What do you think about, this pregnancy has me doing strange things & have you tried this?

The Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday.  I love celebrating our country, all of the brave men and women that have fought and fight for our country, the time of year, the activities, the colors, the food… I’m already looking forward to next year’s 4th because we will have Knox and our new little baby wahoo!

I started the day really early with a nice little run by myself.  I was thinking about doing a race yesterday morning but didn’t feel like it randomly so I went out for 5.5 miles on my own.   It got warm out fast.

IMG 9392

Question for YOU.  How much do you think about running while you run?  I feel like now I RARELY think about it while I’m running.  I think about how far I’ve gone or how far I want to go that day but not very often.  When I used to train with a coach I swear I thought about it 78% of any of my long runs, tempo runs or speed days.  On the easy days I didn’t as much but on those hard days… a lot of my thoughts were around goals, calculating my pace/splits/speed up/slow down, form, cadence, mental toughness, how my body was feeling at different paces etc.  I always wonder how much runners think about running while they run.  When I am running with friends (unless it is a speed workout and we aren’t talking) we rarely talk about running while we run.  We talk about everything else under the sun but not usually running.  Weird right?

IMG 9424

Right after I got home from my run we were off to the parade!  PS my dress yesterday was from Roolee (aka where I get 90% of my clothing lately;) and Brooke’s sweet sunglasses were from Target.

IMG 9427

We got to the parade early to make sure that we had a spot and Andrew kept us very entertained.

IMG 9458

I just think my brother-in-law is really cool!  Sorry for my annoying screams in the video;)

IMG 9438

Once the parade started I am pretty sure that Brooke was waving for a solid 30 minutes straight.

IMG 9459

And then we were off to FOOD… we were starving.

IMG 9462

So this pregnancy really has me doing some strange things.  I am not a hot dog person.  I mean maybe if that is the only option for food but I never really crave one.  Craving of the last few days = hot dogs.   Brooke and Andrew really love all of my cravings lately.  We have a place here called J-Dawgs and the secret sauce is beyond good.  The guy that started this company (he spoke at the high-school I used to teach at) started it as a college student.  He sold his guitar to have money for the shack he built (he didn’t have a car so he took the bus back and forth to Home Depot to get supplies) and now just a few years later, they have 4 stores that are REALLY busy.  I love hearing stories like his!

IMG 9465

We were home at noon.  Both Brooke and I crashed and slept for an hour.  When I woke up I thought it was morning… that is how deep of a sleep my nap was ha.

IMG 9468

Later on in the afternoon Brooke got to work on her ‘under the sea’ poster that she has been making (and we have been helping her with).  She likes to have the pictures on the iPad and try to draw them from there.

IMG 9475

For dinner last night we had my parents over… fruit, corn, potatoes and steak.  A perfect combination for me right now.

IMG 9477

Brooke went straight to my mom’s lap afterwards for her traditional head scratch from her.

IMG 9486

I made this fruit pizza for dessert.  I made the sugar cookie a lot thicker than the recipe calls from and it was a success.

IMG 9479

After my parents left we sat around patiently waiting for it to get dark out so we could do fireworks with the neighbors.  It’s a miracle I didn’t fall asleep before the fireworks started.

IMG 9489

PS one of my favorite things to do at a new gym is find any piece of equipment that I’ve never seen before?  Ever seen this piece of cardio?  It had ski polls for you to use while on it… this was in Park City so I’m guessing it’s great for skiers that stay there.

IMG 9115 2


Do you think about running much when you are running?  Or does it depend on the type of run you are doing?  What about with your running friends… do you talk much about running while you run?

Ever tried a different or not common type of cardio machine at a gym?

What was the best thing that you ate yesterday?

Who has a JULY RACE?!  Which one is it?

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It sounds like you had a nice holiday. I’m glad Andrew was able to spend it with you instead of being at the hospital.



ME TOO:) Thanks so much Maureen and I hope your Wednesday is a great one! PS you talked about ribs in your 4th of July post and now I need some ASAP!


That video of your brother-in-law is so awesome! Mad props to him.

