I’m glad I told you about this + How is that relationship going?

You know the drill… morning run!  PS I loved reading all of your treadmill experiences and tips on yesterday’s post.  Good stuff!

My belly button is starting to show on my side profile shots;)  I remember with Brooke I used to cover it with bandaids to prevent chafing while running, I don’t think we are far from that point.  I’m glad I told you about that.

I added some hills in to my run yesterday and got up to a 3% incline (my mom inspired me;)… I’ll probably be sore for a few days now.  Pregnancy has given me the idea/thought/feeling that flat running is my best friend, and it has been.

Yesterday was a pretty big day over here!  Brooke had her FIRST FIELD TRIP EVER.  I can’t believe we are at this stage but I’m loving it so much.  I want to make sure to be at as many things as possible before this baby comes (a December baby in Utah = you don’t leave much for a while… I’ll talk more about that soon).

Brooke was really excited to have us there and in the classroom for a bit before leaving and seeing all of their routines in class.  Andrew was also able to come and we both had groups of 5-6 kiddos to watch over.  We both gained a whole new love for Kindergarten teachers.  That is TOUGH work!

IMG 9020

Snack for me or for the kindergarteners?  Definitely for me.

IMG 9028

Later on Brooke and I went to 180 tacos and I had a salad.  The one restaurant around here that offers jicama to top your salad with… and the pineapple was excellent.

IMG 9031

It was Candice’s birthday yesterday!!

IMG 9035

I tested this out at lunch and in case you are wondering, it is AMAZING.

IMG 9032

This girl is getting a little too fearless on her bike!?!?

IMG 9043

These make an absolute fabulous afternoon snack!

IMG 9046 2

During the afternoon I made this bread again because I am completely hooked on homemade bread.

IMG 9049

And then we used this recipe to make heavenly french toast.  On Monday night I saw a picture of french toast somewhere and couldn’t get it off my brain.

First round of many:


Andrew is half-way done with this book and he says it is SO good.  We have a strong love for the Gaines.

IMG 9040

I bet you can’t guess what Brooke’s favorite color is.

IMG 8921

On Monday night when we went to check on Brooke we found her using Beretta as her pillow so we moved her to her normal spot and got her a normal pillow.  Tuesday morning when I went to wake up Brooke, I found her once again using Beretta as a pillow.  That dog sure loves these kids.

Screen Shot 2017 10 17 at 3 37 27 PM

TV has become more important to me during this pregnancy… this is my ‘I’m so excited I can’t wait to watch This Is Us while I am on the treadmill’ face.  It better be a good one, these hormones of mine need a good cry.

IMG 8422

Flashback post to MANY MANY years ago (ehhh 2009;) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this brother of mine.  You’ll never meet someone as cheerful, happy or hilarious as him.  Happy birthday bro and thanks for eating lunch with me everyday at college.


The Target Effect, something we can all understand on a personal level.

IMG 8945


I saw this on IG yesterday and I absolutely loved it.  I think it is so easy for our days to fill up and become so busy working on or building relationships with everyone else in our lives but are we taking the time necessary with this important relationship?  There are some days where I plop into bed at night and realize my only time I truly just thought about things and worked on myself was before my run (while everyone is asleep) and during my run (while everyone is asleep or I have my headphones in so I can’t hear much else;).  I really think this whole topic of building a strong/healthy relationship with ourselves is just like taking care of ourselves.  We have to take care of ourselves first (I have a whole long post about why running is not selfish because it helps me to take care of others—>  here) in order to be able to take care of those around us.  Same with this, I think we truly need to spend time on our relationship with ourselves (especially including the way we talk to ourselves throughout the entire day) in order to reach our full potential with all of the other relationships we have in our lives.

Life is busy, for everyone (and some of you… WOW, I do not know how you do it all) but I think this is another thing I love about running.  It’s the time 6 days a week (for me) that I spend working on myself before I start the rest of the day.  It’s the time where I’ve learned to think positive thoughts about myself and work towards loving myself more and more.  Running/working out may seem like something that is mostly about the physical benefits but having that time in the mornings to work on my relationship with me while I sweat and build up my endorphin supply is the best.  I’m going to continue to work on that really important relationship of mine while I am running, I’ll talk positively to myself and be my biggest cheerleader…  because not only is that good for me, but it is good for everyone around me too.

IMG 9038


Favorite Ghiradelli square flavor… I’m all about the milk chocolate and caramel!!  Also, another very important question about chocolate… do you like white chocolate?  Megan and Candice both don’t understand how I love that stuff so much but I do.

