Sentence Per Picture!!

Thursday afternoon is here!

The morning started out very cuddly… usually Brooke is up first but today she was all about sleeping in.

IMG 4275

She took a selfie while I was doing her hair.

IMG 4283

Ready to party.

DSC02765 2

Eight mile run together in my favorite canyon in the world.

IMG 4315

Started running up here when I was 12 and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so until I am 95.

IMG 4286

I’m sad I’ll be missing my favorite 1/2 marathon ever next month… this is the only weekend that I can take Brooke to California to see her dad and I’ve got to do my part to help her get there (Andrew is at the hospital that whole weekend)… I’ll be at the race in spirit.

IMG 4289

It’s totally normal to covet your 4 year old’s clothing/shoes.


When you have leftover pie in your fridge…

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Just a quick power nap with his favorite pillow.


Ever set alarm clocks to remind yourself to stretch/move during the day… I need to add one for push-ups or something!

IMG 4317

My favorite show ever (I might sound dramatic but I have been watching every Fixer Upper possible at night)… they are my favorite.

IMG 4273

Speaking of fixer upper… this is my sister’s kitchen right now (she is going to do an entire post of before and after pictures and how they did it all)!!

IMG 4316

A picture I think is pretty from Boise.

IMG 3612

My aunt brought Fried Avocado Dippers to Easter dinner and I thought they were pretty dang good.

IMG 4110

A treadmill run pic that I never posted from the other week but these two sure do their best to entertain me while I am on the treadmill.

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Talk about inspiration… John Platt…”Whenever I am running it is the only time I feel free of my MS” (I can’t figure out how to make the movie bigger so if the clip below isn’t big enough, try watching HERE).

Want to have a million goosebumps again after watching the above clip, go look at the photos in this article—> These Photos Capture What It Feels Like To Finish Boston.

Screen Shot 2017 04 20 at 2 37 48 PM


Have a sentence of the day?

Did you have a solo run, treadmill run or run with somebody today?

If you have done half marathons… which one would you say is your absolute favorite?

Any other Fixer Upper fanatics?!

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I didn’t feel great today on my run so I cut it short. Although I haven’t worn a watch or had any plan all week, so technically I didn’t cut anything short…just ran short.

On the East Coast, I think Shamrock Half marathon, as well as Atlantic City Half are done well. People love the NJ half as well as Philadelphia half around me, but neither I think are worth the cost. I always tell people, if you come to Philly do Broad Street 10 miler…it’s a fast course and it’s just better put together.


My sentence for the day: Baking cookies and watching the Great British Baking Show beats studying for finals.

Especially after my (solo, outdoor, in 80-degree weather) 20-miler this morning.


WAY TO GO GRANT on your 20 miler yesterday… in crazy hot temps (for me at least) too! Amazing!!!


I absolutely LOVE Fixer Upper!! I’ve been watching since the very beginning :) Favorite show!!
I love being able to run with my hubby, on our favorite trail. It just starts the day off so perfectly!
Today’s sentence per picture (if only I took some :P ) was a 5 mile solo run at the beach in absolute perfect sunny weather! It is therapy for the sole! And, since I’m in the middle of a 21 day plank challenge, I did my planks on the beach too. Such a great start to any day!
My hubby and I run the Surf City half marathon every year, in Huntington Beach on Super Bowl Sunday! It was my very 1st half, and will always be our favorite! Great course, fantastic volunteers, and the weather is picture perfect every year!
Happy Thursday!!


My favorite half marathon is the A1A Half right in my backyard every February. The majority of it is made up of the same road (A1A) that I do all my training on and you are running right next to the sand/ocean almost the whole time. You should come do it next year when you are looking for a little reprieve from the cold/snow in Utah! :) The weather at the start is usually in the 60s!


Oo do you have your stretching routine posted? I set reminders like that for myself too! Im a huge fan of the wunderlist app, but they are removing it ah!!


I don’t but I will get working on that right now! THANKS for the idea and I am going to have to look into wunderlist… thanks Carrie and I hope you are having a great day!


My sentence of the day: I’m happy when I log into bloglovin in the evening and I see(1) next to my favorites category. I hope it’s an extra post for the afternoon from HRG. Your blog kinda makes my day. And my daughter loves to see pics of Brooke and Knox! Well that was way more than one sentence. Oops.


Oh Kristin… your comment made me so happy! Thank you so much:) I hope you are having a beautiful day with your daughter! xoxo


Love Brooke’s shoes too!

I love Provo canyon as well. I’m not from Ut, but went to BYU, so I know that trail very well!


On the treadmill with my sidekick entertaining me.


FixerUpper is my world! And now I love watching other people’s remodeling. Hope we get a sneak peak of the finished product!


I LOVE fixer upper! I’m going to the silos this summer!


Brooke’s pigtail braids are the cutest! My favorite half I’ve done was in Charlottesville – that may have more to do with the fact that I had a great day than the actual race, but it is a beautiful course through the vinyards.


My sentence for the day is, “Ready for the weekend!” This week feels like it’s been 12 days long.
We LOVE Fixer Upper at our house! We watch it anytime it’s on.
Those avocado dippers look delicious! Of course, I am game for anything avocado. So good!


Sentence for today: My kid has been bad sick all week and we are both exhausted and tired. Solo run this morning – out at 5:30 a.m., so quiet and peaceful. Sunlight just barely peeking through. Chip and Jo Jo are the Bomb. I am willing to move to Waco just so they could do my house. I love, love, love that show. And I have loved the outcome of every single house on every episode. Love their style.


All of these Boston pictures/videos keep making me tear up at work! I need to learn to wait until I’m home to look at them. Fixer Upper is my favorite. Chip and Joanna have the cutest relationship in the whole world. If I ever won the lottery, the first thing I would do is have just like the shell of a house built and fly them up here to literally do the whole thing.


Thank you so much for posting the clip on Mr. Platt. My husband has MS, diagnosed in 2014, and ran his first race post-diagnosis last spring. It is hard for those who don’t have it/don’t live with someone who has it to understand how debilitating it is on a daily basis. It truly is amazing that he can push through and complete the training and run that far. Such an inspiration! Every time I am trying to push through a difficult run, my mind always goes to my husband, and I remind myself that what he goes through every day is so much harder than that tough moment I am going through on my run. It is all the motivation I need.


I am so proud to run not only with John Platt from the article you attached, but also the woman Gretchen who wrote it. :) Gives me all the feels.

No run for me today – because tomorrow is my HALF MARATHON (#9). I’ve got a great feeling about it. I’ve put in HARD WORK. My bib # is 33, which in my mind is a GREAT number, and I am team good vibes ONLY right now. Thinking positive thoughts. My fuel & outfit are planned, and all I need to do now is execute. Can’t wait to PR & submit my running accomplishment next week. :)

Also, I love me some Chip & Johanna. They are the best.


I LOVE FIXER UPPER……………Chip and Jo are the cutest! He ate a cockroach on one episode……………so funny and gross!
I read their book that recently came out……………good book, I recommend it!

My favorite half is one I do just outside of Nashville………….I have raced it every year since it began in 2013, and I hope to keep the streak alive! It is just over a month away!

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