Silentish Saturday!!!

Nothing like exploring new areas on the run.

A walk with the kids afterwards… having littles is making it hard to rest my wrist but I have an appointment on Monday now and I’m really hoping he can help things.

IMG 5359

40-yard dash against Knox and he beat me by 30 yards.

IMG 5361

Such a cool park.

IMG 5366

Beck took a selfie.

IMG 5387

Pizza Factory breadsticks were the food highlight.

IMG 5390

Hung out inside for a while.

IMG 5396

Knox finished reading Holes so we watched it together on DIsney+

IMG 5393

So peaceful.

IMG 5397

Haven’t brushed my hair since Wednesday so my goal is to do that today.

IMG 5399

My sister says we live in different time zones… She was eating dinner (in the dark ha) as I was getting into bed.

IMG 5346

Missing her A LOT but she is having the time of her life.

IMG 5401

Off to hit the trails!


Tell me 3 things you have going on today!

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Meeting my cousin for lunch at a favorite restaurant, it’s been to to long. Some work in the garden, few more flowers needed and farmers market for peaches/etc because they are so good!!!


Sounds like the perfect day, Nancy! I love peaches from the farmers market! Enjoy!


A nice morning walk, picking up tea and a scone from a local coffee shop, and homework. Very exciting day haha.


Mariah! Hey, that sounds like a great day to me! I love scones so much so thanks for reminding me to get one again!


Oh my gosh, I want to go to that playground!

Long run (done), library and hoping to take the kids on a hike/bike ride or something since it is finally not 90+ degrees!

Enjoy your Saturday, Janae!


Hey Becky!! Way to go on your long run! Enjoy the amazing temps on your bike ride and the library. Thanks friend!


That is the coolest park!
We’re in the middle of our backyard Re-do, so we’ll be outside all day. It’s supposed to get super hot in the next few days, so trying to get as much done before that happens. But 1st a quick run and yoga ?
Keep having a great weekend, it looks like it’s been lots of fun!


So so excited about your backyard! Good luck getting as much as possible done over the next few days! I hope the run and yoga were great, have a beautiful weekend Wendy! Thanks!


Hi Janae! Yesterday I had off so I did my long run! I usually do my long run on Saturday so that was a change. I went to this trail where lots of professional runners train and it was so cool seeing them bound pass me multiple times (it was a loop). I honestly felt like they were a different species who had different laws of gravity.
Today I’m going glass fusing with my friends and tomorrow a long walk at another trail I like.
Happy weekend!!


Amy! Way to go on your long run yesterday and that must have been so cool seeing the pros out! So inspiring! Glass fusing, that sounds awesome! Enjoy that hike too❤️


I worked with kids a lot when I was younger and had wrist issues, too. I got cortisone shots a few times and that helped. Good luck!


Thank you for sharing, I’m really hoping that they help! Have a beautiful day, friend!


Looks like an amazing day! What a fun little vacation town you guys get to run away to ;)

We are finishing up our kitchen re-model, I can’t wait to put everything back and move back into our house!

We are also living our best life going to swimming pools and splash pads now that they are open this year!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you Beth! And I want to see your before and after pics of your kitchen, so so exciting! Keep enjoying the pools and the splash pads!


Jenae! I rarely comment but I must tell you to Check out a tush baby. It is basically a Fanny pack with a perch that your baby can sit on. It takes a bunch of the pressure / weight off. I am a working mom but when I was on maternity leave my 2.5 year olds daycare was closed for 3 weeks because of COVID and between that and a baby I was holding someone at all hours of a day and I was in so much pain. It saved me!


THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ERIN for sharing this with me! I will totally get one, this is so helpful. That must have been such a stressful time and I am so glad it was able to help you. Thanks friend!


What a cool park! Where is it and what is it called?

My daughter got engaged so she tried on wedding dresses, went to my nephew’s open house and had my daughter’s engagement pictures taken. It was a fun Saturday!!

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