FRIDAY FAVORITES, hanging out before they leave and your running accomplishments!

SIXTY TWO DEGREES.  It felt amazing.  I couldn’t believe how much better running in the sixties felt.  I could go on for an hour about this but I’ll save you from having to read all of my temperature talk.

IMG 1283

I went outside yesterday morning to start my run.  I went to push start on my Garmin and it wasn’t there.  I was too lazy to go back inside to get it so I just went without one and I think I did somewhere around 50 minutes. I also wore my PureFlow 6’s (you can read my review on them here) for the first time in a while and that was a fun change for my feet!  I listened to my new favorite podcast, How I Built This, about how TOMS started… seriously I’m hooked on this podcast.  It is so interesting.

IMG 1284

It sure is nice to have them back together again.

IMG 1296

Yesterday was spent getting in some good time together before Andrew and Brooke leave this afternoon!

IMG 1307

We also stopped at Target for some things and as we were leaving I remembered that I was out of Bisquick.  I quickly fixed that problem.

IMG 1312

These two were pretty excited about their new pajamas!

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I have a few Friday Favorites to share with you today!!!!

*I have a few new favorite things from Roolee I thought I would share!  My current favorites (these aren’t maternity… I just get a size bigger now):  This dress (it is SO comfortable), this dress (what I wore yesterday), this top and this top:)

IMG 0955

*We went to a get together this last weekend that was adorable. They had a Cafe Rio salad bar (they used a copycat recipe for everything like this one) and then this cute ice cream station.

IMG 0968

It was such a cute idea and of course Brooke thought it was the best idea ever and asked for this for her birthday party.

IMG 0973

*My favorite running quotes this week:  I was tagged in this post and wow… this is SO TRUE.  It would sure be nice to be able to plan the order of the good and bad miles though;)  I love hearing that the elites have the same experiences we do (their miles are just a lot faster ha).

IMG 1282

*My favorite life quote this week:

Screen Shot 2017 07 27 at 4 13 33 PM

*My mom sent this to me and I laughed for two minutes straight.

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*That Brooke and I have the same Hangry Face.  I must have passed this down to her in her DNA.  When we are hungry… things aren’t fun.

IMG 0944

*rabbit running clothes.  I shared with you a few weeks ago my love of rabbit running clothes and it hasn’t stopped…  I’m in love.  Their shorts just feel so right and I”ve worn a lot of different running shorts over the years.  They have taken over the #1 spot for me.  The Hoppers are my favorite.

IMG 1314

*I just started listening to The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting (you can listen for free on Amazon Prime for the first month)—> and I am loving it so far.  I’ve always really enjoyed Brene Brown and this is perfect for me.  “What we are teaches the child more than what we say so we must be what we want our children to become.”  Seriously, this is SO good.

*My mom’s enchiladas.  I made them for dinner again last night.  I think I’ve cooked more for Andrew over the last two weeks than I have our entire marriage:)  For some reason this stage of pregnancy has made me want to cook non-stop… probably because that way I can get exactly what I am craving!

IMG 1315

*Knox has come up with a list for us to do together this weekend and I can’t wait:  Scheels, slurpees, the movie theater and the dollar store are the number one things on his list.


YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING… keep your accomplishments coming in:)  —>  [email protected]


Bethany!!  “On Sunday, July 16, my husband Landon and I ran our first half marathon together.  We had both run a half before, but never together which made this race extra special.  We picked out our race, the Chicago Rock and Roll half marathon in order to fit into my marathon training schedule and I am so glad we picked that one!  Not only did we enjoy live music all the way through, but we also enjoyed misting stations, great crowd support and an amazing group of 20,000 runners!  Although my Garmin had a hard time tracking our pace (thanks to all the buildings downtown) we still finished 3 minutes shy of our goal time (with a time of 1:52:50) and hand in hand.  Without a doubt, this was my all time favorite race.  So far;)”

Half marathon


Aimee!!!  “Hi, I’m Aimee!  You may remember me a few years ago from FunFitGirl.  What happened to her?  She burned out.  In both the blogging and running worlds.  I needed a break, so I took one.  A whole year and a half off from both blogging and running seriously.  What did I do during this time?  I started doing yoga, hiking more, eating better, taking the time to work on my relationships and I WAS SO HAPPPY.  So happy that I felt confident enough to start running and blogging again.  Right now I’m mostly trail running and it brings so much joy to my life – my outlook on running is different now- it’s not something I have to do and then report about on my blog, it’s something I get to do and it makes me a better version of myself.  It fills my cup.  Burn out is real and IT IS OKAY to take a break. You can always come back to running- it’s always there for you.”



