Since We Last Caught Up and Friday FAVORITES

Happy Friday!! I hope you’ve got an awesome weekend up ahead of you!  Andrew and I will be painting (and running and eating) all weekend long… both of our kiddos will be gone so we are going to get try to get as much as possible done before officially moving in.

We have quite a few things to catch up on since we last talked, let’s start with this week’s long run.

When I got out of my car at 4:58 a.m. on Wednesday morning (ps it was already 73 degrees at that time?!) I wondered why in the world my friends and I choose to hang out together at such a crazy time of day… add this to the list of why runners are strange.  I’m beyond grateful to have a group of girls that will get up and run that early (the’ve all got kiddos to get home to too:).  PS I have made all of my running friends through Josse.  She is the most friendly human you will ever meet and she always organizes the group runs.

I was doing some comparing to last year’s training again and my long runs were all solo runs last year, this year my long runs will always be with people which I really like.

3:01, 2:56 and 2:58 marathoners = I was hustling to keep up with them for those last few miles.

IMG 2065

PS talk about a brilliant idea for stashing some toilet paper for your runs:)

IMG 2051

18.15 miles is the longest I’ve done since last December (aka the Tucson Marathon).  No matter how many times I train for a marathon or build up my mileage, it always gets me excited to see the number of miles on my garmin get higher and higher.  I almost forget that I’ve done many 18 milers in the past and instead feel really accomplished once I finish.

IMG 2066

We did our long run on the perfect training course for the St. George Marathon:)  PS miles 7-9 were rough… that was some pretty fun climbing that I somehow got talked into by the girls;)

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 at 4 25 57 PM

Got back to Brookers right when she woke up (I guess that means I need to start my 20 miler at 4:44 a.m. in order to do the same for that one;)

PS that ring of mine won’t be coming off ever… I lose things way too easily so it is staying on.  Do you wear jewelry while you run?

IMG 2078

Yesterday’s run was 7 treadmill miles (8:34 pace) followed by this plank routine (with more breaks than back when I used to do it) on the gym’s new grass.

IMG 2136

There has been a lot of good food of course over the last twoish days.

Brooke has recently become a big cucumber fan which is a major plus.  Also, when she eats a sandwhich she always takes each piece apart before eating it.

IMG 2110

I had the most delicious sandwich.  I think sandwiches packed with everything are my favorite food during marathon training.

IMG 2116

And this type of salad of course.  I was on my way with the kiddos to start cleaning/packing stuff and then Andrew called to meet for some lunch real quick and we turned that car right around to meet him.

IMG 2159

They weren’t upset with the change of plans either.

IMG 2146

The park playing didn’t last for long because it was like 100 degrees out at that point.

IMG 2191

Some other things to talk about:

A friend gave us this Bean Boozled game.  Have you ever played?  Basically you end up eating disgusting flavored jelly beans throughout the game… I can’t wait.

IMG 1933

I am loving walks with Beretta every day.  Remember how a few months ago I went on and on about how badly I wanted a dog… well, this sure worked out nicely.

It was too bright out to open my eyes for the pic.

IMG 1919

We take her pretty much everywhere with us but if we are going somewhere that she can’t come then Brooke brings her dog stuffed animal on a leash to deal with missing Beretta.

IMG 2112

Brooke also loves to use her as a pillow.  Growing up we always had a dog so it makes my heart really happy that these two have that too!

IMG 1907

Some Friday Favorites before I let you go for the day:)

***The Nordstrom Sale starts TODAY!!!!!!  I have narrowed my favorites down to 8 things and I’ll get 1 or 2 of them today ha (it fits in perfect with our new budget;)  Here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  What are you loving from the sale?

***You’ve got to check out Tina’s post—>  Being an Athlete vs. Being a Skinny Girl Who Runs.

***This candle from Target smells like heaven.

IMG 0788

Running Music Faves This Week:

*Liv Tonight by Nelly

*Headphones by Nelly

*Lean On (Feat MØ and DJ Snake) by Major Lazer

*Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes

*Go Get It by T.I.

