The time our hair froze while running and our New Year’s Eve!!!


I was excited to end my 2016 running year with a great run with Josse.  I was a little nervous about going out in the crazy weather yesterday but I missed Josse a lot and we needed some quality time on the roads together… even if that meant our eyelashes froze over and any hair that was showing during the run turned white.

It felt very strange to blink with these icicles.

IMG 5745

It was very strange to me because 15 degrees yesterday didn’t feel so awful which was a nice feeling when I got out of the car after worrying about the 15 degree thing.  I’ve had much colder runs happen in the 20ish degree range but I think it was because we had ZERO wind the entire run.  It was foggy (inversion… Utah struggles with this) and cold but not really so cold that I thought about it during the run.  After the run I definitely felt the cold though ha.

According to my findings yesterday, wind is what kills me during a run, not so much the temperatures.

IMG 5723

Four top layers (a tank, two long sleeve tops and a jacket), two tights, a head band and two pairs of gloves (the picture below is my attempt at showing you my double gloves) with a hand warmer.

IMG 5724

Even the trees looked cold yesterday morning… kind of like they had goosebumps.    Eleven miles for the day and around an 8:20 average.  Oh and luckily, their wasn’t a lot of ice on the ground which is something I do not like because of my fear of slipping again while running.

A nice warm shower felt beyond amazing after yesterday.  I didn’t want to get out.

IMG 5733

I realized when I got home that we were out of waffle mix… so for the first time ever (I think) I made my very own mix.  And it was excellent. It tasted like a cake with syrup as the frosting so I am guessing we will probably be using THIS RECIPE often.


These raspberries taste better than candy.  I know.  That is a bold statement for me but I will stand behind it.

IMG 5736

We decided to take the kids to an indoor swimming pool to swim around.

IMG 5738

Mother of the year over here forgot the bag with all of our towels at home so that was a fun experience when we got out of the pool and had to run to the car with wet hair and wet clothes.

IMG 5742

Not the prettiest looking meal but it was an amazing dinner.  We eat everything from these bowls ha, basically we just throw a bunch of ingredients in them and call them a meal. Ground turkey (cooked in Yoshida’s sauce), lettuce, sweet potato, corn and tomatoes.


Beretta hoping/wishing/dreaming that Andrew would share some of his candy.. not going to happen.


To finish off this post, I have 8 pictures from our New Year’s Eve last night!

IMG 5796

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IMG 5794

IMG 5795

IMG 5797


What did you do for New Year’s Eve?  

Did you stay up until midnight?

What food do you think you ate the MOST of in 2016?

How often do you go swimming for exercise?  

-I should probably lap swim more often but swimming around with these 4 year olds felt like another workout.

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It’s interesting because I wouldn’t classify 15 degrees as the coldest ever but it looks awful. I’ve never gotten the snow eyelashes before. When I went to college in upstate NY, my nose hairs and hair froze because it was so cold.

We just relaxed for New Years. Honestly going out with so many people doesn’t interest me anymore.


didn’t make it to midnight, so close though 11:20! i’m running a local 5k in another couple hours so it’s why i didn’t want to stay up too late. Food i ate most in 2016, probably eggs and avocado <3


That is about when I fell asleep too ha! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR 5k today! I want to hear about it!


alright- i did a 20:09, good enough for first female! and a huge PR for me. That’s a good way to start off the new year! :) Hope you had a great Sunday <3


NOOOO WAY!! Cori, that is AWESOME!!! Congrats, you rocked it!


That’s absolutely insane about the weather! I can’t believe you got out in it, I would have totally wimped out…


I would have too but somehow Josse talked me into it haha! I hope you are having a beautiful day Pippa!


That waffle recipe you used looked good, but we tried this recipe recently and I’ve never tasted anything better in all my days:


THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! We will be making these this week. Those look incredible!!!


the wind is what kills me too! I probably ate more bagels than I have in years during 2016. wishing you a happy new year!


Happy New Year!!

In 2016, I’m pretty sure I ate Peanut Butter Clif Bars more than anything else. So random but I love them!

I swim once (twice during marathon training season) a week and highly recommend it! I just bought the Garmin Vivoactive HR watch (thanks to Andrew’s review) and love being able to swim with it!


Looks like an amazing new years! We just watched Sully the other day it is amazing! I agree wind is what kills me as well, as one of my best girlfriends says “windy is my least favorite weather” ha


Right!?! Sully was SO good. We loved it! HAHAH yep, that is my least favorite weather too! Enjoy your Sunday Karlie!


If you ever need a great waffle recipe that’s different the pioneer woman has a wonderful one! Happy New Year!


AHHHH YES!!! I am going to have to make her recipe this week! THANK YOU Kristin and Happy New Year to you too!


I didn’t stay up until midnight, but I did stay up until about 11:30 p.m. . I don’t go swimming often at all actually, but the other day I went leisurely swimming with my siblings and I was freezing the entire time!


I barely made it to midnight.
I probably ate flour tortillas with Colby jack cheese most in 2016


Happy New Year!!!

