Silentish Saturday… that was a good time.

A good start to our Friday morning:

Skye, Knox and I were the first people at Target to pick up a few things.

IMG 2599

Andrew at the hospital = Skye and Knox hung out at my mom’s house for my 45 minute easy run = 5.28 miles.  I didn’t take a picture during my run (for the first time in years ha) so I’ll use this one instead.  PS I am still so in love with the air pods.  I don’t understand how they do not move at all during the run and stay in my ears so perfectly.

IMG 2514

Listened to this and it was SO SO good.  Just what I needed to hear.

IMG 2601

IMG 2615

Got ready for the day, picked up Brookers and then we made it to lunch.

IMG 2619

180 tacos.

IMG 2621

Fast forward through the afternoon because it involved a whole lot of nothing and Andrew was home!

Everyone was pretty thrilled about it.

IMG 2635

IMG 2638

Knox LOVES stopping to talk to police officers.

IMG 2637

My brother-in-law invited us for all you can eat pizza and donuts.  The best kind of invitation.

IMG 2641

Brooke was in awe of all of the gymnasts.

IMG 2646

We went to the gymnastics meet afterwards and Knox hung out with Cosmo (ps my computer autocorrected Cosmo to Costco because I talk about Costco so much that it just assumed I made a mistake).

IMG 2653

Skye was out for a bit.

IMG 2655

That was a good time.

IMG 2657

Time to LACE UP AND GO!  I’ve got a longish run with some speed thrown in today and I can’t wait.

IMG 2659


What are three things that you are doing today?

-Getting ready for Andrew and my mom’s bday party, RUN & be outside because this weather is the best.

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Three things I’m doing today: running, abs, and dinner for the first time with friends without the baby!! I’m excited but nervous at the same time.


You are inspiring me to do abs today:) ENJOY DINNER TONIGHT! Let me know how it goes:) I was way nervous too the first time we left Skye but it was SO nice to have a few minutes just with Andrew.


I’m doing a swim today. My knee is starting to feel better but I’m not running yet. I’m not sure what else is happening today.

I want to take my girls to a gymnastics meet sometime! I’ll have to look into that!


Way to go on the swimming. Good call to wait until you are 100% to run again, I’m so sorry about that. AHHHH YES, let’s go together!


That would be so much fun!!


Loving the Airpods too! However, they did not stay in my ear well, so I think it’s a matter of YMMV :( not even while walking around my house, sadly….so I bought the EarBuddyz 2.0 which is a little silicone insert that goes over them, and stabilizes it in the ear, and presto! no more issues! The adapter makes it feel more like my Yurbuds, and I think I’m really going to like being cordless, listening to podcasts while doing stuff in the house and then for LR’s especially!


I am SO glad that the inserts have made them fit perfectly now! Seriously, it is a game changer to not have any cords now! Enjoy your day Tricia!


I see clients on Saturday morning- but then I’m going to brunch with friends. Have a nice weekend!


Sounds like a great morning Sam!!! Enjoy (and now you have me craving going to brunch:)!


The biggest thing we are doing today is going to the boy basketball state championship game, our teeny town made it to the final game. WooHoo. We have a friend staying over, so I’m a visit to the park is in order. And….cleaning up the house..ugh. Taking a rest day from running today. Ok, the Costco / Cosmo comment made me seriously laugh out loud !!!!


Oh that is so exciting Michele, have so much fun! Sounds like a great day:) HAHAH yeah, I talk about Costco a little bit too much!


I was just listening to that podcast yesterday and thought of you! Since you had your new baby and all that. I had no idea that Cara had a baby, and that she even dropped Nike. I wish they went into the details of exactly why.


I am glad you liked it Linda and thanks for thinking of me!


-Fun with kids hiking and doing baseball drills outside- this is pretty amazing to have 45 degrees and mostly no snow on the ground for Montana!
-Cleaning catchup from the work week
-Hydrating and prep for long run tomorrow morning- time change should allow my friend and I see a gorgeous sunrise!


Oh I am so glad that you guys are having such great weather in Montana… we are too! Sounds like the perfect day and I hope your long run feels amazing. Let me know how it goes Jenny!


