Fall Break @ Lagoon, My Friday Favorites and Your Accomplishments!!

It’s Fall Break over here in Utah and a few months ago we told the kids we would go to Disneyland for the break.  As Fall Break got closer and closer, we realized that Disney just wasn’t going to happen so close to having this baby.

It’s a very good thing that our kids think Lagoon (Utah’s amusement park) is pretty much just as cool as Disneyland (it’s not but it is a lot cheaper… especially when you get your tickets at Costco;).

The morning started off with a treadmill run (of course) and reading through your sweet comments from yesterday.  Those put me in the best mood ever.  Thank you.

IMG 9165

They had a good time.

IMG 9191

I think Knox was regretting his decision to go on the kid roller coaster by his facial expression.

IMG 9211

Halloween everywhere.

IMG 9185

Their suspicious faces.

IMG 9224

Once I started lying down on benches, Andrew suggested we take a break at his parents’ house (they live 10 minutes away from Lagoon).

IMG 9233

It was the perfect idea.  We relaxed there for a few hours and they had two things that sounded amazing to me… grapes and orange juice.  I think a mid-day break should be a necessary part of amusement park days.

IMG 9234

We ate dinner with Andrew’s parents and then we went back to Lagoon for round 2.  It was way less crowded which was so nice!

And I finally got my caramel apple and it tasted as good as I imagined!

IMG 9236

IMG 9243

Thank you Andrew for going on all of the rides with the kids… including all of the spinning rides that made me sick just watching them.

IMG 9246

We stayed at Lagoon until 9:45 p.m. and the kids fell asleep within 3 minutes of being in the car.   I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow.


*Pink’s new album. I am in love with a lot of her new songs.

IMG 8898

*The Provo Haunted Halloween races… I’m doing the 5k next Saturday and I cannot wait!  If you want to come join… you can get 20% off by using the code HRGCOMP (it works for the half, 5k AND kid’s run)!!  It is SUCH a fun race (I wish I had the kiddos for the kid race this year:(

Screen Shot 2017 10 19 at 3 39 25 PM

*This Friday favorite is from Brooke and me.  We split this bar the other day and it was so good (from TJ’s).  I’m a big white chocolate fan and Brooke is a sprinkle fan so it was the perfect combo for us.

IMG 8842

*The Good Doctor!  A few of you told us to start watching this and we love it.  We are all caught up now and I love having a new show to watch together.

*The fan by my treadmill!  I love the one on my treadmill but I bought this one to put on the ground and face up at me and it is amazing.  I hate drowning in sweat and this one helps me out in that area.

*7 days until STRANGER THINGS comes back on again.  I am preparing myself now by going to bed extra early because I know I’ll want to stay up late watching it with Andrew.  Also, I think Andrew is loving that I wear his shirts more than mine at home now.

*Karin recommended the book ‘Wonder’ and I ordered it right away.  It is so good already.  Also, the movie looks amazing… just the preview in the movie theater made me bawl.

IMG 9079

*You know you are really cool when you are playing chess at 10 pm at night;)  Andrew brought out his chess board from when he went to Peru and we’ve started to play (along with sea salt butterscotch caramels)… thank you Dad for playing chess with me so much growing up so I have something besides just air hockey that I beat Andrew at.

IMG E9056

*This song and the kids are just as obsessed as we are with it:


You guys are incredible!  Keep accomplishing amazing things and send them in to [email protected] to be featured!


Kim!!! “Yesterday I ran my second half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon festival.  I’m so pleased with my training and lead up as I ended up with a 10km PB and a massive 18 min PB for the half!  Whilst I really didn’t enough kms 14-18 (gel & drink didn’t sit well in my stomach) I did run really well for the rest of the run.  Tomorrow I am taking the start to run group out, I hope I’m moving by then because today I am in a lot of pain.”



Ariel!!!  “I have been a runner since middle school cross country , and started running half marathons in high school.  Today was my first FULL marathon!  The training experience was the best- I cannot wait for the next one to try different things and make improvements.  The race was great, we had wonderful weather and a fairly flat course.  I have run the half-marathon before and it was excellent as well.  I finished in 3:58 and felt pretty good the entire way through!  I loved the energy of the race, so much support throughout the entire course.  Each mile of the race was dedicated to a patient at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which the race raises funds for.  I can’t wait to run it again next year!”

