YOU HAVE NOT FAILED (running version) and so happy to live here.

I soak in every minute that I get with my sister.

Once upon a time she lived all over the country (everywhere from DC to California) and then I moved to California for a bit.  I’m so happy we are both back to Utah together.  Andrew and I were talking about how amazing it was that Brooke and I were able to move back to Utah a few years ago.  I can’t imagine being far away from my family right now and I’m so happy to be close to them.

Yesterday was a treadmill run because Utah rewound back to December weather.  It snowed the entire day.  Our freeways were actually shut down for a while too because of some really bad accidents.  Spring, we are seriously so ready for you.

IMG 0803

Brooke was thrilled that she had a sweater that matched her blanket yesterday.  It was a big deal.

IMG 0766

Andrew got to work shoveling off the trampoline.  We learned our lesson on trampoline set-up in Utah… next year we will wait until June.

Also, the picture might appear like Andrew is doing a bad sign with his hand but he was just throwing the snow over;)

IMG 0819

We both had an appointment with the dermatologist.  We just want to stay on top of any moles that we have.  The Dr found a little one on my back that she wanted to take off just to be safe and that HURT.  So important to get these things checked out though.

IMG 0822

We ended up being there for way longer than we planned but Brooke somehow stayed quite entertained while we were there… probably because they had those Highlight magazines which helped (those remind me of my childhood big time).

IMG 0825

By the time we left the appointment we were starving and still had errands to do so we stopped for some bowls of veggies.

IMG 0827

We then went and picked up some grocery’s for my parents and grabbed pistachios for them and a bag for us too:)  These things are so good!  I sat and ate them with my dad once we got over to their house.

IMG 0837

The amazing Megan brought us cookies.  She is the best.  Butterscotch chips are the best too.

IMG 0840

We made some steak and mashed potatoes for dinner and then Brooke requested a mini-blurry piano lesson afterwards:)

IMG 0877

A girl and her dog:)

IMG 0888


A few of you recommended this amazing podcast… it was PERFECT for what we were talking about yesterday!!   It was all about risk factors for eating disorders, how to create a healthy atmosphere for our kids with food/exercise, how to help others struggling and so much more!  One thing she said that I loved was—>  Talk about function over form.  Talking about all of the amazing things our bodies can do is so much more important than talking about the form of our bodies!  This podcast answered so many questions for me.   They also recommended saying 5 things you like about yourself each day, besides just cutting out the negative talk we have got to add in the positive talk too.  PS THANK YOU for all of your comments yesterday, you guys are the best!

Screen Shot 2017 02 27 at 3 18 00 PM


I’m a runner.  Which means I’ve had many races or workouts or runs that have just not gone the way I wanted them to go.  It’s actually part of being a runner.

Whether these things happen due to being sick, injured, dealing emotionally with hard things, letting our mental game go, feeling defeated, having an off day etc. etc. etc…. they happen to all of us.

IMG 2700

The first time I heard the below quote, my brain automatically thought about this in terms of running.  I feel like this explains my running perfectly:)  If you feel like you have failed over and over again with different races and different workouts, don’t give up on running or those big goals you have set up for yourself.  These set-backs and times where we don’t hit our goals have just given us experiences and knowledge on what to do better next time.  Keep going, keep learning, keep growing.


PS did you know that I creepily screenshot a lot of your comments and keep them:)  I look back on different ones and use them for when I personally need them.  I’ll share two quotes that Katie and Henry left in terms of failure:

IMG 2772

IMG 2760

Keep on running and dreaming BIG!


What led you to where you live now?  What brought you there?  

Have any big goals for your running?  What obstacles have you overcome in your running over the years?

What’s the running weather like where you live right now?

Top favorite kind of cookie ever!?

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I love your outlook on keeping focus on your goals and not letting failure bog you down. That’s definitely been challenging over the years in terms of running, especially when in the midst of setbacks. I’m hoping to be back to my full running capacity soon, because I definitely have some big goals I’d like to accomplish. I miss being able to race, and it’s been an added sense of defeat on top of all of the other messes going on in my life right now. But this was encouraging to read today, so thank you!

I LOVE sugar cookies and snickerdoodle, especially if they are not completely cooked and just the right amount of gooeyness. :)


I live in Washington, D.C. I came here after living 10 years in New Orleans, because I had just graduated law school and this is where I got a job. My family was mostly here too, so that was…Well, it was something anyway–something good or something bad depending on the day.

The weather is crazy here! One day it is 70 and the next it is 40. I don’t know how to get dressed in the morning.


