What do you think of when you hear these running words?!

It has been two weeks since my last treadmill run.  I have been spoiled with all of my outdoor runs lately.  When I am outside it is hot but I still get a nice breeze to cool me off.   I was reminded today of how I overheat on the treadmill and had to sit with the fan 1 foot away from me afterwards.  

IMG 5666

My sis came to work out with me and all of the kiddos played some Skip-Bo while we were sweating.  I LOVED card games as a kid and my mom and I would play at the table after school all of the time.  

IMG 5663

My good friend from California (JESS… the one that got married just a few months ago) and another good friend from Virginia (KARIM… she has the best instagram) were in town so we got together for some food of course.  

IMG 5676

We tried really hard to copy their picture but I think the kids pulled it off better.  

IMG 5677

4 street tacos for me.  Two chicken and two beef and then the rest of Brooke’s quesadilla.  When in marathon training—>  no food left behind. 

IMG 2909

The kiddos then waited patiently for their main event.  

IMG 2911

Waffles with berries and fluffy whipped cream.  Those three conquered that waffle.   

IMG 2915 

***Random but if you are looking for a great list of running books to check out, HERE is one!

Also, 5 exercises to do before every run has some simple moves to try that will help strengthen those glutes!

Screen Shot 2015 07 30 at 3 01 29 PM

You know that game where you say the very first word that you think of when you hear a word or phrase?  Let’s try that out for running terms.  I’ll tell you a running term and you tell me the first word(s) that come to mind when you hear/read that word.  You can do just a few or all of them:)

The long run.  ________________

Carb-loading. ________________

Marathon.  __________________

Finish line.  ________________

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. __________________

Injuries. _______________ (please avoid using swear words;)

Speedwork. _____________

Summer running. ___________

Winter running. _____________

Hill workouts. ______________

GU. _________________

The treadmill. _______________

Hitting the wall. _______________

Foam rolling. ________________

Dream race. _________________

Trail running. ________________

Early morning run.  _______________

Night running.  _________________

5k.  _________________

Chaffing.  _______________

Tempo.  __________________

Personal Record.  _______________

Post-race or long run food.  ______________

Running friends.  _____________________

My running motivation.  ____________________

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Early morning run is peaceful like heaven. Injuries are depressing.


I agree very much with both of your answers! I hope you are doing okay Megan!


I love the photo you recreated! How fun! And Waffle Love…makes me want waffles! So, so good!

Foam Rolling – my favorite kind of pain. Winter running – better than summer running! Running friends – the best friends!


A beautiful new pair of running shoes = what dreams are made of lol :) speedwork = ouch, early morning run = feel good all day, dream race = NYC marathon!




the double photo (adults/kids) is amazing


Hill workouts are a necessary evil. 5K is too much pain, I’ll take a longer race. GU = maple bacon. Best flavor ever.


I’m going to have to agree with you on the 5k = too much pain!


The long run. determination
Carb-loading. yes
Marathon. hard
Finish line. beautiful
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. nervous
Injuries. *#@! ;-)
Speedwork. challenge
Summer running. perfect
Winter running. wimp (me, with cold weather)
Hill workouts. farmland
GU. yuck!
The treadmill. necessary
Hitting the wall. mantra
Foam rolling. painful
Dream race. unsure
Trail running. FAVORITE
Early morning run. beach
Night running. nah
5k. fun
Chaffing. lucky
Tempo. metronome (ha- musician here)
Personal Record. goal
Post-race or long run food. omelettes
Running friends. rock
My running motivation. accomplishment


Your answer to injuries had me laughing so hard… thank you for that! Loved all of your answers! Have an awesome day and I do have to ask you why a new pair of running shoes makes you think nervous!?


I am a creature of habit and routine. When I find something I like, I convince myself that nothing will ever be that good again. Haha New sneakers = exciting but an invitation to obsess about whether or not they are going to live up to my crazy expectations of perfect. :)


love those 5 exercises. i am always looking for simple ways to incorporate strength training into running days.


Hahha yes, no food left behind! As my mileage has been building so has my appetite. I forgot how hungry marathon training makes you!

5Ks hurt.
Chaffing hurts.
Hitting the wall hurts.
Foam rolling hurts.

