Doing good at this, 40.25, had to buy more + 5 running things to talk about.

I got my vest to zip up (kind of;).  I am a huge fan of running vest running weather and I was able to take mine out (I love how it keeps your core warm and your arms are able to still move freely).  30 degrees for my run yesterday morning but the sun was out so it felt a lot warmer.

R Kay recommended the podcast CTolleRun in the comments on Friday so I listened to that yesterday and it was really great and beyond motivating (I listened to the one with Stephanie Bruce)! If you love running podcasts… you need to try this one out!

Finished the week with a 5 mile run and a total of 40.25 miles for the week!

IMG 9333

I came home and ‘tried’ my best to stretch, the kids are always more flexible than I am but especially now.  Someday I’ll be able to tough my toes again.

IMG 9355

Thanks Knox for the selfie at Target.  Free Halloween cookies for the win.

IMG 9375

Yesterday the kids came with me to pick out my Halloween costume for my 5k next weekend.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this 5k.  It has been almost 2 months since my last race (and I’m excited that it is a 5k and not a half marathon… and that since it is a Halloween race people don’t judge you as much for fueling with candy;).

IMG 9363

Came home and I relaxed on the couch while the kids did their Saturday chores.  Some days chores are easy for these kiddos and some days they are a fight, ya never know what you are going to get.

IMG 9381

After that we headed outside for a little walk and anytime the kids rode on the dirt they said they were just like Andrew because they were ‘mountain biking.’

IMG 9384

From there we spent some time over at Mer’s house visiting with her, my aunt and uncle that are in town visiting!

IMG 9390

Then it was 5 pm and I was more than ready for dinner.

IMG 9403

Our family has a strong love for Olive Garden.  The kids started cheering in the backseat when we told them we were going there.  Breadsticks, salad and fettuccine alfredo for me.

IMG 9406

And the delicious chocolates they give you when you leave;)

IMG 9408

So those chocolates tasted so good at the restaurant that we stopped at the store on the way home so I could have more.

IMG 9411

While nutrition hasn’t been super great this pregnancy (I am pretty sure I mainly eat carbs at this point)… I have been able to hydrate like a champ.  I go through a few hydroflasks a day (we have this 40 ounce one) and I’m so glad my body craves cold water because during that first trimester, I couldn’t stand the taste of water.

Totally normal to want to climb in bed at 7:24 pm right…

IMG 9415

I did do two more things before getting in bed!  I put this argan oil in to leave in overnight (and I washed it out this morning.. great for damaged hair/split ends). I started planning out our next week in my planner.

IMG 9413


A few running things to talk about:

*My sister-in-law sent me this video and it is great… it talks all about what it is going to take to break the 2 hour marathon and how our bodies have evolved to run these long distances!  PS this documentary about breaking 2 is really great too… I watched it on the treadmill one morning!

*The NYC Marathon in a few weeks will be Meb’s last professional race.  This will be his 26th marathon and I’m probably going to cry (because everything makes me cry right now) when I see him cross the finish line (I’ll be watching at home).  PS in 2002 when Meb ran NYC for the first time he finished and said he never wanted to do a marathon again!

Screen Shot 2017 10 21 at 7 43 11 PM

*Shalane Flanagan will by running the New York City Marathon this year too!  She said, ‘My back is 100 percent.  I actually think the injury this past winter was a giant blessing for me.  I’ve had uninterrupted training throughout my career, and that was my first major injury.  While at the time it was really heartbreaking to have to miss the Boston Marathon this spring, I believe my body really needed that rest.  I think there was a point of overtraining over the last few years and not really identifying it.”  (source)

Also, 130 miles PER WEEK for this marathon… that is A LOT of miles!

Screen Shot 2017 10 21 at 8 12 17 PM

*I really enjoyed this article, ‘8 reasons mommy needs to run.’  I completely agree on this woman’s reasons for needing her runs!

*I’ve mentioned to you before but one of the biggest challenges for me with pregnant running is my form.  Running tall is especially hard for me by the end of my runs so I tried this trick yesterday and it really helped.  I also love to raise my arms up tall above my head while I’m running (cars passing by always think I’m really normal;) to straighten out my body and that helps too.



Three most popular posts this last week!

*7 Year BLOGIVERSARY + a giveaway (it’s the last day to enter this giveaway!)

*Andrew’s hilarious (ehhh true) guest post—> things to NOT say when your wife is pregnant.

*20 Treadmill TIPS!


What was your mileage this last week?  Best run?  Hardest run?

