Tuesday Tangents! + Control What You Can Control.

Happy Tuesday!  I’ve got something in the middle of my front teeth in the below picture and Brooke had some attitude but let’s just get straight into some tangents for the day.

IMG 0606

*The other day we got to take my niece on a date for her bday.  She wanted to go out for milkshakes and then to go to the arcade.  Her request was for milkshakes at Which Wich.  I am grateful to her forever for introducing me to their oreo shake.  Amazing.

IMG 0626

We’ve been doing these dates together for years and years.  She is beyond smart (way ahead in math) and the most kind girl out there.  I love our time together.


*Last week my family went out to Cafe Rio together for lunch one day.  I did something scary.  My mom and sister both ordered the soup because they love it so I dug deep and got out of my pork salad comfort zone and had the chicken tortilla soup.  It was a very wise decision.

IMG 0546

*If you have a St. Patrick’s Day race… I just came across the perfect shoes for that day!

Screen Shot 2017 02 28 at 12 45 43 PM

*I am guessing she gets her love for blankets from me… I have two that I HAVE to have anytime I am in bed.

IMG 0600 2

*Just doing a little recovery in bed with Rapid Reboot while watching The Office episode where Michael runs a 5k (and eats fettuccine alfredo minutes before starting… my stomach would DIE doing that right before a race).

IMG 0436

*It might still be cold in Utah right now but that doesn’t stop Knox from drinking a smoothie.

DSC 1711

*One of the 4 biggest highlights of Brooke’s (and Beretta’s) day.

IMG 0595

*Attempting to have the kids love HGTV with me:)  Fixer Upper = greatest show.   Thank you sissy for addicting me to this show.

IMG 0355

*I told you the other day about the book I am reading called Open (by Andre Agassi) and I LOVE what he repeats to himself as he is getting ready for a match.  Control what you can control.  Perfect for race day and the rest of life too.  I’ve been repeating this to myself a lot ever since I read it.   I have a hard time worrying about the things I cannot control and this reminds me to just focus on the things that I can control and to let go of all of the rest.

IMG 0548

*Knox comes back home tomorrow!  It has been 5 days and we can’t wait for the next 5 days together.

IMG 0327

*Every morning and night… hahah this dog is very loved.

IMG 0552

*When putting on your shoes is just asking too much.  This is me most days too lately ha:)

IMG 0561

*A picture from our drive the other night to the lake.  It was a beautiful night and just what I needed.

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*Did some yassos this morning and I’ll tell you all about them in the morning. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

IMG 0904


Share a tangent with me today!!

Any other HGTV lovers?  Favorite show on there?

Who has a March race?

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So sweet your relationship with your nieces and nephews. Wait, I actually love those shoes! They’re awesome! I really like Rehab Addict but I’m not positive thats on HGTV. I also really like that flea market flip show !


Love Fixer Upper and live in Waco where it is filmed. Several friends have been on it and have requests all the time to do tours around the city. The cupcakes at the Silos Bakery are AMAZING!


Forget the shoes, I just want green lucky charms for St. Patricks Day. HA No, the shoes would be awesome. I love green and I have a pair of Launch shoes so I would love them! But, yeah, I am going through a lucky charms cereal phase….

Beautiful picture of the lake!


I deleted my Instagram account yesterday and I don’t know what to do anymore!

Funny you mention HGTV because I was just talking to someone about how I used to laugh at my mom for liking it but I do love it. Can’t say I have a favorite show though.

No St. Patty’s race for me but I’m doing the NYC Half March 19th.


Trying to control what I can control right now with my IT band; it was injured a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been slowly coming back over the past ten days, and it hasn’t hurt at all for a while (not even on a glorious 18-miler this morning!) but it’s kind of weirdly swollen today? So, icing it and trying not to worry about what I can’t control!…

Other tangent: TIL how to jump a car. Not my own, some stranded girls in a parking lot. Valuable life skill.


Forget St. Patricks Day, green is my favorite color so I’d love those shoes! As for HGTV, I love love love House Hunters, even if it is entire fake.


Love Fixer Upper! But I’ll watch pretty much anything on HDTV!


Property Brothers, Flopen or Flop, Love it or List it…..I’m so sad about Tariq and Chrising breaking up.
Love the shoes….wish I could wear the Launch. No st. Paddy’s day race for me. It’s tax season so it’s work work work. With a little half marathon training mixed in.
You have such a great close family. I wish I were closer to mine.
Can’t wait to hear about the yassos tomorrow!


I love that you and your niece have dates. I also love that she picks simple fun kid things. My niece always did, too, but some of her friends were a little nuts in what they wanted.