What led you to where you live now? What brought you there? – My husband! I’m so glad I moved here – we live by the water and I get to wake up to sunrises over the ocean every day. It’s quiet and peaceful and I can almost get past the fact that it is always windy (I have been known to get on my bike, go in one direction, and then call and ask for a ride home).

What’s the running weather like where you live right now? – Gorgeous! We’re having lovely weather with lots of sun. Running and I are kind of on a break right now, but I had a fabulous 10k walk on the weekend, and I felt like I could have kept going forever. Podcasts + sunshine = perfect conditions.

Top favorite kind of cookie ever!? – Toss up between Joy the Baker’s chewy molasses chocolate chip cookies, and the “Everything We Love” cookies that I found from your blog! (cornflakes, coconut, chocolate chips – so delicious).


I have never lived anywhere other than new York! maybe one day I will move to florida but I don’t know if it will actually ever happen. right now it’s nice running weather and has been for several days. in the 40’s-50’s in the morning – I hope it stays this way!


I have always lived in Michigan. I moved around the state a bit for college, but ended up buying a house that’s just 15 minutes from where my parents still currently live (the house I grew up in). Sure, I would like to explore a little more, but being close to my family just makes me too happy to go too far away.

My only big goal I have for running right now is to do it more. My boyfriend is way more into running than I am, and it’s such a fun, healthy, FREE activity that we can do together. But I’m a picky runner and really only like to do it outside when the temperatures are nice…I’m trying to get tougher though! The biggest obstacle I have gotten over with running is when I used to be obsessed with it in college and used it to fuel an eating disorder. After a couple years, I was able to get back to the point where I run for fun and for fitness, not to punish my body and burn calories. But I’m still hesitant to get TOO back into it, in fear that I’ll revert back to those old ways.

My favorite kind of cookie is that peanut butter one with the hershey kiss in the middle – but I have no clue what it is called and I don’t think that anyone else does either??

Have a good day! Glad you’re getting so much family time in lately. <3


I am so jealous of your snowball! I can build a sandcastle which is pretty great too, and I looooooove living where I do because I’m so close to the beach but it is HOT out already!


My son had 2 moles removed from his back about 3 years ago….I remember taking pictures of how they “puff up” the skin around the mole and then cut it out and stitch it up. Quite the process but he didn’t say it hurt. Ironically (since he swims and is in a swim suit all the time) I have noticed more moles and he is going in again next week.

I would rather have them checked out and possibly removed they on his back/neck where they are exposed to sun all the time.


I wish I lived closer to my family but Air Force brought us where we are…not like we will stay in New Jersey forever anyways. My favorite cookies are either chocolate chip or sugar but with lots of frosting.


I’m currently living in Hampshire in England – it’s where I’ve lived all my life. However, my partner lives in Kent which is a good 100 miles away and I’ve decided to take the plunge and move in with him so in less than a month I will be moving somewhere completely different and new to me which I’m super excited about but also pretty nervous!

Last year I was diagnosed with Lordosis and sclerosis – my hip had shunted because my spine is curved and it meant even walking was painful. I was advised by the doctors not to run but I’ve since been working really hard on strengthening my hips and back muscles and last weekend I was able to run 20 miles which was a huge achievement for me! I’ll never be a fast runner but I just feel really blessed that I can still run :)

Favourite cookies are white chocolate and coconut – that is the best combination EVER.


Sending love to you and your family. I’ll pray for you guys. I know the Lord is aware of whatever you’re going through and He is with you. ?
You know, as much as failure hurts, I would much rather fail than never try. The “what ifs” are the most haunting and I don’t want to live withthose.
Also, could we get that cookie recipe?? I have some butterscotch chips in my,pantry right now that should probably be used in those cookies ;)


Thank you so much Alyssa:) I hope your apple fritter this morning was amazing. YES, I will ask Megan! xoxoxo


This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear- thank you!

I started seriously-distance running about 2 years ago and within a year, I was within 3.5 minutes of OTQ in the half…but I did it in an unhealthy, unsustainable way. But that journey made me realize how bad I want to make it- how bad I want to be working full time, building a family, and running fast along the way- the RIGHT way (healthy weight, training, relationships). I have had recent setbacks and this is SERIOUSLY what I needed to hear, so thank you! I want to make it to the trials because there are people in my family that never got to go, due to injury, alcoholism, or psychosis due to childhood trauma- it is my mission to get the family name to that start line, and show little girls along the way that addictive and unsustainable behaviors are not the way to live life. To show that a full life, is a one chasing stuff that scares the beadazzler out of us, because God never wants us to bury anything- our talents or our feelings. If it takes me 10 years to get there, so be it- I’m in it for the long haul. And if I fail, what a ride ;)

Thanks so much for this reminder, helps so much!