What are you currently reading?  I always love hearing this so I can copy you:)

How do you work on your relationship with yourself?  

Have a favorite color?  Has it stayed the same over the years?

-I’ve always loved purple (since I was 4 years old and before that it was green because that was the color of my favorite blanket).

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Ghirardelli white chocolate peppermint. Encompasses two answers ;)

I am reading three books right now: Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate (it’s for a book club/class); What Made Maddy Run (heartbreaking); and The Book of Awakening: Having the life you want by being present to the one you have (you read a daily anecdote. Highly recommend)

Colors. I love so many! The pink Brooke is wearing, purple, and then classics like Navy, Black, and White.


Oh you are so right about the Ghirardelli whit chocolate peppermint… heavenly! THANK YOU for sharing what books you are reading… I’m going to get The Book of Awakening right now! THANKS Kelly:) Have a wonderful day!


BAH! I LOVE Cheerios, and every time you post a new flavour I get so excited. I’ve been checking my local grocery stores EVERY week, some times twice a week for the Pumpkin flavour and NO DICE! I’ve been checking for the chocolate since you posted it a week ago, as well, and it’s no where to be found.

I’m worried that these flavours will not be coming to Canada????


YOU seriously HAVE to try this one!!! I might have to send you a box. I’ll email General Mills and ask where in Canada it will be sold. I hope you have a wonderful day Melanie!


Yes, please let me know what you find out!!! Thanks!


I’m 100% curious about this also … :)
– fellow Canadian reader (Edmonton)


I love the dark chocolate and sea salt caramel squares… combines two of my favorite things. And I like white chocolate!
Not reading anything currently, because all the books I want from my library (which I read on my iPad) have waiting lists! But I will be checking these comments for some ideas.
Favorite color is probably purple, but I have my moments with other colors too. I think it depends on my mood and/or the season.


Since moving to California, I’ve definitely had a lot of time to work on my relationship with myself. Though I’ve made some friends and do spend time with people, I have more time with myself than probably every before, and I can’t physically go running to my family members and best friends when things get tough. I’m working on strengthening my faith for the time that I’m here and truly trusting whatever it is God has in store for me and whatever reason it is He brought me out here.

My favorite color is seafoam green, but I also love a lot of different shades of blue (like really deep blues but also Tiffany blue and turquoise).


Yes white chocolate is so so good! I also love the milk chocolate and caramel squares. And I saw in a comment above the Peppermint. I can’t believe I forgot about that one. Bring on Peppermint season!!

I’m (veryyyy slowly) reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I think you’ve mentioned listening to her podcast because I remember not knowing it existed until you did. Both are great and uplifting.

Lately my way of taking care of me has been to not be too hard on myself. I’ve recently realized how self critical I can be and the crazy standards I hope myself to that nobody else does. I would consider myself a failure a lot more often than others who love me. So it’s been hard but I’m trying to learn how to not do this. If you have any tips and tricks, I’m open to hearing them!!

I’ve always had a hard time picking a favorite color. I honestly don’t know if I have one. I think all colors have shades of beautiful.


I’m reading East of Eden.
Green has been my favorite color since I can remember, especially kelly green!


I love the dark chocolate squares!
I saw your belly button popping out ;) so cute!
I read the Gaines’ first book and I’m so excited to read the new one! I love watching reruns of Fixer Upper and I can’t wait for the new season!
Thank you for bringing up the relationship with yourself! This is something I think we all need to work on…I make sure to spend time exercising everyday (even if it’s just a walk) and get lost in my thoughts.
I’m reading (listening to) The Good Daughter – loving it so far!


Janae! It’s “new music Wednesday”! I totally just made that up, but figured you might be the only one who appreciates it :)
Check out “No Roots” by Alice Merton. It’s a little different, but also catchy.

My favorite color is orange. I have no idea why, but I think because pumpkins are orange (Fall is my absolute favorite season). So obviously anything pumpkin-flavored I love…including your pumpkin spice caramel chocolate…yes, please! On the same topic of orange, I’ve been waiting years for Saucony to design an orange running shoe. Can you imagine an orange Kinvara?! I would probably spend days staring at my shoes marveling at how wonderful they look. Guess I’ll keep waiting….

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Okay, we have the same music tastes Kelly, I LOVE THAT song so much and it is so fun to run to! Oh this is the best time of year for you.. so much ORANGE EVERYWHERE. Oh they need to get some orange Kinvaras, those would be amazing and so bright and flashy. I hope you have a great day too and enjoy something pumpkin and delicious!


