Progressive runs win, how to lace your running shoes and pasta.

Yes, I might have put on a matching shirt when I saw what Andrew was wearing.  It’s normal.

At least Brooke was amused by the situation.

I took my route to a new area… one of the best things to do when you are in a rut with running.  Run somewhere different.  My different route included a lot of corn.  It was everywhere.

It was slightly raining during the entire run which is my favorite running weather.  It was cool, refreshing and a little rain keeps it all interesting.

IMG 0316

I set out for about an hour of running and when I got to mile 4 I realized that each mile was getting faster and faster so I decided to keep up with that theme and turn the run into a progressive run.   8:14, 8:11, 8:05, 7:52, 7:50, 7:42, 7:23, 6:49.   That last mile was tough for me because it has been a long time since I have gotten my legs to move that fast but I loved the tough feeling.

After a few weeks of taking everything easy that feeling of my heart pumping hard and my muscles yelling at me to slow down because they were tired was refreshing.

Progressive runs are probably my favorite type of runs.  I love them because they help to train myself to hold back in the beginning and finish fast.  They teach my legs to run fast on tired legs (because the last part of the run is the fastest) and I love the steady build that occurs on the run.  They add some variety into your runs with some added fitness benefits without having to take a lot of time after for recovery.

You can get faster with each mile during a progressive run or you can chop the run into thirds and do each portion faster than the previous portion.  You can get faster with every 2 miles or you could run a steady state for part or the majority of a run and just finish the last part of it fast.  When I was working with a coach he often had me do fast finishes on my long runs which usually meant I held a steady/comfortable pace for the first 10-12 miles and then for the last 6-10 miles it was fast (controlled but about 10 seconds faster than marathon goal pace).

Plan a playlist according to your next progressive run… slower songs in the beginning and fast ones for the last few miles!

IMG 0319

PS on Sunday night I noticed that we both had our running clothes piles out and ready for the next morning.

IMG 0300

Brooke had a card made for me when I walked in the door from my run.  I could get used to this:

IMG 0321

Brooke and I went to an indoor play place for a little while so that she could get in her run too.

IMG 0329

And then we came back for lunch together.  I think we need to make this weekly so we can grab it for an easy lunch.

IMG 0339

Biggest highlight of the afternoon included giving Brooke a haircut… I somehow did a pretty good job on it too;)

IMG 0342

Fast forward many hours and Andrew and I had a half date:)  We had a meeting to go to and met over dinner at the Macaroni Grill.  I feel like I haven’t been to that restaurant since high school.   It was just as good as I remembered it to be.

IMG 0344

Spaghetti.  Always a favorite over here.

IMG 0347

And then just the two of us grabbed a slice of cake to share afterwords.

IMG 0348


And lastly for today, my brother texted me about how to tie his shoelaces while running.  When I first got into marathoning the running store I went to (to ask them a million questions.. they are actually the people that created Altra running shoes) had me tie my shoes like how my brother does in the picture below!  He tried it out and loved it.

IMG 0340

I currently lace my shoes normally and I think the most important part of this equation is making sure we are wearing the best running shoes for us (go in to a running store and ask them to analyze the way you run/your feet or use the Shoe Finder) BUT tying your shoes differently could help with any feet problems too:



Speaking of running shoes, the NYCM shoes from Brooks are sure pretty:

Screen Shot 2016 10 24 at 10 35 08 AM


How do you tie your running shoes?  Ever have any feet problems because of running?

What is your favorite type of run?  Any other progressive run fans?

Run in the rain—>  Yay or nay?  What type of weather/temps forces you to do an indoor workout instead?

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I miss my tempo and progression runs and can’t wait to do them again postpartum! I love progression runs as well because you still get to start out easy but by the end you really feel like you got in a great run and workout!


As a journalist/writer, I LOVEloveLOVE those Brooks shoes!! :)

I’m a huge fan of the progression tempo run. They’re pretty challenging, but I love the feeling of them. Plus, I need to work on being faster toward the end of races, so they definitely help out with that. And every once in a while I don’t mind a run in the rain–as long as it’s a day when I’m planning to wash my hair.