Ashley!!! “my running accomplishment may not seem that bit go others. I didn’t finish an awesome race or reach a PR.  Last week my sweet nephew died after a tragic car accident.  I still tried to run last week because that usually helps me deal with life.  But I just couldn’t run, I was emotionally drained and it just didn’t seem as important as it usually does.  Then at my nephew’s funeral his parents asked everyone to “Do Good” each day and “Live for Levi.”  Their message really touched me.  As I have gone out this week I think of my nephew and the bundle of energy that he was.  He ran everywhere!  So I decided one of the ways I will live for Levi is by running! His memory is helping me to find joy in running again.  So if you are in a running rut, run for Levi too!  Today, Friday, July 28th would have been his 3rd birthday.  His parents would like to raise $30,000 in honor of his 3rd birthday to give to Primary Children’s Medical Center to help other kids fighting for their lives.  More of their story is HERE and HERE!”



What are some of your Friday Favorites?  

Who has a weekend long run or race?  I want the details!  Anyone going to be at the Timp Half?

Do you ever listen to audiobooks?  During the run, while cooking/cleaning, in the car?

When you cook… do you clean up as you cook or clean at the end?

-I am just like my mom and I have to clean as I go!

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I totally clean up at the end when I cook. And I dread it.

I love audio books. Listening to one in the car now. An interesting book about communication by Alan Alda.


A run in the 60s??!! That must be so nice. It’s sweltering here, and I usually end up running when it’s in the high 90s. I can’t wait to move to Cali and the cooler temps soon!!

Friday faves: I accidentally tossed my keys down the trash chute this morning and had to retrieve them out of the dumpster, so that wasn’t good, BUT I just got a new shirt (that I’m wearing today) from Roolee and a new pair of jeans that I can’t wait to wear soon! Hope you and Knox have a fun weekend together!!


Ok please in keep in mind I know little to nothing about maternity wear but I saw that pink dress you’re wearing from Roolee and I was like…oh I hope that’s not a maternity dress because I really want it…but even if it is I’ll probably buy it. Anyways, that’s my embarrassing LOLZ story of the day.


BAHAHA I love you!! It actually isn’t maternity wear… I just get a size bigger now from Roolee:) I hope you get it, it is so comfy! Have a great weekend girl!


I try to clean as I go so I don’t notice or mess although lately, I just try not to cook at all and my kitchen stays spotless! lol


I want to try your mom’s enchilada recipe and I think it’s going to make it into my meal plan for next week! Knox’s weekend list sounds like a fun one for you too.
I have to clean and I go while cooking, it makes the process so much better in my opinion. I have a long run of 5 miles this weekend which doesn’t seem that long but it’s the longest I’ve run in a while and I can’t wait to go out and do it. Have a great weekend with Knox and safe travels to Brooke and Andrew.


I’ve never listened to an audiobook. Maybe I should give it a shot!


Do it and let me know if you find any good ones Stephanie! Have a fabulous weekend!!!


I love listening to audiobooks in the car! So much better than changing music stations constantly. Thanks for the share Janae!!


The ice cream station looks like so much fun for me – let alone kids! I hope you have a great weekend.


Inspirational post, keep up the great work! I love such attitude!


Thank you so much Katie! I hope you have an amazing Friday! Keep in touch!


I am a convert from cleaning up after I cook to cleaning up as I go! It’s so much nicer working in a clean space for me. :) My ankle has been a little sore the last two days, so I’m learning from past mistakes and NOT running injured. So hard to skip over my plan but long term I realize it’s wise. Friday favorites would be for family time around here! We usually do something fun or just hangout together at home. Our family is loving audiobooks for longish car rides. We have found that our girls would rather listen to an audiobook than other forms of entertainment and find they just really enjoy it!

I love that you ran without the garmin! I may have to give it a go when my ankle is feeling strong again and just run to run. No paces or time constraints! Thanks for the inspiration!


BOOO to your ankle Deborah and I hope it gets better ASAP… keep me updated. Great plan to take some time off from running to get it better instead of running on it. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and GREAT idea to listen to audiobooks with the kids. I’m totally going to copy you! Thanks!


Friday Favorites… I made an “oldies” playlist to run to, with some great Motown music, a little early disco, stuff like that, and it MADE MY DAY this morning on my run! So upbeat and a great way to start my morning!

I don’t really listen to audiobooks… I LOVE reading, and I feel like audiobooks take away some of my joy from reading. I have tried them before but they just don’t work for me. It took me awhile to get used to reading on my iPad rather than reading an actual physical book so maybe I will get there some day! :)

I try my best to clean while cooking – my kitchen isn’t overly huge, so I usually have to clean as I go in order to have enough space. Sometimes when I do a large food prep on Sundays, I wait and clean at the end and I usually regret it because there’s so much to do.


I tried a Madwell tee and Zella leggings for the first time and I love them both. I restrained myself and those are the only 2 things I bought at the Nordstrom sale. My other fave is we’re going to the beach for a week. I.can.not.wait.

I need to clean up as I go. I don’t wash dishes until the end but I hate having stuff in my way when I’m baking or cooking.

We listen to audiobooks in the car. It makes long drives better.


Those two things are the best!! I am so glad you loved them! Enjoy every second at the beach Nina, I’m so happy for you guys! I’m just like you… I have to clean as I go! I hope you are having a wonderful day already and I can’t wait to hear about your beach trip!


