Monday Matters and a KILLER treadmill workout!

Before I got out of bed this morning I decided I wanted to get in some speed on the treadmill.  I came up with a pyramid workout (I loved doing pyramid workouts for my spin classes back in the day (build up with time/resistance/intensity for each interval and then come back down with the same increments).  It seemed like this workout would be more than doable in my head but during the 1 mile fast (when my legs were screaming at me) I questioned what in the world I was thinking ha.  SO, if you are in the mood to really push it… I suggest you give this workout a try!

My interval paces were between a 6:10-6:27 (the mile fast was a 6:27).  This workout was tough for me—>  I haven’t really been doing any short and fast stuff in awhile but it felt so good to switch things up a bit.  Try it out and if you want to shorten it maybe take out the 5 minute intervals or something like that!

9 miles total for the day and a picture taken by the one and only Brooker.  She is quite the photographer, entertainer, dancer, cheerleader while I run on the treadmill.

IMG 7803

One of my favorite things after a hard workout on a treadmill is to just sit for a few minutes on the warm treadmill belt.

I have never once said I was normal.

IMG 7824

Let’s discuss some Monday Matters (my pictures are extra low quality today so I’m just warning you in advance).

*I can’t tell you how many times I end up doing this.  I burn a pancake and then have to pick the top layer off.  Someday I will learn to not forget about the pancake cooking and flip it on time.

IMG 7786

*Target was giving out CEREAL samples.  Something we could both get used to.

IMG 7825

*The reason for a Target trip.  A bag of popcorn.  I have a strong opinion about this popcorn always being stocked in our pantry and we were all out so it was practically an emergency.

IMG 7828

*Just munching away on an apple the size of her head.  She has always loved apples but she is too big now (well, that is what she tells me) for me to cut it up for her.

IMG 7830

*My favorite crockpot recipe = chicken + salsa.  About 30 minutes before the chicken was done cooking I tossed this in and it was excellent.

IMG 7833

*After a weekend of donuts and candy while traveling I was craving a huge salad lunch.  I roasted some butternut squash (in olive oil and TJ’s everyday seasoning) to top the salad.   Oh, and Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado yogurt dressing is where the money is at.

IMG 7834

*My view on the flight home yesterday.

IMG 7785

*Scotchmallows are my absolute favorite See’s (here we go again, talking about See’s…;) but I do not know how I feel about this.  Mint and caramel???

IMG 7682

*Jessie had the cutest little skillet at her house and she made her husband’s favorite blackberry cobbler in it.  I need mini skillets asap… think of all the possibilities.

IMG 7697

*She’s got the airport routine down after all of these flights back and forth to California.

IMG 7763

*I was never one to snack on nuts when I was younger but now they are by far one of my favorite snacks.  Especially when they are covered in cinnamon.

IMG 7685

*A random clip of Brooke’s new favorite trick of pretending she is crying and her dance when this song came on Pandora the other day.


Have any Monday Matters to share today?

What was your workout today?  Anyone else get in some speed work?  How did it go?

What are some of your pantry/fridge items at home that you always keep stocked?!

What’s your snack today?

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No workout today – a bit too busy with work. Tomorrow = 16K!

I’m making guacamole later!


Feel free to double the recipe and send some over our way:) Enjoy your 16k tomorrow Rebecca!


Its 50 degrees here today. I’m not complaining, but it does not feel like mid-May! (Also, how is it mid-May already?! Where is the year going!)

I also love to lay on the treadmill belt. There are days I’m pretty sure I could fall asleep there.

Kettle corn is a necessity in our house too. It’s alarming how quickly we can go through it. We also go through alot of bananas, apples and peanut butter. My snack this afternoon was cherries! I love this time of year!


Same thing over here!! I have given up trying to predict weather haha. YES… I almost fell asleep today too:) Now I need some cherries! Enjoy the rest of your day Sarah!


Thank you for mentioning a salad dressing that you like! I was searching for one without a lot of artificial stuff in it that also tasted decent. I was craving salads last week and the dressing just ruined it (I tried an all natural one that tasted awful). I’m going to give that Boathouse brand a try. Thanks!


THEY ARE SO SO SO YUMMY!! I love all of their flavors but the avocado cilantro is my all-time favorite! Let me know what you think Amanda!


I always need to have bananas, oatmeal, and coffee on hand! Those require immediate trips to the store if I run out.
No workout today—added in an extra rest day because I needed one.


I always have Wheat Thins stocked up, and today my snack also included some Snoopy fruit snacks. $1 and oh-so-good.

Monday matter: Guys should learn not to play with girls’ hearts. Just sayin’.


I need that cobbler asap. I love cobblers!

I never thought of taking the burnt layer of pancake off, I just thought I’d either have to eat it that way or throw it out. Good thing you posted that, now I’ll be able to eat even the burnt pancakes.


Staples at our house are chocolate milk, vanilla soy milk, pretzels, roasted pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, sunbutter, honey, Ezekiel bread and tortilla chips. Many more things probably but these are the “run to the store immediately” staples.