Her sister made this sign for her… I highly approve:)  It made me really happy!

IMG 0585


Honor!!!  “I’m pumped at finishing the Berlin Marathon just a few seconds slower than my PR, especially as it drizzled almost the whole time and the course was a bit slippery, especially in the water stops.  There were 12 runners in my age group F75-59 (the most in any of my races!) and I was 6th.  The first 4 were at least 20 minutes faster than I, so I gave up to them graciously.  It seems I was the first of the Also Rans! In a world major marathon, I”m very happy with that! I met people from all over the world.  There were 88 runners in my hotel and they came from as far afield as Kazakhstan and New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa, China and Alaska, etc.  A truly unforgettable experience!  But (sad face) I got the big NOPE last week from the London Marathon… Sigh.


Maddie!!!  “After an even harder than expected summer of running, I ran in my second half marathon on October 1st!  After running my first half in March, I immediately registered for #2! I had plans and goals to train all summer but the heat and humidity made it nearly impossible for me to do so.  While I still ran 1-2 times a week, with my highest mileage 6.2 miles in a 10k race I did, I also picked up spin classes as a way to keep my cardio up.  My 1-2 runs a week consisted of a lot of speed work, thanks to your speed work tips!  (Thank you!!!) Thank goodness it was cool out on race day because that got me excited to run!   During my first half, I psyched myself out at mile 11 and walked/ran the last 2.1 miles.  I was so disappointed in myself because my only goal was to run the entire race without walking at all.  I trained for four months for that?  I was upset.  I ran in a 10 miler two months after and did the same thing again and got psyched out at mile 8, but this time I kept pushing through!  Now comes this half on October 1st and I RAN THE ENTIRE 13.1 MILES!  I had too many conversations with myself including at mile 8 that I was going to quit and call my mom to pick me up but then at mile 9 a really great Taylor Swift song came on that made me feel on top of the world.  When I saw the sign for mile 13, I was overwhelmed with emotion and really thought I was about to cry happy tears.  I had such a mentally and physically tough summer of running and was down on myself about that but I DID IT!!! I finished two minutes faster than my first half which made me really happy! I am not a fast runner but I am nonetheless, a RUNNER! The experiences from running a half before and other longer distance races really helped me in this race.  I don’t know if I will ever be more proud of a race than this, even if I could finish in under two hours like I dream of.”

22154561 10210337589777909 57866140218932575 n


Chelsea!!!  Funny story- Jake, my fiance, and I had originally planned on doing a race last Saturday- the AdventureMax trail half-marathon, but last month, we decided not to do it because we needed to get an easy 15 miles in last weekend.  We LOVE the event and were both pretty bummed about not doing it, but we knew we would want to race it and since we really only needed a training run, it was probably best for us NOT to do it.  Welllll, the race director texted Jake last Friday afternoon and asked if we were going to do it.  We just couldn’t say no to him! So, the next thing we know, we are signing up for a race in the AM.  I was super excited, but I told Jake I was NOT racing it.  I was going to walk when I needed to and just use it as a training run.  He was on the fence on what he wanted to do.  He loves racing, but he also had taken a month and a half off after his hundred, so he has just been getting back into consistent racing.  I figured he would end up racing it, but he said he would just see how he felt Saturday morning.  We had done a really hard speed workout on hills Friday morning, thinking we would have an easy long run Saturday, so I was SO sore.  I was having trouble picking my legs up because my hip flexors were so sore, and that’s KIND OF important when running trail.  Every muscle hurt before the race.  When we pulled into Two Rivers and got out of the car, I seriously considered dropping from the half and running the 10k.  I was nervous about how terrible I felt… I didn’t want to struggle with lifting my legs and fall a bunch.  Well, I decided to just suck it up and do the half.  I would walk the whole thing if I needed to- I needed the mileage.  This run was super hard for both of us.  After talking with Jake, it seems like we had a lot of very similar thoughts.  I wanted to quit after a mile and a half.  My legs were DEAD.  I’ve never started a run feeling that awful before.  Typically, when I run trail, some of the miles fly by, just because I’m so focused on the terrain and the beautiful views, but not this time.  I felt every single step.  BUT, I still loved the race and am glad we did it.  It was good training for us when we do the back-to-back trail race next month.  GULP.  I have lots of work to do before that!  Jake ended up finishing in the top 10 for the males, with a time of 2:010:00.  He got first in the age group, too!  I finished top 5 females, with a time of 2:18:03.  I also got third in my age group, which was a surprise.  As much as the run hurt, I’m glad we got it in.  I stuck to my plan, too-I walked when I needed to walk (which was a lot).  It was a beautiful start to our Saturday!  You can read more about it at my blog HERE!”