Wait, why do I like running so much?! :D


I love these surveys! Also those tacos look amazing.

The long run – Relaxing

Carb-loading – THE BEST

Marathon – Endurance

Finish line – Tears of joy

A beautiful new pair of running shoes – Happy feet

Injuries – Never had one :)

Speedwork – Ouch

Summer running – Sweat

Winter running – Avoid outdoors

Hill workouts – Tough but necessary

GU – Barf

The treadmill – Mental challenge

Hitting the wall – Tears of pain

Foam rolling – Funny

Dream race – Athens marathon

Trail running – SO GOOD

Early morning run – Peaceful

Night running – Scary

5k – Pain

Chaffing – OUCH

Tempo – Satisfying

Personal Record – YES YES YES

Post-race or long run food – Cafe Rio Pork Salad please

Running friends – The best.

My running motivation – To set a goal and accomplish it = the best feeling.


The long run. Double digits

Carb-loading. Pasta night

Marathon. Someday

Finish line. Done!

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Favorite

Injuries: crap! I hate this! Please no.

Speedwork: am I ready for this today?

Summer running. Perfect_

Winter running. I hate winter. I hate cold

Hill workouts. I got this

GU. Don’t know how I feel about gu, will it taste gross?

The treadmill. I need some kind of entertainment

Hitting the wall. The worst

Foam rolling. Pain that feels good

Dream race. Perfect conditions, perfect race

Trail running. Hikes

Early morning run. Good start to the day

Night running. Stress running

5k. Easy

Chaffing. Obnoxious

Tempo. On beat

Personal Record. 22:22:22

Post-race or long run food. Try to keep it healthy

Running friends. Laura_

My running motivation. goals


Your pr is 22:22:22… that is AMAZING! I want a cool pr time like that:)


the long run. accomplishment
carb-loading. bagels
marathon. celebration of training
finish line. glorious
a beautiful new pair of running shoes. expensive
injuries. suck
speedwork. fun
summer running. hot and miserable
winter running. not as miserable
hill workouts. butt-workout
GU. (chomps) delicious and necesary
the treadmill. avoidable if possible
hitting the wall. ouch
foam rolling. necessary
dream race. boston
trail running. dirty
early morning run. worth it
night running. beat the sundown
5k. hopefully food related
chaffing. the worst
tempo. can’t talk
personal record. beatable
post-race or long run food. chipotle
running friends. know me the best (and have seen me at my worst)
my running motivation. the miles

that was fun, thanks!


Long run: my happy place
Carb loading: acceptable binge eating
I was going to answer as many as I could do in order by memory. Help, I need to boost my memory skills.


love this!

injuries>my knees!
foam rolling> hurts so good
early morning run> stillness and silence that is perfect and needed
5k> hurts so good
running friends> happiness

great photo recreation by the way ;)


Running friends: the bomb!
Injuries: too many!
Marathon: used to be my favorite distance. See “injuries” above.


The long run. the after feels

Carb-loading. pasta!!

Marathon. someday

Finish line. woohoo

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. love

Injuries. sucky

Speedwork. high school XC

Summer running. HOT

Winter running. nice (I live in San Diego…so I prefer “winter” running :))

Hill workouts. high school XC + random people’s hoses

GU. necessary

The treadmill. the energizer bunny

Hitting the wall. the worst

Foam rolling. not done enough

Dream race. BOSTON!

Trail running. need a buddy so I don’t get lost

Early morning run. best way to start the day

Night running. best done with a buddy or at the gym

5k. turkey trot! or a 4th of july run! need to do more of these..

Chaffing. owwww

Tempo. ummm high school track haha

Personal Record. my best

Post-race or long run food. carbs? and definitely protein!!

Running friends. want/need! any readers live in San Diego??

My running motivation. kara goucher and all those crazy good athletes!!