Beretta’s face is priceless. No one loves you like a dog. (and it would be creepy, I think, if they did). Mine is currently walking around in circles, anytime someone gets up she thinks she’s going to eat. I think she’s getting a little senile.

A few weeks ago Missy was very sick and the vet thought she possibly had pancreatic cancer. My husband and I asked if we could give her antibiotics and liver support medicine instead of surgery for a few days and see how that went. (she’s 13.6, I’m not comfortable with giving her exploratory surgery at her age). He said yes but he didn’t expect it to change her numbers. Well, much to all of our surprise it worked it seems she had acute pancreatitis. No surgery! She has to have follow up blood work this weekend but she’s been back to her lively self. how’s that for a War & Peace version of a tangent?


That is so sweet that you reserve time for your niece like that. What a good aunt!
My company is starting a fitness challenge and I posted a picture of Michael Scott eating fettuccine to inspire the group. Love that episode!
Control what you can control. That’s a great quote.
Random tangent from me: I’ve been taking care of the baby by myself for the past three nights and I went from feeling overwhelmed the first night to feeling in control tonight. I want to drop the mic like bam done!


HGTV is my favorite! It is the only thing I miss about not having cable/dish. They used to have some shows on Netflix, but then they all went away.


That picture from the lake is so beautiful!!! You live in a magical part of the world :)


Love Fixer Upper. Random question, I really like the floors in your house, do you happen to have any information on them (brand, color)? If so are they standing up well to a dog in the house, we’ve got two :)


I LOVE Fixer Upper! Chip and Jo are probably the cutest couple alive and I love them even more after reading their book in January! I like other shows including Flip or Flop or the Property Brothers, but the problem is they try too hard to make it entertaining and make it a bit corny in the process… Fixer Upper feels so natural and I think that’s why everyone loves it!


I read your blog from London (UK) and love your posts! You always inspire me to be a better runner and also look after myself. I’ve recently injured my flexor hallucis longus and am seeing a physio so no running for me for the next few weeks… I have a big half marathon coming up beginning of May and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to deal with the recovery period both mentally and physically to not lose too much fitness? Thank you!


Finally, you ll see the one feature, with the Tangent control surfaces, that blows the doors off working in DaVinci Resolve!


I don’t watch HGTV because I get sucked in for hours and can’t turn it off!!!! That’s also why I only go on Pinterest once every two months because I have to limit myself! :D


I love that quote! I worry a ton about things I can’t change. I’m going to write this one down.


I love that quote too! I’ve been working on just giving things up to God and letting him handle them, because let’s face it, isn’t that what happens anyway? We can’t control anything, really! I also am a huge fan of The Office and that episode is hysterical :) Fixer Upper is my fave HGTV show for sure, and I agree, I love it more now that I’ve read their book! I’m racing a Shamrock 15k in a week and a half, and my mom is racing their 5k, and then we go to Sarah’s Vineyard to celebrate! Thanks for sharing with us :)


Shoes, OMG. It’s a universal parenting situation, trust me.

This morning, after I had asked my 7 year old FIVE TIMES to put on her shoes for school, I finally threw up my hands and said, “Why? Why won’t you put them on?” And she looked at me and said, “Sheesh, mom, all you had to do was ask.” And that, my friends, is how I know with 100 percent certainty that a person cannot spontaneously combust from rage and frustration, because I am still standing.


I LOVE HGTV. Especially Chip and Joanna. My grandma lives in Houston, TX which is like 3 hours from Waco and I’m going to visit her in a couple weeks and trying to decide if it makes sense to go to Magnolia…..we shall see, but I’m thinking that’s the right choice!


No tangent but I did find out that a Cafe Rio is opening up in my town (Sacramento) within the next few months. Of course I immediately thought of you and that pork salad. It will be my areas first Cafe Rio and I’m excited to try it. No March races but I did sign up for a half marathon on April 2-I am using it as my weekend long run ahead of Big Sur later that month. Have a great day!


What an awesome picture of the lake!


My tangent of the day — Objects at rest tend to stay at rest!!!

On my days off –which are Tuesdays and THursdays — (I’m a professor and this semester I’m blessed with MWF schedule, my days are long — 7am until 9pm — but I only go in to lecture three days a week :D) — I find it really hard to get going if I’m having a “stay in jammies all morning and watch youtube videos” type of day.


It’s so sweet that you and your niece are so close! It looks like ya’ll have a blast together. I also totally agree on Fixer Upper, too!


I worry too much about the things I can’t control as well!! I’ve learned the hard way not to worry about those. That book looks very interesting ;)


I love your headband!! Where is it from!

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