IMG 8694


Jennifer wrote in about her daughter, Meghan.  “I have previously written in regarding my daughter Meghan reaching 500 miles.  This time she has done it again.  This past weekend she completed her 1st Half-Marathon.  She ran the Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon at just 13 years old.  She even came in 2nd in her age group with a time of 2:07:06.  The weather was less than amazing but she did it with a smile on her face for the whole 13.1 miles.  She had the love and support of so many people, one of her cross country coaches even ran it with her.  Everyone wanted to be part of her journey.”

20171015 103635


Alma!!!  “On October 14th, I ran the Hartford Marathon- My first!  There were aspects that were harder than I anticipated (not going too fast in the first third of the race, high humidity), but I never had a moment where I thought I would not finish.  And I owe that in part to putting the training in and in large part to my spectators and the course support.  At the last minute, my Dad flew to Connecticut for my race.  It was the first race my Dad has been able to come to since my first 5k in 2011.  So, I had my husband at the beginning, miles 4 and 6, and the finish line.  My parents were at miles 14 and 20 (the same location on an out and back portion of the course) and just before the finish at mile 26.1.  My cousin and his family were also at the finish.  And an amazing friend from work ran the half marathon (same start/finish, but a different course) and then met me at mile 25 to run with me until I reached the last turn in to the finish.  Plus, the volunteers along the course were the best- always supportive and enthusiastic (they even have people on bikes with GU on demand and that can get other stuff if you need it- like Vaseline).  My finish time was not as fast as I had hoped, but I am still very, very happy with it for my first marathon.  Going in to this race, I was not sure if this would be a one time deal, but I definitely want to run another marathon next fall.  In the photo I am at the starting location after the race- which also happens to be where I work- and have on my marathon medal and a second medal I earned for running the “Connecticut Double” (the Mystic Half Marathon in May, where I finally finished under 2 hours, and the Hartford Marathon in the fall).

IMG 2091


 What are your weekend plans?

What are some of your Friday favorites?

On average… how long does it take you to fall asleep at night?  Me- minutes.  Andrew- at least an hour.

Who has a race or long run this weekend?  Share the details with me!

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This weekend it is easy miles, as I have a race in two weeks and I want to do my longer runs on the trails in Nashville next week.

And it takes me at least half an hour to fall asleep!


Wonder is the best book! I read it to my class for the past few years and the discussions and activities you can have with it are incredible. Have the tissues ready when you read it! It was gorgeous here yesterday and we tried going to Hogle Zoo, we lasted 30 min. So crowded but at least since we have passes we will try again next week. You couldn’t see any animals. I’ve never seen it that crowded. Lagoon looks like fun. We haven’t tried it yet.


Oh I am so happy that you love Wonder too… I’ve already cried once. THANK YOU x a million for telling us about Hogle Zoo… we were going to drive up today, not anymore! Have an amazing weekend Angie!


That video of the kids singing is adorable! This weekend will involve much of the usual (lately) for me: beach, watching football, and maybe a hike.

I feel like most of the time, I fall asleep almost as soon as I get in bed. I have a feeling that will definitely happen tonight–by the end of the week, I’m exhausted! Happy Friday!!


I love all the race accomplishments! One of these days I’ll get around to submitting my half marathon story (once I’m mentally recovered from it!)

This weekend is all about football, so I’ll be spending Saturday tailgating (Notre Dame vs. USC — go Irish!) … then hopefully getting a run in Sunday. I’ve just slowly started running again after the aforementioned half, so I’m looking to start building back up again after not running for a while!

Have a great weekend!


Joanne, enjoy your football weekend, that sounds perfect! I hope your run on Sunday feels great and that you are fresh as can be! YES, submit your story… I want to hear all about it!


