Timp Half RACE RECAP + they are back!!!

My fourth half marathon (the Timp Half) of this pregnancy done and done!  I’m not sure if this is my last half-marathon of this pregnancy but I’m just going to play that by ear.  Saturday felt really good so we will see if that keeps going or if my body tells me to stop.  I love being at races and everything that goes along with race day so I feel really thankful that I have gotten to do four races with this pregnancy.

Let’s get started talking about the race… Friday night I was in bed by 7:30.  I didn’t fall asleep until 9:15 but then my body naturally woke up at 3:10 a.m. which was great.  I didn’t even have to use my alarm.  Andrew flew back from California because he had to be at the hospital all day Saturday and we just had a babysitter come over in the morning for Knox once Andrew had to leave to SLC!  I think as I was leaving the house at 3:40 and saying goodbye to Andrew he was pretty happy he wasn’t doing the race this time… that is EARLY!

I picked up Candice, we drove to the race and hopped in line for the busses.  The two of us have been on many busses together in the early early morning on the way to a race… our favorite had to be the Boston bus though!

IMG 1394

Once we were on the bus I grabbed my bagel and bag of jam that I packed the night before and then had another half of a bagel and water too.

IMG 1395

We got to the race start at about 5 and the race started at 6.  We met up with a few more friends and just sat there and talked.  I really love pregnant races because I have zero anxiety… I just get to hang out before the race starts.  I need to start adopting this zero anxiety race start thing during my non-pregnant races in the future.  It makes it way more fun for me although a little bit of nerves helps us run faster… maybe I just need a nice combination:)

It was kind of cold but I had a sweatshirt and sweatpants on so it wasn’t bad (the start was in the mountains).

IMG 1397

We dropped off our gear bag and the race started right at 6.  I listened to my audiobook for the first hour of the race and then this playlist for the second half of the race.

IMG 1401

Pretty gorgeous backdrop for the start of a race!

IMG 1399

When I run pregnant I keep my garmin on the heart rate setting and check it out often.  I stay under 150 bpm and run at a pace that I can easily talk… and if I want to walk, I take the opportunity to walk.  This is what I have found works for me during pregnancy!  I did get to run with Josse for about a minute and then I felt my heart rate picking up so I dropped back… and took a picture of her instead:)   We are very excited to start training again in the future.

IMG 1407

I attempted a belly shot along the way and I’m sure you are really excited about that;)

IMG 1415

The course that I did Saturday is pretty much identical to the one that I did last month with Andrew.  The first 7 miles are fast and down the canyon (with a little river on the side of the road the whole way) and then you have some rolling hills and flatness until the finish line.

IMG 1410

For the majority of the race you are in the shade too which feels amazing in the summer.  The last two miles are in the sunlight but the scenery is gorgeous so you forget about the sun.

IMG 1421

The finish line of this course is on the American Fork High School track which is great for spectators to hang out there.  It’s a fun place to give your last little kick before finishing.

IMG 1423

They had LOTS of food after the race!  I’m not really into pizza right now so of course I went home and made pancakes instead.

IMG 1426

They also had a shower along the course with cold water to cool off with and then one at the finish line.

IMG 1427

This is probably one of my favorite things about races… catching up with friends.  This sweet girl and I used to train together and she had a killer race on Saturday.

IMG 1433

This girl also rocked the course and she is training for the St. George Marathon (ps if you can do that race, do it… I have an obsession with it).

IMG 1431

I love that one of my friends writes her favorite mantras on her hands during her race.  She says they really help her when things get hard along the way!

IMG 1441

PS I had my Garmin on for a while after I got home and it kept beeping at me to MOVE.  Ummmm no, that was enough movement for my weekend;)  Here is what my Garmin stats were:

IMG 1445

And a little flashback Monday to the previous two years… last year I ran this race with Josse.  We ran without garmins and had a blast until I took a wrong turn and got lost:)  I had just gotten married and training hard wasn’t in my vocabulary at the time so running for fun was just what I needed.   The bottom picture was from two years ago and that was my PR race (the course was a bit different then… not as much downhill).  I was in the zone for the entire race and giving every ounce to those miles.  This is the thing that I love about running, it is there for you in whatever stage of life you are in.  Whatever pace you are trained for, whatever goals you have and it’s there for you with whatever stage of life you are in… it doesn’t go anywhere.  And if you do take a break because of life or injury or sickness, it’s there waiting for you when you are ready to start again.

