10 things to tell you, you spelled run wrong and Alcatraz (they let me steer the ship–> movie clip included)!


1.  Happy Monday.  I’m excited to start this week of running (lots of trail running coming up this week!!) off strong.. you?

2.  Never ever fly with us because our plane will always be delayed.  Always (we got home after 1 a.m.)

3.  Did you watch game 7 last night?  That was exciting.  We watched it while eating fajitas (be prepared to drool over this picture below).

4.  I hit 56 miles last week (… ready for some marathon training over here).

5.  I had a fabulous time bachelorette partying with my girls this weekend and I’m very happy to be back with my people now in Utah.

6.  My brother from Kentucky is in town today with his family so that is fun.

7.  My girls trips usually involve a lot of donuts but this weekend we didn’t have a single donut but we ate all of the ice cream in Northern California.

8.  We are getting our marriage license today.  That’s crazy.

9.  I was ridiculously sore after our Saturday of bike riding around San Francisco.

10.  I think Hot Tamales are my current favorite candy.  I need some vegetables.

Let’s start out the Sunday summary by discussing the first delicious meal that we had that day.  We were doing the Alcatraz tour and Boudin was close by so we went for the sourdough goodness.  The only time I eat soup during the summer is when it is served in a 5 lb bowl of bread.

IMG 0455

(in case you are wondering—> Dress, bag and shoes)

We ate really fast and got on the ship (calling it a ship makes it sound cooler than a boat/ferry;) and right after we sat down the captain told the 4 of us to come on up and steer the ship to the island.  We were all just a tad bit excited.

IMG 0531

I cannot believe I never did the Alcatraz tour while I was living in the area.  It was so beyond interesting and I can’t wait to take Andrew here when he comes out with me next time (I come about 5 times a year to this area to bring Brooke to her dad for a visit).

IMG 0504

The views from Alcatraz were incredible.

IMG 0477

We took the audio tour and it was pretty creepy in there… I can’t imagine doing the tour at night.  That would have freaked me out even more.   And now I want to watch every documentary and read every book about this place.

IMG 0550

Minutes after this picture was taken—>  we were standing outside waiting in line when a seagull nailed us.  It was so wrong on so many levels…

IMG 0508

We had a quick wardrobe change and went right to Bi-Rite and the happiness was restored.

IMG 0558

Worth the long line and all of the hype.  My favorite flavor was the one with all of the snickerdoodles in it.

IMG 0560

I then said goodbye to the girls and drove to San Jose to pick up my girl.

IMG 0561

She had a great weekend (she has a new seashell that she takes everywhere with her) and we were stoked to see each other again.

IMG 0568

Crazy how much I miss this little thing even though she was only gone for two days.

IMG 0570

The bonus of our flight being delayed—>  we had time to eat at my favorite airport restaurant.

IMG 0571

My sister sent this to me and I died laughing.  Amazing.  How about we do both… a run and go get a bite to eat?

IMG 0360


What are two of your current running goals?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Favorite Mexican dish?

How are you handling summer running right now?  Getting used to it?  Crazy hot?  Humid?  Give me the details!

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LOL…love your sisters text!

I am running on the treadmill alot. I can’t deal with the heat and I’m the worst about getting up before it gets too hot out. It was already too hot out this morning! My current running goals are to keep running consistently through the summer and to get my hip working properly again! I did have a good 15 mile run yesterday though!

I loved the Alcatraz tour, it was so much fun and so interesting! It is a gorgeous view from the Island!!


So hot and humid in Florida it’s like breathing underwater! However, today was a tad bit drier so I got in 5 miles before 7:30AM and it felt great. Have an awesome day.


Your trip looked like a blast!! I really want to go there someday. It’s on my list for sure! And all of the food I need to try.

Summer running has definitely been HOT and HUMID here in Texas. I guess I’m starting to get used to it again–it’s definitely going to be this way for a while.


Way to go driving the boat, you looked like a natural Captain! :) I really want to take the Alcatraz tour someday. I didn’t realize they did tours at night – so creepy!

My two running goals are related: follow my Chicago training plan to a tee and meet my goal at Chicago! :)


Ha! Sorry about the seagull thing, pretty funny though! (I work with birds, pretty much the story of my life!) All of my runs last week felt hard: partly because I recently did a half marathon so I am recovering still, but partly because it is in the 90’s but feels like 100! This week is supposed to be a little cooler. My favorite mexican dish is definately chicken fajitas! And you should watch the TV show Alcatraz……with Sam Neill……….the hunky Australian guy best known for Jurassic Park. It was only on one season, which is sad bc it was so so good! It was filmed on location…………basically it says the prisoners they “moved” off the island when the prison closed did not really leave, they disappeared………………and then in present day they start showing up in San Francisco and they haven’t aged a day since they disappeared over 50 years ago!!!! Good stuff.