*Avalanche by FLETCHER

*Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez

*Faded by Alan Walker

*Wona by Mumford & Sons

*Until You Were Gone by The Chainsmokers


Screen Shot 2016 07 21 at 4 13 56 PM

*** It’s our two week anniversary today so that is also clearly a huge deal;)


Do you wear rings while you run?  Other jewelry?

How have you met any of your running friends?

Favorite game to play with your people?

What are your weekend plans?  Have a long run or race this weekend?

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I never take my rings off period. I just love them. Well, there’s that and the fact that my fingers swell sometimes and taking them off is more trouble than it’s worth, lol

Lately we’ve been playing Mexican Train and I love it. Who knew dominoes could be so much fun? :)

Have a great weekend.

P.S. How in the heck can you stop a garmin at 18:15, my OCD was off the charts when I saw that. LOL


BAHAHA 18.15 is right when we got back to our cars and I couldn’t go a step longer.. I went straight to sitting down! I hope you have a fabulous weekend too!!! I need to try Mexican Train!


I don’t ever wear rings, so I don’t wear any while I run. I typically don’t wear jewelry, but if I go running after work and already have my “be brave” bracelet on, I usually just keep it on while I’m running.

This weekend is going to be filled with froyo, pool time, studying, and watching baseball. Happy Friday!


attempting a longish run tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes haha. i’m slowly but surely trying to get back into the swing of things, but I need to take it reallll slow because I DO NOT want this injury to rear its ugly head again.

I pretty much wear no jewelry ever. it’s just not my style sadly. I wish I could get used to it, but I hate dangly earrings, can’t stand bracelets hitting against my keyboard, and necklaces constantly bother me when they bounce up and down when I’m running haha.


There are some really disgusting flavors in those jelly beans! Beware! I got pencil shavings once and it was gross. But not the worst one in the box I’m sure!

First long run of marathon training this weekend – 8 miles! We’ve already been running that far so I’m not worried about it. Hoping to get out really early tomorrow morning and avoid the heat (there is an “excessive heat watch” here in NJ until Monday. Not fun!)


A friend just asked me the same thing about my rings, I only take mine off when I’m making something with raw ground meat (ick). Otherwise, I think they might be permanently stuck on my finger. Oh, I also had to take them off at the very end of my pregnancy because they got too tight! I’ll need to remember that this time, before I have to have them cut off. ;-)
YAY Nordstrom sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want everything! Those booties are ADORABLE!
I’m hoping for a nice 8 miler this weekend, but I have to start later in the day because my husband is working nights, so we’ll see how hot it gets. I guess I could do it at night too…but I’m trying to train for my first ever pregnant half! Any tips would be great, the longest I’ve done while pregnant is 9.5! ;-)


I’m going on a road trip this weekend!

I don’t wear any rings while running.


I wear my wedding band for running but not my engagement ring. My husband and I need to get Qalo rings after my wedding band fractured from hiking—outdoor activities are hard on jewelry! I also wear stud earrings while I run, don’t know why but I just do.


Laura, my hubs and I use qalo rings since we do alot of rock climbing and hiking, but still want to wear our wedding rings. They are perfect, and you can barely tell you’re wearing a ring.


I stopped wearing rings while running, my fingers swell too much.

All my running friends were met through Team in Training.

The plantar fasciitis is still flaring up, so I don’t know what my run will look like. It’s also going to be crazy hot and humid. Maybe the Movies or some other chilly spot.


I don’t think I’m taken my ring off for more than 6 years! It’s not going anywhere! PS-The scenery where you run is SOOOOO beautiful!


I don’t wear my rings when I run. I actually only wear them if I am getting dressed up (which seems to be happening less frequently … not that I’m complaining. I wear my wedding band by itself sometimes too. I have the best running friends a girl could ask for! Most of us met through group runs at our local running store. That Bean Boozled game is crazy! It’s not for the faint of heart that’s for sure. I got rotten cheese and boogers when I played it. Ugh! I have a 16 mile long run on tap tomorrow :) Have a great weekend!