I was supposed to do my long run today but half of our family got the stomach bug last night so I got a really hard mile and a half in this morning. I’ll try for the long run again tomorrow.

I have to clean as I go or else I get overwhelmed at the end and it takes a lot more for me to clean.


I’m so jelly belly that you had a 62 degree run! I’m really hoping that I’ll get a nice change of temps from the crazy sauna hot-ness that’s here in NC. We’ve been sporting 100+ degree days with humidity making the “real feel” over 105. So miserable!

On a run the other day, it was so hot and humid I ended up DRIPPING in sweat! I could literally look down and see the dotted sidewalk from my sweat drips. *shudder* so gross!


I took a cooking class in college and they made a big deal about “CAYGO” (clean as you go). So now you have a word for it!


Oh I love it!! I’m totally going to be using that! THANKS JEN!!


My kids love to listen to audio books. I mostly listen to podcasts. I’ve become a little obsessed with podcasts to tell you the truth. How do you think the Rabbit shorts fit? I want to try a pair but I am afraid they run small and don’t want to deal with returning.


ALISHA!!! I do not think they run small! The ‘catch me if you can’ shorts are a bit shorter (too short for me) but I think they run pretty true to size. Usually I am a small in shorts and wear a small with them… Right now I am wearing a medium!


Yessss to running in 60*! I’ve been waking up extra early to run so that it’s 50-60 degrees instead of 80! Makes such a huge difference!


It’s supposed to be 104 degrees here in Austin today…I’m a little jealous! I listen to podcasts and audiobooks ALL the time. I feel like the make driving / cooking / cleaning about 10,000 times more enjoyable. Happy Friday!


I do a little bit of both, I fill the sink with soapy water and place dishes in there, then while everything is cooking I’ll wash. Then clean up whatever’s left at the end. I can’t wait until the cooler temps are here!!


I always clean as I cook, just like my mama too.

I have a 1/2 two weeks from Saturday called the Hell of a Half, because it’ll be hot and super hilly ;)

I love listening to podcasts and books. I recently drove from Cali to TX and back and Audible and podcasts saved me big time!

Enjoy your weekend with Knox!


Love Knox’s list and love audiobooks! Cleaning is so much easier with a book playing in my ear! I cook all of the time and usually clean up during and after because there are just too many dishes.


I am super jealous of your 62 degree run. My brother and I went for a run this morning around 8:30 and we were thrilled with the 85 degrees. Luckily we got some rain so that cooled us off a bit.

I HAVE to clean up as I go when cooking. I hate doing dishes so if I clean as I go, it doesn’t seem so bad haha!


Brooke’s dress at the ice cream party is ADORABLE. I want one. She’s looking so grown up to me all of a sudden.

Have a great weekend!


Oh thank you!! I AGREE… she is growing up FAST!! I hope you have an amazing weekend too!!


My Friday Favorite Food is CHERRIES! I have been loving them lately and can’t stop eating them.

I listen to audiobooks all the time. I am currently listening to Orange is the New Black (I watch the show and was interested in the actual memoir!)

I ALWAYS clean as I cook. I can’t imagine leaving it til the end!

Have fun with Knox this weekend!! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of good things planned :)


Bethany, Aimee and Ashley…you girls rock…I loved reading your stories! Ashley, I am so sorry for your loss. I too, can not run when I’m emotionally drained…I can’t run and cry at the same time, wishing you all the best <3

Brooke's Hangry face is priceless…never mess with a hangry person no matter what their age! :)


Sounds like Knox has a great plan for you guys this weekend! My Friday favorite would have to be the croissant I had from Corner Bakery Cafe, this morning. First time there but definitely worth a repeat trip. Also…nice people. They’re always a favorite of mine too. Life is hard and nice people make things easier. ?

No races or runs for me (sob). Occasionally I’ll listen to an audiobook in the car, I can’t focus on it any other way. I *try* to clean as I go, but it’s usually after. And I do count the day after a big dinner/entertainment as a suitable option. ? But the food and big splatters definitely get taken care of as I go!

Have a great weekend, Janae!


I need to check out Roolee and get that dress! You look so beautiful and glowy :)
Brooke is adorable in that dress with her ice cream!
I did a track workout for the first time in who knows when this morning…. 2 x 600m, 400m, 200m then 6 x 100m strides. It was super hard but I made it :)
I HAVE to clean up as I go when I cook…when my husband cooks he leaves this enormous pile of dishes in the sink and I feel like he has used every dish we own ;)
Have a great weekend with Knox!!


Ashley – I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

Janae – I want Brooke’s dress from the party in my own size… It’s adorable. Glad you got to enjoy a cooler run. I forget how spoiled I am living in SF where the fog is my friend!

I’m weird about germs and cleaning while I cook. I can’t watch my husband cook – very loosey goosey with the cooking carnage. :)


Starting the day with a positive mind and right mindset are important in keeping you up in a day. What I do with my time, is to run around the streets to relax, while at home, I will start up with my favorite audiobook to listen to. I made a registration here and have a FREE audiobook. You can check this one.

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