The long run. ___HOT!__

Carb-loading. ___YES.______

Marathon. ___I wish! (training for ultras)_______

Finish line. __I want to be there_____

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. ___breaking them in_____

Injuries. ___ankles. (i always roll my ankles!)___ (please avoid using swear words;)

Speedwork. ___miss it_____

Summer running. __HOT. or SWEATY.____

Winter running. _HOT. (I live in LA hahah)_____

Hill workouts. __favorite!_______

GU. __salted caramel_______

The treadmill. ___miss it_____

Hitting the wall. ___handstands!_____

Foam rolling. __love.______

Dream race. ___mountains!_____

Trail running. __favorite!!_____

Early morning run. ___cooler_____

Night running. __still hot :(______

5k. ___not worth it______

Chaffing. __chub rub!______

Tempo. ___singing_______

Personal Record. __i wish_____

Post-race or long run food. ___mac and cheese and pizza, both thoughts.____

Running friends. ___my best friends!______

My running motivation. ___weight loss (i know, i know…)_____


Long run…. donuts :)


I really like the way that you think Rachel. And now I need a donut.


The long run. hard but worth it
Marathon. goal

Finish line. beautiful
The treadmill. eh…
Early morning run. fun
Chaffing. ouch
Post-race or long run food. pancakes or French toast


The long run: Sanity
Marathon: Unknown
Finish line. Woot
Injuries: Scary
Speedwork: Challenging
Summer running. Acclimation
Winter running. Icy
Hill workouts. Power
GU. Unpredictable
The treadmill. Death
Hitting the wall: Death (lol)
Foam rolling. Necessary
Dream race: Boston
Trail running. Relaxed
Night running. Never
5k. Gasp
Personal Record. Exhiliaration
Post-race or long run food. Chocolate milk and a big scone!
Running friends. Invaluable
My running motivation. Happiness


Lol the fan. That was me standing in front of my A/C after my run outside today.
You do what you gotta do to cool off!


Ah, I was always into card games when I was a youngster. I still am! Unfortunately most people are not, so I never get to play. I stick to playing on my phone via apps. Also, loving the fact you recreated your daughter’s picture. You’re hilarious Janae.


The long run. _10 miles of accursed hunger pains_______________

Carb-loading. ___Snacking on potatoes_____________

Marathon. ______Maybe in 6 years____________

Finish line. ____Pure relief____________

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. ___No more blisters!!!_______________

Injuries. ___A constant reminder of what you’re missing out on____________ (please avoid using swear words;)

Speed work. ____What’s that?___

Summer running. ____Like being roasted in fire. _______

Winter running. _Cold and Canada suck and the constant ice and unplowed roads too. Better than the treadmill though.____________

Hill workouts. ____I tend to avoid any and all hills__________

GU. ______Never tried one but I have some sitting on my dresser. I don’t think I’ll need them for half training though.___________

The treadmill. ___An advanced medieval torture device. No, seriously, I will run outside in any condition except for that thing.____________

Hitting the wall. ___Thankfully haven’t gotten there yet____________

Foam rolling. ____Wish I had one ____________

Dream race. ______Something on colourful autumn paths. With lots of downhills and flatness___________

Trail running. ___Pretty for the first few times but then I start to curse the hills_____________

Early morning run. ___I absolutely love it but my sensitive stomach doesn’t!____________

Night running. ____My favourite and when I hit all my PRs_____________

5k. ______The first 2k are great, then I have to hold in my puke___________

Chaffing. _____Cant wait to experience it. Not.__________

Tempo. _______They usually happen unplanned___________

Personal Record. __Im laughing while I cry_____________

Post-race or long run food. __anything and lots of it____________

Running friends. ___Im a sheltered runner :(__________________

My running motivation. ______Im out-running every single one of my friends______________


long run – love it!
Hill work – sigh
Dream race – Athens
Summer running – not fun
Winter running – my new favorite

Love these! ;)


The long run. Favorite
Carb-loading. Tasty
Marathon. Someday
Finish line. Ecstasy
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Giddy
Injuries. Fortunate
Speedwork. Love-hate
Summer running. Sweaty
Winter running. Rewarding
Hill workouts. Ugh
GU. Savior
The treadmill. Useful
Hitting the wall. Hard
Foam rolling. Necessary
Dream race. Colorado
Trail running. Happy place
Early morning run. Routine
Night running. Fun
5k. Punish
Chaffing. Ouch
Tempo. Empowering
Personal Record. Uhm
Post-race or long run food. Cheeseburger
Running friends. Need
My running motivation. Intricate


It is 102 degrees here today. I wish I had one of those fans to drag around with me everywhere I go!

