Silentish Saturday.

Missing that little dude already big time.

7.5 miles in one hour on the treadmill while Beretta stared at me… I went outside to go for my run and once I realized it was ridiculously windy, I gladly jumped on my treadmill instead.  I’ll do rain, snow etc but wind is just not my thing and I’m okay with that.

IMG 4485

Brooke was really into different facial expressions yesterday.

IMG 4548

Our best scared expression:

IMG 4526

A lunch at Wild Zucchini… if you have one close to you, please go.  Brooke’s favorite noodles with cheese on top.  PS I like to get two salad dressings to mix things up.

IMG 4488

Hair stylist.

IMG 4496

Counting to ten in Spanish:

Many hours later we drove to Andrew’s family for a visit.  Chinese food take-out… Orange Chicken #1.

IMG 4573

My fortune cookie was fortuneless… uh oh.

IMG 4577

Because his niece wanted to play.

IMG 4580

Said goodbye to Beretta because we will be leaving again to take Brooke to California.

IMG 4584

Another load of these boxes of goodness… they make the perfect little gifts.

IMG 4571

All things candy cane over here.

IMG 4568

My mom sent me this hahah!  Always answer.

IMG 4570


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Your Mom is hilarious! Today I’m teaching spin class, prepping some meals for a busy week and working on two new weight loss programs I’m launching soon. Hoping I can get it all done so this week I can take some time off. We’ll see how that works out!


I also will not do wind. Absolutely refuse!! – I prefer to avoid the rain but if it’s above 70, I’ll allow it ;)

I’m on a trip to DC so I’m heading out to the museums in a short bit – I’m thinking the Newseum, some monument action (I have a thing for the Washington monument) and then the National Zoo and their Christmas lights tonight!!


Welcome to DC! Sorry about the freezing rain. The museums will still be good, though.


Three things: birthday party, Christmas movie, and the never-ending pile of laundry. Yesssss.


Playing with hair at a restaurant table seems gross to me imo. That’s just me though.


Ok, I’m jumping in here. Also, kids walking on seats in restaurants, public transportation. Then, when stores allow dogs inside – placing the dog on the counter. I know, I know, there are some teens and adults doing things in public transportation, too.

I’m confident the restaurants, public transportation folks, and stores are not wiping it all down. Is it end times?


ha, love that pie in the face toy lol. 3 things today – long run on treadmill, out for lunch, starting to pack for Disney!!


Three things going on today? Laundry, finishing up my Christmas shopping (!), and watching a Christmas movie!


1. Headed to a special event. My sister-in-law spearheads this amazing effort each holiday to get people to purchase gifts for children who not only have special needs but are also part of families with economic challenges. We’ll be wrapping the gifts today at their “Caring Kids Holiday Wrapping Party” and then on Monday they will drive a U-Haul with the gifts (and supermarket gift cards) to the school that these kids attend.

2. I’ll also be drying my dog’s feet as it’s just gone from snow to sleet and it’ll be rain in another hour.

3. Hoping to see a movie tonight.


Those cookies are the best!!!!!?

1) heading out for a run with a friend in a few
2) finishing my last Xmas shopping today
3) finish wrapping

Have a great day!


We got Sophs that Pie in the Face game! FUNSIES! <3

Threeeeeeeeee things = Sit, read blogs, watch "Scrubs"
Done. Done. And done.

I promise I'm doing more today, just not at this very moment.:D


One thing I’m not doing today is the Ugly Sweater Run :( Colorado got hit with a huge winter storm last night and sub-zero temperatures today. The run is about an hour away from me and the roads are so bad I can’t even make it to my gym to run on the treadmill. It’s time like these that I’m tempted to move to Florida!


Candy Cane chapstick is my winter running chapstick of choice!


Seriously… isn’t it the best ever?!?!


I love it too! Always sad when I can’t find other times of the year


OH MY I must search for that Candy Cane Chapstick ASAP ! Brooke’s scared face is really good ! Love the very first smushed face family pic !
1) Finishing up stuffing and addressing Christmas cards.
2) Helping my daughter catch up on her homework from 3 missed sick days this past week.
3) Hoping to be able to stay awake long enough after child’s bedtime for Santa to wrap some presents.


Those peppermint TJ cookies are SO good! My sister-in-law in NJ loves them but doesn’t have a TJ’s near to their house. One thing I’ll be doing today is heading to the store to pick up a bunch of boxes for her for when we visit them over Christmas!