It sounds like you had a great weekend. I’ve always wanted to take a tour of Alcatraz.

Congrats on hitting your mileage. It does sound like you are ready for some marathon training. It’s awesome. My goal is just to get healthy.


Running in the heat and humidity is extra challenging for people with cystic fibrosis because we lose a ton of salt in our sweat. We have to be extra careful and put salt in everything (i.e. in my gatorade when I run)…But I’ll admit it :I love that eating a lot of salty snacks is medically prescribed for me hahaha


Those views are beautiful! My goal for running right now is to build back up my mileage after injury before I start marathon training.


I am “stoked” that you had such a fun weekend.


That text is too funny! I’m happy that you had a great bachelorette weekend and are back with Brooke + Andrew now! That ice cream seriously looks so tasty. My best run of the week was my long run yesterday – it was perfect! 10 miles with a 3 mile fast finish!


It sounds like you had such a fun weekend in California! I’m dying to get to San Francisco sometime soon :)

I don’t have any specific running goals right now which is kind of nice! I’m hoping to do a few smaller races this summer but nothing really to train for at the moment.


I’m doing ok with the heat and humidity so far but decided to tone down my running for the next two months to do more natural type cross training. Easy bike rides to the beach and walks with the dog at night. With no races until October it’s the perfect time. :)


HEHE, I have to laugh at the spelling feedback. My bestie always reads my blogs and then sends me my corrections. LOL!

I was traveling this weekend and had to do two treadmill runs. The treadmill was just so different than “my” treadmill and my runs were horrible. I don’t know what it was but it actually made my hip injury flare up so I had to keep my runs short… bad on so many levels. I hope to get outside today and run – but it looks windy outside so I’m already meh. I need to get outside and do it!


2 running goals: gain some speed, running shorter distance for the summer in the hot weather!
Favorite Mexican dish: I love enchiladas!
Summer running is difficult right now but I am tolerating it right no. Just gotta push through :)


Someone texted that to me to haha. I say we go on a run to find something to eat.

Favorite Mexican dish at the moment is probably enchiladas.

We are loving Utahs beautiful summer!


My running goal is to complete my first half-marathon injury free. Last Saturday I ran 7 miles for the first time in my life. Surprisingly it wasn’t hard, I felt so good all the time.

My Summer running in Miami has been very hot and humid, as usual. We don’t have much of a winter here, basically all year is the same.


My favorite run last week was the 4 mile Run 4 the Sea race on Juno Beach! I live in Florida so even these 4 miles in the heat at 7am were SO TOUGH. It had to be at least 90 degrees and humid by the time we finished! However, the race was to benefit the sea turtles so it was so worth it :) And they also hooked it up with the post race goodies. Free Dunkin Donuts iced coffee?! I’d race for that any day!

I’ve lived in Florida for 20 years and I’ll admit that this humidity never ever gets easier! All my summer runs are done by the ocean so at least I can get some sort of breeze! I’m taking full advantage of my Orange Theory and Pilates memberships these next few months since they are in the air condition!!


best run maybe ever was this weekend for me. ran spontaneously, no watch, no distance tracker, around chicago from millenium park down the lake to navy pier. it was absolutely epic and superrrr enjoyable.

favorite mexican food has to be nachos. I can eat an unlimited amount. it’s always customizable and is there really anything better than getting that super loaded chip with a little bit of everything on it? drooling just thinking about it.


Even though it’s been very hot and humid, you just succeeded in making me want soup in a bread bowl for lunch. My best run last week was probably a 5 miler around campus, and my most exhausting was a 9 mile run last night. I am slowly adapting to the heat while running, but it is still a bit of a struggle; however, it gets so cold in the winter and I hate it, so I refuse to complain about the summer heat. :) My favorite Mexican dish is veggie fajitas–I just love when they bring the vegetables out sizzling. :)


It was surprisingly hot at the 10K I ran on Saturday. I slowed down and I skipped the first water spot but took some at all the other stations after that. I end up using more sport drink when it’s hot out. (I either use Tailwind or make my own).

Marathon training has loosely started. It starts in earnest in another week. Right now I’m working on getting back to 5 days a week.

I love carnitas, black bean soup and calabacitos.


I can’t believe you get delayed as much as you do. That’s crazy! I get really anxious hanging out at airports with lots of people. It’s weird too because your trips are so short. But I know when I traveled to Salt Lakr City for my client a few years ago, those flights were always delayed. Must be all those gorgeous mountains!


Today was super humid and sunny during my run! I went early but definitely felt it. It took me a few miles to adjust for sure


I want to lower my 5K time this summer – that is my main running goal, followed by another PB in the half.