What products do you use in your hair besides shampoo/conditioner?  Do you ever leave anything in overnight?

What has been the best part of your weekend so far?

Which do you think is the most delicious out of the following combinations:

Peanut butter and chocolate

Mint and chocolate

Caramel and chocolate

Coconut and chocolate

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I am so in love with caramel and chocolate right now. Dark chocolate salted caramels, caramel M&Ms, Russell Stover’s dark chocolate hazelnut caramel pumpkin… but pb and chocolate is always a classic! My mileage was only 14 this week because I was recovering from my first marathon – Columbus! It was a BLAST and I can’t wait to run one again :) Glad you got a chilly run in and congrats on 40 miles this week!


Miranda!!!!! Huge huge huge congrats on your first marathon! Keep me updated with what is next for you! I hope you get some chocolate and caramel today!


I used leave in conditioner daily as my styling product. Sometimes I’ll layer in some gel if my curls need extra control :)

Mmm pb and chocolate!!! Winner.

I ran 30 minutes straight yesterday so I can officially declare myself injury free. I’ll still keep mileage increases super low for the rest of the year though.


Argan oil, I love it for my face each day after cleansing! It’s soooo much better than usuing lotion! Also, coconut and pb with chocolate are a total tie for me. There is nothing better.

So this morning I woke up and thought “ugh I don’t want to go run this morning….” BUT I made myself coffee and told myself to sit down and read your blog first to get motivated, it always makes me wanna go run haha : ) so as soon as the sun starts comin up here in about twenty minutes I’ll be out the door hitting the pavement! Thanks for making me WANT to run every time I read your blog ;)


I am so happy I could be a part of your morning Rachel! Way to get out there and I hope your run was an amazing one and that you saw a beautiful sunrise! I need to start using Argan oil on my face.. thanks for the reminder!


Mmm I love all of those combinations, but chocolate + peanut butter wins for me :). I’ve never done a Halloween race, but that sounds really fun!


Best part of my weekend – Had my first long-ish run since the marathon! Ran 9 miles yesterday with some friends and it felt GREAT!

Favorite flavor combo –
1. Peanut butter and Nutella
2. Cookie Butter (I love the kind you can get from Trader Joe’s) and dark chocolate!


I agree with Arthi – nutella and peanut butter. Even better is the easiest cookie sandwich ever – peanut butter on one graham cracker square, nutella on another square, put them together. Just one is a hard limit to set.


Well, that sounds like a perfect sandwich… Andrew and the kids would love that! I hope you are having a great day!


All about mint and chocolate! It’s even better because my husband hates it so I never have to worry about his stealing my candy. I only got in one long run (7 miles) this week because my knee was bothering me but it’s better than not running!

I hope you have a blast at the Halloween run! Those always seem like so much fun.


I am so sorry about your knee Kim! Glad you could get in your 7 miler! Keep me updated with how it is feeling and I hope your Sunday is an amazing one!


I’m gonna say chocolate and caramel for sure.

I did a ton of hiking miles and not so much running miles this week. We went down to Bryce Canyon for a couple days.


One of my best friends is cousins with Stephanie Bruce!

There is no way I could choose one of those combos. I love them all so much. Probably a little too much. Can I combined two? Chocolate on and caramel together. Mmmmm. I’m off to have that for breakfast ….again….


My mileage was only 15 miles but I’ve been alternating between running some days and doing cross training the other days while I’m still fighting with this IT band issue. I did get an absolutely fantastic 6 mile run in on Friday night that was just perfect!
I gotta go with chocolate and caramel as the best combo.


Agree 100% on running vest weather!! My vest is a New Balance that’s 7 or 8 years old. It really needs to be replaced, but I can’t find one that has the features I want (water resistant outside, fleece inside) so I keep wearing it!

How do you like your Erin Condren planner? I’m on my 5th(?) … I use the cover with personalized photos. I love having photos that fill me with joy every time I look at it!!


I honestly don’t know how I lived without this planner… I’m obsessed and I’ll be a lifelong customer ha! I am totally going to do that for my next cover.. I’m already looking forward to it! Keep enjoying that running vest, they really are the best! Thanks Amy and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Definitely chocolate and mint :) I hate peanut butter! No mileage for me this week as I am STILL out with my stress fracture! BUT! I get to try running again tomorrow – woo hoo! (I’m a bit nervous about it to be honest which I imagine is natural when you’ve accidentally fractured something by running on it too much!) I don’t use shampoo :) I have curly hair and follow the curly girl method, which is all conditioner. Some people leave that in but I find it makes my hair feel weird, so I just smooth some gel and curl definer through it when it’s wet. Best part of my weekend? Finishing the sorting chores I had set myself and sitting down to catch up with some blogs :)


Only 22 miles this week and I would have loved it to be 30….but it was busy this week….i did hit a 13 miler on Wednesday though!! Yay!! My race is two weeks away!

