15 Things from Our Day!

1.  I hope your weekend has been an amazing one!!!  I had a great race yesterday!  I’ll share the full recap tomorrow but thought I’d share this picture with Candice and then the rest of our day!

2.  After the race I came home to Knox!  Andrew flew back from California Friday night and then spent yesterday at the hospital (for school) so the two of us hung out once I got home.

IMG 1453

3.  I had a protein shake after the race and then I went straight for the pancake of course.  We were out of eggs so I just added water and the pancake kind of crumbled but it was still good!  Also, Mrs. Butterworth’s is part of this craving of mine.

IMG 1452

4.  Knox went to go play with a neighbor for a little bit and I hit a nap hard…. waking up at 3:10 a.m. will do that to you:)  I had some great post-nap hair though!

IMG 1464

5.  I also got to read my book for a little bit after not having a chance to read for some time.  I can’t wait to get to the end!!

IMG 1466

6.  Knox and I were able to visit Mer for a little while and catch up with her!

IMG 1467

7.  And then he wanted to show me the fidget spinner ($24.99 for a fidget spinner?!?!) that he wanted for his birthday:)  Turns out there are fidget cubes now too… I mean I understood why I wanted to collect Pogs, Beanie Babies and Polly Pockets as a kid but I’m not so sure about these fidget things.

IMG 1478

8.  After the hospital we met Andrew for FOOD.   We were both starving so we went to our favorite buffet.

IMG 1487

9.  I was in desperate need of a salad mountain.  I have no idea why people were giving me strange looks when I walked from the salad bar to my table with 4 lbs of salad.  At least I ate something other than fluffy carbs drenched in syrup.

IMG 1482

10.  They also bring around all sorts of meats, veggies and this grilled pineapple… the salmon and mango cod were my favorite.

IMG 1483

11.  We came home and I got straight into my new race t-shirt (I love soft ones that are perfect for bed)… don’t mind my pillow that now takes over the entire bed!

IMG 1449

12.  Oh and Andrew stopped for eggs on the way home…  he wanted to restock the supply for my pancakes today—>  he understands my love language.  This is better than flowers and chocolate.

IMG 1488

13.  I miss liking chocolate chip cookies.  Andrew made our favorite batch and I’m hoping that this phase of pregnancy will pass quickly and I’ll like treats like this again soon.

IMG 1492

14.  Brooke is having an awesome weekend and she comes home today wahoooo!!!!

IMG 1484

15.  Excited for this again:

IMG 1327


What was the best part of your Saturday?

What are you reading right now?

What are you having for your Sunday breakfast?!

What do you do with your race t-shirts?  Do you run in them?  Use them for pajamas?  Donate them?

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Brooke looks adorable in that dress! Grilled pineapple is amazing and so good! Sounds like you had a good day yesterday.


Brooke looks beautiful, just like her mama.
Thanks for always being such an inspiration to me as a mother. You simply are the best.
Have a great Sunday!


xoxoxo thank you Erica! I hope you are all having a beautiful day!!!


Congrats on your half yesterday!!! I’m currently eating some cinnamon toast and an apple with peanut butter after my 6 miler this morning. The best part of my Saturday was arriving at the beach for my vacation this week. Enjoy your Sunday! :)


Thank you Emily and that sounds DELICIOUS!! Enjoy every second of your beach vacation!!!


I use the cotton ones for pajamas and the tech ones for running or yoga :)

I just had a mini cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter for breakfast.


Hardest and best part of Saturday was completing my first marathon. Ran the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon (North Bend, WA). Crossing the finish line with family and friends there was amazing!


AIMEE!!!!!!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats!!! You are amazing and that is the best to have your people at the finish line! Recover well!


Brooke looks so precious!


Best part of my Saturday was exploring caves in Iowa with my family. Who even knew there were caves in Iowa?! I am
reason Mark Pryor’s Hugo Marston series right now. Brook looks lovely! She looks like she is loving being fancy.


That sounds like a blast Ali!!! I am going to have to check that series out:) Thanks!!!


You should look into whiskware made by blender bottle if you’re still on a pancake kick. They make my pancake life so much easier.