Hmm. I have a high instep and narrow heel, so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I do the narrow heel tie. It keeps my heels from slipping on the backs of my shoes. Lately I’ve been really loving track workouts! I definitely don’t mind running in the rain. As long as you’ve got a hat, you’re good to go!


I tie my shoes normally, and I have never had any foot problems. Well, apart from last Sunday. My toes were bleeding after my long run but that was definitely because I’d forgotten to cut my toenails. Oops.

I always dread running in the rain, but it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be!


It was perfect running weather here in Sacramento yesterday. Overcast, occassional sprinkles and it was barely 70 degrees. It gets really hot here so triple digits will definitely send me inside on the ol ‘ mill but the rain and wind really have to be coming down in order for me to go inside during the cooler, wetter months.


okay now I want to experiment with tying my shoes differently. I am in the market for some new running shoes too. Love Brooke’s vest!!


so the shoe lace issue was a huge one for me when I was wearing asics! the tops of my feet would swell and the shoe would interfere in such a horrible way that no shoe lace pattern would help! I ended up switching to the Adidas energy boost and never had a problem again! it has something to do with the sock like upper and the short pattern of lacing that does not interfere with the top of my foot.


I’ve had to tie my shoes like your brother before. I had a pair of shoes that made my feet go numb when I was running. I was scared it was something serious but once I relaced them, it didn’t happen again.


I just tie up my shoes regular right now, but I have a few shoes (especially the new pure flows) that I can’t wear because they’re too narrow..I wonder if tying them differently would help?

I also love progressive runs! They’re challenging but it’s also kind of fun and I feel so proud/accomplished after. And rain is my favorite weather to run in :)


Rain is good as long as I can jump in the shower right after. Otherwise I start shivering.


I tie my shoes using the holes at the very top. The one on the inside of my foot goes to the very top and the one on the outside goes one hole less.

I love progression runs! I almost always set out to do negative splits. I’m a little anxious about my upcoming marathon because there are 3 miles worth of uphill at mile 13 or so, so I’m wondering if I should start out faster or just try and make up time after the hills..?

Nothing is better than running in light rain, especially in California as we need it so badly! I have my longest run with my XC team on Thursday and there’s a 60% chance of light showers! I’m crossing my fingers!


I tie my Running shoes normally. I haven’t had any feet problem because of running so far. But right after running last Thursday, I felt a cramp on my arch that made my toes numb for a few minutes. That was totally weird!!!!


I will say progressive runs always make me feel better about my running. It does truly feel better to finish on a stronger foot? Versus fading away ?!


I have a high instep and that is how I lace my shoes! It was a game changer. My toes used to fall asleep and now they never do!


I love Brooke’s little fur vest!


I don’t normally lace my laces differently but might have to try the wide tie box one. I love a little extra room for my toes I also make sure to tie them like this:

They don’t come undone when I tie them like that.


I haven’t been running very long (about a year), I actually started after reading your blog (thank you!!) and I currently have lots of blisters and two missing toenails. I was wearing Nikes but just switched to Brooks, I’m hoping that helps! I tie my shoes normally but I’ve tried the heel lock method before, I’m new to all this so it’s going to take some trial and error. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog, it has really motivated me to step out of my comfort zone! :)


I tie my running shoes the normal way but I always tuck the ends under the laces so that my shoes never come untied during a run :)

I am most definitely a progression run fan! They are my favorite kind of run because they just feel natural – and I love racing using a strategy that is based on a progression run where you split up the race into segments and do each one faster!


I agree-I think getting a good pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world!
Awesome job on your progression run! I like those as well, but personally, my favorite runs are long tempos. Locking in amd finding a rhythm=tough but rewarding!