I have that same candle from Target! I got it because it reminds me of Anthropologie :)


You should vlog when you play Beanboozled!!!!


Brilliant idea! Hope your weekend is amazing Lisa!


My weekend plans hopefully involve celebrating a good job interview for my husband today (he is a podiatrist-so if you know of any available positions let us know!) and fingers crossed a job offer for me (group ex instructor). Lately our little family has had a lot of fun playing Pokemon Go! It is the first technology based game we have ever played and it is super fun. And I always wear my watch and ring to everything except to sleep. Ever since i began having kids my fingers swell a ridiculous amount at night.


I’m prone to losing things also, so I wear my wedding ring when I run also. I don’t usually do necklaces since i end up having to tear them out of my hair when I’m done! I’m just getting back into the swing of things with my running after my last marathon, so a “short” long run this weekend – just 12 miles! Amazing how that seems short after marathon training! :)


no rings while I run but I do have an infinity sign tattooed on my finger ;) As does my other half.

Most of my running friends are friends of friends who have become my friends.

BeanBoozled is super fun but now my kids refuse to play. Haha. We’ve been really into Catan and Phase 10 lately.

13 miles tomorrow and then to LA so my mom can fulfill her bucklist item of driving a race car!


It sounds like a good long run. I like to do long runs with friends but it’s hard to find people doing the same pace. Your friends sound like running machines. I don’t take my rings off while running, only to swim.


I finally remembered to take lots of pictures this week when I traveled, so I have a post up with actual photos today:)

We are running an 8 hour race tomorrow. YAY!!!

I met my best running buddy – my hubby – at work. I did not run at the time but watched him run a marathon in Disney and decided I wanted to give it a try. The rest is (our wonderful) history!


My fingers swell when I run so I wouldn’t be able to keep rings on.
I met my friend Lisa at work in 2005 and by 2006 she convinced me to run my first race. 7 marathons and over 30 half marathons later….

This weekend I’m going sailing with my boyfriend and his daughters. We are joining his dad on his boat and sleeping on it too! Should be fun.


I wear my rings when I run, but take off all other jewelry. I hate when my necklace gets tangled up! My in-laws are in town this weekend, so we’re being hometown tourists and showing them around. I’m hoping to sneak in a 5 mile run tomorrow morning because my new Garmin watch is scheduled to be delivered today!!


I pretty much never take off my wedding band, but it is a very good fit (I’m not worried about it coming off) and it’s just a basic platinum band with no stones so even if God forbid I lost it, it wouldn’t be hard to replace. I always wear my wedding band when running, sleeping, showering, etc.

I ALWAYS take off my engagement ring for all sports, showering, house and yard work, going to the beach, etc. Even though it’s fully insured with a PA policy, I couldn’t bear to lose my engagement ring. It’s a vintage piece from the 1930s, so even though it could be remade it would never be the same. I also don’t sleep with it because sometimes I trash in bed and I don’t want it to be a possible weapon! =D


No need to worry or compare your fitness girl, you are FIT and tough :)
90% mental, right?
And I used to wear a necklace that the boy gave me but I had to take it off due to ut consistently punching me in the throat…love, right?
Also, have you (or anyone) ever dealt with achiles issues because mine have been going on for months and it’s getting kinda lame-o?


MONTHS… OH NO!! Kaytlin, I have never had achiles problems but I will ask around! I’m SO sorry! Hahaha that totally happens to me too with necklaces and running!


I can’t exercise with my rings on. My fingers swell too much!! My rings are sized for my honey fingers sans swelling so it is just a bad c


I wear my rings for everything except when I have to dig my hands into something (dough, dirt, etc) which means I have to get them cleaned a lot because they get gunky from hair stuff.
We have some friends that love to play games and we’ve recently started playing rummikub (say it like rummy-cube) with them. It’s such an old person game but actually really fun.


oooh i’ll have to check some of those songs out! always looking for new music recs for my run playlist. i run with earrings, bracelets and necklaces but never rings! i guess when i get engaged that ring will stay on all the time so that will change. :)


I’ve been married for 15 years and I’ve only ever taken my wedding rings off when I was forced to during surgery a couple of times. Other than that, they are always with me. Necklaces, however, I can’t run in…those come off before any type of exercise.