PicMonkey Collage

Knox was really impressed with the medal!  PS do you see his blanket in the picture?  He loves the corners of that blanket and rubs them as he is falling asleep or watching a show… a few of the corners are hanging by threads at this point!

IMG 1442

Andrew left early Sunday morning to go get Brooke and then came home last night!  It is so nice to have everyone home again and here are 5 pictures from our Sunday!

IMG 1510

Andrew had about 5 hours to hang out at the airport in between landing and having Brooke dropped off to fly home… he was beyond thrilled when he realized he could make it to an A’s game while he waited.  Tater tot nachos… yes, please.  Tator tots will always remind me of the movie Neapolitan Dynamite… anyone else see that forever ago?

IMG 1528

After church Knox and I hung out for a while eating TJ’s Minestrone soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

IMG 1521

And for dinner, the only thing that sounded good was banana bread and fruit.  I always undercook baked goods a little bit because that is Andrew’s favorite.

IMG 1527

And then they were home! Wahoooooo!!!  Andrew is the best for flying back and forth to take Brooke this last weekend.  We are pretty lucky.

IMG 1530


Does anyone train or race according to your heart rate!?!  I would love to hear about this!!!

I wrote a meal plan (well, dinner plan) and grocery list for our week… I’m pretty proud of myself… Who else does this regularly?  I would love to hear your tips or how you do this to be efficient?

Would you rather start a long run or race ridiculously early to avoid the heat or get a little bit more sleep and deal with the sun/heat for your long run or race?

Can you eat pretty much anything after a race or does your stomach tell you NO?!

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Meal planning saves my life every week. I sit down each Sunday and look at what is on sale at my local store and plan from there. On Sundays I usually make our biggest meal of the week and prep some ingredients for the week’s meals ( grill meat, make sauces). This saves a ton of time and stress. During the school year (I am a teacher and have three kids 7,5&5) I hate coming home and not having a plan for dinner


That is SUCH a great idea Monica to see what is on sale… I’m going to try that out before I make the next week’s meal plan! Oh I bet this saves you big time during those working months and with three kiddos! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate your help and I hope you have had an amazing summer!


Wow–I’m so impressed you’ve already run four half marathons during this pregnancy! That’s awesome!! I can’t wait to be back racing again. I miss it so much! And I like races that have earlier starts for sure.

“Napoleon, give me some of your tots!” Haha. I remember seeing that movie in a private screening before it got released because one of my friends was really into filmography and somehow got us access.


You’re totally glowing in that first pic on this post!

Okay, this is horrible to admit, but I hardly ever meal plan. I used to be so great at it, but now I just sort of wing it.


Sounds like a great race with beautiful scenery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pizza at a race finish line ha. Andrew is awesome for taking 4 flights to drop off and pick up Brooke!

I meal plan by writing down the meat portion of meals before I go grocery shopping. That works best for me since I make almost the same sides every night. But knowing the meat is easiest so we know what to defrost then. I also look in the fridge to see what we will need for the week. My boyfriend and I only shop once so if something is low, then I pick it up. I also look to see what’s on sale in case I can stock up and leave things in the freezer.


That is so awesome that the race had showers on the course and at the finish to cool off. Literally the best idea I have ever heard of. Every race down here in Florida needs this! :)

I write a meal plan for myself every week in that I pretty much eat the same thing every day haha! Chicken, veggies, brown rice. I know that probably sounds boring for every single day but honestly after a long day at work I don’t want to think about what to make and it never gets old to me! But on the weekends I do go outside of the box!


What a beautiful course! I wish I was closer. Especially since pregnant Janea is the only version I could follow ;-) But seriously you are amazing! So great that you feel good and listen to your body. Meal planning requires some effort but so worth it in the end. Life saver in my house!


Sorry my phone keeps auto-correcting your name! Not cool!