Kaytlin! Thank you so much for sharing your story, you are incredible. I will be cheering you on on your way to the trials. I love what you had to say, so excited for you and I’m sorry for the setbacks but those are making you stronger!


Thanks:) hope your fam is okay, always in my prayers


I live in Ohio and I have just lived here my whole life so far so nothing really led me here. But my boyfriend is in love with the west and has been out there… and I am curious and wanting to explore so we are looking to move out there within a year or so. We are going to be visiting Colorado in a few months also!

Right now my knee is messed up and i can barely run a mile without pain. So my goal right now is to get it better so I can get back to running! It truly stinks not being able to run :(

My fave cookies are prob chocolate chip :)


SALINA… noooooo about your knee! Please keep me updated with how you are doing. The frustration/sadness that comes along with injuries is the worst. I hope you are hack running soon! Enjoy Colorado!


the weather in NYC is nutty too. its going to be 70 tmw and it was 30 yesterday!!


I needed that last sentence, keep running and dream big! Need some motivation ;) Hope everything is going well!! :)


Thank you Erin! I hope you are having a beautiful day and let me know if you need some more motivation!


Thank you for this post Janae, It really is helpful to me at this moment.

My running goals are to run half-marathons and marathons. Last year I stopped my Half-Marathon training because my shin splints became really bad. I decided to build up gradually before retaking that training again. However, my shin splints got really bad once again and now I have to take a couple of weeks off from running. Sometimes I question myself If I’ll ever be able to run a half-marthon, and then I feel heartbroken. I won’t give up though.

I moved to Miami because the school I could afford got me admitted here.


I actually bought a bag of pistachios at the grocery store yesterday too. I haven’t had them in years so I thought it was time I get some again.

I moved to my current city in junior high with my family. I really didn’t like it here (I was a teen when we moved, so I was mad about having to leave all my friends behind), and I didn’t see myself staying here long term. That was almost 20 years ago now and I’m still here. You never know where you’ll end up.


I love those quotes!

I totally screen shot inspirational words too :)

I moved to Bend, Oregon (the sunny part of the state :)) right out of college because my husband got a job offer. I love it. It has the best running trails and most beautiful scenery. But I do wish my family lived closer. We spend a lot of time driving down to California!


I was born and raised in Colorado, just south of Denver. I came out to California for college, with no real intention of staying here for good… Well, spring semester of my freshman year, I met and started dated my now husband. :) We’ve been together for 26 years, married for almost 23 years. I think my decision to take that leap for school paid off ;) Plus, his whole amazing family is out here too. I think it might have been very different if neither of us had family around! Family is so important!! <3
I have set a goal this year, to get a Boston qualifying time at the LA Marathon on March 19th! But, this training cycle has been plagued with "issues." First it was a foot problem, which luckily healed fast. Next up was a knee issue, which just recently healed. Now, both my hubby and I are dealing with the horrible cold/flu bug that's going around! I am trying really hard to stay positive, focused, and strong! But, I am nervous and worried because of the missed training runs along the way thanks to all these issues. I know I can finish the marathon, but I may need to put my goal of a BQ off until the next one. The quotes you have shared are just what I needed to read today! :)
All time favorite cookie has to be a really good, gooey chocolate chip!! I could never turn down a good cookie!


Wendy, I am SO sorry about all of the obstacles that have come up during this marathon training cycle! I hope that this cold/flu pass quickly! Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I’m so excited for you on March 19th (my mom’s bday… run a mile for her:) Thanks and I hope you get a good cookie soon! PS loved hearing your story about you and your husband!


I’m a math teacher/professor — so I moved to where the need was. From the chilly north to the warm/humid south. I’m in a super high need area, so there’s lots of work to do.

Right now, I’m just going with the flow. I hit all my major goals (my plan was to hit them when I hit 30 — mission accomplished!) Now i’m more relaxed and just want to get fit!

It’s 80 and sunny and humid IN FEBRUARY!! (What the heck?)

Top fav cookie — classic chocolate chip. YUM! I always make the tollhouse recipe and it’s always bomb.


I’m obsessed with Lindsey Hein. I love her podcast, I love her Instagram stories, I love her trademark red sunglasses. Her boys are fantastic, and her posts are so REAL. That’s what I love about her. She shows us a glimpse of what real life is like with her family, and I respect her so much for that. Anyway, I recommend her podcast to anyone and everyone!