I’m slowly building back up my running mileage after being unable to run due to injury so I’m excited to do 6+ miles tomorrow. Getting closer to double digits is very exciting to me. :)

I’m so happy that you and Brooke now have a dog in your life. I know you’ve been saying that she’s wanted one for a while now so how perfect that her new family includes one.


I never take my rings off. Swim, bike, run. I’m too scared of losing them especially since my engagement ring was my mom’s and there’s no way to replace it.


I love seeing the progression of long runs during marathon training!! That elevation map looks fun on the way down, not so much the way up, nice job!


Okay, that gray tank? Where did you get it? Those are my favorite type of tanks for strength days!


It is a Brooks tank! It is SO comfy! They aren’t online (we got it in Oregon from them) but I will ask Brooks if they can sell them ASAP! Hope you have a fabulous weekend Amy!


I take my rings off constantly haha! My mom always gets freaked out about it but I don’t feel like ring = marriage for me. I’m just worried about something happening to it if I’m doing something active, so I’d rather leave it at home :) I’m planning on getting a silicone band though so I’ll probably leave that on!


I definitely cannot wear jewelry when I work out/run. My skin is fairly sensitive so it gets irritated easily. Plus my hands swell. :P
We are headed to the beach for a family vacation and wedding.
Your salad looks amazing! What did you put on it??


My hands gets way too sweaty when I run, I leave my ring safe at home! I have 0 running friends right now… that’s sad! My IPOD keeps me company during marathon training…Well, I guess that’s a lie : my husband is my best running friend but with a 6 years old an no family around, we rarely have the chance to run together. But let me tell you that I appreciate it so much when we do! And we’ll be able to this week-end because my in-laws are visiting. Can’t wait!


The only time I don’t run with my rings is if I took them off to deal with ground meat or bread dough and forgot to put them back on, or if I’m going doing an intensive deep moisturizing week for dry skin (I hate lotion stuck in my rings and I hate taking them off/putting on 20 times a day). I almost never run with necklaces and earrings – too bouncy and tangly!

I attempted my long run at 4:30am yesterday…and didn’t finish. 14 miles of humid (at least for my desert loving body), 80F by 7am, and cramps made for a slow, ineffective crawl…I bailed on the last 3 miles, frustrated and out of time. I will do a medium run Saturday (7-8 miles) instead of 3-4 miles and call it even.


I wear my rings when I run but I need to get them resized. Apparently with all this marathon training my fingers have decided to lose weight :D Ridiculous! The only time I don’t wear my rings is when I’m swimming. I’m too scared that they will float away!


I love this whole post. I have never run more than 15 miles so I think you have every right to feel accomplished after running 18. Amazing! I take my ring off if I’m running on the treadmill at home because it spins around when I sweat and it is so annoying! But I feel the need to let the world know I’m married when I’m in public (and I’m pretty sure my husband would agree with that ;-)) so I wear it when I run outside or at the gym. I lost my ring for about a day last week because I pocketed it while doing dishes at VBS and I wanted to cry and throw up all at once. Not a good feeling. Keep wearing that ring!


That game…. Sour milk is not worth the kick the kids get out of seeing you freak! Let us know what you think of it!


I wear my ring for nearly everything… my thinking, i can’t lose it if i don’t take it off! It don’t even notice it when running or hiking, but I do take it off while rock climbing or when putting my hands on raw meat for burgers or meatballs, etc… I also will run in my necklace and my earrings, however, if i’m listening to music, i have to take my earrings off bc i can hear the headphones click on my earrings and it drives me crazy. But since i almost never take it off, I do have to get it cleaned often!
My dad drove out last week for a complete remodel of our bathroom, which is awesome of him! Can’t wait to move into our home with a nice new bathroom! We also have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so i’m excited for my friends on their new chapter!


