Silentish Saturday, the best human & BRING THEM BACK!

It took me quite a while to get out for my ‘morning’ run yesterday but once I was out, it was gorgeous.

And windy, very windy.

IMG 9280

I spy a pumpkin patch.

IMG 9279

Andrew and the kids picked me up after my run with a hot chocolate (made with milk because that is the best way to drink it and marshmallows…  someone send me some nail polish;)


Post-run french toast (bread and recipe here) goodness.

IMG 9157

The Three Amigos.

IMG 9270

Left to go meet my parents’ for lunch.

IMG 9287

IMG 9294

My mom is the best human.  She brought caramel apples for us to eat after lunch.  The apple pie one from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the best.

IMG 9297

I just go sit in the baby’s room in the glider quite often.

IMG 9301

Can you guess my current craving?  I’m all about the high pulp.

IMG 9302

Learning all about Dot and her dog.

IMG 9306

Pasta for dinner… the recipe was not very good but we were hungry so it did it’s job in filling us up.

IMG 9310

Movie night… they were all going to go camping (I do not camp right now) but it was stormy.

IMG 9313

PS the neighbors have four kittens and I’m pretty sure the kids now want to move in with them;)

IMG 9147

NOOOOOOOOO… hopefully they start doing them again after all of the construction there!  Guess I’m going to have to go to Disney World to get in my first Disney race (I’ve wanted to do one for forever)!

Screen Shot 2017 10 20 at 7 12 41 PM

Who’s ready for some weekend running?!?


What are three things that you are doing today?

Pulp or no pulp in your orange juice?

Ever done a Disney race?

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All 5 of my kids started reading with a bob books…sweet memories!


Oh I love that… they are the best! I hope you are having a wonderful day Allison!


3 things: work, movie night with the hubby and my sis in law, and going to my sister’s baby shower………so weird bc I am the oldest and she is #5 of 8 kids and having the first baby…only 21 and she will know more about something than me….so weird!

French toast is amazing. There are no words to describe it.
And orange juice with all the pulp, please! I don’t know if they still make it, and it doesn’t have much pulp, but Simply Orange had an Orange-Pineapple juice at one point that is wonderful!

I did a Disney 5 k on Castaway Cay……their private island in the Bahamas! By the way, look into the Disney cruise……set up nicely for families with activities to entertain the kids and it’s not too expensive, especially in the spring!


I have done Disney, did the full once and then coached it once through team in training. But this was Disney world not land. Honestly it is not my favorite simply because it is so popular. You have to get up around 3 am but it is well organized just crowded. My favorite one that I did was in Bermuda!! I love the rock n roll marathons.


3 a.m. WOW!! Yeah, that is early:) Can I join you next time at the Bermuda race please?! That sounds incredible! I love the rock n roll series too! I hope your day is a great one Carrie!


Wait … Why are the races cancelled?! That’s so sad!

Three things I’m doing today:
-Morning run with some girlfriends! So excited!
-Getting my house ready for my weekend guest/figuring out how to put a duvet cover on without anyone’s help
-Friend’s housewarming party tonight!


I think it is because of all of the construction going on at Disney right now. I hope you have recovered well after you ROCKED Chicago! Enjoy your party tonight!!


Ahh that makes sense! And thank you!! Feeling MUCH better after two weeks of good recovery! Have a great weekend!!


Picked up after a run by hubby/kids with hot chocolate in hand? You lucky, lucky girl :)

1. A little yoga, 13-hr work day at the hospital, then looking forward to relaxing with the latest Korean drama I’ve been watching (Father is Strange) :)
2. Pulp please!
3. Nope but the costumes are awesome to look at!


I remember sitting in my son’s glider those few days before he was born and the room was set up. quiet before the storm lol. :)


Definitely no pulp.
Never did a Disney race and no interest really. But I feel terrible for the runners who love these events.
I am about to run 30 minutes this morning.
Going to meet my friend’s little boy Freddy today. He was born just over 3 months ago and I have been anxiously waiting to get out there to meet him. :)
And of course we will be walking the dogs at some point this afternoon for an hour or so. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day weather wise here in nyc.


The apple pie is really the best caramel apple.

We are hiking Bryce today. It’s cold and I hear that northern Utah is pretty dang cold too :( it had to happen sometime I guess.


We are going to a film festival today because my husbands film is screening and nominated for 8 awards!


NO WAY… that is incredible Molly! Congrats to your husband! Enjoy the film festival!


Oh no! It’s so sad that they’ve cancelled the runDisney races. I’ve always wanted to do one but have to find a way to justify the cost. The Dopey Challenge is definitely on my bucket list!

And pulp all the way!


What are three things that you are doing today? I made your favorite bread (but with wheat flour), and my husband went nuts! He ate three slices in a row! Nice tip. Now for French toast tomorrow…

Pulp or no pulp in your orange juice? Pulp, pulp, pulp. And zest!

