Friday Favorites!

Nine miles total for the morning with strength in the middle <— that makes those final miles tough because my legs and glutes are D.O.N.E. after strength training.  I think this method will help on race day because it is training me to keep going even though my lower half is not wanting to continue moving.

Also, I’m up to a minute on my planks which I am very proud about because a month ago 20 seconds killed me.  It’s easy to get discouraged when we have to start out really small with things but we all have to start somewhere and those little efforts add up!

IMG 9163

That sun comes up fast and strong in St. George.  I stopped to fill up my running handheld bottle a few times along the way.  

 IMG 9155

While I was out I heard my name (something I love about aftershokz… you still hear everything around you!) and turned around to see my nephew.  He was at work mowing lawns and we were able to catch up for a bit.  

PS this tank is my #1 pick for 2021 running… I have it in a few colors (these ones are all on sale!) and cannot recommend it enough.

IMG 9164 2

Predictable but the pool is everyone’s happy place.

IMG 9168

Beck and I just floated around for a while.  

IMG 9183

Viva Chicken happened… seriously, if you ever visit St. George and you don’t eat at Viva Chicken while you are there (they have vegan options too) then we are in a fight;)

IMG 9196

 And then I was really excited because I found a cool local place for turquoise and jewelry (M & S Turquoise).  Left with some new earrings!

 IMG 9211

Finished up with all of the Olympics watching.  I am so amazed by these athletes that can run back to back races as they compete to be in the finals.  

IMG 9218


Let’s talk about some favorite things from this week.

*The other day I walked into Megan’s house and I could not get over how good here house smelled.  She showed me her candle and I went home and bought three.  It smells so so good and it’s so cheap for a candle.  My house smells amazing right now.

IMG 8918

*My nieces teach me about the greatest things.  If you love ice cream and haven’t tried this one, please do so today.

IMG 8947

*I recently decided that if I had to choose one T-Shirt to wear for the rest of my life, it would be the All Yours Tee (lots of color options.. the one I am wearing is busy but they have the basic colors too) with the Love Crew in a close 2nd place.  Nothing is softer and these t-shirts last for years and years.  

T-shirt with 8” biker shorts and I’m set and comfortable. 

IMG 9107


Chocolate, vanilla or swirl ice cream?

Do you currently have a gym pass?

Before a run do you brush your hair?

-Never but I am wondering if I am the only one on this one…

Tell me about a small improvement you have made with your fitness?

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Vanilla ice cream! Then you can add any mix-ins and it’s not too chocolate-y.

I don’t have a gym pass right now, but there is a tiny gym in my apartment complex and I have 3 lb weights and bands in my apartment, so that helps! I miss the environment of a gym though.

I don’t brush my hair before a run- I do the bare minimum haha. Brush teeth, get dressed, put on sunscreen, throw hair in a ponytail haha.


I’m with you on the mix-ins… simply the best. I’m glad that you still have ways to get your strength in but I agree, the gym environment is so motivating to me because others are there doing hard things and they aren’t quitting! That sounds like my routine too:) Happy Friday, Mariah!


Swirl ice cream! I do sometimes brush my hair before tying it up pre run.

We just got home from vacation and instead of running the 5 days we were on the Sunshine coast we tried canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. We were so wiped yesterday afternoon when we got home lol but happy. We made so many good memories and I am pretty sure River pup had the time of her life because she napped for 5.5 hours lol. Luckily we have 3 days left of holiday time to recover ha.

The pool and floating amazing’s warm here so might have to find a pool post run this morning. Happy Friday Janae!


Kristine! I am thrilled that you guys had such a great vacation. Canoeing and stand up paddle boarding… what a blast! Hahaha I need one of River’s naps:) Enjoy the rest of the holiday with plenty of rest! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Vanilla…a good chocolate is hard to find!

Small improvement…listening to my body. I think I might have a stress fracture, so I’m not running for a bit. ?If anyone knows fast healing tips or words of encouragement, I’M ALL EARS!


Emily. I am so so sorry that you might have a stress fracture. You are doing EXACTLY what you should be by letting it rest. That is the best medicine for a stress fracture. Letting it heal and giving your body plenty of rest and nourishment. Take this time to focus on new passions and hobbies… sleep in more too. I came back so so much stronger afterward, you will too. Your best running is up ahead so give your body the rest it needs! Please keep me updated friend. I’m here any time you need… crying is okay, this is really hard.


