Sentence per Picture + so This Is Happening…

Highlight of our Friday—>  28 week appointment and hearing the baby’s heartbeat!

How we all feel after some runs (especially track workouts for me)… 7.2 miles yesterday.

IMG 6611

So this is happening.  At least it feels like heaven to run in.

IMG 6598

Snow is officially on our mountains!!!

IMG 6694

Halloween is life to Knox (he left in the morning to go to his mom’s house)!

IMG 6615

Morning snuggles (someone woke up a bit too early Friday morning)…

IMG 6605

A breakfast sandwich that I need to make again along with some cereal before fasting a few hours for my glucose screening test.

IMG 6626

Waiting to see the doc.

IMG 6630

Still waiting;)

IMG 6647

How Andrew feels after he hears the baby’s heartbeat… or really he is just following through on the dare Brooke dared him to do.

IMG 6648

A stop at BYU to walk around a little bit and show Brooke the college that Andrew and I both went to… I wonder if we ever saw each other on campus.

IMG 6661

The main reason for the BYU stop… I’ve been wanting this wrap since the summer!  We went for it one time and it was closed.  I’ve wanted it ever since.

IMG 6657

They were both in heaven, Andrew has the desire for every inch of our yard to be fully decorated.

IMG 6654

She always happily joins me with some hot chocolate drinking!

IMG 6668

Felt really tired when I got home so I hit the couch and my book that I love.

IMG 6671

Followed by an intense game of Spot It with the Brookers!

IMG 6681

We made burgers at home for dinner and then my car stopped working so we had to take it in to get fixed.

IMG 6693

Then I was in bed by 8:33 with New Girl on.

IMG 6656

I am going to attempt something big for me today, 8 MILES… unless my body tells me not to, then I won’t but either way it will be a great morning of running!


How are you spending your Saturday!?!

What was the last TV show that you watched!?

Would you rather have a morning free where you can sleep in as late as you want or a night free where you can go to bed as early as you want?

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Wow your weather! It should be the same here and it’s in the 80s instead! can’t wait for fall running! Running long hills this morning, should be fun. Then jumping in the pool for the cool down ;-)


Fall ball has begun so I am spending this morning sitting in the bleachers, cheering on my daughter’s softball team.
I honestly can’t remember the last time I got to sleep in as late as I wanted. It sounds like heaven!


I would definitely want a morning to sleep in! And I love Halloween soooooo much! Can’t wait to decorate! Today I work and maybe run…..shin splints and 88 degrees are making it less exciting sounding. And I have several tv shows I am watching right now….fresh Prince, ncis, the Goldberg’s, and the husband and I are watching the middle starting with season 1…..
Love it!


Just finished my 20 miler, and it was my best feeling long run yet! Exactly the confidence boost I needed for my marathon in November. The rest of my day will most likely be spent with some serious couch time and finishing a wedding planner I’m making for my sister who got engaged a couple of weeks ago! Have a great day, Janae!


EMILY!!! AHHHH way to go on 20 miles… that is incredible. You are going to rock your November marathon!


This is going to sound so awful but I have horrible allergies so I don’t look at nature the same way most people do. My daughter asked me what I was allergic to and when I started telling her, she said, “So, you’re allergic to nature!” Haha. Having said that, the mountains look beautiful! Brooke’s expressions are everything; she’s so animated. Love it! I would rather have a free day to sleep in; I’m a night owl. We’re relaxing today, my husband has to fix a roof leak from the hurricane, and then taking the kids to a classmate’s bday party. Have a great day, Janae!


Oh Marie, that is so hard! I am so so sorry you have to deal with such awful allergies! I hope you are loving your relaxing day and that the roof was easy to fix! Thanks Marie!


I haven’t has a spinach wrap since I was in college!! so good!
I am headed to NYC with some friends for the night! Excited to see my old stomping grounds!
I watched Riverdale all last weekend when I was sick…loved it! so silly, but also really compelling!
I think morning, but I’m also at my sharpest in the morning, so it’s a hard choice.
Have an amazing weekend! enjoy your cool fall temps because it’s 85 on the east coast right now, and I just wanna wear sweaters!


I would definitely pick a free night. I’m one of those people who goes to bed early.