Auto-correct always does that to me too! NO WORRIES!!! Thanks so much Mel and I hope you are having an amazing day!


You are amazing! I am hoping to build up to a half marathon soon but to do one prego?! Way to go girl! Also, I love the shirt you wore for the race. What is it?!


Thank you so much Sara! Keep me updated with how the build up goes:) That top was from Lululemon about three years ago… I LOVE the high neckline!


You are SUCH an inspiration. I can’t believe that’s your pace pregnant! That’s close to my goal for my race this weekend and that’s with a lot of effort for me! But that’s what I love about running – slow or fast, you do it, and that makes you a runner. But seriously, you are amazing.

I am usually a huge fan of meal planning – not as much in the warmer part of the year though, because I usually default to super easy things that don’t require me heating up my house like salads, grilling, sandwiches, etc. I think I only managed to do Whole30 because I meal planned. I use an excel spreadsheet – basically I check out the ads at the local stores to find really good deals or know where I need to go for what, and then I build my list – I usually plan ahead for what foods sound good, and then I try to find things where I can share items, like chicken stir fry with veggies and then maybe also have shredded chicken for sandwiches or something. In the winter, I do a lot of soups that I can use one “base” for, and then modify with other ingredients. This also helps me out a ton when I need to watch my spending (which is pretty much always, TBH). I hold myself to my list and try my best not to deviate.

I would rather do just about anything than run in high heat/sun. I have no issues with getting up early!


Hmmmmm….. do you have any recipes you could share for a soup base that you can change up? I really love soup, but always end up with too much of one kind and end up shoving it into the freezer!


I am the worst at being helpful with recipes because I really only use recipes for baking…everything else I just cook by intuition. But some ideas are – make a chicken based stock (either make your own or buy it) and add chicken – from there I may add veggies & rice, or maybe cheese, cream, potatoes, or make it spicy and make like a chicken tortilla soup. Or you could do the same thing with vegetable based broth if you prefer.


I never meal plan. And I always open the fridge and realize I don’t know what to eat. It’s terrible. I eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly and eggs. Lol.


It looks like a gorgeous and scenic race. I’m glad you are enjoying running through your pregnancy. My personal favorite time to start half marathons is 7 am while 5ks 8 am. It gives me enough time to wake up but also usually beat the heat. Usually…lol.


I meal plan every week. I definitely get it from my momma! I keep a running list of meals we like and before I grocery shop or meal plan, I look and see what I have on hand first and what sounds good. I also keep a few things on hand at all times for spaghetti, tacos, breakfast foods, and stuffed sweet potatoes. I also set up my list to reflect the layout of the store.

I would much rather start a race early and avoid the heat! I have a half in 10 days and it’s predicted to be a high of 103 that day. The race starts at 7, but I’m thinking a race time of 6 would be even better! Yesterday we finished our run at around 7:45 and it was already 90 degrees (blech!!).

I mostly can’t eat after a super hard run or race. Usually I’ll try and have a smoothie or fruit afterwards.


Your race recaps always make me CRAVE races! How do you do that?? haha

I always meal plan. Each week, I make a plan of all the things that I need, and then I hit the store. I also make my husbands breakfasts/lunches for him. I’m a teacher, so I’m off now, but during the school year I plan out my lunches as well (usually salads). And I’m a smoothie person, so I make those each morning. It’s a lot of work on a Saturday/Sunday but SO worth it during the week after a long day. Hopefully you enjoy the process!


every time I see Napoleon Dynamite I love it even more lol. the first time I saw it I thought it was so odd but over the years, it has become so super funny to me! and yes, tater tots always remind me of that movie! and the way they say quesadillas lol


I always meal plan and make a list for grocery shopping. The problem is that I don’t always stick with the meal plans haha. Half way through the week they just don’t sound as good


Wow, that scenary is stunning! I am not a runner, but your post and pics almost tempts me lol.
BTW….it’s unnatural to look that stunning THAT early in the morning and planning on doing tons of physical activity. Totally jealous over here.


Thank you so much Kelly, you are really sweet! Come join me on one of these amazing races:) I hope you are having an amazing day!!