The darker the chocolate the better.
White and milk chocolate aren’t my thing.
And I like my chocolate pure. Unless it’s peanut m&ms. Lol.


Purple is my favorite too and since I was little! I read chip and joannas magnolia book and it was good. Really light and easy read about their story. I’m reading Women Who TRI by Alicia DiFabio and I recommend it. It’s easy to read too as it consists of women’s different stories about getting into triathlons. Inspiring.


Yellow…….since I can remember.
Love that quote!!! love love love!

I work on myself by treating myself more like I would my bff . If my bbf called me on the phone stressed and crying I certainly would not ask her “what is your problem? gosh, you are difficult. why can’t you keep it together? are you nuts? ” Maybe “Do you need me? a hug a non-judgemental ear, some sound advice and perspective, hot chocolate, and a check-in a few days from now.”


Favorite color is green. Always has been.

I’m currently reading The Red Badge of Courage. I picked it up at a discount store for $.99 and I’m loving it. I usually am reading something to do with history, and although this is fiction, it’s historical fiction. I enjoy classic books from time to time, and this is one I never had to read in school so I thought I’d check it out. Very well written, lots of imagery in the words, the author makes you feel like you are witnessing a Civil War battle.


YES to white chocolate! I guess the purists claim it’s not chocolate because there is actually no chocolate in white chocolate??? That does not prevent me from loving it :)

I’m reading Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Love the classics! He is a really, really good writer… I’m also in a run/read group where we select a book and read a few chapters of that book a week. We run together on Saturday mornings and talk about the previous week’s reading over coffee/tea. We are currently reading The Stand by Stephen King. None of us had read a book King. Someone in the reading group said they had heard if you read one book by him then it should be The Stand. So I usually have 2 books going – one for me and one for the book group.

I’m not really into the whole hokey “nurture yourself” thing.. or I guess needing to define it. A little too touchy-feel-y for me :) Sometimes I think TOO much introspection and pausing gets people a little nuts. Life doesn’t need to be so serious and over-analyzed in MY OPINION! Only an opinion.

My grandma’s favorite color was purple :) I always loved blue growing up and that was my stock answer. Now… I think it might be green or coral.


Loved that bread recipe but I don’t have a dough hook :(.

Love the Girardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips because those are the ones that I use for my Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I love any kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate is my least favorite but I still like it. I love milk chocolate and white chocolate is my heart.

I hold a relationship with myself by doing the things I like. Running, exercising, writing my blog, etc. Also, by doing the things that feel right in my heart is a great way to be faithful to myself.

My favorite color has always been purple too :)

Enjoy the rest of your day Janae:)


I love the milk chocolate and Carmel square!

I found a new mantra that helps me talk to myself positively while I’m having anxiety that weirdly popped up into my life for some reason recently and that’s “I am in control” in the context of my hody and emotions and running helps me remember that.


I’m currently reading A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay. I’m about a third into it and it’s so good. I definitely recommend it!


Favorite Ghiradelli square flavor… I’m all about the milk chocolate and caramel!! Also, another very important question about chocolate… do you like white chocolate?

um ALL of them? i won’t say no to any of them – seriously. they are yummy. if you forced me to choose one maybe the toffee crisp. and yes i like white chocolate. b/c i must.eat.all.the chocolate. my fave is those oreo ones by hershey. and i like making cookies with macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips from ghiradelli.

What are you currently reading? I always love hearing this so I can copy you:)
i’m reading a lotttt. “i contain multitudes” (microbiome and how it impacts our moods among other things) “death and life of the great american school system” (schools!) “poor economics” (living in poverty and how economic choices are different) “winter is coming” (all things Russia, as told by a major Russian chess champion). i’ll start reading “the autoimmune solution” soon. i just finished reading “the october country” “shoot like a girl” and “americanah” in the past couple weeks.

How do you work on your relationship with yourself? meditation, morning and evening.

Have a favorite color? Has it stayed the same over the years? nope – i have preferred purple lately, the deep jewel tone version. but i have a deep love for a forest green as well.


I love white chocolate Reese’s, i think the combo with peanut butter is delicious, but other than that it is way too sweet for me. I prefer dark chocolate.

