SILENTISH SATURDAY (and a good feeling run!!)!!!!


Happy Weekend!!

Friday started off with a very good feeling run—>  first 40 minutes moderate pace and last 20 minutes fast (for me… 6:50 pace). 8.1 miles @ 7:24 average.

IMG 2233

I am loving shopping for a little boy now too.

IMG 2239

Pool date and Brooke played with Candice’s cute girls.

IMG 2247

I tried out some new Oreo flavors… the classic ones are still #1.

IMG 2250

Brooke left until Sunday.

IMG 2195

Date night with Andrew at my favorite= BLACK SHEEP CAFE.

Started off with the heavenly cactus pear lemonade.

IMG 2331

And then had the most delicious burgers.

IMG 2355

Sweet potato fries.  They deserve a close-up.

IMG 2356

A random rain shower from one little cloud above us.

IMG 2358

Walked around Provo and ate some ice cream by the Provo City Center Temple.

IMG 2361

And then we hung out at Home Depot for a few hours.  We are all set to go!

IMG 2362


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I love home depot!

Today I am running a 5k!:)


Gonna take my kids to the pool today while hubby works…I’ve been waking 5 something every morning since I got a new puppy too bad she’s not a runner;) I need to get back on track for a half in October recovered from a foot injury and then twisted my back. But ready to write a training plan out and get to work.


Cactus Pear Lemonade sounds interesting but good! Those burgers look amazing!!


Fun date night! Today is a no-run day and a day date with our daughter since the boys will be at a bday party.


Seeing you so happy, makes me happy :) Also I would love to hear why you don’t drink if that’s not too personal. I know you mentioned in a previous post! Enjoy your weekend with your hubby! xxoo


She’s LDS! It’s part of the Word of Wisdom members don’t pit harmful substances into their bodies. This would include coffee also, non herbal teas (herbal is ok!) and ️alcohol. :)





OMG this burger!!!! Since my long run was done yesterday :D 12 miles all before work YOOHOOO!!! Now we are off to a friend’s for a BBQ :) Turkey burgers for lunch sounds pretty awesome :)


Those oreos look fabulous!


Going for a run with my pooch and then seeing the new Star Trek movie with my son later. He’s 17 and is just makes my heart so happy when he still wants to hang out with me. :)
Have fun painting!


Cleaning. So much cleaning. A little run and then swimming/family party


Saturday plans are hiking with family in town and then hopefully enjoying a burger and beer. Short run this morning because I do my long run on Fridays!


A “lick your wounds” workout. Turns out I didn’t get the job, but my husbands interview went well! Then off to the pool for some family fun.


Sounds like you’ve had a good time so far. My weekend plans are working, hiking and running so I’m looking forward to it…even though it’s going to be extremely hot.


Have fun painting! I give you major credit for doing it yourselves!


I was going to go to kickboxing at 9:35am in the next city over but it is currently 9:13am and I am still in bed. Cough cough.

I sorta didn’t want to drive and then I randomly remembered the last time I went to this class was the day of my break up. NOPE.

Don’t you hate it when things like that ruin things for you? My favorite restaurant I can’t go to anymore either because it held too much emotional significance for him
And I. I hate it. It makes my heart ache even all this time later and with some anger now.,

Today I have to clean my house top to bottom and go to the laundromat and get all my sheets and towels cleaned for a houseguest that’s coming tomorrow! Just one night but I have to be ready!!!!


It’s okay, things really will get better:))


Your entire date night looked so fun and delicious haha I love sweet potato fries with a passion ;-) I finished my 18 miler a few hours ago… spending the day chilling and eating with family visiting from out of town… !


Busy day for Landon and I! This morning Landon played soccer, while I focused on cross training (all the while wishing I was running…)

The rest of the day, we are moving into a new place (which I love!!), I have my first baby shower (!), and then hanging out with my inlaws/ chilling in their pool/eating Liberian food for dinner.

Also, if those sweet potato fries can be sent to me ASAP, that’d be great… ;)


Sweet potato fries <3

Your blue top is really pretty, I love those sleeves!


14 mile run and a date with the handsomest four year old on the planet….and some cookie and pie baking for his birthday treats.
How are the fruity cereal oreos? The kids and I are curious.


I’m doing some Hypoxi today. It’s actually a rest day for me so it’s nice way to stay active and recover. Then I’m headed to Whole Foods and have a few articles to write for the sites I freelance for. Good luck with the painting!


Hi Janae,
I am visiting Utah in August, and wonder if you have blogged a guide to visiting Utah before? I have been reading for years and don’t remember reading one. Would love any suggestions on where to eat, things to see and do! We will mainly be in Salt Lake City and Park City. :)


yum, that lemonade looks delicious!

I went to a new market this morning, have been relaxing a bit before going to a spinning class! I just started going to this cross-spin class, we cycle and then get off to do other exercise in the middle! It’s super tough


Oh, I have been on the outlook for the lime oreos!!! I think if I ever found them, I would be in BIG! I mean HUGE! TROUBLE!!!!!! But, I am with you, nothing beats the classic oreo!!!! Always a winner!!!!

Anddddd, I so need to go to Home depot myself! We are in the process of decorating my 7 year olds room…. it has been a LONG process because of our crazy busy life!!! He has been so very patient though!!! I just dread painting though! UGH!

Saturday plans included a 5K that is local and runs through a VERY HILLY neighborhood…. it is called the “bun run” and it really works your buns out!!! LOL! :D


omg cactus pear lemonade?? That sounds amazing!


The lemonade looks SO refreshing and the oreos with the sprinkles .. hmm .. birthday cake?


My Saturday was fun filled! Traveled with family for the first vacation ever with my hubby and in-laws! They fully planned it and booked everything – they are the absolute sweetest family (I’m truly blessed – as I realize not everyone lucked out in the in-law department).

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