Weekend plans–fusion yoga tonight–yay! Then getting my hair done and shopping tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT and MUCH NEEDED! :)

Friday favorites–I’ll just say this. I got two new sweaters the other week with bell sleeves. I was sure the bell sleeve was going to bug me, but I’m really liking the silhouette! I’m not sure how long the trend will last, so I won’t go overboard buying stuff, but I think you need at least one bell-sleeved sweater :)

OOOH, another Friday favorite. I “graduated” from PT (again :) yesterday for my calf injury. I’m not running consecutive days, but I can run up to 5 miles pain-free again, and I’m happy with that :)

Sleep. Ugh. I go through bouts of insomnia, and I’m going through one right now. I think some stressful things in my life have me out of whack, and then not running regularly actually messed with me, too. So, I admire & envy the fact that you fall asleep immediately. You are so lucky.


Dear Janae,

Hi I haven’t read the blog post yet; at a math conference, but I ran my LR this morning (tomorrow and next day present, so wanted to not be zZz lol), and I was listening to a pod that made me think you’d prob really like if you don’t know it already.

I just wanted to super recommend the podcast CTolleRun. I always save her pods for the latter portion of my LR– always gives me the grit and determination to follow thru. She interviews a bunch of elite athletes and just great runners, and the pods are always super fun and motivating!

Also she usually requests Qs on twitter, and I’ve tweeted two, both of which she got to in the pods! She gets after it!!

Hope all is well! Will read later!



I hope your math conference is going well! THANK YOU for recommendation… I can’t wait to listen! I really appreciate this, I’m always looking for new ones!


Our weekend is all about Brunch + a movie + “work bed”! Hahaha!

Hubby and I both have a bunch of work leftover from this week that has to get done over the weekend. Usually this means we’d have to both go to our respective offices and work independently getting home at whatever time we’re finished. This also means we’d hardly see each other all week long.

Instead, this weekend, we’re going to have an early date day (brunch and a matinee) and then go home for “work bed” where we change into pj’s and work on our laptops while all spread out on the bed! This way we get the work done but also get to be near each other and spend some weird-but-quality time together!


Love the video of the kids singing in the car!
You should watch The Brave – there’s only been 4 episodes so far but we’re obsessed! I’m sharing my Friday favorites today too :)
I’m planning to go hiking with my puppy (her first hike!) and visit a cidery with my mother in law.
Enjoy your weekend :)


AHHHH thank you Erinn! I am totally going to check out The Brave. ENJOY the hike!!!!


So many people recommended Wonder to me, I need to read it.
Weekend plans: I have a long run tomorrow and might need to hit up a pumpkin patch or fall festival. Sunday night is (always) a kids movie with homemade pizza picnic on the living room floor.
Friday fav: swim lessons, flu shots, and prepping our holiday (halloween) cards for the mail.
My “long run” is 4.5 miles – getting ready for my halloween 5 miler in CLT


I need to try that Trader Joe’s birthday cake bar!!

We’re going apple picking with my future in-laws tomorrow. Hope to pick tons of apples to do tons of baking on Sunday :)

I can fall asleep in seconds. My fiance also takes much longer (it would certainly help if he didn’t stare at his phone right before bed) ;)

I’m sharing my Friday Favs today on my blog! Have a great weekend, Janae!


Weekend plans tentatively include going to a “Punkin Chunkin” festival where they catapult pumpkins into the air and watching the PSU football game with a new boy as a first “date.” Yikes!! Hope you guys have a fab and restful weekend.


Okay, Punkin Chunkin sounds like a blast! ENJOY YOUR FIRST DATE and I really want to hear about how it goes:)


I LOVE these posts! I treat these posts like you treat This is Us. It is the reason I get up so easily on Fridays! Thank you!

Have a great weekend!


Oh Bridgette, thank you so much… that means a lot to me because I know how much I look forward to This is Us! I hope you have a beautiful weekend and thanks again!


No big weekend plans for me. Just the usual…running, gym, watching college FB, cooking and taking it easy. I’m sure I’ll find lots of stuff to keep me busy.
My Friday Favorite is all the reader accomplishments today! Way to go everyone! I love fall racing season!! Reading the race recaps makes me so excited about my training :)
I think I fall asleep as soon my head is on my pillow. I go go go all day long, so when I finally stop moving, my body knows it’s time to rest.
My long run is 10 miles this weekend. Coach has me running a little faster and building up my mileage. I’m doing shorter races until the end of the year…so my long runs aren’t that long right now.