I am reading several books right now, “the seven habits” by Stephan covey, which is awesome so far, “little house on the prairie” with my 5 year old, and it’s a totally blast from the past, and just finished “wonder” for book club which was amazing–so good and such a great message. I’m excited for the movie.
My favorite color is purple, I’ve always liked it, I think because it was my birthstone (amythist)

Side note on the books, I usually get digital copies through the library and I swear I put a bunch on hold and wait and wait and wait, and then all of he sudden all 5 holds check out at once and I have to read like a crazy person before they expire.


Oh my goodness… the white chocolate Reese’s is amazing… I love the white chocolate kit kat too;) Oh I LOVED the seven habits (at my school that I worked at we were all trained with the Covey program… so good)! I have been wanting to read wonder so bad… ordering it now, thanks for the recommendations! I need to get on the waiting list for the library too! Have an amazing day Karin!


I haven’t had the belly button chafing issue, but would smearing a little vaseline over the area help? Love this post. Self-care is so important and easily neglected. It’s great to remember to remember yourself!


that target effect kills me..so true!

totally saving that bread recipe..i’m on a total french toast kick lately! try adding some vanilla protein powder whisked into the eggs – sounds weird but is totally delish.

and i totally agree about taking time for you! working as a nurse and health coach i feel like i always help OTHERS work on themselves…and while i do my best to take care of me i’m not the best at it. reading personal development helps so much! currently reading the love dare (almost done), just finished the compound effect and am also reading small great things by jodi picohlt which i am LOVING.


White chocolate is a disgrace to chocolate! Ha, maybe I’m exaggerating but I definitely don’t like it. I like milk chocolate and love dark chocolate.

Growing up I always said my favourite colour was blue. But I’ve finally decided I needed to think about my answer. My favourite colour is GOLD! I actually get excited too saying it, haha.

I think it’s so important to be kind to ourselves and to continually work on improving our character and our talents and the things we like.


Oh! And I’m currently reading “All The Light We Cannot See.” But I’m not very far in.


that homemade bread looks OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Favorite Ghiradelli square flavor – I love any of the ones with caramel. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel is really good! Les was in Chicago last month and brought me home a box – he knows my love language!

Purple has been my favorite color as far back as I can remember. As I kid I always wanted grape candy because it was purple ;)


I’m currently reading ‘White Hot Truth’ by Danielle LaPorte. I’m trying to finish it so I can start reading my yoga teacher training books and be *that* student who starts reading before classes even begin. HA!

My favorite color is blue and almost always has been. When I was younger I said “pink, purple & turquoise” but truthfully, I think it’s always been blue.


So true! I was feeling guilty for running yesterday because I have so much work to do at home. But the housework etc will always be there and I really need that time to myself to pray, reflect, recharge and just breathe.


YES YES YES… take that time Christin, you are doing amazing!


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. Perfect balance of all flavors! Also, I can take white chocolate in small doses, but I’m a dark chocolate fan mostly.

Currently reading “AER” by Tracy Korn. It’s the third in her trilogy. I’m liking it the best of the series so far She’s a high school teacher who is crazy smart/talented/driven and I used to read her running/triathlon blog everyday when she had it up and going. Love her writing. (Her books can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s_ss_i_0_8?k=tracy+korn&sprefix=tracy+ko&crid=1STRWA4TFATO7)

I find that to take care of myself, I need about an hour each day to read and think about scriptures, GC talks, etc. I’ve been writing down thoughts as I do this and it’s helped me so much lately (usually not even thoughts about what I’m reading, but I get answers to other things.)

Blue. All blue, all the time. All shades. But before that, it was pink when I was younger. I think I realized I like blue more sometime in 5th or 6th grade? Not sure. But it speaks to me. :)


My favorite is the White Chocolate Peppermint — it’s a holiday flavor they come out with closer to Christmas — it’s literally the best! White creamy chocolate with bits of candy cane in it!

I feel like I’ve had to really work on my relationship with me — I can be very negative and neurotic, but I have to give myself some grace and love myself through it. That really helps me love others!

Colors come and go — but black is for life! I love the way black looks on me (not all black, mind you, but a black top with colorful bottoms or vice versa). My LBD is to die for!


I just want to admire again that I am so very close you guys in the picture. Big strides have been made in the last 6 years.

And I DO like white chocolate! It’s just not my favorite. But I will take any chocolate. No prejudice here. I don’t love white chocolate by itself, but over popcorn? Or in baked goods? Mixed with peanuts and candy corn? With caramel, pb and pretzels? Yes. please!

I am currently reading/listening to ‘Small, Great Things.’ It is captivating, sad and incredibly frustrating.