Aside from that …
-Treadmill run
-Snowy puppy playdate! We got a few more inches last night and my dog absolutely loves running around in the snow!

Have a good weekend!!


It’s terrible weather but I’m working all day (which is fine). I did a running workout, I’m working and probably getting some Christmas Ornaments.


Shoveling snow, running on treadmill, and baking. 2 out of 3 done. Sadly the snow is now rain and slush.


Janae, I’ve never thanked you for this blog. I’m having a bit sad Saturday but then I remembered to check out your positive blog. It always cheers me up. So, thank you. ?


WOW, Maija… thank you thank you for your sweet comment. I am truly so sorry about your hard Saturday. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! xoxo


We are staying at home day. We’ve had freezing drizzle for the last 12 hours. Next the snow is starting around noon. They say we are getting 2-4″ of it. Roads are a mess. Interstate is closed in spots. So we are deep cleaning the house today to prep for Christmas morning. I host my parents for breakfast and they watch my girls open presents.


Chinese food is one of my favorites for take out. There’s always so many delicious things to choose from.

As for my Saturday I don’t have any plans to leave the house. It’s super cold today, and I’m tired of the cold weather (we’ve had two weeks of it now). Thankfully it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow.


Today is an impromptu day at home because the weather is too bad to travel to my in-laws to celebrate Christmas. So, baking gingerbread men, laundry, and all of the cozy things that go with staying in on a snowy day.


BUMMER ABOUT the weather and not being able to travel! I hope you had a beautiful day at home today thought!


Buckeyes, Butter Pecan Brittle, and Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

Those are the three things I’ll be making for “Treat Week” which is what I’ve decided to name this week. I’m going to work with my hubby to fix plates to take to his colleagues at work, at the gym, and maybe neighbors too (depending on whether or not we run out of ingredients).

We started the day with PR-ing Deadlifts at they gym… hubby lifted 300 pounds! I did 155 (which is still a 40 pound PR!). SO PROUD! And I love that we workout together!


1. Going to Costco
2. Figuring out where the trails near my house are.
3. Begging the airline to deliver my lost luggage.
#imincalifornia #newhouse #emptyhouse


1. Got up and ran this morning. After 2 1/2 weeks in Hawaii, So Cal’s 41 degrees was pretty shocking!
2. Picking up our car from the mechanic (I spent way too much time on that yesterday)
3. Christmas baking – 3 kinds of cookies, 2 kinds of candy. I’ve pared it down a lot from years past.
Bonus #4. Christmas open house tonight, just across the street in the home of the best neighbor’s in the world!


That video of Broke counting to ten in Spanish is adorable!

Today I’m carb loading for a race tomorrow, also will hang out with my family and rest for tomorrow.


You guys are doing an awesome job as a blended family :) It’s great that the kids get time with their parents! It must be hard to coordinate but it’s worth it!


Thank you so much Sana, that means a lot to us! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


No fortune in a cookie is the luckiest thing ever as they are so rare – and it means…you are happy and satisfied, loved and cared for, so a fortune that you might read in a cookie really is meaningless because in your heart and soul, you have everything you could possibly wish for. :)


I did a short run this morning and am now currently at work. After work I’m going to a friend’s Christmas gathering. She wanted us to wear ugly sweaters so I picked one up from Target that says Fleece Navidad and has a sheep wrapped in Christmas lights :-) Happy Saturday!


1. gorgeous run un the falling snow thus morning.
2. family portrait session with a photographer.
3. family dinner and a fire, ahhh :)

12 day stretch of work starts on Monday :/, including Christmas eve and Day. But then I am on vacation for a week after the 12 days of misery, hahaha.


Running while it snows is magical! Glad you had such an awesome day Sarah! Good luck getting through the next 12 days of work and I hope that speeds by and you are enjoying your week afterwards!


Hi Janae!

First of all, best name ever! ;)

Second, I’m curious how much thought goes into Knox’s mom’s feelings when it comes to your blog. Maybe she doesn’t care, I don’t know her, but the whole blog is starting to seem extremely inconsiderate of his mom and an extreme overshadow of Knox’S privacy (Brooke’s too although the lack of privacy is not new for her). I’m sure it was weird for her (Knox’S mom) to go from her son having privacy to having her son used to sell things for a blog-just curious if any thought went into that at all as part of blending families.


Oops overshare not overshadow..darn autocorrect!

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