Ever done a Disney race
Disney half in 2002 (my second half!) and Disney marathon in 2003 (my FIRST marathon)! Seems ages ago since I just did #24!


Three things today: 17 miles (after not eating enough this morning and staying up way too late, but I felt better than expected-now time to taper!), getting ready for my trip to Maryland next weekend for my best friend’s baby shower-she is due December 16th with her first!, and hopefully watching the yankees win in game 7 tonight to advance to the world series!

I love Disney and have been so many times (my parents are obsessed so they took us a lot when we were little haha) and I have always wanted to race there! It’s on my bucket list for sure. Have a great weekend!


WAY TO GO on your 17 miles Emily!! I hope your trip to Maryland next weekend is amazing! I am due so close to your bff. Good luck to the yankees! Thank you and you too!


LOTS of pulp all the way!

Never done a Disney race, but it was always on my bucket list. Oh well, I’ll just have to hope they bring them back someday.

Have my 20 miler tomorrow. Might have to run the first 6-7 alone in the dark….not looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend!


AHHHH good luck on your 20 miler tomorrow and let me know how it goes! You are going to rock it!


Wow those apples! Your mom is the best for sure ;-) Long run with the good old non-gps watch this morning to make sure I was really focussing on cleaning the lungs and not on pace. It worked beautifully. Taking it easy this week-end because the next month will be crazy busy.


Three things for today: Long run (done), grocery (done) and nap (ready!)


Three things having breakfast with a houseful of boys , picking up a corsage for my bonus son’s homecoming , taking pictures of homecoming kids at park this afternoon.


Today’s agenda is cleaning, running and making Halloween costumes!

No pulp for me please.

I’ve never run a Disney race, and actually have never really wanted to. Seems too crazy!


What costumes are you making!?!


Do you recommend those little readers for learning to read?


Yes, 100% !! We have been using them for both of our kids and they are fabulous! Let me know if you try them and what you think!


My parents run Disney races all the time! They’re doing the full marathon in January for the second time! They’re both in their 60s and have so much energy.


Three things
Wine trolley tour with my besties
Ran 15 minutes after injury
Walking my dogs Down To the Beachh

Did WDW Marathon In 2007, Too Crowded for me.


I feel like I haven’t even done three things today, even though I know I must have. Well, I think the most important thing I did was buy some stuff for my costume for the half I’m running next weekend.
No pulp!
I’ve run 4 Disney races. This past January, I did my first marathon there. As someone said, it’s super crowded and you have to get up really early, but I loved it. I’m going again this January and my husband is going to run it too because he said he didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. I also ran 2 in Disneyland and loved them! I hope they bring them back because I thought that you would love them!


No pulp, please. Interesting craving, maybe your body needs Vitamin C and fiber?

I did a half marathon in Disney World; it was a fun weekend. I think the Disney races are getting a little out of hand and they definitely have a different feel than a typical race.


1. brunch with some ladies
2. Picked up my packet from the MCM expo
3. Carbo loaded for the marathon tomorrow!

I’ve dont the tinkerbell half in Disneyland and princess half in Disney World in a calendar year so I could get the extra coast to coast medal! They do start EARLY! Tinkerbell started at 5am and Princess started at 5:30! They were fun, but a one and done kind of thing for me. They aren’t cheap and while it’s cool to run through the park, part of the runs are in their parking lots or roads off the property.


Pulp…All the pulp

I ran Tinkerbell half in its inaugural year and it was great. Disney sure does know how to put on a race. I was sad to hear about no more races because even though they are ridiculously expensive I was hoping to do some of the family friendly races that go along with the main races with my kids soon.


Saturday was : Run, watch tennis (my daughter is a senior and it was the last regular season match!), and watch soccer. I went from court to field to court! Luckily they were within a 2 mile radius of each other!!

Pulp for sure.


Bummer about the Disney races. It’s a bucket list thing for me BUT, they let beer races are always on Sunday (I’m not Sunday runner/racer). I can’t justify the drive for a 10k or the flight to DW for a half. I once mentioned it to my husband and he laughed and laughed and laughed. ??

I’m catching up on your weekend, so I’m late responding. But I just had a cup of cocoa and thought of you! ? Have you ever tried adding cinnamon creamer to your hot chocolate? It’s SO yummy. My favorite way to “treat” myself whenever I’m getting my van serviced at the car dealership.


Oh my goodness…autocorrect! Ugh. Let beer should read *longer. What the heck?! ?


When I was pregnant I drank Dole Orange Banana Pineapple juice with crushed ice like it was my job… SO GOOD! I don’t think my husband appreciated the ice chomping though! ;)


I too was hoping to do a disney race, but guess that’s on hold since it’s hard for us to travel to flordia

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