The long run → Runner’s High
Finish line → Rewarding
A beautiful new pair of running shoes → Priceless
Injuries → Humility
Hill workouts → Brutal
Hitting the wall → Dig Deep
Dream race → Boston
Early morning run → Serenity
Chaffing → Screaming In The Shower
Running friends → Inspire
My running motivation → Simply doing something that I love to do.


Hill workouts: Booty
Foam Rolling: Ouch
Long runs: let’s do this
Running friends: the best
The treadmill: a nice change


I love skipbo!! Mmm look at those tacos!


I love the reading list!!! :)

The long run: meditation

Carb-loading: pasta

5k: fun


The long run. LONG!

Carb-loading. Pizza

Finish line. Undescribable

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Hallelujah!

Injuries. Bummer

Speedwork. Exhausting

Summer running. HOT

Winter running. Perfect!

Hill workouts. Knowing there’s always a downhill

GU. Eww!

The treadmill. Never!

Hitting the wall. Ow!

Foam rolling. Need Too!

Dream race. Big Sur

Trail running. LOVE IT!

Early morning run. Peaceful

Night running. Relaxing

5k. Exhausting

Chaffing. Miserable

Tempo. Hurts good

Personal Record. Sweet

Long run food. skittles

Running friends. Understanding

My running motivation. Stress reliever and knowing I can


The long run. LONG!
Carb-loading. Pizza
Finish line. Undescribable
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Hallelujah!
Injuries. Bummer
Speedwork. Exhausting
Summer running. HOT
Winter running. Perfect!
Hill workouts. Knowing there’s always a downhill
GU. Eww!
The treadmill. Never!
Hitting the wall. Ow!
Foam rolling. Need Too!
Dream race. Big Sur
Trail running. LOVE IT!
Early morning run. Peaceful
Night running. Relaxing
5k. Exhausting
Chaffing. Miserable
Tempo. Hurts good
Personal Record. Sweet
Long run food. skittles
Running friends. Understanding
My running motivation. Stress reliever and knowing I can


Long Run: ugh!
Carb loading: pizza
Gu: Salted Watermelon
PR: wishful
chaffing: thunder thighs



The long run- friends

Finish line – hurting

Injuries – strength training

Speed work – necessary

Summer running – humid

Winter running – tights!

Hill workouts – huh?

Gu – Bill Clinton (sorry!)

The treadmill – germs

Foam rolling – savior

Dream race – Europe 1/2 marathon

Trail running – downtown runner

Early morning run – peaceful

Night running – couch

5k – best workout

Chaffing – armpits

Tempo – dread

Personal record – I will break you 22

Running friends – encouraging

Running motivation – three kids


Ugh I can’t wait to start running again! Hopefully soon.

I just bought Meb’s book “Run to Overcome” and I’m so excited to start it! I also have Scott Jurek’s book “eat and run” on my bed stand. But I’m not letting myself read them until my foot heals because I don’t want to bum myself out.

Those tacos look amazing, and have you ever tried the salted watermelon gu? I’ve heard good things, but it also reminded me of you!


I have been doing all my during the week runs for the most part on a treadmill and there is seriously no air circulation in the room with the machines. I have thought about bringing my own fan but I didn’t want to be that girl. HA!

The long run. Saturday mornings
Carb-loading. Yes please!
Marathon. Not Yet
Finish line. Thank God!
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Yeah baby!
Injuries. Seriously?
Speedwork. I suck
Summer running. Hates Heat
Winter running. Frozen fingers
Hill workouts. Need more
The treadmill. My BFF : /
Foam rolling. Love/Hate
Dream race. Lazy Half in CO
Trail running. Two Weeks. Eeeeeeek!!
Early morning run. LOVE. Period
Night running. Stray dogs
Post-race or long run food. Cheeseburger for sure
Running friends. Need some
My running motivation. Past progress


The long run = hot


Marathon = not yet

Finish line= angels singing

A beautiful new pair of running shoes= heaven

Injuries= boo

Speedwork= boo

Summer running= Dean Karnazes

Winter running = peaceful (my happy place)

Hill workouts= ugh

GU = gross

The treadmill = needed

Hitting the wall =frustration

Foam rolling = ahhhh…so good!

