16 Pictures from Our Saturday + I hit my goal!!!

I started my run approximately 3.7 hours later than I normally do and it felt amazing to sleep in a bit…

As much as you can sleep in with a 5 year old ready to party first thing.  So I guess it felt amazing to just lay there and not have to get up for anything in particular for a while.

IMG 6706

I did the first 5 miles of my run on the treadmill and the last 3 miles outside with Andrew and Brooke.  I set my goal for 8 miles and knew that was farther than I’ve gone in a little bit so I slowed down my paces inside (9:45) and outside (10:10) and that helped me to get a bit farther than I normally do!  How I was still doing 1/2 marathons with Brooke at this point in my pregnancy… I’m not sure but I’m more than happy with 8 miles this time around!

IMG 6730

43.2 miles for the week!  Most of those on the treadmill and the others in the cooler fall temperatures (PS my mom and dad went on their walks yesterday and it was in the high 30s).

IMG 6739

We took a few breaks along the three mile route.

IMG 6752

Most of the breaks were for animal watching… they found a baby cow below.

IMG 6760

Once we finished up with our run, Brooke and I hung out on the side of the road…

IMG 6768

Watching Andrew racing Beretta.  He had the head start (he would fake her out that he was going to throw the ball in one direction and then throw it the other way) but Beretta always caught up to him in about 2 seconds.  Her speed amazes me.

IMG E6773

I’m always amazed at her agility too… as she is turning her sides are like an inch from hitting the ground and yet she goes from this to a full sprint.  I need a bit of her coordination too or maybe just a tail to balance on too;)

IMG 6763

I woke up Saturday morning with the most sore shoulder ever. I kept trying to figure out what in the heck made me so sore or if I had gone to town on my strength training and worked out my left arm like crazy or something… and then I remembered I had a shot at the doctor’s office.  I am pretty sure I dislike needles and shots more than the kids do.

IMG 6727

From there we went straight to the Farmer’s Market with my mom!  I think it was the last Farmer’s Market of the year…

IMG 6778

I turned around at one point to see Andrew buying Brooke the largest thing of cotton candy that I have ever seen.

IMG 6782

The next highlight of the day after a bunch of errands was lunch with some friends at Olive garden.  You just cannot go wrong with their unlimited breadsticks, salad and soup (the creamy chicken gnocchi one is my favorite).

IMG 6788

Always teasing Andrew in some way or another.

IMG 6791

Just like I believe there is no such thing as too many pairs of running shoes, Andrew thinks that there is no such thing as too many Halloween decorations.

IMG 6793

Brooke fell asleep to me rubbing her face.  PS this is how I feel every night around 6 pm:

IMG 6054

Enjoy your Sunday!  I’ve got a rest day up ahead for me, a lot of good eating and I’m teaching the lesson to the youth girls at church today… We are talking all about how our words effect others!  Should be a good one.


What is something that you strongly believe you can never have enough of?!

What are three things that you are doing today?

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Cheese! I’ve always been so addicted to it. We now live in a small town and sometimes we go to the “city” just to go to nearest Trader’s Joe and get tons of cheese hehe. It is always funny when we go to the cashier with just cheese and smoked mackerel fish haha. Actually, I’m hoping we go today, cause we ran out of fish :P, which is my favourite pre long run/race dinner. I’m also hoping I’ll get a new pair of trainers , yay!

I’m doing a long run with friends in a bit. We usually try to not plan this long runs too much in advance but this time we did, so I kept waking up worried I didn’t hear the alarm, I feel I didn’t get enough sleep, so another thing I’m planning to do is to get some sleep after the run.

Congrats for your run! :) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday


Oh TJ’s cheese selection is fabulous! I hope you get to go today to TJ’s too and let me know what shoes you end up getting! I hope your long run was fabulous and that you get in an awesome nap later on today! Thanks Citlali!


Congrats on the 8 miles!! I’m so glad you made it, you must be feeling pretty good about it :)
I for one planned on working out during my son’s nap but instead fell asleep with him. Oh well, will try to make it up in the evening.


Thank you SO much Nina:) Oh I love that you napped together… I do that with Brooke and it is my favorite. Have a great workout later and let me know how it goes!


I made it! Finished at 10 p.m. but finished nonetheless :) It’s always hard for me to actually begin the workout but afterwards I just feel so much better!


Different flavors of cereal in the pantry.
Cute patterned undies.


I could not agree more… I think we currently have 12 different types of cereal in our pantry as we speak:) Have an amazing day Erica!


At that point with my last pregnancy I’m pretty sure I was hitting 2 miles and had to quit thank ms to ligament pain and pelvic floor pain. So good job!!

Also Olive Garden’s chicken gnocchi soup is the best! I never kno whether to get soup or salad and impretty sure I would be happy with that as my meal but I love having leftovers too.


