Hooked, 10 miles, pizza, when it is too cold and CliffsNotes.

My run was done in two segments yesterday:

Segment 1(5 miles) done on the treadmill while Andrew was out getting our tires changed.  Then when he got home I had to be somewhere so I pressed pause on my run.

Segment 2 (5 miles) done later once I got back home to finish on the treadmill.  I started a book and I got really into it and wanted to keep reading—>  The Couple Next Door.  I don’t know why I love suspenseful/mystery type books as much as I do, but I get hooked.

Both segments started with a little stroll on the treadmill with Brooke.  She loves being included for her chance to run before I start.

IMG 4592

Andrew’s scene once he got home.  For part of the time I am running Brooke will make me a card and then hand it up to me before she moves onto the next card.

IMG 4652

This one was a Christmas card.  She is getting in a lot of practice with her scissors at school (and now at home) and I am crossing every finger and toe she does not decide to cut her hair all crazy with scissors.  I am pretty sure 75% of my nieces have done that over the years.

IMG 4606

Sometimes Brooke asks me to show her pictures of when she was a baby.  She saw one where she was swaddled and requested it.   She was able to get out of it in 2 seconds so I guess I have lost my touch.

IMG 4590

Currently on a bagel kick over here.  Throw some eggs and sautéed squash/zucchini on top and you are good to go!

IMG 4607

Andrew had a nice friend join him for his lunch.

IMG 4611

After lunch my sweet mom stopped by for a second because she had some things for us to take on our road trip today.  I think the below sticker book with all of her favorites will keep her entertained for quite some time today.

IMG 4615

The trail mix that she brought for me will keep me entertained for hours too.  You just can’t go wrong with trail mix and this combination looks perfect.

IMG 4620

After that we went to do some errands.

Two things about this below picture:

1.  Their little bond melts me.  Brooke is Andrew’s little shadow some days and she just can’t get enough.

2.  Andrew is currently taking one of those survey things that people from unknown numbers call to ask.  I don’t think I have ever participated in one of those but Andrew answers those survey questions and is so nice on the phone about them.

IMG 4635

We took Brooke to see the movie Moana .  Oh my goodness, best kid’s movie I have seen in forever.  Andrew and I both agreed that we will have to buy this one when it comes out because it was so good and of course Brooke loved it too!

IMG 4643

I don’t think Brooke has stepped on a crack since late 2015.

IMG 4640

After the movie as we were driving home we noticed the car in front of us was swerving all over the place and almost had a serious head on collision (along with a few other almost accidents) so we called the cops.   We waited throughout the whole process and waited in the car to fill out statements (he was arrested).

Brooke fell asleep in the car so I got to work on my lesson for church as we waited and on the Hot Tamales that Megan gave me.

IMG 4657

By the time we got home we were starving for real food and Andrew ordered pizza (we had a free coupon even… isn’t that the best?!) and it was delicious.  Pineapple and pepperoni is our normal order.

IMG 4659

When it is too cold to work on your bike outside, you do it inside while watching Home Alone.

IMG 4661

Also, I was laughing when I saw this online the other night and Andrew looked over and told me that this CliffsNotes would still not be long enough hahaha:

IMG 4586


What are you currently reading?  What is your favorite genre of book to read?

Favorite trail mix combination?

What was your weekend run?

Last movie that you saw in the theater?  How was it?

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Pineapple on pizza is wrong.


Weekend run was 1h30 in a snow storm. Makes me appreciate summer even more ha. My son and I went to see Trolls last week and thought it was pretty cute. We especially liked the songs!


I loved cliffs notes lol. that’s scary about that driver. my friend experienced that last week and thankfully didn’t get hit head on by him! she was totally traumatized from the experience, that’s for sure.


I’ve heard great things about that book! Let us know how it goes!

Saturday long run was 11 miles on the treadmill .. Not risking injury with all the snow/ice!
Favorite trail mix combo – I mix up my own at Whole Foods so I can get just what I want … Dry roasted, salted almonds + cashews + walnuts + dried cherries + golden raisins + cranberries + dried pineapples (my absolute favorite)!

Enjoy your Sunday!


I’m going to check out that book! I have several that I need to get through, but the idea of reading any of them doesn’t thrill me at the very moment.

I AM NOT GOING TO LIE TO YOU — I haven’t been to the movies in SO LONG, I don’t remember what the last movie was that we saw! A nearby theater showed “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” after Gene Wilder died, so we took Sophs to see it (and she saw me cry for the very first time). Other than that, nope…couldn’t tell you. :D

Safe travels!


I am glad you guys were safe despite the car that was swerving. I had a similar experience on Friday on my way home from work. I was on the highway and a car hit another car by crossing into their lane and then spun out across four lanes … luckily for me I was in the fifth lane. This all happened during rush hour when normally there are lots of cars in all the lanes but somehow when the car spun out he didn’t hit any other cars. Neither of the cars that were hit flipped or anything. Could have been horrible. Definitely a holiday miracle that it wasn’t that bad.

Hope you have a great, safe road trip! Have fun!


Laughing about the sidewalk cracks. If we step on a crack, the sharks will get us. Needless to say, I’ve been involved in several shark attacks this year. ;)

Merry Christmas Janae!


I almost got run over 5 times the other morning when I was out and I had a headlamp on. It was really scary! I noticed that every person who nearly ran me over, only bothered to look in one direction. They were in such a hurry that they just assumed no one was coming from the other direction and barely took the time to stop at the stop sign. It makes me sad that this hurried rush culture is what our society has become.


