Important stories from my iPhone.

I hope your Tuesday afternoon is a great one so far!  I have a bunch of stories from my phone that I wanted to share with you today!

*Brooke taught me how to find the crazy filters on Snapchat… I have never known how to find these but Brooke knew (I think she does it with her dad in California so she was able to teach me ha)!  The only problem was that she would use her real tongue to actually lick me while we did this.

*Rainy days with my gal pal as we run around town.

IMG 7900

*It takes a lot of trust on Andrew’s side to allow a child to eat a popsicle over his head.

IMG 7792

*Brooke learned teasing from Andrew so I always have to laugh when I see situations like this one below:

IMG 7597

*This look in her eye usually means she is scheming up some way to tease Andrew.

IMG 7831

*Andrew sent this to me on Saturday… I’m not sure why because this is nothing like us;)

IMG 7573

*So our kids are absolutely obsessed with the GoPro Youtube videos.  They stand their in awe laughing.


*Just Knox flying over us at the pool the other day!

IMG 7561

*Hmmmm so this might be a thing around here.  We don’t have Uber Eats yet but more and more restaurants are delivering food late at night (there are a few colleges nearby) so I think we are going to have to try this ASAP.  I could really go for a Rainbow Roll right this second.

IMG 7571

*While we were at lunch the other day I looked over at Brooke and saw this incredible bird that she had drawn ALL BY HERSELF (along with the candy cane below it;).  We all saw it and couldn’t believe her.. it looks even better in person or maybe I’m just being too proud as a mom but I think she has a future in this.

IMG 7902

*All of this art work does have some negative side effects.. including paper cuts.  This one included a tough recovery.

IMG 7892

*Beretta was sure happy that she was wide awake and Brooke fell asleep on top of her… I think this is the same scenario that Andrew experiences each night at 9:30 pm when I fall asleep and he has all of the energy in the world.

IMG 7859

*You know you’re tired when… you try to fill your mug with ice upside down.

IMG 7856

*My sister’s older kids were gone for a week (blended family stuff) and when they got home, her two babies would not let them out of their sight.  It is really sweet how happy they are to be together again.

IMG 7901

*Andrew came out ready for his ten mile run (he is doing a half next weekend wahooo) and Brooke noticed his tall socks… so she ran into her room to put on her tall socks to match.

IMG 7979


I hope your Tuesday is amazing!  Would love to hear about what’s been going on with your day so far!

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The picture Andrew sent you about the husband and wife is so true for my boyfriend and I! I feel like that’s every romantic relationship though haha.


Brooke’s picture is pretty impressive! good job Brooke! I just found out that Provo has desert places that deliver….I’m not sure how long I’ve been in the dark about this, but I think it’s genius.


haha, I love that picture Andrew sent! SO TRUE! Today’s activities = a early SOLO (woohoo!) five mile run, a walk to our local pool, blog work, run coaching work, and tacos for dinner!
Hope you have a great rest of your Tuesday, Janae!


That snippet Andrew sent: I swear I have had that entire conversation in my head….yup, been there ~ thought that…….only wish my hubby did have a diary so I would know what really went on in his head. (Mmmm maybe??? Not sure I would always want to know either ;-)


HAHAHA maybe I should get Andrew a diary for Father’s Day… good idea;) Good to know I’m not alone! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far Kathy!


Look so like a fun filled day! I get you on being tired thought my Keurig coffe maker broke, but I just forgot to put a coffee pod in. Sigh. 4 mile treadmill run and 2 hours watching my kids do swim team.


Love that flying photo!! Such a cute idea for a post. Tuesday has been blah for me, but it’s sunny out and the work day is done, so no complaining!


Love seeing the wonderful dynamics between Brooke and Andrew :) Happy Tuesday Janae!


I have definitely started the Keurig without a mug under it at least 2-3 times. I started packing for our road trip/cruise that we leave for next week! Ugh. I don’t like packing, but I’m hoping if I do a little at a time it won’t be so overwhelming! And at least, I’m basically packing for just one climate = hot.


What mileage does Andrew top out on when he’s training for a half? Just curious! :)


That popsicle pic!! I DIE!!!

Great post…I love these pics :)


Amazing drawing by Brooke !

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