Oh I’m a big fan of the meal plan. I plan dinners out for the week on Sunday mornings, after my trip to the farmer’s market and before my grocery run. Not only does it alleviate the stress of “whats for dinner” but it also keeps my food budget in check because I am less likely to waste food if I have a plan for it in advance.


Oh I love that Rosie… thank you for sharing. Those are the two things I’m really hoping for… no more dinner stress and to stay on budget. I wish we had an awesome farmer’s market here! I hope you have a fabulous Monday!


I try to meal plan and prep in advance so I can just heat up dinner when I get home late. It usually works, except sometimes I’m just not in the mood to eat whatever I’ve prepared.


Okay, that is one thing I was wondering about Stephanie… what do you do when something completely different sounds good!? Hopefully I can just pick out meals that always sound good ha. Thanks for sharing and I hope your Monday is a great one!


Congrats on your race!! It looks like it was a lot of fun.

I try to write a meal plan for myself every Sunday! It helps me to stick to my goals and it ensures that I don’t end up wasting food :) I tend to be a creature of habit for my breakfasts and lunches, but for dinners I like to switch it up. I try to make sure I have a grain, protein, and veggies in every dish!

Hope you have a great start to your week, Janae!


I wrote a meal plan (well, dinner plan) and grocery list for our week… I’m pretty proud of myself… Who else does this regularly? I would love to hear your tips or how you do this to be efficient?

That sounds like such a fun race! When I used to be a personal trainer, I worked off of heart rate training a lot. I was really into monitoring what my zones were and always working in a fat-burning state. But then I just got tired of that and worked out to the point that it just felt good for me haha.

Chris and I meal plan (or try to…) almost every week. I can’t really do it for breakfast, but we have got it down to a science for lunch and pretty good for dinner. A tip someone gave me a long time ago is to not plan specific dinners for specific days (unless you have a reason to) and instead to just plan out 5 dinners for the weeknights and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand to make them. That way you feel like you kind of have a choice of what you want to eat when the day comes and it’s not just like “ugh i have to have grilled chicken and asparagus tonight because that’s what my meal plan says.” It works for us – kind of. Sometimes we just cave and get Chinese food though ;)


Congratulations on a great race! Brooke’s dress in that last picture is amazing, I want one in my size :)


Running with pulse control is kind of big around here (hello from Hungary, Europe), but this is what actually got me into running on a regular basis. I was much faster without this training method, but injuries got into my way so I was looking for something that helps me to go easy on myself: heart rate control (and finding a great coach..) did the trick. Fun fact: most of my runs are way under 150 bpm and I am not even expecting. This method will test your patience, but its also worth it.

I am looking forward to run my first half marathon sometimes this fall and the races and courses you post make me want to do a destination race :). However, for someone who lived almost her entire life on zero altitude, hilly courses are scary.


HELLO… I love hearing from different people from all of the world! I am SO happy that heart rate control (along with a coach) has kept you INJURY FREE. Please keep me updated with how your training is going, I am so excited for your first half marathon and of course I want you to come to Utah to do one! We have some beautiful ones in the fall!


I meal plan for a family of 5. I have a weekly sheet and I try to plan for two weeks at a time. My sheet has breakfast, lunch, dinner, extras, and a spot at the top to list activities that might be happening. I find it EXTREMELY helpful in keeping us from eating out so often. I feel kind of bad for my kids because my mom always made home made things and eating out was a real treat. I feel like my kiddos are a bit ungrateful because we eat out more than I ever did when I was little. I try to do one new recipe a week, and put in leftover days. It works well for me.

As for training by heart… YES! That is the only way I have trained the past few years. I haven’t been looking to break PRs or hit certain paces but to really learn where my effort is based on heart rate. Am I hitting my VO2Max based on the heart rate scale? I think it helps me be more efficient, as I’ve never been a speed machine but helps me increase my endurance.


I need a weekly sheet, that sounds awesome Michele! I completely agree with you about kids not being as grateful about eating out (and I’m not either!!!)… when I grew up we went out to eat on our birthday and Thanksgiving and that is pretty much it. I love that you try a new recipe each week too, such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE that heart rate training has been so great for you and helping your endurance! Thank you so much for your comment Michele!


