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Date Night

Progressive runs win, how to lace your running shoes and pasta.

Yes, I might have put on a matching shirt when I saw what Andrew was wearing.  It’s normal. At least Brooke was amused by the situation. I took my route to a new area… one of the best things to do when you are in a rut with running.  Run somewhere different.  My different route … Continue Reading

Using my stomach as a table and the 5k.

After a power nap I felt super productive yesterday and almost finished packing up my entire room (besides the things I need for the next 1.5 months). To reward my hard work: The other night when I met Jef (be aware that this post will be linked at least a dozen times a month) we … Continue Reading

Ragnar tips and date night a night early.

Silly headphone cord got in the way of my artistic photo. Poor Billy has to try so hard to keep up with me.  Okay, I was and walking (I did 8 miles in the morning) while he rocked his speed workout.  I just love being at the track and I love singing out loud to … Continue Reading

Top 8 Reasons Why……

yesterday was awesome. 1.  My sister sent me this picture of Curly before her ballet dress rehearsal last nightl.  My sister told Curly that she wanted to take a picture of her before they left and my niece did this dramatic pose naturally.  I really wish you guys could know her in real life, she … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Cheap Running Fuel

You know how you guys brush your teeth everyday because it is something you NEED to do?  Well, that is what has happened to me now with naps.  I go into each day knowing that I will NEED a nap at some point.  Billy has learned that in order to have a happy night without … Continue Reading

A little more about my job and a hole in my pants.

I haven’t talked about my work a lot on the blog but I guess now that I am done (after today) I can:)  I work at a charter high school with about 400 students total.  The school is only 4 years old and so this was the first graduating class with kids that were there … Continue Reading