I love playing Spot It with my friend’s kids. When you’re under pressure it’s surprisingly hard!


I’m out of town this morning with the hubs, and my sis and bro-in-law. We went to Halloween Nights last night sans kids! So we are headed home this morning and then hopefully it’ll be a lazy day with our munchkins! I’ll probably hit a 5 mile easy run once I get home. I planned on running 10ish yesterday and hit 13.1 instead, so easy today!

I’m an early riser so an evening without anyone is better to me :)

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I watch a little Housewives or NY while I was on the treadmill yesterday.


I am an early girl but on Friday we had our first In Service already at school so I had off…..figuring I would “sleep in” I was beyond excited…….to which I woke up at 4AM and COULD.NOT.GET.BACK.TO.SLEEP! ugh.

Guess the inner clock just wants to get up….even waaay earlier than normal since normal is 5:30.


Preparing my YW lesson for tomorrow and making baby blankets.

I’m in the middle of a PBS docu-series about Craft and Folk Art in America and I’m kind of obsessed with it. ?

Um…both?! ?‍♀️


I’m teaching YW tomorrow too:) Hope your weekend is an awesome one Michelle!


Race day for me. It was a cold one but it was fun! Then it’s off to family pictures. Fingers crossed it won’t rain. How did drinking the nasty drink go? I always have such a hard time drinking it!


CONGRATS JENNY!! I thought of you this morning! I hope the pictures turned out amazing. Yeah… that drink is something else. I almost didn’t keep it down… TMI!?! Hahaha! Congrats again today!


I was up early to run with friends. After that I went to the gym. Now it’s time to chill and get some things done at home.
I didn’t watch much TV this week…I did see a little bit of American Ninja. That’s my favorite show right now. I’ve got my DVR set to record the Berlin Marathon tonight. I’ll watch tomorrow when I get home from running.
Hands down I would choose going to bed early. I feel like I miss too much of the day when I sleep in.
I hope you had a great 8 mile run. You know I’m so jealous of your temps in the 40’s


Magnolia Story is such a great book, I need to go to Waco and visit the Silos. Did you see they’re coming out with a line at Target?? I’m SO excited for it lol. I think the best thing about the picture of Andrew looking at Halloween decorations is Brooke holding the stuffed dog and the face she’s making.
I hope the glucose test went well! And I fully support you making that breakfast sandwich again but add some white American cheese, the best addition to a sandwich.

Have a great day Janae! I hope the weather stayed cool by you since it’s currently 84 here in Princeton, New Jersey. I need fall weather!


I am so jealous of your temperatures. It still gets to 90 every day here in Florida. Many of my afternoon runs leave me feeling like that skeleton.

I hardly watch any TV, but for a while I was into the Great British Baking Show. I watched all three seasons on Netflix twice, haha.

I would give quite a lot to have an extra morning where I can sleep in… currently I only get one morning a week where I don’t have to get up ridiculously early. Fortunately, most nights I can go to bed as early as I want.


Getting in my first run post injury. Silver lining of a summer injury, no running in the crazy summer heat. This morning was perfect!! :)

Technically, House Hunters, ha. I am obsessed with HGTV.

A free night, morning is my favorite time of day. I want as much morning as I can get.


Your weather would’ve been amazing for my half marathon today! My husband and I woke up bright and early and we drove into the city with my mom and dad. My mom and I ran the half marathon while my husband and my dad bonded :-) I ran a 1:40:40, so I’m really happy! I’m especially happy because it was in the 80s when we finished! And I love that book too! Hope you got your 8 miles in :-) have a great weekend


AHHH MANDY… you ROCKED IT. Way to go girl… I can’t imagine doing a half in those temperatures let alone so fast! Recover well and I love that you had your husband and dad there to cheer you on!!!


Hahah love that Halloween stuff! I would totally totally totally rather have a night to go to bed!! I am 26 going on 90. Love getting up early and going to bed early… always have and always will. When friends want to meet late, it’s the worst for me haha.


I am so jealous of your cooler weather!! It has been in the 90’s here in IL and I am to run a half this weekend (easy) because I’m running Chicago Marathon on 10/8! Praying for cooler weather!!

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