Running my 6th half on Sunday! I still can’t decide whether I should take it easy (since I just ran a full 2 weeks ago) or try for a PB (I’m feeling a bit restless from all the recovery).

It used to take me a long time to fall asleep but ever since I started running I pass out within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.


AHHH Good luck on Sunday Yolana! I want to hear all about it (and congrats on your marathon 2 weeks ago.. you are on fire)!


I am on fire!!! Hahaha sorry I’m so happy right now I have no shame =P I decided to go for it this morning and shaved almost 3 minutes off my previous PB! And this is just 2 weeks after I got a huge 25 minute PB in Chicago! I’m going to be happy about this for a very long time =D


Oh my goodness!!!! You really are on fire! Huge congrats!!!!!!


I think we’re just going to have a low-key weekend, cook with the kids, and have some good Vietnamese food. We all took turns getting the cold and flu the past couple of weeks so we’re looking forward to just being well. :) One of my Friday favorites is the Dunkin Donuts Caramel coffee creamer which I have to go to a different store to grab each time. It takes me awhile to sleep and I have to take Melantonin. My husband sleeps within minutes. Question for you, though. It takes me awhile to sleep but I’m a deep sleeper and if I am woken up in the middle of the night, it takes me awhile to go back to sleep. My husband on the other hand is a light sleeper and can fall quickly back to sleep. How are you and Andrew? Have a great weekend with your family Janae! :)


HEY MARIE!! Oh, enjoy your weekend… I love a low-key weekend! It really depends on the night for both of us… non-pregnant Janae = I can fall back asleep really quickly and it depends during pregnancy how long it takes me to get back to sleep. Andrew can usually fall back to sleep quickly! I hope that you don’t get woken up often in the middle of the night… that is the worst when it takes forever to go back to sleep!


Generally I can fall asleep fairly quickly because I take some time to wind down first. If I don’t I lie there staring at the wall.

Friday favorites: perfect bars (the blueberry cashew)!, a good workout, cooler weather (finally, it’s been oddly warm in NYC), and the smell of brownies baking in the oven. (My mother-in-law was asked to bring 3 cakes/baked items for a bake sale. She doesn’t bake so I’m doing it for her).


You are SO right about the smell of brownies… perfection! Enjoy that cooler weather Nina and I’m going to have to try a perfect bar!


Mid-day breaks at amusement parks are the absolute best! Knox’s face is hilarious! My kids are finally digging roller coasters and they are 13, 12, and 10 ;)

Weekend plans include a quick trip to the beach so my xc runners can do a training run there and then we get to hang out at the beach, have lunch, and play!

I am a minute fall-asleeper :) The hubs takes a bit longer.

I have an 18 miler this weekend. I was wondering how it was going to go after having a speedy 1/2 marathon last weekend, but I feel pretty darn good!


GOOD LUCK on your 18 miler this weekend, you are going to rock it! AND HUGE congrats on your half last weekend! That is such a good sign to be feeling so good afterwards! Enjoy the beach!


What a fun filled fall day well spent!


I can’t wait for Stranger Things either! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.

My weekend plans include a date night tonight (we’re going low key and either cooking something or ordering in and spending the rest of the night watching a movie).


Your day looked so nice!!

We are planning on carving pumpkins this weekend. And we are going to the Browns game on Sunday. Not that they will win haha but my boyfriend really wants to go. It is about to be a struggle.

It usually takes me about 10-20 minutes to fall asleep.

I have one last long run this weekend before my half marathon next weekend!


Oh have so much fun carving pumpkins! I am SO excited for your half marathon next weekend Salina and please let me know how it goes!!!


I wish I could say it took me minutes to fall asleep. It takes me much longer.

I was really surprised with the kid rollercoasters at lagoon (it’s been a really long time since we went) but there was one we went on over and over because it was fun for me and my husband too lol. Plus there was never a line for it.


I fall asleep within minutes also, anywhere, the bed, the sofa, the floor, anywhere . . . .