I’m going to california in 5 weeks – cannot wait for all the Mexican food I am going to eat!


I love that dress!
Congrats on your marriage license!!!


Sounds like a great trip!

I am so NOT used to summer running yet. The heat and humidity have been killer during some of our long runs and I’m praying this isn’t how the whole summer season is going to be!

Two running goals: Run a race every month in 2016 (been successful so far) and MAYBE considering running a 50K … Need to do more research on that and see when some races are coming up but I think I could be into conquering my first ultra :)


All of that food looks soooooooo yummy in the tummy!

Current running goal = get faster, go longer. Derp:)

FAJITAS!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Last week I started training for my first half marathon in 3 years, and since having achilles tendon surgery. Let’s just say I am not in top shape at all. I am having a bit of a flair up in my hip with my IT band so I have been sticking to the treadmill……thank goodness for the new seasons of Bloodine and Orange is the New Black . It’s been a bit humid in Wisconsin so I can’t complain about the treadmill.

My summer goals are my half training and I am slowly progress to Clean Eating. I am sick of the extra 30 pounds I carry and feeling sluggish so I am slowly transitioning. I would love to hear others who follow a mostly, not strict, clean diet and how they incorporate training nutrition into it. I will be honest, I hate quinoa and most whole grains so that is where my struggle will be.

BTW, Alcatraz is my all-time favorite tour!!!!


I had to laugh about the seagull incident. The same thing happened to me when I was touring Alcatraz! It is such an interesting place. I’m surprised you had never been there prior to that either!
My summer goal is to get healthy… while training for a BQ in the Fall. Right now I feel like my goals are conflicting, but I’m trying to keep up hope!! :)


NO WAY!!! The seagulls there must be extra mean! Keep us updated on your awesome goals… you’ve got this!


We are getting loads of heat training in for our upcoming 48 hour run – less than 12 days away – EEEKKK!!!! This is our BIG summer goal, so all my thoughts are being consumed by this endeavor of late. As you can see on the blog from the odd run we did this weekend.

I am not a Mexican food fan but Todd totally loves most Mexican food.

Your bread bowl looks awesome and glad you had fun in San Fran!


What an amazing weekend. I haven’t done Alcatraz yet (even though I’ve lived in NorCal for years!)… on my bucket list.

The heat is killing my running mojo and I have gone to the gym a couple of times because of triple digits… but I also try to run in the heat to get more used to it.

Favorite Mexican dish: nachos.


You had such beautiful weather in SF, lucky! I used to live there and loved to ride across the GG bridge. Also, the run from the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero to Crissy Field is beautiful.

Your sister’s text is hilarious! Have fun with your family this week!


I would love to tour Alcatraz! It sounds so cool! Right now my running goal is to increase my speed after having a baby. My first week back exercising was last week and it felt so good to run again. So far I have just done treadmill runs but I am looking forward to getting outside. :)

Simply Rachel Nicole


My current running goal is to run on a regular basis. I have been so lax about it in recent months! I don’t know what my issue is.

My favorite Mexican dish is spinach, cheese, enchiladas with white sauce. And guacamole. Always guacamole!


loving all the San Fran pics! and what a fun bachelorette party weekend. sounds WAY better than a Vegas trip :) I know you lived in the area for a few years, but if you haven’t hiked Angel Island yet…it’s worth the trip & time next time you’re in the Bay Area!


2 current running goals: go on more trail runs/ sign up for trail races and second full marathon training!
I vowed I will never run a full marathon again when I was hitting 18-20 miles but I guess I changed my mind soon after :)
Best run was hitting 7+ miles under 9/min pace- I’m a newbie so I’m working on my pace!
Favorite Mexican dish= enchiladas with shredded beef!
Summer running- it’s summer most of the time here in Hawaii but during the “summer”, I try to beat the heat by heading out the door early in the AM. It gets too hot, humid, and bugs everywhere if I try to run in the PM. I can never get used to the heat though! If it does get hot, I try to find the shade and run in the shade!!!


Favourite run – getting up early to chase the sunrise on a midweek solo run. Hardest run – yesterday’s trail training run – 36km (a little detour), way too much climbing and 6.5 hours later (also another favourite run). I was done by the end.


favorite run was my 16 miler long run! Humidity just means slowing down and going on effort for me, so far i’m ok. DC usually gets super humid, but right now it’s been normal (dry). Favorite mexican dish is either fajitas or tacos. i’m boring lol.


I hate running in the heat and it is so hot in Dallas right now. I usually just run on my treadmill.


I got to visit Alcatraz the one and only time I’ve been to San Francisco and I thought it was SO cool! My favorite thing though was getting out of the city and visiting Muir Woods! I was in AWE!

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