the texture that bothers me.


HAHA maybe it was Andrew at your school;) Yep, the texture is hard to get past for sure! PS I want that eye cream you posted on your Friday Favorites! Have a great day Fiona!


I have not always liked pumpkin pie. I’ll eat it, but it’s still not a top 5 for me. Food texture aversion is a real thing in my life!

I stop when I’m home, the numbers will add up eventually.

I went for a run this morning, now it’s time for church then a nap. Sunday afternoon naps are the best ;)


I have always loved pumpkin pie, and in the South we usually have sweet potato pie, too. Basically the same as pumpkin, but darker and sweeter!! My husband has never liked anything to do with pumpkin or sweet potatoes, but that just means no one eats my pie or sweet potato fries, so I am good with that. Actually, a male co worker dislikes all pumpkin and sweet potato things, too………..are girls more hard-wired to like those things rather than boys? That sounds like a good theory…….

I prefer to stop right on the even numbers, but at the end of the year when I total up all my miles (from my little black log book) if it comes to a weird number like 1150.64, then I will run .36 to even it out, ha!


I’m not a huge pie person, but I do like pumpkin (no crust) with a ton of co whip!

I don’t love stopping at randome distances if I can help it.

Today is 3 mi, then 6.2 for our running buddy’s 62nd bday, church, naps, and dinner with the family!


I have a random thought…..Is the baby’s name Caroline? Brooke and Caroline sound good together for girl names AND I was thinking Andrew, Brooke, Caroline- ABC haha I’m strange I guess :) or maybe its because I can’t stop thinking babies. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. Say a prayer for us. We have been trying a while and I’m beyond ready.


Becky, I am so incredibly sorry about what you are and your husband are going through right now. I will DEFINITELY be including you guys in my prayers and I really hope you keep me updated with how everything is going. I’ll be thinking about you a lot. Oh and I love your name idea, that is adorable but it isn’t the one we chose! I hope you are having a great Sunday!


What’s your stretching routine now? All for running, or prenatal, or just get-around stretching these days?


Santa arrived at our mall before Veteran’s Day, which is just craziness.

I like pumpkin pie and I always have. I don’t like crust though and make mine without. (I am also the only who eats it so I can pretty much do what I want there).

If I’m training for something I get weird about getting the exact number in. If I am not training I don’t care about the round-off. and I often skip wearing a Garmin then so I guestimate my mileage.

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