Ummmm YES!!! Going to find this asap!! Thanks Jenny and I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!


Well done on your race :) Brooke looks gorgeous! Just a boring cereal breakfast for me to fuel my 19km run! Chocolate soya milk when I got back though :)


I hope your 19km run was amazing! Thanks Lys!!!


Brooke looks so adorable! I love seeing the interactions your family of four have with eachother. It’s amazing to witness!


Thank you Marie!!! I sure appreciate your comment! I hope you have a perfect Sunday:)


You have such an amazing attitude with your co-parenting, and Brooke will appreciate this so much as she gets older.

Pro tip! You can use 1/4 cup of applesauce for every egg the recipe calls for! It actually makes the pancakes even yummier in my opinion.

Congrats on the race! I wish all races gave out shirts that are so pretty.


Well, THANK YOU for that tip! I have got to try that ASAP! Thank you for your sweet words… they sure mean a lot to me Christina! Enjoy your Sunday!


It looks like an ideal weekend so far for you both. I’m just working all weekend which is cool. I’m glad the race went well.

If the race tahirt has no real memories, I normally donate it. If it does have memories, I’ll wear it and once I accumulate enough I’ll get it made into a quilt. I have a couple now and it proves a bit more useful then 10,000 race shirts. It’s only about $100 on project repat.


I’m glad you had a fun race!
Nice to see Mer, she is so cute :) ..and that pic of Brooke is beautiful.


$24.99 for a fidget spinner is crazy!! They only cost £5 here in England so about $6.50. I totally don’t see the point in them either, I work at a school and all the kids have them, I think they help the kids with ADHD to focus but other than that I just get a bit dizzy seeing it spin around lol. I crave pancakes after each on of your posts and have yet to make some;) Have a good rest of the weekend :)


Way to go with your race!
Knox’s hair is so adorable and thick!!!! And Brooke-did she go to a special event? Super cute.
Sunday Breakfast was late (slept in then ran, then sat outside on our bench chatting with a neighbor) was a big bowl of rice krispies mixed with granola with bananas, blueberries, and raspberries on top and I slathered it with my favorite vanilla oat milk that was super cold. I also had a very much needed hot coffee.

If the race t-shirt is cool looking and soft, I use them for after run wear or to bed.


Glad your race went well! I’m excited for the recap tomorrow.

I use my old race shirts for pj’s! They’re the best. And I’m reading a book called “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” – can’t put it down!

Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday.


Saturday was our twelve year anniversary!

I just started Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- so far, I like it.

Sunday breakfast included an egg with veggies and a piece of whole grain toast with my homemade strawberry freezer jam.

If I like the fit, I run in my race tees.

Have an awesome day!


Congrats on your race! Can’t wait to read the recap :)
I love to eat pancakes! Have you heard of the pioneer brand sweet cream pancake mix? Trust me, try it!
I will have to check out your book, I just finished mine last night – I need to stop reading so fast!
Hope you had an awesome weekend.


I’m totally just curious…will Brooke fly back to Utah alone or does someone fly with her since Andrew came back?


Hey Kate!!! Great question!! Andrew flew back this morning to get her and will fly home with her:) It was actually cheaper this way rather than having a hotel and rental car… we might be doing this more often! I hope you have had an awesome weekend!


Love buffets!!! Brooke looks like she was a flower girl in a wedding. She looks adorable!!!


She sure was!! I hope you get to go to a good buffet soon!! Thanks Nina!


Congratulations on the race! I hope you get to like sweets again soon! I am just thankful for the nice dinner I got to have with my husband on Saturday after work. That is why I love your pictures of family so much. They are great! You also make me crave pancakes… Can’t wait to read the recap.


Now I want a pancake for dinner! =)


i am always the one w/ a mountainous salad…isnt that what its ALL there for?! people are probably just amazed at our skills ;)
also, any man that brings me home eggs is perfection in my book. men with eggs…where are you?!


We’ve been camping all week, so breakfast was mostly eggs and english muffins. That cookie and that salad look amazing ! Holy cow, that’s pricey on the fidget spinner. My daughter loves them, but they are only a few bucks around here. But that is a really cool one he has, so probably naturally more.

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