I rarely think about running when I run, and I actually prefer it that way. And I don’t enjoy running with people who only talk about running. Running allows me to clear my mind but also to process everything going on in my life, and I usually find a bit more clarity. It’s also a time I use for prayer–lots and lots of prayer.

P.S. I know I’ve said this to you before, but THANK YOU so much for introducing me to Roolee (and to Called to Surf). It’s one of my go-to places!!


I’m so glad you love them… best clothes ever! Lots of prayer over here too while I run:) I hope you are having a great day Natalie!


It looks like you had such a fun Fourth! Mine was pretty low-key, so no real interesting eats other than a few pretzel sticks (the soft and warm kind with cheese sauce, not the dry kind in a bag ;)

I don’t know if this counts as “thinking about running,” but I’d say most of the time I’m running I’m thinking about how far I’ve run and how far I have left to go. It’s usually a big countdown until I’ve hit my goal. I should probably work on enjoying my runs more!


Best thing I ate yesterday: Chocolate chip ice cream cone!
Gym equipment: I once used this machine that mimicked rollerblading. It was way before I began running but I think it would be awesome cross training since it works the lateral movement more.


I’ve gone in cycles — at first, it seemed like all I could think about was running while running (and all other times for that matter)… but after a while, I didn’t even think about. It was like a log jam had cleared and it was all other topics instead of running.

I’m TOO SCARED to try anything new! I’m such a chicken! I’m comfortable on the elliptical, treadmill, and bike. So I won’t even try the stair stepper! (Saw a girl totally wreck out on it and I’ve been traumatized ever since. She like literally was pinned down and repeatedly attacked by the thing — the horror!)

Birthday Cake Milkshake from Zaxby’s — I couldn’t finish a whole one, so I had a few sips and gave the rest to hubby. It’s amazing — it has huge sprinkles in it and chocolate whipped cream. Amazing!

It was our little reward after a crazy workout — worth it!


I think about running while I running if either 1) I’m on a treadmill because I do not really enjoy treadmill running and get bored quickly and 2) I’m doing a long run. But usually the long run is me doing weird math in my mind to keep myself distracted, like “3 miles done, that’s 1/3rd of what you have to do, you just have to do that all over again 2 more times,” silly stuff like that. I run by myself (except for the times my stepdad bikes next to me) so I never have to worry about a conversation.

Best thing I ate yesterday = chicken nachos from my favorite bar/restaurant place in town. They are so yummy and they don’t skimp on the toppings so there is plenty for each chip!


When I’m running I think about running at least 50% of the time. A lot of times it’s about my pace or how much further I need to go. But I’ll also come up with my blogging ideas (about running) while I’m running haha.

J-dawgs!! They are amazing. My cousin had them catering her wedding.


That is such an awesome idea… to have J-dawgs cater at a wedding. I love it! Loved your pictures on your 4th of July post and I’m so glad you had the family breakfast!


When I’m actually running, I am the same way and feel like I don’t think about it as much! If I do, it’s normally because something feels off or I feel super good.

I like the Fourth of July and Halloween myself!


I think about my form, cadence and stride a lot actually. I don’t know if I fix them correctly but theure definitely on my mind. If you need a guinea pig for your running coaching let me know ;)

For some reason chips REALLY hit the spot yesterday. And I introduced my friend to Chick-Fil-A Diet Frozen Lemonade. Mmm delicious.

Also I LOVE Roolee!! That dress is so cute. It’s a good thing it was the 4th or else I would have been too tempteted to go to their store while I was in Logan yesterday.


I LOVE all of your 4th of july outfits! I wish I’d been organized enough to get something with stars and stripes…next year, maybe!
I definitely think about running a lot while I’m running, but if I’m running with a buddy we typically chat about other things!
I’ve seen those ski machines before! I stick with pretty conventional cardio machines myself, but I have branched out and tried the stair stepper recently and it’s super challenging!
I went out for real ice cream- not froyo- for the first time in a while yesterday! it was delicious!