The one main thing we’re doing today is having a gender reveal party! I’m 23 weeks pregnant and we are super excited to find out what we’re having!! and it will be so fun to share the moment with family and friends! ?


AHHHH DAWN!!! I am so so so excited for you!! Let me know at some point too:) CONGRATS!


The picture of Knox on the cart looking at Skye… Priceless!!
3 things today… 4 mile run on my favorite trail, cheering on my son at the city invitational track meet (he’s a thrower), then cleaning out drawers.
One week to go before the marathon! Getting excited and a little nervous!
Have a great weekend!


Nothing like a run on your favorite trail! I hope you have a blast at the track meet and your son rocks it! AHHHH ONE WEEK!! You better tell me all about it afterwards, you are going to do amazing!


Three things I’m doing today: playing with my baby, playing with my dog, and planning meals for next week (your taco bowl inspired me)!


That sounds like such a great day! Oh let me know what you think of the taco bowl:) Enjoy!!


Happy birthday to Andrew and your mom! Hope you guys have a blast!

Three things I’m doing today:
-Long run with my running club (11 miles done!)
-Taking the pup to the park (because Ive neglected her all week and we FINALLY have sunny weather!)
-Staying in tonight!! My boyfriend is going to his parent’s house … A bunch of my friends are out of town … So I’m ridin solo tonight and couldn’t be happier to have some quiet time :)


Three things: run, grocery shopping, and checking out a local vendor home show/craft fair thing. It’s not super warm here today (about 40 degrees) but it’s a bright, sunshine filled day outside and I’m just so happy it’s not cloudy and gray!


Cute shoes!

Today I have already been to coffee with friends, picked up my groceries from Walmart Grocery, and hit up Aldi. I need to clean the kitchen and wash my sheets at some point today. My oldest daughter didn’t come home from college this weekend and my youngest is at her dad’s for the weekend. I may go shopping with my mom for her new car later, if my dad gets stuck at work. I bought a new car earlier this week and now she thinks she needs one. :-)


I just started running in the Brooks Levitates and OMG I am in love with these shoes! I bought them for my ling runs b/c they are cushy and springy, but I tries them once for intervals and turns out they rock for speedwork too!


THEY ARE THE BEST!! I wore them today and I’m hooked. I hope you have a great night Annemarie!


We picked up our baby mini Goldendoodle today and he is just the best and our kids’ reaction was priceless! I also got a quick 5 miles in before our 4 hour road trip and I’m watching a student’s film at our local theater tonight!


Oh that is SO exciting Marissa! Enjoy your new little family member:)


1. Running a trail race for my long run. (the course was a couple km long and I kept thinking the finish was just around the corner haha.
2. Eating everything in sight
3. Not moving off the couch

Have a great sSaturday! Skye looks soo happy in the photos :)


1. Early run outside.
2. Food prep.
3. Laundry.

Got those done and chilled for a while. I think blue is a great color for Skye. The bow looks really good.

Happened upon more hormone info. So put it here (it looks good):

Have you ever had a day totally ruined by your hormones?

Whether you’re…

Exhausted from insomnia or night sweats keeping you up
Stuck in bed with terrible period cramps or migraines
Cranky and emotional from PMS or perimenopause
Bloated and uncomfortable, with tons of water retention
Embarrassed by sudden weight gain you don’t understand
The bottom line is: hormone problems impact every part of your life. And they sure as heck can ruin your weekend.

We have 2 things to offer you for help right now:

1 – Brew some nettle tea (an amazing all-around hormone-balancing tonic)


1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup dried nettles
1 quart water

Steep for 12-24 hours
2 – Sip the tea while you watch Magdalena Wszelaki’s FREE hormone balance workshop.

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Don’t miss this – no matter what kind of hormone health issues you’re dealing with, Magdalena can help.


OMGosh! Those Y donuts are in my top 4 favorite donuts. They are so good! The others are Krispy Kreme regular glazed, Dunford chocolate chocolate, and Banbury Cross buttermilk bar. Now I want donuts!


so, yeah….podcasts are legit.
Except I listened to Dirty John and it was TERRIFYING,
Think I’ll stick with “Stuff you should Know”
Ran today for the first time in a long time I have been doing only weight training (with mild cardio) for 6 months now.
It felt really amazing to run again.


That 180 salad is calling my name!

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