Being pregnant I keep my heart rate in mind but don’t measure it. When I start to feel winded I back off. I will meal plan for dinners. I have an Erin Condren paper planner that I write them in each Sunday. Planning is relaxing for me ?. I would definitely beat the heat. The sun in Boise makes me feel like my skin is melting! I can’t eat anything right after a race. It usually takes my body a couple hours to like food.

Great job at your race!!


I just googled the planner that you have and oh my goodness, I need one right this second. They are so cute and I totally know what you mean about planning feeling relaxing! Oh I bet that sun is cruel in Boise! PS we were there a few months ago and I LOVED IT THERE!! Thanks and have a great day Ally!


How do you listen to audiobooks on runs? I know that may sounds like a stupid question but when I listen to audiobooks it’s always on CD (from the library) but I’ve considered testing out an Audible subscription. I’m still terribly old school in some ways… like over the weekend when I read Apple is discontinuing the iPod shuffle I panicked a little wondering what I’m going to do when mine dies.


HEY JOY!!! Yes, I use Audible and LOVE it!! I am the same as you…. I like sticking to the stuff that I love and have a hard time trying new things. I say stock up on a few of the shuffles so that you can always have one:) I hope you are having a great day!


Yeah, I live for my nano. I’m beyond sad. I’m going to pick up another nano just in case something happens to mine and hope they don’t stop supporting them. Some of us don’t use our phones when we run! So frustrating. And I totally use Audible…it’s awesome. Also podcasts…LOVE.


I am fortunate to be able to eat whatever I want post race and that is a blessing considering my choice is often a burger and fries. :)


Napoleon Dynamite is my favorite movie! I knew my husband was a keeper when we first started dating and that was one of the first movies we watched together:) We quote kip and napoleon all the time! Plus, Rexburg is next door to where it was filmed, so I feel like I lived that movie for college!

I don’t love getting up early, but I am always eager to do it for a race! My long runs I usually just sweat it out later in the day. And after a race I usually just want fruit and all the fluids I can get my hands on. I usually grab the goodies to go, because I know I will want them later and regret if I did not get them, but I only want food after a shower and change of clothes. Then I want food quickly! Usually I want fajitas or burgers.

I do plan our meals, so that when we shop we only buy what we need. I try to plan the nights out (2 weeks at a time) but things do get changed around from time to time. Publix is only a short 1/2 mile bike away, so for things like bread, milk, and produce I don’t buy too much at once, so that I try not to waste anything. Our staple meals are tacos, quesadillas, egg sandwiches, and tuna. Plus, I always try to have a dijorno pizza in the freezer in case we need a quick meal.

Congrats on your half! Your pregnant time is 5 minutes faster than my PR…………ha!


Great job on your HM!!! Looks like a beautiful race.

I usually plan 3-4 things to cook for the week. I try to make enough so there are leftovers for lunch or another meal the next day. For faster meals, I make breakfast tacos or a sweet potato with whatever I have in the fridge. We like to grill all year round, but it’s just too hot right now to stand by the grill. Maybe in a few weeks…

I love races that start early!! I think all races should start no later than 7am!!

Is it just me or does Knox look very grown up in these pics?? I love that sweet pic of the two of you :)


I got the Garmin 235 for the wrist-based heart rate monitor, but I feel like it gives me weird readings a lot and isn’t accurate? I should probably figure out how to fix that. Also, my little brother used do the same thing with his blanket that Knox does – I remember the corner pieces would fall off and my mom would have to sew them back on for him! Knox looks like such a sweet kid!


Mollie, that is really strange about your Garmin! I would definitely return it for a new one if I were you. My readings are usually right on (I have tested against my apple watch and a heart rate monitor too). HAHAH I love that your lil brother does the same blanket thing! Great idea to sew one back on and you are right about Knox!


I don’t train by heart rate, but that sounds like a good idea.

Congrats on your race!