The stair stepper KILLS ME. I need to get on that more:) Oh I am so glad you went out for ice cream! SO good. I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


How much I think about running depends on the run. I have noticed that since I started training for the San Francisco Marathon (it’s July 23!) I tend to think about running or the marathon a lot more. I also think about what I’m writing while I run (recently graduated English major over here)

The best thing I ate yesterday was the chicken nachos with homemade salsa my boyfriend made. They were divine.


Looks like such a fun 4th of July celebration! Your fruit pizza looks delicious.



I am obsessed about running when I’m running. Lately is the only thing I think of while doing it. I’ve never give too much importance to that, but maybe if I try to think about something else the miles can pass by faster.

Best thing I had yesterday: homemade burger, with corn on the cob, and mangoes with tajin. So delicious!!

Hope you’ve had an amazing 4th of July, Janae;)


Congratulations Janae on your pregnancy! I opened your blog yesterday and was completely surprised! We are also expecting (our fourth- due the first week in December). My running nosedived in the first trimester and so I have been walking instead. I keep thinking, “Running is an extension of walking”, but walking is NOT my thing… As a result I have avoided all things running related (including blogs) for the past few weeks. I ran during my third pregnancy, but there will be a five year gap between our youngest and this baby, and things feel magnified this time around. Anyway- my thoughts this morning on my walk involved calculating the 6 week “official” date I can resume running after this baby comes and what kind of strength training I need to continue/ progress to be ready to run again! I am hoping to run earlier, but we will see how everything goes! Have a great week!


AHHH CONGRATS to YOU Kate!! I am so excited for you! You are about 10 days ahead of me:) I would totally do the same thing… it’s hard when we can’t run! I am so excited for your first run in January! Please keep me updated with how you are doing! Congrats on #4!


Does Brooke stay up super late when she naps during the day? Callum will party until midnight if I let him have a nap!

I don’t eat hot dogs either, and I’ve been craving them like mad lately. Annnnnd I’m having a boy. Ooooooooohhh!!! Maybe that’s what you’re having tooooooo!!!!


WHAT IS THE DEAL with this hot dog thing?! I woke up this morning wanting one! Andrew is convinced I’m having a boy… that would be so fun! If Knox takes a nap = he is never going to fall asleep at night. Brooke is more like me and can sleep whenever so she did stay up a bit later because of fireworks but she told me half-way through them she was tired and ready for bed ha. She is my twin! I hope you are having a beautiful day Suzy! Way to go on 65 miles last week and I hope this indigestion of yours ENDS SOON!


I think about my posture when I run and sticking with the workout but I try to think of other things on long runs. :) I’d rather not think about how long is left.

I’m generally not a hot dog person but my father-in-law got some from Omaha Steaks and they were pretty darned good. The best thing I had yesterday was a fudgy brownie bite. It was the perfect amount of chocolate and goo.

I use the versa climber. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the gym who ever uses it.


SO glad that you had a great fudge brownie bite! Sounds perfect. Now I need to have one of these Omaha Steaks hot dogs asap. I want to try the versa climber… it sounds intense! I hope you are having a great day Nina!


1. That 4th of July dress you’re wearing is the CUTEST. Can you please start a fashion page on your blog?! I love your style!
2. Okay, now I really want fruit pizza! That seriously sounds so good right now!
3. Head scratches are the best!!
4. I can’t wait to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl! My guess is a girl!!


That is a great idea Laura… I’m going to have to do that! I will send you a fruit pizza:) I am guessing girl too… ahhh!!! I hope you are having a great day and I loved seeing your recap from the weekend! Your YoYo ice cream cone looked amazing!!!


Brooke’s picture is so good! And your cookie pie looks delicious. I definitely fell asleep long before the fireworks started last night…and I am very content with my decision haha


BAHAHA I’m glad you got a great night of sleep… I was dreaming of my bed at around 7;) Enjoy your day Allison!!


Hot Dogs especially Chicago Style hot dogs were definitely a pregnancy craving I had for a few weeks.


Good to know I’m not alone!! I have been so confused by this ha;) I hope you are having a great day Corrinne!