Oh man, I’ve burnt the top layer of pancake off too. It’s the worst because I do like soft pancakes. Honestly, that is why I like my waffle maker (because it is fool proof).


Snack today was watermelon. Once summer hits, I crave watermelon 24/7. ;)
My workout today was an easy 3.25 (to be exact) mile run. It felt fantastic!


All the snacks you mentioned are making me hungry. I could easily down that whole bag of kettle corn in one sitting. Also that little skillet is so cute, it makes me want to go bake up a cute skillet cookie and eat that as my snack!


I’ve never thought to sit on the treadmill, but I bet it feels amazing! I think I might get a few strange looks if I did that at my campus gym though. I’ll save it for the day I’m there by myself. Can I please have all of your burnt pancake layers? I love that part!


That’s a killer workout, definitely have to try that sometime! How did you choose your paces/what should one aim for if they want to replicate this?
Always keep apples, teff flour, Greek yogurt, muscle milk light, and baby carrots. Oh, and string cheese. I have a lot of staples.


Snack was a chocolate long john that someone brought in for their birthday treat at work.


Workout today = 6 miles @ 7:47 pace! Felt strong. I signed up for my first marathon a week ago, so I’m trying to build a solid base. Hopefully qualifying for Boston come October.

We alwayssss keep Almond Milk stocked. Like, if we don’t have any, my bf makes an emergency trip to the local pharmacy to get some. He needs his 3am bowl of cereal ha.


I ALWAYS do the same thing when I cook so you’re not alone in burning things! I’ve resorted to only buying cheaper pans because I can’t be trusted with the nice ones!

I keep forgetting to buy that salsa when I’m at TJ’s! Your recipe sounds delicious!


I did 5 miles on the elliptical. Not my fave but I really want to keep my hip happy for Saturday’s 1/2 marathon.

I love Bolthouse Farms dressings and the Cilantro Avocado is one of my faves. I also like their honey mustard. I recently tried a strawberry poppyseed dressing that’s yogurt based. It’s delicious and it’s Litehouse OPA. (I have never seen this brand before). It’s kind of like strawberry yogurt with a tangy kick. Nice for a change of pace.

I had beef jerky and rye wasa crisps after the gym. My treat was a chocolate chocolate chip GF cookie from TJ’s. It’s like a little bite of fudge.


That salad sounds yummy!


mint+ caramel? no. That’s not a Scotchmallow. (as we discussed it’s our favorite Sees) If they kept the mint and put in a fudge layer that would be okay but caramel and mint belong apart, in their own glory. sigh. Now I want a regular scotchmallow to give it my full support.

I had a similar salad but with butternut squash and pumpkin seeds for crunch. I love mixing crunchy with the creamy veggies.

Got in a 15km run during my kiddos soccer practice-it’s unusually cold this week so had to wear arm warmers, hat, and mittens! booooooo. But I HATE heat so I can’t complain too much.


Monday workout involved 40 laps in the pool! I always need at least 1 non-running day a week and I like hitting up the pool on Mondays instead of Sundays because the lanes are usually less crowded.

Always gotta have trail mix on hand! My favorite mix is from TJ’s – almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, cranberries, and mangoes!


No workout for me. I’m embarrassed to say that my gym has been closed since last Monday & so I just haven’t been working out…I should…but don’t.

That treadmill workout sounds amazing & would probably work just fine on the road too. I may have to give it a try.

I usually have oats & rice stocked at my house, usually eggs too. Everything else seems to vary each week with what I’m in the mood for. :)


My kids are grown and now all out of the house and still want their apples cut up. Bite size is better seems to be the word around here.


What paces should be used for the workout? HM pace for the 5 min interval and mile and a little faster for the shorter ones?

Always have tortilla chips and celery with Trader Joe’s Garlic mustard Aioli (LOVE!)

The Bolthouse dressing are awesome! I have the Avocado Cilantro one for lunch today :)


5 x 1 km @ 5k pace on the treadmill before leaving for a work trip this morning. I realized that I keep my running form better during speed work on the treadmill than outside. I do prefer outside but it’s good to remember that treadmill has it’s advantage too!


Snack today is an apple and a think thin bar! I am going to do some strength training after work today. I always keep my pantry stocked with peanut butter, almonds, flaxseed, honey, and popcorn (my favorite too).


That salad looks amazing! As soon as I’m home from traveling, all I want is a nice, big salad or a green smoothie. Great job on your speed work that one looks awesome! I get to try a few easy miles on the treadmill tomorrow after 10 days of rest. My go to snack right now is a chopped apple with a little honey and cinnamon. It hit’s the spot and my sweet tooth. Happy running!


My run this morning was a glorious 9 miles in Zion nat’l park. I can’t believe I didn’t trip because I was staring at the amazing views the entire time. The absolute best way to see a new place!


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Hi there,
I’m looking to buy a treadmill – could you please advise as to which one you use and what you recommend?
Many thanks :)

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