Oh that ligament and pelvic floor pain sounds AWFUL Jenny! Thank you so much! YES, that soup is so good and I wish I had some for today too… you are smart about having leftovers ha. I want OG for breakfast right now. Have a great Sunday!


I wasn’t even going 0.8 miles that far into my pregnancies lol. But admittedly I wasn’t all that determined.

I’m so jealous of your weather!! I am in Ohio and it’s going to be 93 today!! We’ve had high 80s and 90s a few days now and have a few to go until the temperature breaks


93 DEGREES!?! That is nuts! Come run with me in Utah in the rain (it won’t stop raining here) and then we will drink hot chocolate! Have a great Sunday Sara!


Hope your lesson went well! Such an important topic. You probably won’t see this before you teach, but one of my favorite quotes is, “More people have been hurt by a careless tongue than by a sharp sword.”

I ran 4 miles today! The first time in weeks that I did not have ITB pain. I kept the pace easy, but was so glad to be able to run without pain. 2 more things for the day: church and nap, a typical Sunday here.


I read your comment right before I taught and shared the quote you sent… THANK YOU KATHY!! I am so glad that you didn’t have any IT Band pain… WAHOO!!


I agree with the running shoes and Halloween decorations……I would add you can never have too many running clothes either!
Today I have work, watching the Iron Man going on right outside when I can, and pizza/movie night tonight!


I firmly believe that you can never have enough peanut butter! I swear, I could eat it everyday for every meal and not get sick of it. I wish my running routes involved seeing baby cows.

3 things for my Sunday – waffles for breakfast (check), work clothes shopping for the boyfriend (check), and a face mask tonight. Have a great day my friend :)



I woke up with a hungry grumbling tummy and a scratchy throat — so I will be eating, drinking tea, and resting to avoid any sickness setting in.


First, your charitable work and giving back to your community is commendable and you’re setting a great example for your kiddos!

Also that picture of Brooke sleeping on your lap is just too sweet. That was probably her little spot of heaven.

And I have a question: I love your running long sleeve in bright coral. Do you remember where you got it? Thank you!


Christina! Oh you are the sweetest! Thank you SO MUCH. The top is from Gap Fit a few years ago… I bought it in three colors because I loved it so much! This one seems to be similar though: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1055868&pcid=83072&vid=1&pid=111650352

I hope your weekend has been an awesome one Christina!


Love those dog race pics! Beretta seems like such a great family dog!
Right now I am in a froyo/ice cream phase of life so I don’t think you can ever have enough of that!!
I’m in NYC this weekend, and I started my day with a jog in Central Park:) got Mexican for lunch and pinkberry for a snack, aka ate ALL MY FAVES TODAY.


Ugh did you get your tdap shot? I just got mine a few days ago and it hurt so much!
And yes doggie coordination is amazing. Beretta and Andrew look like they are having a blast!


YES… I can’t believe how bad it still hurts. What the heck!?! I hope you have had an awesome weekend Abbey!


Hi! I’m a long time reader but I don’t think I have ever commented! I love your blog :-)

I just had an idea for a post and I thought I’d request it! My husband and I are thinking about taking a weekend hiking trip to Utah (probably Salt Lake City but maybe Provo!) and I think it’d be great if you did a post on the “must do” hikes and restaurants in the area (the two things we want to do are hike and EAT!). Thanks either way!


water and ice cream…..

I would love to hear your “girls talk/lesson” on words…if you are able to share or link?!


Beautiful :)


You AMAZE me still running 43+ miles. I can hardly do that when I’m healthy and not pregnant either!

3 things I did yesterday……..

-Went to hot yoga—LOVING that right now :)
-Made brownies with my youngest daughter
-Actually sat and read a magazine—something I hardly ever have time to do (or make time to do, I should say!)


I’m pretty sure we ran nearly the same amount of miles last week. Awesome job Janae. I feel like there is a lot of wildlife around you. Not a bad thing I guess.

I’m not sure what I’m doing today…ha I’m on base for a while but who knows, I feel like I can’t plan anything right now. I already ran so that’s one thing done. Lol.


I have to say I LOVE how much Beretta is a part of your family. We have a mini golden doodle that I am OBSESSED with and it makes me so worried about starting a (human) family. I hear about people saying they don’t care about their pets as much after the birth of a baby. While I understand that priorities shift, I cannot handle the idea of our little guy not getting his walks and the attention he needs and deserves. He’s super sensitive so I know that if he feels left out or ignored it will break his little doggy heart. You give me hope that I can balance all my loves! :)


I can’t get enough of snuggling with the dogs. They are so sweet! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I can’t get enough of our family recipes that are made at that time of year.

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