No meal plans, but I do plan out in the sense that I will think of things to make that will freeze well, last several meals…but there is only the 2 of us and sometimes my bf is happy eating apple pie for dinner, so meals are quite easy:p.

I am definitely an early morning runner these days but it gets hot by 8 am so if I am doing a long run, I can’t completely beat the heat. I will not go out at noon if I can help it.

A few hours after a race, I can definitely eat anything but right after, it’s smoothies, cold drinks, anything liquid.


Ooh, tough questions today! Congrats on your race :) I do meal plan as I don’t like having to make decisions during the week! Also it helps to avoid waste and we often cook double batches and eat the same thing twice. I’ve only just got a HRM so I’m still getting used to learning how to use it. It was useful during my weekend long run though as I’m trying really hard to learn to run slow as part of my marathon training. Keeping an eye on my heart rate zone helped with that. Post race food – I’m still learning with this too! I often feel really sick after a hard race but I make myself eat something like a protein bar and drink some chocolate milk. At my first half marathon they were giving out prosecco on the finish line – I did not fancy that! I went to the pub with my family to eat but felt too bad to eat! I hate early and hot so I guess I’m well suited to the English climate ?


DOUBLE BATCHES… that is brilliant! I’m going to have to try that with our favorite meals:) Keep enjoying that English climate haha! I love it! Thanks for sharing Lys and I hope you are having a great day!


Yep double batches are definitely handy if you’re a bit pushed for time (or inspiration!) Some weeks I look through cookbooks for ideas but others I use a template like a soup (double), a fish meal and something from X book (or from our list of easy favourites – which my boyfriend has actually written up in a Google doc!!!) This week I said we each had to pick one meal which was fun :) I like meals like chilli and curry which you can vary with different veggies and serve once with rice and once with baked potato, or once with rice and once with naan bread. Putting halloumi cheese on leftovers gives them a whole new look too :)


Fun fact: Heart rate during research came out that pregnant women should keep their heart rates below 140 bpm, and then retracted their claim but unfortunately this statistic has stuck in the medical field since the research came out in 1985, even though it’s wrong! Here’s the link to the article that explains it: http://blogs.plos.org/publichealth/2014/06/19/exercise-safe-pregnancy-many-docs-know/

There are a tonne of articles that go into it, but this one was the first one that came up. Let me know what you think! It’s fascinating to me! We’re all a bit like sheep sometimes where we hear something somewhere and then just follow along. I’m totally guilty of this!


Off to read that article… that is really interesting Suzy… thank you!!!! My last OBGYN told me that so I have just stuck to it like glue but to be honest, my body doesn’t feel like it is able to go any faster (the weight/fatigue probably) at this point to get my heart rate any higher than that. Does that make sense?


Yes–TOTALLY. I never take my heart rate but I started to after my OBGYN told me not to run (when she was worried about the baby/uterus growth) when I was on the stationary bike and I was working SO HARD and my heart rate never even touched 120!!! Now THIS may sound nuts but I actually feel way more winded on the bike than I do running. I feel like when I run, I can just kinda slog along but biking requires me to put in a solid effort.

Isn’t it nuts how pregnancy just saps all the oxygen and glycogen and energy right out of our muscles/circulatory system? And I don’t know about you, but my heart rate is the LAST thing I’m worried about because my #1 concern is where I’m going to find the next bathroom!!! Ha ha! Or where I can pop a squat where nobody will see me! I stop to wee so much that my heart rate probably doesn’t even break 100! Bahahaha.


I have been running a bit more by heart rate as I get back into postpartum running. It’s how I make sure I build my fitness back smarter and on my body terms and not what my mind wants to do!


I LOVE that Laura and I think I’m going to have to copy you… my brain will definitely want to do more than my body will be ready for. Great idea and congrats on your little one!


Can’t believe you just ran four half marathons during your pregnancy, Janae! I want to be like you when I get pregnant too!


We call those blanket corners fiffy corners in our family. My sister was obsessed with them as a child. I am a longtime lurker/enjoy your blog a lot, but had to break my silence just to say that ?


Alison!! THANK YOU for chiming in:) Oh I love that… fiffy corners hahah! What is it about them? Thank you for reading over the years Alison, I really appreciate that!!!