I always run with my ring on. I let my thumb play with it when I need a distraction. Weird?

Most of the friends I met running were from high school and they’ve all stopped running or live too far away.


I don’t like to sleep with my ring on, so I take it off before bed and put it back on after my shower. I also leave it home if we’re hiking/camping (which we’re doing this weekend:) I bought a cheep $75 dollar white gold band that I wear instead. I guess it’s kinda weird to wear a ring that’s not your wedding ring.? But I can relax knowing I won’t loose it swimming or damage it climbing around on the rocks with our boys.
I’m really so very happy for you and the turn your life has taken. Enjoy your happiness!


Hey Janae!!! I have a question for you since I am running my very first marathon (and hoping to BQ) on October 16th. I know your marathon is also in October and I am wondering if it normal to run 18 miles so far out from the race?? I am not planning on running that far until much closer. Then again, you have a much bigger base mileage than I do (i only run like 30-35 miles a week) Thank you in advance for any input!!!!!!!


Hey Mallory! YAY for your first marathon… that is so so exciting!!! Our marathon is October 1st so the very beginning of October but yes… we did do the 18 miler a little early. My other two friends have a marathon in August so they wanted us to do 18 with them and I’m sure they will do the same for me for the rest of training too! My mileage has also been a little higher than in the past (for me) so it fit in pretty well. Does any of that make sense. For my first marathon I hit 35 as my HIGHEST mileage week and it worked out perfectly! Good luck, you’ve got this!


Your run group is amazing and you will get so much stronger by running with them! That is awesome!

This weekend, I am headed to Algonquin National Park to do some backwoods hiking with friends!


So cool that your gym has grass!! I love that :) I like to use my dog as a pillow too.

I usually take off my jewelry when I run and keep it on my little jewelry dish, however, if I had a ring like that it would never come off either ;)

I’ve got 13 miles on tap for Sunday!


I run with a small diamond elephant necklace and a stud in my left ear. No rings because my fingers swell.
Beanboozled jelly beans are awful. There are flavors like tooth paste and boogers…very appetizing.
I run alone most of the times. Sometimes, i’m lucky and get to run with my sister. That’s usually a good time.
Good luck with the painting. I have two bathrooms and a large family room with vaulted ceilings that need painted….you are more than welcome to paint them when you’re done.


I met all my running friends through our kids – at the playground, in the preschool. We always run in the evening when kids are in beds.


If I’m running after work I’ll wear my rings otherwise I take them off and put them in a small dish on my bathroom counter the minute I get home from work. I won’t tell you about the time I had them in a pocket and lost my engagement ring in the washing machine. Don’t worry it was recovered 4 days later after I had a repairman come out and take the machine apart.

Most of my besties I have now came from Team in Training. It’s been 13 years and we are still going strong.

We have a wedding tomorrow evening. We are looking forward to a night out w/o our 3yo.

Happy painting!


I don’t wear any jewelry when I run! I used to wear a single-diamond ring at all times, never took it off, and the diamond just fell out one day while I was running and I didn’t notice until I was in the shower. That’s when I learned that nice jewelry is supposed to be taken to a jeweler every year to check the setting :(

I way prefer to run by myself. its kind of meditative to me.

Some of my American friends here in Peru are leaving next week :( so we’re going out to a fancy dinner and having a party this weekend!


I have seen, online, that Bean Boozled before and soooo want to try it but haven’t seen it for sale anywhere…might not be available in Canada :(

I belong to a racing team so have met my running friends through that – either because they belong to the team or because they are friends of teammates…such a great group!!

With a heat index well over 100, I’ll be headed to the cottage this weekend…after my long run Saturday morning…will spend the rest of the weekend submerged in the water! lol


I don’t wear rings when I run, and am actually struggling to find a band for my Garmin that won’t give me chafe when I wear it in the summer heat/sweat, darnit! As fo rthis weekend, I am dog sitting for my parents, and have a local 5k on tap. Should be a hot hot hot race, so luckily it is short.