Today is my husband’s birthday so we will party tonight and I will get in a few miles at lunch.

Pb & chocolate for sure!!!!!


I’m still not really running right now but I am getting workouts in 6 days a week. It’s been tricky to see what exercises and amounts of times are acceptable to the glute/hamstring.

While I love all of those flavor combos, chocolate and caramel translates best to desserts, coffee, and cocoa. I tend to like my coffee black and plain but if I get a flavor chocolate caramel goes nicely, as does the coconut chocolate. I firmly believe mint and peanut butter have no place in my coffee. (I know you don’t drink coffee but think a fairly bitter drink with pb – it’s gross to me).

I had a busy/productive day yesterday. I finished my baking for my mother-in-law, hit the farmers market, and library. Had lunch out with my husband and visited my in-laws in the afternoon/evening. Plus the weather was perfect. 70’s and bright blue sky.


If you love podcasts, you should check out Real Talk with Nicole Antionette!!!! She just had Lauren Fleshmann on the show and it was a great conversation about pregnancy, running, body image, and life. I think you’d really like it. Nicole is such a badass- she’s currently solo hiking the 800 mile Arizona Trail. So cool.


Thank you Annie so much!!! I’ll be listening to this one tomorrow, thank you! I can’t wait. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


Love that you went to the store after dinner to get more chocolates… I love peanut butter chocolate, followed by mint chocolate. Caramel chocolate is one thing I won’t touch. Happy Sunday!


I cant wait to watch the nyc marathon! My eyes will be glued to the screen. I love meb and am excited to follow his next chapter after this. We haven’t had olive garden in years but it sounds delicious!


our olive gardens in california do not give the mints out anymore )= haven’t for several years


What?!? That is not okay… let’s start a petition! I hope you are having a great Sunday Amanada!


I don’t use product except for shampoo and conditioner. I did about 20 miles this week – this is my off season so running only when I feel like it – most of them have been easy runs. Caramel and chocolate is my favourite combination. Best part of this weekend – I had Friday off so I hiked up a local mountain with one of my best girl friends -Pouring rain at the bottom and snow at the top! We were soaked and freezing at the top – nothing a hot coffee and warm clothes couldn’t cure! That and watching a movie at home with my man – its not often he is willing to watch a romantic comedy with me so I was pretty happy haha.


The best part of my weekend has been running a 10 mile race and crushing my goal time! So happy! Peanut butter and chocolate is by far the best of all of those combos! I will never turn down a chocolate pb dessert but peppermint and white chocolate is up there during the holiday season.

Have a great Sunday :)


I think Mint & Chocolate is the best in ice cream, but PB & Chocolate is better in everything else! :D I only got a two mile run in this week, which stinks. Usually I do a 3 mile run on the weekends, but not this week! I’m planning on running my first 1/2 marathon in May so I need to buckle down. I have a 5k Sunday, and then an 8k on Veteran’s Day — eek!

I was wondering if you take any vitamins to help with your runs and workouts? I try to take a multi-vitamin and then some flax seed oil, folic acid, and calcium. I take biotin too, but that’s for my hair and nails. Nutrition is the hardest thing for me to learn so far. :/ Good luck on your Halloween run!


I have totally done the same thing, stopped at the store to get those Andes mints after having them at dinner, they are so good!!


I use Aveeno’s leave-in conditioner and love it.

All of the above combos sound amazing!

I am kind of freaking out right now. I volunteered at a half marathon yesterday, and one of race employees brought her dog…long story short, I tripped over said dog in the dark and twisted my left knee pretty bad. Problem is, I am supposed to do NYC marathon in two weeks. I’m so scared it won’t get better in time…there’s no way I could run on it in its current state, even walking is not going so well today. Do you think it will get better quickly? Have you ever sprained your knee in a fall? At what point would I decide I’m not going to New York? (supposed to leave the Friday before the race). Sorry to unload on you, just scared/angry/sad/upset/nervous…


Katie, I am so beyond sorry about what happened! Worst timing ever! I have had a very swollen knee one time that took about one week of not running to get better. Give yourself as much rest as possible (perfect for the taper at least;) keep positive thoughts flowing because I believe that helps things like this to get better faster! Please keep me updated with how you are doing, I want to know! Don’t make the decision until you absolutely have to. Here’s to a speedy recovery and lots of rest! I am so so sorry Katie!