First of all: Race anxiety. It wasn’t a thing on my PR half… and it was a thing during my most recent half. Coincidence? I think not.

To answer your question: I’d much rather get up super early and beat the heat! Heat weighs me down.

Way to be a super active preggo lady! Super inspiring! :)


We meal plan every week. Rarely do we have the same thing twice in one month! My husband is a dietician and is an “everything in moderation” type of guy so we try to balance what sounds good with what is healthy. Typically we eat out one time a week so need to plan for 6 evening meals and 2 lunches on the weekend. We usually comb magazines and the web ( and my neighbor’s blog “Iowagirleats.com”) to pick our meals. Then we make a grocery list and run to the store, usually as a family. If it is a busy week and we have a tight window for dinner, I specifically assign a meal to a night. Otherwise, we eat what sounds good on the list that night. My kids are 15 and 13 and I hope they eventually appreciate the variety of food that we eat. Growing up in rural Iowa, parmesan cheese only came in a can!


Jackie, that is AWESOME that you guys rarely eat the same things twice each month. Wow! Oh that is awesome that iowagirleats.com is your neighbor… I love her blog! Thank you for sharing, I sure want the variety that your kids get ha! Thanks for the new goal:) Enjoy your day!


I’ve never trained according to my heart rate before but I’d love to try! My watch doesn’t tell me that but I’m hoping to upgrade my Garmin to the heart rate one!

I write out our meals each Sunday night! I leave a few days open for going out but otherwise it helps me stay on track.

I’d MUCH rather wake up early to start a long run! Heat is no fun to run in at all! Cooler temps make runs 10000 times more enjoyable, breathing wise and energy wise! Ready for fall temps to get here in Arkansas!

I have to be super careful with my post race or post run food. My stomach screams at me if I eat immediately after! Usually a banana or smoothie is my max for at least an hour!


Whenever Ross or I are getting frustrated at dinner and we tell the kids to eat their dinner we usually mumble ‘Eat your food, Tina! Ya fat lard!’ That show is so quotable ;)

I am still so impressed with your running abilities while pregnant. You’re pretty much super human.

Start a race early! No one sleeps well the night before anyway and running in the heat is the worst. #10amStartTime #NeverForget


Great job on your race!! It’s always good when you have no race anxiety :)
The main reason I bought a new garmin was the wrist-based heart rate feature – I love to use my heart rate to gauge how hard or easy my runs are…under 150 is a great easy pace! I do know everyone’s max heart rate is different so I think you have to train based on that number. I’ve seen my heart rate get into the 190s before which kind of scares me :/
Early morning races are the way to go!
And I try to get my meal planning for the week done on Sunday mornings – then head to the grocery store at some point Sunday so we are set for the week. I wrote about my meal planning on this post: http://www.hornestateofmind.com/monday-meal-planning/
Hope you had a great day Janae!


I always meal plan. When tax season starts, i’ll mass produce meals and freeze them to make life easier. Chili, soup, stir fry, sloppy joes, and meat balls are great for this. Tacos make frequent appearances when I work late because my husband likes them and I hate them.

I have some sort of injury. Nothing happened but it all of the sudden started hurting when I run. It doesn’t hurt any other time. There’s no swelling, bruising, and nothing hurts when I touch it. I think it’s time for the orthopaedist. I’m really bummed. I have two races in the next two months. I have a feeling, there not happening.

That’s awesome with the four half marathons. My doctors told me to stopen running when I was pregnant. I really liked her, so I listened. With my third, it was the only thing that made me feel better with my all day morning sickness.

Vote for Pedro! I love that movie.


Congrats on another great race! I would much rather start a race on the earlier side to avoid the heat. You can always take a nap after the race, right?


I almost missed you at the race on Saturday!! And I saw Candice and Josse! I saw you at the 11 mile aid station! I was handing out Powerade while I was dreaming of being able to run again! I should be cleared by my OB next week! It’s been a long 6 weeks!

