So Many Tangents!

Pictures from a hike right before the incident.

Life sure changes fast:

*I can’t tell you how many neighbors have offered to take down our Halloween decorations for us…

*Just out on a walk in the middle of nowhere on our drive back home after the surgery.  I was very strict about him getting out and moving around to avoid a blood clot.

*Knox said, “this is making me realize how much dad does for everyone.”  Yep, he does so much.  I filled up my gas for the first time in quite some time.

*Our new setup… please stay warm for the next two weeks🤞

*Andrew would not let them cut off his shoe in the ER even though they really should have cut it off. 

*Before the marathon Andrew was telling me that he didn’t think he could do it.  I told him that every cell in his body is listening and so I told him he needed to start saying that he was going to do amazing etc.  He replied, “my cells know when I’m lying so that won’t work.”

*Beck calls sandwiches ‘connected toast’ and I hope he does this forever.

*We made caramel apples last night.

*After 8 months of pain, I finally took out that conch earring that I got.  I could not get it to stop hurting and it drove me crazy constantly.  So I quit and my life has improved greatly because of it.

*Megan’s husband ran St. George Marathon and I saw that she wrote little love notes on his shoes before his race.  I loved this idea.

IMG 6074

*My Spanish friend called me, ‘Lady Baroness’ (because Baron is my last name) while we were on our trip and I think I’m going to request people in my life to do the same.

*Not only do I need to train for running the Seville Marathon, I need to train my body to eat dinner at 10 pm while we are there.  In Hungary, we had to compromise with 8 pm dinners ha… at home we eat at 5.  He told us that in Spain he goes for his run at around 7/8 pm and then they eat dinner at 9/10 pm.  

*We went to the Sisi Museum in Vienna and now I am completely obsessed with Empress Elizabeth and reading and watching everything I possibly can about her.

*My dad can’t use our treadmill anymore so it came back to our house… this will help me get through the winter.

*My mom found her first pair of shoes at Mer’s house, along with the receipt.

*Get in a good run for me and Andrew today!

*Thank goodness this all happened after Budapest and a camping trip with the kids.


Share a tangent or two with me!

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That text from your neighbor made me laugh. Here I was thinking that one small bright side to Andrew’s injury was that he had an excuse to leave up the Halloween decorations for as many months as he wants, lol. So glad y’all got in a camping trip before he broke his leg at least. Oh the old treadmill! I used mine plenty here this past summer with all the heat and humidity that we had. Glad to finally have some cooler runs. Wishing Andrew a speedy recovery! Happy Tuesday Janae!


Hahah right?! Andrew wants me to just add some santa hats to the skeletons and leave it all up until January. Thanks for being on our side. So happy your treadmill saved you this last summer and you deserve all of the cooler (lower humidity) runs now after all of your summer hard work. Thank you, Emily!


You are amazing Janae. Ive been worried for your whole family. When one of the couple gets injured it affects everyone especially with children. Ive had several surgeries amd injuries through our 23 yrs of marraige and my spouse has learned to cover for me with so many things. I have a race in Hurricane this weekend amd he will ne at home with 6 of our 7 children playong both mom amd dad so I can go race. As I train for my big goals this next year amd a half he will be helping me even more I hope. You are onspiring to me and I look forward to your emails/posts every day. As I was running this morning, my hands got cold (though I run in shorts as often as you, lol) Anyway, I am curious as to your favorite running gloves/mittens… I had some mittens I loved for both biking and running but I lost one of them at a sprint triathlon back in May.


Thank you so much, Jenny! You are so right… it hit the whole family. I am so sorry you have had to have so many surgeries, so grateful you have such a great spouse supporting you through it all. GOOD LUCK this weekend. Please let me know how your race goes! These are my absolute #1:

Have a beautiful day!


You did great pumping gas! Unless you drove off with the pump still in your car. It’s ok if you left that detail out.
Connected toasted reminded me of my hair appointment last week. My hair dresser was married last week. Her two year old son kept calling himself “rainbow bear” aka ring bearer. I told her to never forget that.
Finally: You know, Pam, in Spain, they often don’t even start eating until midnight.