My favorite color has been salmon for probably the last 17yrs.


Currently reading Commonwealth and loving it, I’m a big fan of Ann Patchett. I recently read Into the Water (same author as Girl on the Train) and loved that as well.


I love the peppermint squares!

Have you had champagne cake? It has white chocolate all over it. I had a cup of scrap cake that was a mix of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and champagne cake. It was divine!

I am reading Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family: Coming Home. It doesn’t require much thought and they are the sweetest books.

I do a lot of praying while I run, and after the kids go to bed, I enjoy reading and journaling.

My fav color is purple too! I like a nice deep shade of purple. I have had a few different favorite colors :) I think I went through a pink phase in high school.


Ghirardelli with raspberry is hands down my favorite!

I was actually thinking about the baby thing the other day- and how when you have the baby(time of year) really changes things (duh). Hannah was born at the end of April so I felt like we wanted to get outside a lot more after she was born to take advantage of the weather. But December baby- not a bad time to be cooped up and curled on the couch with a newborn and netflix either!

I usually work on my relationship with myself- by looking at my relationship with others. It’s odd but I can judge where I am at personally by how short or long my fuse is with other situations, how I am feeling about others and what I let get to me. If I am finding that I am a bit more on edge at work or with friendships/relationships it’s most likely because I need some time for myself or need to just reevaluate where I am at and what I can do to put myself in a better place.


I really love the caramel, sea salt caramel dark chocolate, and the raspberry dark chocolate squares. I do not like white chocolate at all.

I want to read the chip Gaines book!!!

Favorite color is purple and green too! Ha!


i havent done a hill workout in a long time — they are so tough! i’d much rather run speed intervals or tempos. hills kill me! haha but i really need to get back to doing hill training because we all know they make you stronger, and they’re speedwork in disguise! :)


I don’t like white chocolate. Actually I don’t really like milk chocolate unless it’s m&m’s. I’m totally into dark chocolate though and I mean up to 85% dark. Also milk chocolate just makes my skin break out so another reason I tend to stay away from it these days.
I’m currently reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. Thanks to you mentioning Oprah’s podcast and getting me hooked and then learning about that book. It’s really good and I’m halfway. Hoping to finish it this coming weekend. I’ve been doing good at reading at least 1 book a month lately and loving it.


White chocolate is my favorite!! I just don’t understand people who don’t like it haha. Running is also my “me” time but I also like to just be outside in nature sometimes just reading a book or going for a walk, and taking a long bubble bath is also a favorite!

Question for you! Will you be offering running coaching anytime soon? I need one! :)


I love white chocolate! White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are my favorite. I love white kit Kats and white Reese cups and I really liked the white chocolate m&m’s. Any Ghirardelli with caramel is my favorite. I don’t much like the fruit filled or peppermint filled. If I want to taste peppermint, I’ll brush my teeth.
My favorite color is purple. It’s awful because I’m a Steelers fan that lives in Baltimore. The stinking ravens came along and ruined my favorite color!
My son has his first field trip next week. I’m super excited to go.


I just finished a book called Poetry Will Save Your Life and it was excellent…a memoir based on how different poems influenced the writer (Jill Bialosky) during different times of her life.

My purse book (I always have a purse in my bag) is called Dear Fahrenheit 451 and is a bunch of love letters by a librarian to different books. It’s hilarious and moving at the same time, and I think anyone who loves books will love it!

And my book that I’m officially reading is It, by Stephen King. It’s LONG and I’m sort of questioning why I’m doing this to myself, lol, but I am also pretty pulled in by the story.

Also, Ghirardelli dark chocolate salted caramel squares!


I am reading the confession of a domestic failure and it is the best!


Great post, you look so happy :)


Hi Janae! I was just going through some of your older posts from when Brooke was born. There is a picture of her surrounded in bright pink – a big ol’ flower on her head too…I think the pink obsession started with the Mama ; ) hahahah


AUGUST 21, 2012


I’m dying to read Capital Gaines! I just love them so much! Yes to the pumpkin spice caramel. I will be hunting that down today lol. Favorite colors: always black and white for me. Add grey, gold, silver or rose gold and I’m happy. I like it simple and clean.


um, so jelly of Brooke’s hot pink outfit! i loved pink as a little girl, then took a hiatus, and started loving it again some years back. don’t care that i’m 34 and my favorite color is hot pink. black is always a win, too, and the 2 together…all my work out clothes.

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