I probably ate the most pho in 2016. I will keep it going this year too :)


I don’t swim for exercise very often. Maybe a few times a year. And the reason is terribly vain. I don’t like what chlorine does to my skin or hair.
Last night we put the kids to bed on time because church in the morning. But the husband and I stayed up cuddling by the fire watching tv. It was nice.


Oh I hear ya… I think I put on lotion ten times after we swam and used a deep conditioner on my hair. Ha.. if it wasn’t for the chlorine I would probably swim a whole lot more! So glad you had an amazing night with your husband Elizabeth and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I made it until midnight but fell asleep very shortly after. I have a sinus infection that’s kicking my butt, but maybe it will be the only cold I have this year! :)

I probably ate eggs the most in 2016! I eat them every morning for breakfast, and I also eat them for dinner when I am feeling lazy!


I stayed up until 12:05 with the hubby………….watched Mariah Carey on the countdown in the dumbest performance ever. I think she was a little tipsy and very unprofessional. I can’t wait to catch up on sleep! And I probably ate more sandwiches than anything else this year!


Happy New Year!! We also rented Sully and watched it last night!


I remember getting frosty hair back in junior high and high school when I snowboarded a lot. Haha I Was always happy to go into the chalet and warm up a bit between run.

I spent last night at my boyfriend’s place watching a few episodes of Westworld. Since he lives downtown and his condo is high enough we were able to see fireworks from his couch. While it was pretty low key I wouldn’t have wanted to spend New Year’s any other way.


Happy New Year to you and your family! 2016 was an amazing year for you! I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring!!!


I made it to midnight last night. barely. And sure was tired for church this morning!

I think the thing I ate the most of in 2016 was probably a three-way tie between avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas. And coffee. So much coffee!


I’ve been swimming a few days a week since I’ve been injured and can’t run. I feel like it’s so good for my body and my mind (it’s sort of meditative for me). It’s not the same endorphin high as running, but I feel like it’s something I can do into old age. I want to be the old lady in the gold lame cap when I’m 85!

Happy 2017!


I laughed so hard with the towel situation because it happened to my mom once as well. Only that we were at the beach, so at the end we were all sticky and full of sand.

Don’t feel bad about it because it can happen to any mom!:)


We watched Sully last night too! First NYE in the last 3 years that we both stayed awake until midnight! Then we got up and ran a 5k today and I not only PRed but I was 5th woman overall and 1st in my age group! It was a wonderful way to start the new year. Looks like you guys had a great time. Happy Happy New Year to you and the fam!


I did make it to midnight, only because I cheated and took a nap when I put the 2 year old to bed. I slept from 9-11 and woke up ready to watch the ball drop :)
Happy New Year!!


I didn’t know what an inversion was until we moved to Utah!

For the first time in my adult life (that I remember) I didn’t stay up until midnight last night. We fell asleep around 11:30 and neighbors putting off firecrackers woke us up. I rolled over, said “Happy New Year” to my husband and promptly fell back asleep. :-)

Happy 2017!


My husband and daughter stayed up till midnight watching Twighlight Zone reruns but baby boy and I were out by 10:30. This morning we all did a 5k and it was a beautiful day, not too cold and sunny. I pushed the jogging stroller and still did it i 33:45, so pretty slow but not terrible considering it was my first post baby race with the stroller. I want 2017 to be my year of the marathon!


We went to a restaurant since we were on vacation. I made it to midnight but I was exhausted. :)

We saw the coolest hotel yesterday, they had a water slide that went in, out and back into the hotel. I bet the kids would love that!

Oatmeal, chicken, and dark chocolate are my most consumed foods.


We took the kids for an early dinner to Longhorn Steakhouse at 4pm (thank you gift cards). Then we headed home and our friends came over with their kids and we played board games and rang in the year early with them. Once our kids left, we put on a movie. We told the kids they could stay up this year. Our 5 yr old almost made it and fell asleep mid sentence at 11:30pm. The two older ones made it to midnight with us and we all crashed after that.
I think it is a tie between eggs and avocado. I love them both and especially together. I typically swim for exercise only in the summer. We have access to an indoor pool but I can’t handle being wet and cold.


We went to a friends house and played games. Came home and put some new bedroom furniture together (you know are an adult when….) and then watched 30 Rock.

Sugar. In all its varieties. Is what I ate most in 2016. And in 2015. And in 2014 and…. hmmmmm.

Speaking of, is that the Sodalicious peppermint cookie? I still need to try it. How long will they have it? Why don’t you know all of these things? I can’t call and ask them myself!

I think swimming laps is such a good work out. But I never do it. Because of all of the effort that goes into it. Changing into a swimsuit. Putting sweats on over the swim suit. Driving to the gym. Taking the sweats off. Spending a half an hour trying to get a swim cap on. Swimming. Toweling off. Swimsuit off and sweats on. Drive home. Shower and WASH MY HAIR? Blerg. Put clothes on again, for what? The billionth time now. Ya. Deal breaker. Shut that down.


Looks like you guys had a blast.
I wouldn’t have made it until midnight, but my dog was freaked out by the fireworks, so I stayed up with her while my fella and little man slept.

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