Maybe I should try lacing my shoes the same way as your brother, because the tops of my feet sometimes hurts from running. My normal solution is just to lace my shoes very loosely, which seems to be ok. I like progressive runs–I just did one this morning. There is something that is so satisfying about consistently speeding up during a run! I don’t mind running in the rain as long as it’s warm outside. Being cold and getting rained on is not fun. :(


Yes, try it out Denise and tell me how it goes!!! Yes, very true… cold rain is not my favorite either. Enjoy the rest of your day Denise!


Oh my. I am obsessed with crossword puzzles (and running of course)! Those shoes were made for me. I feel like I would have to have run the race to get them though :)

Torrential rain in freezing cold would cause me to run indoors. Or very slushy, wet ground. My favorite is a 60 degree cloudless run at 6 am


Thank you for your ideas/suggestions for a progression run. I kind of love doing Fartlek runs and “speed” intervals, but I kind of suck at tempo or progression runs. For today, this is now a goal of mine. :) My Garmin has been set for my run this afternoon (which could end up being in the pouring down rain of Seattle). :/


I don’t necessarily have any real feet problems because of running, but I have had to part with a few toenails ;)
As for progressive runs, I love them, especially when rain is involved. Running in the rain makes me feel 110 x more legit.


I’ve used the narrow heel lacing since I was in junior high…we called it soccer lacing. I think someone at a running store showed me how to do it when I bought shoes for track. Seems like it keeps the laces from feeling too loose across the top of my foot.

I had a really good progression run a few weeks ago and it was great…so that’s my favorite run right now. I also love Sunday long runs with friends. I look forward to it all WEEK!

I LOVE running in light rain/mist. I always wear a hat, so I hardly notice that I’m getting wet


I like running in the rain and got a PR in the 5k earlier this year in a downpour. I don’t think I run in my best form in the rain when I’m just dodging puddles and trying not to fall.


I’ve laced my shoes using the “narrow heel” method for over a decade and I swear by it! Otherwise my foot moves too much and I get blisters.


OMG! Crossword running shoes?? Buying those ASAP.


Hi Janae,

I love your visor, it looks like it provides good coverage. Can you tell me what brand it is? and where did you get it?



HEY GIGI!! So I got the visor at the St. George Marathon Expo… I asked the guy when I was buying it and he said he only sells them at the expo. I can get you one next year!!!!


Thanks! I hope the guy will be at the Expo next year!


I am also a fan of progression runs. I tend to hate the first mile so my pace is always slow but it picks up!


I definitely find it’s a good idea to adjust the way I lace my shoes according to what’s bothering me. Thanks for sharing the various ways!


I love running in the rain- only because it really cools me down. Blaring sun doesn’t really appeal to me-
I’ve never really thought about lacing shoes and different ways of lacing them!

I love progression runs- I get more hyped up in my run with each mile so usually I do get those faster splits :)

How short did you cut Brooke’s hair? I’d love to see her new hair do!


Right…rain feels so good while running!! Glad you love it too! Oh I only cut off 2 inches so it is pretty similar to before but just a little shorter! Hope you have a great day Eri:)


I have problems finding shoes because most don’t have enough space in the toebox, so my PT had me lace my shoes like normal, but just start on the second set of holes. It gives me enough wiggle room that my toes don’t feel constricted.


Oh I love that Renee… such a good idea and I’m glad it is helping make more room in the toe box of your shoes. THANK YOU!


I have a wide forefoot…………..maybe I should try that lacing technique out!
I love running in the rain, provided it’s not a downpour, and I have something to warm me up after………….hot cocoa, shower, dry clothes, the works! Watch out for fallen leaves when it’s rainy though, they get soooooo slippery!


When I ran in high school, I never had any issues and didn’t need any particular kind of shoe. Then, when I started training for longer distances, I had an awful time finding the right shoes and went through several kinds before I found Brooks (which I tried when I started reading your blog – thanks!) and I haven’t had any issues since.


P.S. Do they make those fuzzy hoddies-with-ears for grown ups? I want one so bad!

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