I am running the HOWLoween Half tomorrow night which starts and ends at Saltair. Not sure how big this race will end up being, but it should be fun. I’ve never done a night race before, and I never run at night. Glad I don’t have to get up at 4:30 am, but wonder how running at night will be. I got it on a freebie. I’m dressing up as Batgirl, complete with a mask. We’ll see how that goes. And socks with the logo on them (not running socks, hope I don’t hate my decision and end up with blisters!). Then next weekend I’m doing a local Zombie 5k Fun Run where the high school school cross country team dresses up as zombies and chase you during the race. You wear flags in your waistband (like flag football) and try to prevent the zombies from grabbing your flags. Hopefully Batgirl can outrun the zombies. There are raffles at the end of the race that you earn by how many flags you have at the end. I’ve threatened the “wardies” if they steal my flags they owe me a prize!! Should be fun!! I did do the Park City Pink Series Half two weeks ago. I’ve never done two big races so close together. So between my costume and having just done a half we’ll see how I’m doing Sunday. It will be church and then the sofa the rest of the day :)

Have a great day!!


Oh Holly, have a blast tomorrow at the HOWLoween Half!! Sounds like a blast… night races are a blast! Please let me know how it goes… maybe I will join you next week. Your costume sounds perfect! That Zombie 5k sounds like a blast too! GOOD LUCK!!


I had to laugh at the part of Maddie’s half marathon story where she mentioned wanting to call her mom to pick her up! At 36, I still have those thoughts when times get tough – and also on good days! Sometimes a girl just needs her momma!!


RIGHT… I’m the same way! I still rely on my mom way too much! Thank goodness for moms!


We just got a new puppy so our weekend plans include puppy training and lots of walks:)

I meant to comment on your post about traditions a while back but never got around to it until now, and I may be biased but this tradition is too good not to share;)
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and putting the tree up was one of my favorite thing about Christmas, mostly because of the tradition we had to ‘welcome the tree into our home’.

Every year, we would decorate the tree while eating a box of quality street chocolates. Once we were done, we had a chinese fondue for supper, but you can choose any meal you like.
After supper, we would open the first christmas present of the year, which was always a Christmas movie.
We would end the night by watching the movie and camping out in the living room with the Christmas tree so “it wouldn’t feel lonely » for it’s first night in it’s new home.

My brothers and I are all older now but we still get together at my parent’s house when we can to put up the tree and have a fun family supper:)

Have a great weekend!!


OMG I just purchased that sweatshirt after reading your recommendation about it the other day….and it’s AMAZING. That is all :)


The accomplishments are so inspiring, you are all super stars!! HONOR, I hope I am still running marathons in my 70’s, you are awesome!

I’m working this weekend and also running a race. I fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, and the kids singing video made my day :)


i havent seen the good doctor yet but it sounds like it would be right up my alley! i’m DVR’ing the episodes so i can catch up at some point :)

that caramel apple looks SO GOOD!!!


I am running my 24th marathon on Sunday. I ran chicago two weeks ago and Sunday I will run the marine corps marathon (9 times for this one). SO I am currently carb loading and mentally preparing for Sunday. I love big marathons and I cannot wait to run with marines!!! MY favorite part is seeing my family multiple times on the course.

Enjoy your fall break!! I wish that would catch on in the east coast. LOoks like I will have another medal to show y first graders next week!!!!


AHHH KATIE… WOW. 24th marathon!?! You are incredible and congrats on Chicago. Keep the carb loading going and enjoy Marines too! I hope it is nice and cool for you on Sunday!


Be glad you skipped Disneyland. It’s insanely packed during Fall break!


Thank you for telling me this… that makes me feel better about staying at home:) I hope you are having an amazing day Christy!


I have seen the previews for The Good Doctor and while I want to watch it because the premise looks awesome, I am not sure if I can get passed the fact that HE IS NORMAN BATES!!!

I love the video of Brooke and Knox. Ross said Group Love was awesome in concert. Still a tad bit jealous he got to take Evan to Imagine Dragons.

The rest of my weekend will consist of trying to get red sand off my body, out of my clothes, car and now my house….and doing a bajillion loads of laundry. For 36hrs camping #NotWorthIt


I love, love, love Wonder. I read it when my kids did in elementary school and have reread it many times. It’s a lesson that bears repeating over and over again, even now that my girls are in high school.


That is SO COOL that your babies like Grouplove, such a great band!

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