I don’t think too much about running while I run because I get too wound up. I will if I’m trying to hit some paces but sometimes I’ll pray. On long runs I’ll REALLY look at the scenery around me and little details of the houses I pass by. This usually leads to “I wonder how our house would look with that. Maybe I should do that. What house project needs to be done” etc, etc lol.


I would say when I’m training for something in particular I think about running more than normal but I’m not very fast so mostly I just run and try to make it without passing out! ;)

I have a local 5K this weekend but I haven’t been running much lately so I’ll probably have a slower time than last year. My goals are to just have fun and get some exercise.


I love that goal and let me know how the 5k goes this weekend! HAVE FUN HEATHER!!!


I agree with you, I think about running a lot while running when I am doing a hard or more focused run. But, if I am running with friends or it’s an easy run, I usually don’t.

I have a race in two weeks- technically 11 days. It’s the Chicago rock and roll half marathon! I seriously can’t wait!


Oh that race sounds awesome… I want to come join you Bethany!!


Apparently I have been living my life completely wrong… when one of my friends was pregnant she told me she couldn’t eat hotdogs! I believed her and have been going about thinking I can’t eat them now. Thank you for saving me from this lie! Haha if only I had seen this yesterday…. I’m not a big hot dog person usually but every now and then they just sound so amazing!


YES YES YES… My doc and everything I read says as long as it is cooked properly and cooked until it is hot enough (160 degrees F) you are good to go. I hope you have a great one soon ha. What is the deal with pregnancy and wanting a hot dog?!?


Yes I am so happy now… it’s the little things in life. I bet she just didn’t want hot dogs and was using being pregnant as an excuse. If only she the the impact it would have on me 3 years later! My roommate in college craved hotdogs on her period so it must be the hormones. That’s my excuse for everything.


I bet that really is the reason! Oh and believe me, I blame hormones ON EVERYTHING I do right now too ha. Keep me updated with how your re doing and those little things make the biggest difference!


I craved hot dogs too, (and ate quite a few), when I was pregnant with my daughter. I honestly haven’t had one since she was born…pregnancy cravings are so funny!


Hey Janae! You guys have the cutest 4th of July outfits! Your dress is absolutely perfect :)
I think about running probably 50% of the time when I’m running by myself and about 10% of the time when I’m running with friends, unless we are talking about running!
Today I actually ran with no music which is not something I do very often on solo runs (I forgot my headphones at home)…and I thought about running a LOT and was very in tune with what my stride/arms/breath was doing. It was surprising how much I enjoyed just running!


I think about running when I’m doing speed work, tempo or long runs, but not so much the rest of the time while I’m running.

My favorite from yesterday was cherry pie. No sugar added so it was really tart, a scoop of vanilla ice cream made it perfect! We were at a picnic with our church and every kid there was dressed in red, white and blue. They were adorable.


I never or very rarely think about running while running. I have never really aspired to run faster either, I run what I run and just love doing it. Sometimes I feel like I should focus on it more but it never really happens. We did not have anything special to eat yesterday. Now that I think about it I feel cheated no BBQ.


I also had (third trimester) hot dog cravings with my first born. Take note, I gave birth to a 10 lb12 ounce boy! LOL, I really don’t think the hot dogs had anything to do with his size….although…… my second son was a “tiny” 8lb 8ounces and I couldn’t get enough fruit while pregnant with him!
You’re going to have a healthy, happy baby and I’m thrilled for you and your wonderful family!


Brooke looks pretty focused on drawing her fish – so cute!
I’ve never seen one of those ski cardio things either. I agree, it is kind of fun checking out the different pieces of equipment at new gyms.


I think about running the whole time I am running. That is why I cannot love it as much as I want. I am so jealous of you runners!


I have never thought about how much I think or don’t think about running while running … such an intriguing topic to explore. I know that when I run w/ friends, we definitely talk about running a little bit, but it’s probably not a very large percentage of the conversation. I know that on my next run I will be thinking about whether or not I am thinking about running though. Haha! I actually saw that same ski machine when my husband and I were on vacation in Colorado. I got on it for a minute, but couldn’t get the hang of the motion at all. I looked quite ridiculous. I am racing a ONE MILE race in a few weeks and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve only done one other one mile race before.


Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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