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FIRST TRIMESTER TALK and how we found out we were pregnant!!!!

Above is a picture from our very first doctor’s appointment.  It really did feel so surreal to be sitting there with Andrew as we started this new chapter for us.  Yes, we move in fast motion but we felt like it was the time to start trying! PS this is how we found out we were … Continue Reading

Important stories from my iPhone.

I hope your Tuesday afternoon is a great one so far!  I have a bunch of stories from my phone that I wanted to share with you today! *Brooke taught me how to find the crazy filters on Snapchat… I have never known how to find these but Brooke knew (I think she does it … Continue Reading

What do you do when you have a HORRIBLE run right before a race/anytime at all + CELEBRATING!!!

It was quite the windy morning for my run yesterday.  I’m talking the kind of windy day where it feels like you are running straight into a headwind no matter what direction you are facing.  I was sure happy that I forgot my headband for my run because I had little hairs stuck in my … Continue Reading