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Eight miles (7:53 average) on the treadmills at the gym with Andrew to start off this morning…  can anyone else run while they read on the treadmill?

How he feels about doing bootcamp last night and then running this morning.

IMG 4322 2

I was planning on doing some speed work but due to my glutes still dying from bootcamp last night, I will do some speed on Thursday instead.

IMG 4323

Turns out that Beretta wanted some zucchini for lunch today too.

IMG 4324

One of my all-time favorite meals at home…  Zoodles with barbecued chicken and marinara!

IMG 4328

When Knox is gone Brooke has been copying some of the things he does (i.e. talking about the tag on blankets ((Knox LOVES those)), putting her blanket on her face like this or doing this thing with her lips that Knox does)… she misses him.

IMG 4326

She was beyond happy when the neighbor came over shortly after above picture to play with her.

IMG 4335

Beretta is no longer mad at us for not taking her on our trip last week.

IMG 4332

This sweatshirt is pure comfort and so so warm.

IMG 4350

Been doing some research on what races I want to do next year and I’m thinking the Dogtown 1/2 Marathon in February sounds like a great idea (it’s in St. George so I get to escape the cold for a race)…. I’ve already done it three years (one of those times Brooke ran with me in my belly):

PicMonkey Collage

Dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe’s just make the afternoon great.

IMG 4341

Brooke agrees with me.

IMG 4347

We’ll see you all tomorrow!  I hope the rest of your day is a great one

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Anyone else run while they read?

-I typically do for about 40-50% of treadmill runs at a moderate pace but if I am doing speedwork there is no chance I could read and run at the same time.

Have any idea of what your first race in 2017 will be?

Run any races multiple times?

What is your sentence of the day?

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I cannot read and run on the treadmill. I can listen to an audio book but most of the time I will watch something on Netflix. I have run the Chosen Half Marathon three different times and I love everything about it…raising money for adoption & orphans, beautiful scenery and love running with friends. My sentence of the day…Finish strong!


Both GREAT choices for treadmill running, I love it! That sounds like an incredible race, I might have to join you some day!


I love tradition. I run the same races a lot.
Did the Staten Island half marathon 10 years in a row so far.
3 NYC marathons. 3 New Jersey marathons.
3 philly love run half marathons. 3 Trenton half marathons
The list goes on!
Today I ran 4.5 miles and my doctor called about 2 miles in to book my cardiologist consultation. I kept running. She was worried when she heard me out of breath. So funny.


TEN YEARS IN A ROW so far… and plenty of other races three times?! You are amazing Sally! That is awesome! How did your consultation go?


I’be tried reading but my kindle is too bouncy on the treadmill. How do you keep your device still enough to read?


So mine doesn’t bounce around on the treadmill… maybe that is because my iPad is bigger than a kindle and heavier (I have the old version and a heavy case on it). Hmmmm I don’t know though… I’m going to brainstorm some ideas for you!


I cannot read and run, it makes me nauseous.

I’ve run several races multiple times, usually local or fairly close to home.

Today’s sentence is: I need to stretch more. I’ve been forgetting and then getting cramps at night.


I’ve been forgetting too Nina… thanks for the reminder. Let’s both do that! I hope you have a beautiful evening!


It’s a deal. It really doesn’t take that much time either!


Me too I can only watch sports or listen to music on the treadmill. I am super slow compared to you and I find watching a sport like basketball helps me want to keep going and go faster watching the running up and down the floor. I love watching football but too slow to run to with all the time outs, tv breaks and review of plays.

What is the sizing like on that sweatshirt? I must get it! It is perfect for my college colors and a great sporty look. I would say I am usually a small in gap and brands like that unless the shoulders are tight then I go up. Thanks!


HEY JENNY!!! It is seriously so beyond comfortable. It fits just right to size but it isn’t as stretchy as other sweatshirts I have. Does that make sense? I got a small but I think a medium would fit me perfect too…just a little bit more room. I hope that helps!


Where is this comfy sweatshirt from?


HEY Victoria! It is from here:

I hope you are having a great day!


