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Family is in town this weekend so what else would an Americlan family do than gather to eat good food.  IMG_1838.JPG

Started off with grapes. No joke, freshmen year of college I would eat an entire bag of grapes on my own in ONE day, along with large amounts of other ‘healthy’ foods.  I thought fruit didn’t have calories.  You can gain weight from eating a dozen bananas slathered with pb?? Freshmen fifteen from grapes and granola not booze and pizza.  I had no idea how to eat normal, not fun. Thank goodness for all of my nutrition classes at BYU.  Isn’t it interesting that the diet industry makes over 30 billion dollars a year because of American’s lack of nutritional knowledge.  Thats gotta stop.


Birthday girl was too busy playing games to thank her guests for coming.  2-year olds know how to play ipod touches.  That’s normal.


My plate: Grapes, veggies, texas toast and spaghetti coated with parmesan cheese because that’s how I roll.


Licking the fire is more effective than trying to blow out the candles.


Caught orange handed. I don’t know if that’s because of my self-tanner or carrot overdose.

You’re telling me that most people don’t eat frosting straight out of the container.


I think she learned this technique from her aunt.  Lick the frosting off the cake and enjoy ever second of it.


If you had to choose one and that is it for the rest of your life…. frosting or cake or ice cream.

-I could do without the cake part and just eat straight frosting but I would rather have ice cream than frosting so……

Frozen yogurt>Ice cream>frosting>cake

Other eats today included: Oatmeal, steamed broccoli, a wrap, carrots, a string cheese and 3 apples.  Just in case you were wondering….. I didn’t steal any of my student’s Halloween candy today.  It is a miracle….. okay, I really just wanted to save my sweets for cake tonight.

We are going to Seattle this weekend.  Flying there and driving 14 hours back in an old 1967 Barracuda.  Any bets on how many times we will wind up on the side of the road broken down?  -I am guessing at least twice.

Any restaurant recommendations in Seattle?  I LOVE seafood so keep that in mind.

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I don't even know how to play with an ipod touch …


so, true story: i said the words "1967 baracuda" in the general direction of mr. dawn. he immediately stopped what he was doing and i had his full and undivided attention. i said "my running twin is going to seattle and driving one of those for 14 hours."

he now would like to know if you guys just bought one, is your husband doing work on it, and other questions that i don't really remember and/or understand. he's been dreaming of buying a camero for like 3 years now. but a teacher salary+husband in school=no spare cash.

hope you have fun. oh, and i agree 100% with your spectrum. frozen yogurt trumps ice cream, trumps frosting trumps cake. i mean really, cake is just the platter on which frosting and ice cream are served, right? and on my birthday? ice cream cake. every time.


omgosh i can eat sooo many grapes. i love them!


Okay it's gotta be: ice cream > frozen yogurt > cake > frosting

It's probably because I'm a Duffin, aka Ice Cream Devotee. But frozen yogurt is a close second. My Grandpa Nielsen's cousin started Nielsen's Frozen Custard, so yes it's in the genes. Haha I love how I blame my sweet tooth on genetics on both sides of the family.


Honestly, I wish we could be real life friends – because I'm pretty sure that we would get along GREAT! I think I'd like birthday cake ice cream. That way I could have it all.


Um, the best part of the cake is the FROSTING. I don't understand why people don't like frosting…it's so good!! I save that part for last. :)

That being said, I love ice cream more than anything.


I have been reading your blog for years. I am a runner too and I find your blog inspirational.

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