Still haven’t seen Moana but I have heard the same thing from several friends. Currently not reading anything. Any suggestions? I really like peanuts, yogurt covered raisins, and coconut trail mix. Flying stand by today which might mean lots of waiting at the airport to get home, so my run might have to wait until tomorrow.


Any and all trail mix is my favorite ! I’m in between book right now. Going to take a break until after Christmas. I love those mystery ones too. Last movie in the theater was Trolls, and we loved it. We didn’t make it to Moana, so that’s good to know it was good. We’ll have to put that on our list to watch. I had rest days this weekend. One because I just ran Friday, and because we have extreme cold temps today. -15 to -20 with wind chill. Which doesn’t make my garage all that toasty either which is where my treadmill is. Temps are supposed to go back up this week, whew.


I ran yesterday in a bunch of snow! It was so nice to be able and get outside, even if it was cold!

And pineapple on pizza is my favorite!! Great minds think alike ;)


Last movie I saw in theater: my track club was invited to a free screening of Patriot’s Day on Wednesday–about the Boston Marathon bombings. Amazing film. Gut wrenching. Go see it!

Merry Xmas!


Oh wow Dynise, that sounds amazing. I will have to see that. Thank you and so cool you got to go with your track club!


I did 4.5 miles in the freezing rain on Saturday morning…Sundays are my rest day. I am not currently reading a book but I am trying to find my next one! You and Brooke are so pretty- your eyelashes are everything!


My current favorite genre of book is historical fiction. It’s fun to read about specific time periods and places.

The last movie I saw in the theater was Inferno with Tom Hanks for a friend’s birthday.


I am about to start reading the Psych guide to crimefighting……………from the TV show Psych! I love pineapple pizza, but no pepperoni for me (unless it is turkey pepperoni).

We saw Polar Express in our new laser IMAX 3d theater……………..so amazing!! No run this weekend………….been raining since yesterday am and it is windy……………..waiting until tomorrow for better conditions!


We love ham and pineapple, but pepperoni and pineapple definitely has me intrigued!!
My now almost 12 year old had the most gorgeous hair when she was 3, it was down to her butt and had perfect ringlets, she cut one side up to her jaw because she wanted to look like Dora. When the stylist finished her whole head that short, she burst into tears because even though she looked like Dora, she couldn’t speak Spanish like Dora. Hard lesson. Hahaha!!


Brooke looks adorable wrapped in her pink blanked. Last movie that I saw in the movie theater was Sully. It was very good.

My run of today was a 10K race with Dad. He actually ran the half marathon and was the second runner to cross the finish line, so it was a pretty good race:)


I’m sure Brooke will experiment with cutting her own hair at some point. I remember when I was her age and thinking my eyebrows were too bushy so I cut them all off.

The ‘Understanding Women’ cliffnotes is hysterical …I had to send that to my brother and I love pineapple on pizza.
Also……..have a good, safe road trip.


Appreciate the book recommendation!! A suspense/mystery one I recently finished and would recommend is The Woman in Cabin 10.


Okay, THANK YOU… I am going to have a lot of time to read this week and need another book! Thank you April and let me know what you think of it!


The last movie I saw in the theater was Moana. So good! We loved it.


I’m rereading the Harry Potter series again, and also Racing Weight by Jason Fitzgerald.

I like trail mixes that don’t have peanuts or chocolate (I like both of these, just not in my trail mix). Cashews are a big win.

I ran 11 yesterday and 3 today. Treadmill for both days. I hate long runs on the TM but it’s been sub zero with lots of snow here in MT.

The last movie was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was good but didn’t include a lot of things I expected/hoped for.


I love pineapple on pizza. I like it with bacon and green peppers.
I haven’t been to a movie in forever. I think the last one I saw was Monster University with my two daughters and their friend.


I still don’t know how you read on the treadmill!!! I wish I could do that. Andrew may already have one of these, but I got my hubby a bike stand for xmas one year so he could work on his bike in the house or garage, and he loves it! The one we have is called: Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Bicycle Repair Stand. It makes a great gift and makes it SO much easier to work on your bike!


Well that is a brilliant Idea! I’m going to have to get that!!! THANK YOU!!!


I loved that book!! It was hard to put down for sure! Another good one similar to that is Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris.


Seriously, it is so addicting! THANK YOU for the recommendation, getting that now! We have a lot of time this week to read so I can’t wait!


Yup, my four year old just RAN with scissors. Blood everywhere. Scissors are SO scary. I mean, they can’t even do things by themselves and we give them scissors????


Oh that is so so scary! We definitely have rules with them and I hide them when I am not right next to them! I am so so so sorry that happened!


I read that book and didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like any of the characters…they were all kind of despicable people…sorry.

When my daughter was 4, I went out and my husband was in charge of her and her friend who was over for a playdate. When I got home, the girls were in my daughter’s room with the door closed and I KNEW something was up. They had given each hair cuts! Ug….it was the worst trying to get her hair into something reasonable looking! Now she is 13 and she and her friend still laugh about it .

My friend and I saw Moonlight. It was heavy…heavier than expected. We both agreed that we were glad the husbands didn’t come with us. Would not have been their cup of tea.


I just tried pineapple and pepperoni pizza last Friday and it was great! The restaurant called it “sweet and spicy”.
That picture of Brooke swaddled is so cute! I can totally picture her spikey hair from your old blog posts!


Haha, a little Brooke-burrito :) That’s cute.

My weekend run was cold, but sunny 8-miler around the neighborhood + park :)

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