Silentish Saturday!!! It’s Race Time!

Instead of a morning run… there was a morning expo trip.

Admiring all of the shiny medals…

IMG 1358

The expo was at the finish line of the race today!  This will be my third year in a row doing this race, I love it!

IMG 1361

The day actually started with pancakes and cereal at 6:30 in the morning:)

IMG 1332

Andrew and Brooke made it to California!

IMG 1331

Knox asked to go to Scheels and when I walked inside the store I was so confused because the Ferris Wheel was gone… I soon realized we were in Cabella’s not Scheels.  Oops.  Luckily, Knox was just as excited for Cabella’s.

Direct quote from Knox yesterday—>  “It’s like a dream, but it’s not.”

IMG 1351

We grabbed some lunch with Megan D and Jess.

IMG 1364

This is my definition of heaven right here… salt and butter.

IMG 1375

Despicable Me 3… Knox is quite the cuddler.

IMG 1380

A blue slurpee for him a bit later…

IMG 1342

I have been waiting to try out the Revel for a very long time!! Full review coming your way soon!

IMG 1383

Leftover enchiladas + mango + grapes for dinner.

IMG 1392

The gear is out and ready to go (I might change my mind in the morning about what I want to wear:)  PS when I got my sweatshirt out (the one I wear every race morning) I found a brand new favorite lip gloss in the pocket… I think that is better than finding money in my pocket ha:)

IMG 1385

My standard breakfast is ready too.

IMG 1391

Totally normal to be picking up your friend at 3:55 a.m. to go running in the mountains (I use a lot of exclamation points)…

IMG 1384


What are three things that you are doing today?!  

Would you rather have popcorn or candy at the movie theater?

What’s your usual race morning breakfast these days?!

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I still need to try Einstein’s bagels! Luckily they are putting one on the college campus a few blocks away, so I am excited to check it out. Today I have work, a run at lunchtime, and grocery shopping date with the hubby tonight. At the movies I always go for candy. I love the smell of popcorn but it gets stuck in my teeth and gets annoying during the movie. And sometimes the butter they used upsets my stomach…………not fun! Race mornings I stick to PB&J and banana on some kind of bread………….bagel, english muffin, toast.
Good luck today………’re going to rock it!


Have a great run/ weekend, Janae! On the go here today: laundry (boo!), beach and a street concert. The Canada Games are happening here in Winnipeg, so we might check out the basketball too if we can fit it all in. :)

As for movie snacks, popcorn all the way!


Thank you so much Julie! That sounds like the perfect day (minus the laundry haha)!! So cool about the Canada Games, ENJOY!!! I hope you get movie popcorn soon!


So fun to know there’s another Winnipeg HRG fan!


After reading a bunch of your reviews on Brooks, I think I’m going to try the Launch style out! The Ravennas are giving me blisters which is no bueno lol. I hope trying a new shoe out helps since its only on one side of one foot. Good luck today in the race! It looks like you and Knox had a fun day yesterday and can’t wait to see what other fun things you do this weekend with him.


Sounds like a great weekend so far!!

Today will be a hilly trail with friends, some family time, and practicing on my scooter for my drive test next week!

Popcorn all the way :)

Race day breakfast is usually a piece of toast with pb and a half banana. Nothing crazy ?


I think picking your friend up at 3:55 just makes me laugh. I totally get it.
Today is mah burfday! I ran 8 miles with friends this morning. Im going to a flea/ craft market this afternoon and out to dinner tonight.
POPCORN always at the movies.
race breakfast: half a banana on an English muffin with PB. Nothing too special.and some water.


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILARY!!!! I hope you have the perfect day… enjoy it all!! I’m glad you understand the 3:55 thing too:)


Grocery shopping, cleaning and hopefully blueberry picking!

Hmmm popcorn with M&M’s mixed in :)

Rice cakes with almond butter and dried fruit on top !


Yum now I want a mango.

I’d definitely rather have candy at a movie. Sour Patch Kids Watermelon are just the best.

Good luck today!!!


Did you decide to be a rad rabbit Janae? I love their gear and I love that it’s a small knit community. Itheyve been super supportive of me basically applying and then get slammed with a heavy work and case load and not being able to run. I can’t wait to actually run with that exact outfit LOL.

Anyways, good luck my friend!


iPad autocorrect has not been my friend today. That should ready: They have been super supportive…?