I wish it would snow in Illinois! (I grew up in Minnesota, so I have been missing my snowy childhood winters). This morning I ran in about 45-50 degree weather, it was super cloudy and started to mist during my run cooldown. I did a fartlek workout ladder by minutes (1, 2, 3, 2, 1 ladder at roughly 5k, 10k, half marathon pace, 10k, 5k, easy job between each fast set). We have been getting really nice weather so my boyfriend and I played tennis on Sunday too which was AWESOME! As far as running goals I am trying to do some base building and thinking about running a 10k in April… I should probably sign up for that to keep myself motivated. Thanks for sharing the thoughts yesterday on healthy eating and body image (& the podcast today)! I definitely like listening to stuff like this to keep myself motivated to be positive and also to have thoughts to share with my high school dancers!


EMILY, killer workout this morning! Way to go! So happy that you are having such great weather and that you got out for some tennis too! Keep me updated with your 10k and the training. So glad that podcast and post yesterday could help you with your high school dancers! Sounds like you have an amazing job and a huge influence:) Thanks!


I’m so glad youre there with your family too!! So cute sleeping with her dog! My dog snuggles up to me too. I will have to listen to that podcast episode! Very interesting!! I moved to the Amazon last June for my Master’s thesis research and kind of hated it for the first few months, but needed to stay for 6 to finish my master’s degree! After four months (yea.. a long time..) I started to really love it and find my place! I decided to stay longer and work on a new cool project for a while :)


Let me know what you think of the podcast episode! I still can’t believe you live in the Amazon…wow. I want to come visit! So happy you have a new project to work on!


This was such a great post, thank you! I’m just getting back into running after taking a few months (ehhh…a year) off for personal reasons, so my bad runs have been outnumbering the good by a lot lately. It’s helpful to remember that the ultimate failure would be to give up or not even try. Thanks Janae!


HALEY!!! You’ve got this… I know you do! I have those times when there are way more bad runs than good runs but we all have them so it’s just part of them. I hope you have a great feeling run soon and keep in touch!


Mole checks are so important! My husband was 29 when he died from melanoma. A little mole that eventually became cancerous and spread to all his organs. Skin cancer is no joke. Happy that you are diligent. :)


Sally, I still can’t even begin to imagine what you went through with your husband, thank you for sharing. I am so happy that we were able to get in yesterday. xoxox


We have lived all over, from California to several different cities in Texas. We live in Waco, Tx now. Our family relocated about a year and half ago for my husband to take his dream job at Baylor University. We love the slower pace of life. My goals as a runner this year are to increase my speed and be more consistent with my training. It is spring like weather right now but it is always windy here. Most of the time it is hot and humid. My favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut.


Tabaitha, I am SO happy that you guys are in the perfect place for your family and that your husband has his dream job! You are STRONG for running in the wind and heat/humidity most of the year! Keep up the awesome running Tabaitha and enjoy the rest of your day!


Oh whoa! Those highlight magazines. I totally forgot about those!

I’m living in San Diego for college! Both my parents are alumni of SDSU where I attend as well, so I grew up with the idea of San Diego always being a potential home for me. :)
Favorite cookie ever: warm, chewy chocolate chip!


AHHH SAN DIEGO… one of the most beautiful places ever Julia. So happy for you! Get a warm chewy chocolate chip cookie asap!


I’m so happy to live near my family too :). I lived in DC for about 8 years and moved back to Texas a few years ago. I can’t imagine living that far away now that I have a baby!


SO glad that you are back to Texas Christina!


We live in our current city due to my husband’s job. When we first moved here it was just the two of us. Now, 6.5 years (and 2 kids) later, two of my husband’s siblings have relocated here as well, and it has been so, SO wonderful for our kids to grow up with their cousins and for us to have support nearby(and babysitters!). When we had our first child, it was still only us, and it was pretty lonely and isolating at times.

I don’t have any specific running goals other than to slowly increase my distances and improve my times. I just had a baby six months ago, and I only run inside during the winters, so I have been keeping my treadmill running to a minimum. It is already starting to warm up here though (I’m in Canada) so hopefully I will be able to take my workouts outdoors pretty soon! I am fortunate to not have had many obstacles or injuries to overcome with running. The biggest challenge for me has been getting back into running shape after the birth of both of my children.

Favourite cookie is probably oatmeal raisin or peanut butter!!