I religiously meal plan aka dinner plan every 2 weeks. There are some weeks where I just don’t want to do it, but I have kept at it for several years (talk about dedication). It was actually one of the ways we were able to save money to pay off our debts. Pinterest is my friend for finding meals. I also pay in cash for food, so that helps us not go over budget. I found that if I don’t meal plan, I can’t come up with anything to make for dinner and we end up going out to eat all the time. So it definitely has saved us money over the years.


I tend to meal plan on Mondays. We are 45 minutes away from a grocery store, so if I forget something, it means another trip to town! City Market is our best option where we live and they do digital coupons, so once a week I will hop on the computer and load the ones that apply to us and let that lead meal decisions. I love not having to deal with paper coupons but also LOVE watching the total go down when they push the button to apply the coupons. We also love their fuel points.

Typically I would rather get up early to run and beat the heat.

I have a hard time eating close to/during runs/rides. The hardest part for me!

Your little racing bump is the cutest!!!


Food prepping on Sunday afternoons is the best! I spiralize and rice a ton of vegetables (sweet potatoes, red cabbage, cauliflower) and bag them to eat in various ways throughout the week. I think there is something so calming and productive feeling about it all! I also like that I know I have quick healthy options readily available so I don’t feel the urge to go out or order in something undoubtedly less beneficial for myself throughout the week.
I will get up at insane, ludicrous times to avoid the heat where I live.
I never seem to hungry after a race for a few hours…then all bets are off…I will eat nearly anything If it is in front of my face ?


Congrats on your marathon – looks like a beautiful one!

Also – I think you mean Napoleon Dynamite – not Neopolitan. (Although I love neopolitan ice cream!)


Oh my goodness you rocked that race! Great pace for carrying a little bundle of joy. But you are right, running pregnant totally takes the anxiety off the race. I ran a half marathon this year when I was 9 weeks pregnant and it was so much fun. I ran the first 8 miles with a coworker and I helped him get a PR. So far this pregnancy I have been also tracking my heart rate. The most I have ever let it get to has been 160. Running in the heat definitely affects me so I try to run real early but sleep is just sooooo good these days! Lol


Isn’t it funny how well we do when we don’t put all that pressure on ourselves and run just for FUN! :)

That is so cute with Knox and his blanket, I did the same when I was a kid and still do when I go to sleep! I had to just cut the soft silky ends off of the blanket cause it was falling apart over the years


I love to meal prep. I used to really write it all out but I do not have to as much now. Early on Sunday mornings I make two breakfast dishes, a couple o f lunch options like check or a casserole, then I plan about 3 dinners. I figure one will end of being leftovers and we can go out or wing it for another.


Congrats on the half… you’re so speedy, even running for two :)

I meal plan every Friday/Saturday before I go shoping. We hardly ever throw out any food and by the end of the week, the fridge is empty! I don’t know if it brought down our grocery bill (LOL – we like food!), but we definitely feel good about not wasting food and having everything we need at hand when we need it.


I can eat anything after a race, but fruit always sounds the best right away. Oh I always meal plan. We don’t have a grocery store in our town, so I guess I’ve been forced to. Every Sunday, I write right on the calendar what we are having, that way I can see what activities are going on, so I know if I have to have a fast supper ready or can take more time preparing it. Then I write down what I need for each meal. (I will do this mid week if something pops in to my head to have for the following week). Anyway, so then I know what is going on that day, what we are eating that night, and the list of ingredients I need from the store. I get them every Monday. It works, because if we forget something, you just don’t run out and get it without going to the next town. Which sucks. I even have my grocery list, listed out by aisle. Yes ! I seriously so. It goes in the order of the store, so I don’t have to backtrack in store or on my list. Ok, you’ve guessed, I have pretty bad OCD as well. I’m ok with that. lol Good luck meal planning.


First of all, awesome job on the race! I’m rather intimidated because your pace while pregnant was almost the same as my PB for the half and I was certainly not pregnant (being a man, kinda makes that unlikely).

I don’t train according to heart rate, but I do use it in races to make sure I’m not overdoing it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. During my last marathon my heart rate hit 200 by the 15 mile mark, kinda scary, but that’s what I get for running withou proper training.

Definitely prefer races in the dark. Running in the sun is more draining.

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