That is awesome Hollie! I love it! They are seriously the best… I’m obsessed with their gear. I’m not a rad rabbit, just an obsessed with cute running clothes runner ha. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


good luck, have a great race! 3 things for me today – long run, hanging with my son while he’s home from his teen tour this weekend, out for dinner… my go-to race morning breakfast always seems to be oatmeal!


Pop corn for sure! I don’t normally race bigger than a 5k (hoping to do a 10k by next race season) so I don’t have a lot for breakfast. Sometimes just some chocolate milk or a granola bar.


Have a great race!

I like to get candy at the movies….and then make my bf get popcorn so I can have some of that too :)


Win-win… that sounds perfect! I hope you have a great day and thanks Stephanie!!


Hahaha the lip gloss is way better than money! and it looks like you and Knox are having a fun time together! Happy Weekend!


CAN’T WAIT to hear how your race goes Janae! You are going to KILL IT! Cheering for you! :)


Minions and blue slush? Knox and my son would be best friends haha and if I could pick two things to eat forever it would be this salad and popcorn ;-)


BAHAHA I love it!!! They really would be:) Salad and popcorn… we should be best friends too:) I hope you have a great weekend Mel!


Three things today: Jazzercise, baby registry, and laying on the couch (because relaxing totally counts as a thing right??)
Lately when I’ve been taking the girls I nanny to the movies, I don’t get a snack for myself but steal both popcorn and candy from their snacks.
Good luck at your race! I love Knox’s face admiring the medals. Pretty sure mine looks like that too when looking at medals!


I’m all about the salty and buttery popcorn if I’m at a movie. I can have candy anytime, but I’ve never been able to recreate that popcorn at home, which is probably a good thing. I know it’s not good for me. But it’s just so tasty!


Your kids are so lucky to have you and Andrew! I can tell you both work really hard to make your blended family work and by the looks on Knox and Brooke’s faces, you’re a success! Kids can never have too much love.

Have a great race today!


Morning race breakfast is a PB sandie and banana…just had to say how sweet Knox is so in love with his bonus Mama quite evident. He is blessed.


Love it that you had such a nice day with Knox :) I’ve never yet done a race with an expo! Three things I did today – the run I was too tired to do last night, picnic at a castle with the family; stopped for groceries and so my little boy could pick a magazine :) I’m not so into cinema snacks to be honest but my pre race breakfast is weetabix and a bit of toast :) Good luck with your race tomorrow!!


Good luck on your race tomorrow! Have fun! I love how you and Knox are hangin’ while Andrew and Brooke are in California. Those are two lucky kiddos to have you for parents.


Thank you for your sweet words Debbie… it sure means a lot to us! I hope you are having an amazing weekend!


I always want a popcorn with butter and sweet tarts! Salty and sweet! I want it all!! Did you see Spider-Man or Wonder Woman yet?


Also good luck on the race!! Have fun!


THANK YOU AIMEE!!! I saw Wonder Woman a few weeks ago and LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! I want to see it again! Was Spider-Man good?


Spiderman was very good. It was worth seeing in the theater, although it was not my favorite in the Marvel Superhero line of movies. The original Iron Man, or the first avengers movie are probably my favorites. I really wish they would do a black widow movie. I’m really a superhero geek and dressed up like her for the infinity gauntlet challenge last year. Do you ever dress up for races?


Good luck at the race – and delicious pre-race breakfast! I’m still at the Army School of Music, so I’m practicing for two hours this morning, then going to church (and stopping at the gas station to buy bananas!!), and hopefully we’ll go to the beach this afternoon! Have a great Sunday!


I am anxious to try the Revel soon too…..I am loving the pure flows now that they switched them back but please do let me know what you think of the Revel. Curious if they are similar to the launch or pure flow and how I’ll work them in my training. I’d love your thoughts

I ran a half yesterday. My slowest one ever:-( It was hot and humid…well into the 80’s about 8 am and I still had 6 miles to go. It was brutal. I ended up under 2 hours with a 1:58.30 and 5th out of 36 in my 50 to 59 age group so I guess everyone struggled some. It’s July in Minnesota which obviously means hot and humid right…geez. What was I thinking:-) Had some cramping too. Wondering how to manage those too. UIGH

Hope your day and run is amazing


I wear and love the Launch 4 and the new Ghost 10—anxious to hear about the Revel and what kind of shoe it is!!!!! I had never seen it until now!


I laughed out loud at the “bag of jelly” line. It sounds like my kids’ best dream.

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