47 miles. Best part of my weekend was yesterday’s long run – 15 miles @7:44/mi overall- which was a shock, considering I’ve struggled with a hamstring niggle all week and I battled 20mph wind. I’ll take it! :)
PB and chocolate or caramel and chocolate, depending on the day. The one combo you didn’t mention was fruit and chocolate. I can do dried fruit and chocolate, but not fresh fruit.



When I was a high school teacher and a county curriculum facilitator, I would plan religiously in my EC planner. I’m a fan of the vertical layout — I don’t do anything fancy but I definitely need to see my life all planned out for sanity sake.

Now that I’m teaching at a University full time, my life is more like an ocean of to-do lists and notes and meetings — instead of more orderly weekly layouts. Since I need flexibility with my planning system, I’m trying bullet journaling for the first time — we’ll see if I can make it work for me.


Way to go on your mileage this week, Janae!!! Seriously, so impressive! I’m usually hanging out anywhere from about 40 to 48 miles a week this marathon training cycle, depending on my work schedule and how I’m feeling! Best run of my week was definitely my 17 miler this weekend.

We recieved some scary health news about my mother-in-law this weekend, so I am looking forward to getting in a hard and sweaty run at 5 am tomorrow morning to help me process the news.


Oh Emily, my heart is broken for you and your family. I’m so so sorry about Your mother in law and please keep me updated with how you are all doing! I hope your run is exactly what you need it to be tomorrow! Great job on your 17 miler!!


I could probably eat Reese’s every day – I love PB and chocolate (and love the flavor ice cream as well)

Caramel and chocolate, and coconut and chocolate I reserve for Halloween. I’d never buy an Almond Joy or Mounds during the year but I’m quick to steal them from the kids (well I don’t really have to steal because no one else in my family likes coconut) . I also steal their $100,000 bars.


So cool about the Carrie Tollefson podccast. She’s from MN (so am I) and was at the Race for the Apples 5 mile trail race on Sat. My daughter and I did it (in the pouring rain) and my daughter who is 12 years old came in 2nd over all (in women)! She ran it in 33:05 min! I was so proud of her! She blew me away….


No way! That is awesome Tammy! Way to go on your Apples 5 mile trail race with your daughter (in the pouring rain)! That is awesome!


Hi Janae, I didn’t read through the comments, so if this question has been asked and answered, I’m sorry! With the Argon oil, do you wrap your hair in something overnight to keep it from getting on your pillowcase? Or does that just not happen? Any other tips on how you use it ? I think it would be helpful for my daughters’ hair but want to give them all your tips on how to use it. Thanks Janae!!


HEY MELISSA!! Great question! I just sleep on a towel over my pillowcase whenever I do use it! Try that out and let me know what you think:)


Thanks Janae! I’ll give it a try!!


You really cannot go wrong with chocolate! I love them all!


Great job with your hydrating and I love that running watch. So stylish!
My running has been way down this week but I had an awesome 7 mile hike on Saturday ;)
Those andes mints are my favorite – mint and chocolate all the way! But cherry and chocolate is a close second.


Mint and Chocolate hands down :)

PS I’m kind of jealous of your weather! We’re having a heatwave in CA right now… it will be over 100 today!


I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and on Saturday night I got in bed at 7:45. Solidarity. :)


AHHHH Coree…. you are so close! I am right there with you on the early bedtimes. You are not alone (and I’m guessing you are probably awake at 3 in the morning with me too;) Good luck with your last month!


I use Argan oil as well; my favorite is the Moroccan oil brand. The smell is amazing! I love all of those combos but probably caramel and chocolate is my fav. I don’t eat candy much but around Halloween, my favorite is Twix! :) So, just curious…how did you guys introduce chores to the kids and explain why it was important? Our kids are getting into it but there are sighs sometimes.


I love Carrie Tollefson’s podcasts, so glad you found her! And you brought back so many memories with that Andes candy. A restaurant we would go to as kids used to give those out and my Mom would totally go buy a box of them afterward. Those were her special candies that we weren’t allowed to touch.


I know exactly what you mean when you say that being pregnant changes your running form. I tend to lean back when I get tired during runs (I like to say I have Kara Goucher syndrome –> watch her at the end of any marathon and you’ll see what I mean) so when I was pregnant I actually felt like I had better form because the belly kinda balanced me out and pulled me forward into that slight lean… haha!

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