I never brush my hair before a run. I mean, I rarely brush my hair anyway. haha.
I LOVE THAT LULU SHIRT! I must go get one this weekend. Their boyfriend t’s are my fav, I have two that I alternate between and they look so cute with shorts!
Small improvement is eating more. I never, ever, struggle to have an appetite, but I get so busy with work/kids/activities sometimes I just don’t eat enough. I don’t like being super thin because I feel weak, and during marathon training it’s hard to keep up. I’ve been really good lately about eating bigger meals, more meat (my husband was a vegan for several years and it limited the amount we cooked at home, he has gone back to eating meat now so it’s easier!) and adding in extras, like chocolate protein shakes with turmeric. I’m running well and feeling energized, so I’m really trying hard to stay on top of it! :)
Have a great weekend!


Oh I love the boyfriend ones too. We can be winners if you get the shirt wahoo! Hahaha yeah, brushing hair isn’t my favorite either. I am SO happy Mollie that you are eating more. It really is so easy to get caught up with the craziness of life but you are so right, it leaves us feeling weak! Keep me updated, I’m cheering for you because I know how much it did for me and my life. So happy to hear that you are feeling better and I can’t wait for it to take you to that sub 3!


swirl ice cream – best if it’s a non-chocolate flavor swirled with vanilla!
I don’t brush my hair before a run. I don’t even look at it. If it takes too long to get ready my dog figures out what’s going on and wakes up the whole house.
I started doing some clam shells and leg lifts and lunges once a week. It’s not much but it seems to be helping with long runs!


I hope you get a swirl (non-chocolate flavor) soon! Haha your dog doesn’t have patience for hair combing haha… I love it. THAT IS A LOT… way to go and you just inspired me to do some clam shells this morning. Happy Friday, Lisa!


Hi Janae! I have been working on my pullups with a band and I hope to so one some day! And I just got a pass to our local gym so I can do other stuff when I am injured.
Happy Friday and enjoy st George!


Hey AMY! YAY for pullups, they are so good for us and I’ll start working on mine too again so we can do this together. Yay for a new gym pass. Thanks friend, you too!


Swirl ice cream since I was little! But a good chocolate is always good. Although, I’m not the biggest ice cream fan.
I do brush my hair before a run, just to get it into a pony tail. But after I’m ready for the day, I don’t brush my hair.
I do have a gym pass, and love my little gym. Right now I’m going every Saturday for yoga, then once or twice more either for speed work on the treadmill or cross training with the elliptical. It’s pretty small, so you never have to worry about crowds… Unless it’s a Saturday and pouring down rain… Ha!
Today is our 27th anniversary, so we are spending it at our favorite beach (Huntington Beach). Then one of our favorite sushi places on main street. ❤️
Have a great Friday!


Hey Wendy! I remember you missing your gym so much last year. I am so glad you are able to be back there again! HAPPIEST HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY! Enjoy the sushi and beach. You two are amazing and inspiring to me! Just so happy for you!


Swirl :) unless there’s mix-ins and then it’s vanilla with all of the mix-ins. And I never brush my hair before a run. I just throw it up in a pony.


Happy Weekend!! I am a swirl girl, but would prefer orange sorbet, rather than chocolate, swirled with vanilla ice cream. Working on trying to find the best dairy-free ice cream right now, so am open to anyone’s suggestions :o)
I don’t have a gym pass now. There aren’t any gyms within a reasonable distance of my house anyway. I loved my kettlebells studio that was convenient to my office, but sadly it shut down during the pandemic. I am trying to work on strength training on my own, but it can be challenging to figure out if I’m doing all the right things.
I rarely do anything with my hair except cover it with a hat in most cases. Sometimes, I’ll throw barrettes in it instead, but still no brushing. My motto: “Running Hair, Don’t Care!”
Best fitness improvement is actually giving it the attention it deserves. My health and fitness were sorely neglected during the first year of the pandemic and it showed in the way I felt and in some medical tests. However, everything is improving, so my goal is to keep moving forward :o) Have a fantastic weekend!!

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