Sentence Per Picture–> I haven’t done an afternoon post in quite some time!

Just a little example of how different our perception of weather is from one another—> He even said he was hot on our run.

Knox is rocking it with his biking while we run… 4 miles together and he and Andrew switched off telling zombie stories so that made the miles fly by!

IMG 0804

More snow in the mountains and we aren’t too far away from having snow at our house too ..

IMG 0827

Post-run crepes because that is the current food of the week.

IMG 0812

Knox left with his mom and then Brooke came home from school and she got in a bike ride too!

IMG 0816

Some games with potato soup.

IMG 0819

Yep, going strong with the games right now (we lost a few of the pieces to this one)!

IMG 0823

A stop at Home Depot to check out backsplashes!

IMG 0842

Too early?

IMG 0844

Off to a doctor’s appointment!!

IMG 0828

My parents are pretty amazing (ps they met at an SAT test in high school:)!

IMG 0820

Pulled out an affirmator for the day and thought I would share this one… tell it to take a vacation:)

IMG 0811

Loved reading this article about Shalane!

Screen Shot 2017 11 06 at 2 59 09 PM

Sharing more of my pictures from Lindsey tomorrow… I’m in love with them.

Baron 0013


What is YOUR sentence of the day!?!

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So happy you did a second post.


Thanks ERICA!!! I hope your night is a perfect one:)


I love your sentence per picture afternoon posts ?
And, how cute is your mom!!? Congratulations to your parents!!
My sentence per picture would be of me in one PTA meeting, followed by another PTA meeting, then computer work for a community service project that I’m in charge of this year… I truly love volunteering for our schools and community!!
Now I’m craving crepes! ?


Thank you so much Wendy! Sounds like a crazy busy day… your community is SO lucky to have you! Get some crepes asap please!


I’m trying to embrace the season change this year but my instinct is to try to fight it (which only makes it worse cause you can’t fight that..duh)

And your pictures always turn out perfect.


Oh girl! I am so sorry it is getting colder… I’m crossing every finger that this winter is a bit warmer because I want to be out walking daily with this baby. Thanks Jenny and enjoy the rest of your night!


Congratulations to your wonderful parents! I love your family pictures so much! If I was in the state, I would definitely try and book Lindsey! Just beautiful! My sentence of the day would be One task down, on to another. :) I was super productive today! About to make some Instant Pot Creamy Potato Soup while the kids are at Jiu Jitsu practice. Have a great evening, Janae! :)


Thank you so so much Marie!! I’ll ask if Lindsey can travel for you:) WAY TO GO on a productive day and can I come over for that soup… sounds perfect!


I will absolutely congratulate your parents! Congratulations and happy anniversary!


THANK YOU ANGELA:) They went out to dinner tonight to celebrate! I hope you are having an awesome night and thanks for your comment!


Your parents are so cute! Those crepes look delicious! I am pretty sure I’d be dressed like you for that run… Andrew is a polar bear!


HAHAH he really is!!! Thanks Dawn and I hope you have a wonderful night!


Those crepes looked DELICIOUS!

We had chicken salad on croissants for dinner…I wonder who made me crave that?! ; ) I made the chicken salad and it definitely had grapes in it!

Hope you’ve had a great night!


I want those crepes and that last picture is so beautiful!


Just wondering how do you keep your IT band from getting tight and sore. I run a lot but not as many miles as you and it’s starting to bother me. I have been rolling it every few days. Do you have any secrets?


Those family photos are stunning! And I am so impressed with Knox’s biking stamina! whenever I bring my cousins out walking or hiking they complain by 15 minutes in lol.


OOOOH those crepes look amazing!!!!!


I’m not sure if you’re still wanting game recommendations, but we love Ravensburger’s Enchanted Forest. I feel like Brooke would love it!


Congrats to HRG Mom and Dad! That’s pretty cool that they met at the SAT’s. Lindsey’s pictures are amazing, as usual. How fun to have the little baby be part of them :) And I love that Affirmation – thanks for sharing!


So what was the temp that you wore that long tights and jacket and Andrew woke shorts and T-shirt? Does the heat of the baby keep your water when it’s cold out?
I want to live there so I can have that photographer you use! A beautiful family!


Hi Mary!
It was about 38 degrees. I definitely think the baby keeps me a little warmer but Andrew has a completely different thermostat than I do. Have a great day!

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