I used to always take my rings off and then I decided that was like saving the nice china, I love my rings and I’m doing to wear them! :)

We just moved in to our new house Thursday…so girl I feel ya on the packing! Good luck!


I do wear my rings for cardio, but never when lifting weights (or bootcamp with weights). You can seriously damage the band, which I know because I had to have mine reset!


I wear my wedding ring pretty much all the time…I only take it off if I’m swimming (I’m worried it will fall off) or rock climbing (I’m worried that I’ll rip my finger off -_-). I am just so used to wearing it now that I don’t even consider taking it off. My mom literally never takes her ring off…she had to a few years ago (one of the diamonds was loose and she was bringing it in to get fixed up), and it would not even come off of her finger! ah!

I did my long run today (14 miles…longest ever), because this weekend we are going camping with a bunch of friends north of Chicago. We are actually biking from Chicago to the campground, which is 40 miles each way. Hopefully we make it! :)


Yes, I always have my wedding band on 24/7 (even at the beach, swimming) but the three-stone diamond ring, I don’t wear when I’m running. It’s not humongous but it’s bulky a little and I don’t want to scratch myself when I have to wipe the sweat or rain or anything off my face.

We’ll probably do an 8 or 10 mile trail run tomorrow. It’ll be rough because of all the incline/roots and climbing, but it’ll be fun. A little difference in our weekend run will be good!


I love that candle and mug. I forgot that Target is the mecca of all lazy day knick knacks and snuggle blankets lol


Janae- are you adding a wedding band or do you just wear your engagement ring as a single item? Just curious.

I really only wear my wedding rings when I leave my house. I never wear them at home because I just don’t like doing housework and stuff with them on. When I run or do other physical activities I wear a plain comfort fit wedding band that I don’t have to worry about.


Hey Allyssa! I’m not going to add a wedding band… I just love it how it is. I’m weird ha. Good call on the plain comfort fit wedding band. I might need to do that for race day!


I always wear my wedding ring while running. I love looking down and seeing it on. (Even though I’ve had it for a year!)


As a teen Skip Bo was popular with my friends. The problem though was that we all played with slightly different rules so before the game even started there were negotiations happening about what rules we would use. Clearly we were pretty competitive.


I wear my rings while running. But usually take them off every night when I go to bed.

Question, none of you are wearing running belts on your long run, what do you do with all your stuff?

I usually run with my sister in law (took 6 years of begging her to try running before she gave in, and now LOVES it) and my other running buddy I was set up with at a “mom meet and greet” type thing that an older lady in our town invites young mom’s over with their kids that are new to the area so they can meet other moms. Totally random, but we both love running and have been great friends ever since!
We are planning 6.1 trail/pavement miles on a fun hill filled run for the morning.
Enjoy your weekend!


Bean Boozled is so much fun!! I played it at a bachelorette party!!


Hello! Can you tell me what kind of Garmin do you have and do you like it? I’m needing a new way tracking mileage and I’ve never tried a Garmin before. Would you recommend? :)


I’m not married but I still hate taking my rings off. One was a gift from my late grandmother that I’ve had for over 20 years and another is a gift I bought for myself on a trip to Thailand. Sadly, as a student nurse, I do have to remove them for labs and placements. It sucks and I’m usually terrified I’m going to lose them plus I feel naked all day.


I don’t wear my rings when I sleep or workout. Otherwise they are always on my finger. When I workout, Crossfit or run, I wear my Qalo ring. My husband and I both have them and LOVE them for when we are active. I guess we also wear them on the boat. Diamonds and water skiing do not go well together!


I wear earrings (small) when I run but that’s the only jewellery.

Running friends – I find it hard to run with friends to be honest :/ My boyfriend and I ran a 10-mile road race this past Sunday and I wore my headphones the entire time. Every time he tried to speak to me I tuned him out haha #numberonegf. I like getting lost in my own thoughts when I run!

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