Dream race.= ultra (I really want to be a spectator at Boston!!)

Trail running= quiet

Early morning run= my love

Night running. = no thanks

5k.= fun!

Chaffing.= ouch!

Tempo. = ugh

Personal Record. 8k 49.39

Post-race or long run food. = oatmeal w p.butter & fruit

Running friends.= none

My running motivation.= daughter and health


We used to play Skip Bo all the time in our family too!


The long run. Where is the pizza?
Carb-loading. Again, pizza?
Marathon. Love/hate
Finish line. wooohooo! yipeee!
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Love
Injuries. ugh!
Speedwork. I may yak….
Summer running. 94% humidity at 6 am….NBD ;)
Winter running. Love for my running life but not my “real” life.
Hill workouts. Every run (not many flat areas)
GU. Take it like a vitamin – quick and throw the head back!
The treadmill. Not in my vocab
Hitting the wall. Mile 18
Foam rolling. Love/hate
Dream race. Boston
Trail running. nah – too clumsy
Early morning run. only way I roll!
Night running. eh
5k. eh
Chaffing. Shower – ouch!
Tempo. Must have music
Personal Record. In fun!
Post-race or long run food. Cheeseburger and diet coke.
Running friends. Always!


Summer running = #overit


The kids/friends photos are too cute!


the long run. conquer
carb-loading. fun
marathon. hard
finish line. relief
a beautiful new pair of running shoes. floaty
injuries. suck
speedwork. don’t do
summer running. miserable
winter running. yay
hill workouts. hips hurt
GU. gag
the treadmill. infrequent
hitting the wall. every time
foam rolling. good pain
dream race. elusive
trail running. never done it
early morning run. love
night running. feels weird
5k. nope
chaffing. sports bra
tempo. nope
personal record. beatable
post-race or long run food. can’t eat
running friends. understand
my running motivation. myself


The long run. Sundays

Carb-loading. Sleepy time

Marathon. Bucket List

Finish line. Far away

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Smell divine

Injuries. Mental

Speedwork. Needed

Summer running. Sweaty

Winter running. IDK I live in Florida

Hill workouts. Speedwork in disguise

GU. 2x caffiene please

The treadmill. ADHD kicks in

Hitting the wall. Second wind

Foam rolling. Yay.

Dream race. NIKE SAN FRAN

Trail running. Fun

Early morning run. So sleepy

Night running. So scary

5k. PR Goal

Chaffing. Body Glide

Tempo. Fast

Personal Record. Joyous

Post-race or long run food. PICKLES!!!!

Running friends. My dog

My running motivation. Health


Love this!

The long run. Please, please, please….let the weather be 60 and overcast
Carb-loading. Pasta
Marathon. Never (I know, I know….never say never)
Finish line. Alleluia!
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Devine
Injuries. Sad
Speedwork. Necessary
Summer running. HOT
Winter running. COLD
Hill workouts. Dying
GU. Yuck
The treadmill. Dreadmill
Hitting the wall. Push through
Foam rolling. Ouch
Dream race. 10K Fall Flat
Trail running. Hills
Early morning run. Favorite
Night running. Ghosts
5k. Fun
Chaffing. Sports bra (time to buy a new one)
Tempo. Reaching goals
Personal Record. Congrats!
Post-race or long run food. Nachos
Running friends. None – solo runner…my time. Nervous cuz I’m slow.
My running motivation. Stress reliever


The long run. – sweatfest
Carb-loading. – FOOD
Marathon. – Challenge
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. – TREAT
Injuries. SUCK
Speedwork. death
Summer running. melting
Winter running. freezing
Hill workouts. worth-it
GU. yum!
The treadmill. suffocate
Hitting the wall. face-plant
Foam rolling. torture
Dream race. Badwater
Trail running. heaven
Early morning run. peaceful
Night running. spooky
5k. fast
Chaffing. burn
Tempo. confusing
Personal Record. success
Post-race or long run food. ALLFOOD
Running friends. Jen
My running motivation. EMBRACE-DOUBT