Molly, you caught me. I did one time do that but I was a teenager so you can’t laugh too hard haha. Since then, I have not thankfully. Rainbow bear… okay, that is adorable.

Bahahah thank you for that!


You should read the novel Sisi: Empress on her Own. So good!

For Andrew, might be the time to catch up on old XCO and DH races available for free on Redbull TV. The La Bresse 2018 race was epic!


Just purchased it. THANK YOU! Oh my goodness, you are saving him. He will start watching now. He is so bored, this will help him so much. Thanks Liz!


I always told myself with the time change I was willing to eat a late dinner in Europe. My travel companions loved me for it, but I was like it is like 4pm back home. Perfect.


Hahaha oh I love this… great reminder! It will be like 2 pm in Utah. Even better.


It was a glorious 53 degrees this morning – perfect for a 7 miler! We ate really late dinners in Normandy, but it was June and the sun didn’t set until after 10 pm so it felt normal.

Those shoes are so precious.


53 degrees= perfection. So glad you had a great run! I would love to go to Normandy, what a cool experience.
Thanks Kathy, have a great Tuesday!


The shoes 😭


RIGHT?! And how she kept the receipt perfect too?! Mer was the most organized human on the planet. I did not inherit that from her but I will always admire it about her. Have a great day, Julie!


I’m doing a presentation at work on shifting priorities and it is so applicable to life! The bullet point version – keep communication flowing, manage your mindset, don’t overcomplicate it, and agree on the trade-offs. You and Andrew (and the kids!) will get through this period of life in no time! Wishing Andrew a speedy recovery! And don’t forget to take care of you! You can’t pour from an empty cup!


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Exactly what I needed. Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ve got this. And that reminder is what I needed… while I am fixing extremely nutritious meals for Andrew, I’m eating candy for lunch because I am so stressed. Today I will do better. Have a great day, Rachel!


Speedy recovery to Andrew! I’m so sorry you guys are dealing with this and that the kids had to see. Oof!

There’s a ballet about Sisi’s son and I would LOVE to see it. I don’t think it’s performed often (or at all) in the US so someday I’ll have to go to London for it.


Connected toast is the cutest thing ever. I love that and also hope he always says that!!! When my kids were little I told them I was just making “dopey sandwiches” for the park. From then on, any simple sandwich was called a dopey sandwich. (basically meat, cheese, bread, butter)

Your mom’s shoes are precious! It think it would be cute to frame the box of shoes and receipt and hang it up somewhere, like an entry way where all the shoes are, or on top of the shoe dresser.

Sending healing vibes to Andrew!


The late dinners in Spain are no joke. We thought we could still just do our own schedule with our kids when we went for 2 weeks this summer and eat earlier. Nope. The restaurants don’t even open until 8 pm or later! Plus they don’t rush you out so sometimes it would be 10:45 pm and we would be desperately waiting to catch a glimpse of our waiter to come and give us the bill. 😂 We dumbly planned a lot of our times entry tickets for 8-9 am (since normally we are all early birds…) and so it made for VERY long days with late nights and early wakeups. 🤦‍♀️


So funny about the decorations. Our neighbor has this huge flying talking witch and I suspect we all will be happy to help take it down!!! It’s was fun the first day but it talks all day….
Not the same but my daughter was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes in March. It rocked my world, shifted my priorities and made me a medical Mom. I made our world smaller for awhile. Hang in there, accepting help and making things easier right now helps! Sometimes injuries slow us down and it’s not all that bad.


I’m getting caught up on your entries and just read about your conch piercing. I didn’t know you got that done! I have one as well and it has really given me a hard time as well. I’ve had it since June 2023 and just last night it was bleeding (TMI) and has generally just continued being kind of gross and crusty. It’s strange because it started off really well.
Nevertheless I’m still trying to make it work LOL. I think my issue is not being able to sleep on one side. I wake up laying on it most nights.
Did you get it pierced with a stud?


You have a very warm and happy family. This is the wish of most women. I pray that your husband recovers soon and your family is always healthy and happy.


This piece will tell you more about what’s going on. I want to find out more about that here


I want to find out more about that here

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