I love that two of your in-laws followed you guys over and that your kids have cousins and that you have support… the best! Congrats on your 2nd little one 6 months ago! I’m glad that your workouts get to be outside soon.. you’ve got this! I hope you get an oatmeal raisin or pb cookie asap!


Thanks for the reminder on Highlights. Didn’t even know they still published it. Will need to get my girls a subscription to complement the Nat Geo Jr.

I think all your warm pre-spring Utah weather migrated to New England for the past 10 days. A bit cloudy but mostly 45-65. In other words, perfect running weather and a perfect break from the bleak belt of the treadmill.

Classic chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate chips. We’ve yet to tell our kids there is any such thing as milk chocolate!


Hey Mike! I am so so glad that you are having perfect running weather right now… enjoy it for me;) I hope you get a chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate chips soon!!!


I just got the Kate Hudson book “Pretty Happy” for my birthday yesterday…………looks like it will be a good resource on tips to learn to love your body and be happy. May be interesting to look into that, after your topic yesterday.

Running weather here is rainy and stormy…………not sure if I will make it outside or be on the treadmill today.

Hope you have a great day!


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY Loribeth! I hope you had a beautiful day and I am going to have to check out that book, sounds awesome! Enjoy your run today either outside or on the treadmill! xoxox


I was just reading Highlights with my nephew (he’s same age as Brooke). Brings back so many memories!

I moved to the mountains after college to ski and 20 years later am still here. The outdoor recreation and slower pace of small town life kept me here, plus friends and family love to come visit.


I stayed in my hometown. Both of our families were born and still live here. The cost of living and job opportunities are great here as well.

Goal for running: PR @ my next half. I’m working on a sub 1:40. And I have another marathon in December and I am working on BQing there!

42 degrees here before the sun came up this morning. My fav is 50 degrees, but I’ll take 40s!

Top favorite kind of cookie would have to be chocolate chip!


All during nursing school I had visions of working in maternal child health in India. well, life happened a tad differently and stateside I remained. Marriage, kiddos (4), and a great job as a Maternity Nurse. Still longing to live overseas I patiently navigated my life in the Pacific NW…..and then a job opening popped up in Europe. Family meeting ensued, I applied, and a 3 months later we moved. That was in 2008. Now I am a single mama over here and enjoying raising my kids in this environment.

Running goals-keep on keeping on. I’ve had an annoying injury for 18 months that I’ve been able to run with but my goal is to be stronger, more flexible (both physically and mentally) and add some speed work.

Yesterday I wore short sleeves… was slushy snow mixed with rain so usual winter running gear. harumph!

Chocolate chip cookie or oatmeal chocolate chip. Or macaroons.


Thank you for sharing that Bruce Lee quote. It makes me feel validated in my hopes to achieve big things (like 13.1 things/miles)…maybe this year. ?


My long term running goal is to run another marathon I feel good about (bonus if it’s under 4 hours!) I ran my first full about a year after my c-section, I hadn’t been able to run during my pregnancy, and I really underestimated what it would take to get back to running as I knew it. Nothing about race day went well (super unexpectedly hot and muggy and stomach pain?) so I really want to try again. Right now though my running “obstacle” is that I’m pregnant – which I hate to call an obstacle because I’m thrilled but my running went downhill. I’m struggling to do 10 minute miles when easy ones used to be 8:15 and my heart rate has jumped – these miles are slow and hard!! So, now my immediate goal is to run while I can, however slowly, and keep working out other ways. And then chase a marathon I feel good about next year!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Oh my goodness, I think I love all cookies but the ones I make the most are chocolate chip cookies and these super yummy pumpkin cookies (spice cake + pumpkin purée + cream cheese frosting =?)

I have been loving your blog and am super jealous of your treadmill room!!


Totally going to listen to that podcast!

I currently live in Atlanta and the weather is WARM. Perfect for running. My husband and I moved here for work and so far we love it. It’s hard to be far from my family/friends though.


Family! I’ve lived in MN since I was 5, my husband his whole life (minus the 1st year of our marriage when he moved with me to MI for grad school). We love in the same metro area as his entire family and 1 1/2 hours from my mom and sister.

100 miles a month and 2 marathons for 2017! My biggest struggle with running was learning to like it (after hating it for most of my life) and getting over the mental struggles involved.

The cold weather has returned! Freezing temps and snow this morning. I actually had a group run this morning but we only made it a quarter mile before deciding actually being able to run and see without snow blinding you was important ?

Macadamia nut for sure!


Hey! Thanks so much for sharing my podcast with Megan and Jody! They were so amazing and I too was taking notes and so thankful for the wisdom that came out of that interview.

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