Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shorts, shoes)

9.15 miles @ 8:16 pace and 1 out of 4 kids woke up happy;)

Andrew got out for some mountain biking with Megan D’s husband.

Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 10 19 14 AM

Slow morning with Skye while Beck napped.

IMG 1132

Got his wiggles out…

IMG 1142

For a trip to Southern Utah after school got out.

IMG 1164

Tried a new dinner spot…

IMG 1142

We will definitely be back.

IMG 1159

River Rock Roasting Co.

IMG 1153

We loved the views.

IMG 1151

And the food.

IMG 1157

Went to Peach Days in a small town.  The peach ice cream was out of this world.

IMG 1157

Happy weekend!

IMG 1160


Tell me three things you are up to today?!?!

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That place you stopped for dinner at looks incredible!!
Have a really great weekend with all the kids in St. George (I’m guessing ?)!!


Meet us here soon;) And yes, St. George! You are the best. Enjoy your weekend and let me know how your son’s first game of the season goes!


Wow, those restaurant views are amazing! Utah is moving high up on my list of places to visit one day. Today I am doing an easy run + kettlebell workout, visiting with some friends who are in town after leaving New Orleans for Hurricane Ida, and forcing myself to clean out my fridge and freezer. Have a great weekend!


Emily, you really should come visit. Let me know when you do:) I am so glad that you will get some time with your friends (I feel terrible about what New Orleans is going through)! Way to get in your run and kettlebell workout. Thanks Emily!


I want that pizza!!!


I’ll mail you some:) It was so so yummy! Happy weekend, Sue!


Hi Janae! Today I am going camping with friends so I got up early to do my long run by myself. It was dark when I started and I felt iffy about that but I felt good after the first mile and got to see the sunrise! I thought of how you used to start long runs in the dark too.
Have an awesome trip in Southern Utah! Sure is gorgeous there!


Amy, way to go getting in your long run before your camping trips! Love seeing that sunrise. Enjoy camping and thank you so much!


Looks like such a fun day! Have a great weekend!

7 miles this morning, now to brunch with my best friend and pool this afternoon!


Way to get in that awesome run and enjoy brunch and the pool. Saturday’s are the best! Thanks Mariah:)


My last long run before my trail race next weekend, rest, then some birthday prep for oldest who turns 14 tomorrow!

I was going to run with friends however Ida caused a lot of damage in my area this past Wed and Thurs. Our normal trails were closed or impassable. So I went home to figure it out and discovered the trails right near my house were perfect!


TRAIL RACE NEXT WEEKEND! I am cheering so loud for you. I hope your oldest has the best birthday! I am grateful that the trails by your house were okay after Ida.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Oh, Hurricane Peach Days…always a delicious time. And River Rock Roasting Co. is AMAZING! I love living in St. George!


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