Thanks! I am hope you are as well!


Zoodles are the best! So tasty.


I wish I could read on the treadmill! Went for a swim today (too icy here in the midwest to run for me!) and it was so nice to switch it up!


My first race in 2017 will be February 1……The Empire State Building Stair Run Up! This is a lottery race and I am so excited I was selected! My family is excited we get to go to New York City.


Okay, that sounds AMAZING!!!! I want to hear all about it afterwards please. That is amazing!


I’ll send you an email for the “running accomplishments” you post after.


Oh I would LOVE that!!


I’m so impressed you can read while running! Especially with how fast you go! Good work.

Sentence for the day: WHY IS IT SO COLD IN CHICAGO?! Seriously … I love this city … But I gotta go.


Whew, I CANNOT run and read! Makes me feel motion sick! I do however, like to watch Netflix and run! Currently working my way thru Gilmore Girls :)

My first race of the year is likely to be the Krispy Kreme Challenge in early Feb, unless I sign up for another in the meantime. But I am not eating a dozen donuts! Just running for fun and to people watch. It’s a fun race!


Wait….he likes the TAGS on blankets?!?! I hate those things haha. somehow it always ends up by my face!

And I can read a magazine on the treadmill. I can’t quite do a book, though.

My first race might just be the Big Sur marathon!! Can’t wait :)


YES, he loves them ha… he rubs the tag on his blanket as he is falling asleep:) Oh I should try a magazine! Okay, Big Sur is one of our dream marathons!!!


What spiralizer do you use to make your zoodles?


If it’s an easy run or a long run, I can typically read, write emails, snapchat, and watch netflix movies all while on the treadmill (I would outside but road have cars… and they are solid… so…)

I’m holding off until April for my first 2017 race. I’m doing a 5K — with a goal of a serious PR. Until then, I’m up in the gym to find my strength!

We have a local 1 mi/5K/half that was my first ever 5K and a race that I love to go back to (It’s the one I’m doing in April).

My sentence of the day is: “Today is the last day before Winter break; you can do this”…


definitely no reading for me, but i listen to podcasts a lot. I’m going to do the rock n’ roll dc 1/2 again this year. I love having something to train for during the dark cold winter! I’ve raced this one 2x before, and it’s a beautiful course


I would definitely go flying off the back of the treadmill if I tried to read and run at the same time! Would probably also get a little dizzy…lol! Brooke is so precious and those trader joe’s peppermint things look amazing :)


I love that hoodie! Very cute. I will be monitoring Roolee and hopefully it comes back in stock :)


Dogtown half marathon is like our friendaversary. That is a thing, right?

I am in love with your sweatshirt. I need it. And those jo jos. Obviously.

My sentence for the day is, ‘Is it 4:30 yet?’


There is one race I will ALWAYS run if I can – it was the first half marathon I ever ran and it is such an awesome race – The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, WFPS Half Marathon. BEST!!!

So a question for you… I’m meeting up with my running coach to set some goals for 2017 and I’d like to give her a little gift as a thank you for all her support this year (three halfs and a #PB in October – at the aforementioned WFPS half). WHAT oh WHAT can I get her??? Help!


I always try to read on the treadmill and end up having to quit! My head always starts to hurt like when I try to read in the car. But if it is a good book, the pain is worth it. ;)


I wish I could run and read at the same time! It would combine two of my favorite things but I keep losing my place and it drives me nuts. Maybe I bounce too much when I run? I’ve switched to audio books. That is great. :)
ALSO, that hoodie. My gosh. SO CUTE.
My sentence: Can we be done with this week so we can get to the fun scheduled for next week?


How do you fit in running with two kids? Can you share some tips on scheudling?


Yes I read on the treadmill. I always have. And the e-books make it even easier. You can make the fonts bigger and at night you can light it up. Life is good.


I can’t run and read but I LOVE ellipticaling (yes, thats a verb) and reading. I generally spend anywhere from 30m-2hr each day on the elliptical reading. I need that time to enjoy my book and get in my cardio for the day.

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