The long run. – need more time
Carb-loading. – yum
Marathon. – scared
Finish line. – Yeah!
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. – I love shoes
Injuries. – BLEEP
Speedwork. – BLEEP
Summer running. – Humidity :(
Winter running. – Runny nose :(
Hill workouts. – Fun
GU. – Vanilla
The treadmill. – Netflix
Hitting the wall. – hmmmm
Foam rolling. – hurts so good
Dream race. – Not sure yet
Trail running. – Need a good trail
Early morning run. – yuck, I’m a night owl
Night running. – Peaceful
5k. – Fun races (ugly sweater)
Chaffing. – Armpits
Tempo. -dread these
Personal Record. – smashed it
Post-race or long run food. Post race
Running friends. – loner during training
My running motivation. – Mental break


The long run: Sunday
Carb-loading: Chocolate
Marathon: It’s long
Finish line: Relief

A beautiful new pair of running shoes: It’s like candy
Injuries: Again? Frustration.

Speedwork. So hard.

Summer running: Sweaty

Winter running: Chance to wear long-sleeve shirts

Hill workouts. My lungs hurt.

GU: Can’t wait to try it.

The treadmill: Boring.

Hitting the wall: Nothing worse.

Foam rolling: Bittersweet (just foamrolled ITBs; definitely bitter right now).

Dream race: New York Marathon

Trail running: Wish I had trails close to me.

Early morning run: No better way to start the day.

Night running: Always feels easier.

5k: Short but hard.

Chaffing. Ouch, showering hurts.

Tempo: Heavy breathing.
Personal Record: Runner’s high for days
Post-race or long run food: Anything and everything.

Running friends: I need more of them.

My running motivation: Races and chasing pbs.


The long run. Better with friends

Carb-loading. Overrated

Marathon. Tough

Finish line. Hallelujah

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Exciting

Injuries. Suck

Speedwork. Challenging in a good way.

Summer running. Love the light, hate the humidity

Winter running. Layer up!

Hill workouts. Work wonder

GU. Sticky

The treadmill. Grateful for it in weather I don’t want to be out in.

Hitting the wall. Exhausted

Foam rolling. Love/hate

Dream race. Maui, the Wailea to Lahaina half

Trail running. Not a fan

Early morning run. Over and done

Night running. Cars + dark= scary

5k. Quick

Chaffing. Ouch

Personal Record. Washington DC

Post-race or long run food. Pancakes or steak

Running friends. happiness

My running motivation. i run for team in training. Knowing I make a difference gets me moving.


hi Janae! Just want you to know how encouraging to my running your blog is for me. I wish I was as accomplished of a runner, right now it will be a long time till I’m ready for even a half marathon, but I want to so bad. I would love to work with you on my running issues sometime if you have time. Wish I lived closer so we could run together and see more easily what I need to work on….


The long run. – Accomplishment
Carb-loading.- Cookies
Marathon. – Goal
Finish line. – Elation
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. – Woohoo!
Injuries. – Uh oh.
Speedwork. – Difficult
Summer running. – Hot
Winter running. – Cold
Hill workouts. – Difficult
GU. – Gel
The treadmill. – Boring
Hitting the wall. – Fear
Foam rolling. – Relief
Dream race. – Marathon
Trail running. – One day.
Early morning run. – A good idea.
Night running. – Favourite
5k. – Fun
Chaffing. – Ouch
Tempo. – Slow
Personal Record. – Distance
Post-race or long run food. – Ice Cream
Running friends. – Conversation
My running motivation. – Future Races


The long run. Tiring
Carb-loading. Cafe Rio!
Marathon. First one September!
Finish line. Deceptive (I’ve had several races where you see it, but then you have to go around the block or run a bit farther than what you actually think…
A beautiful new pair of running shoes. Pretty
Injuries. My IT band. UGH!
Speedwork. Don’t know how to do it… I’m still learning
Summer running. Freaking hot!
Winter running. Freaking cold!
Hill workouts. Murder on my calves!
GU. Heaven sent in a packet!
The treadmill. The dreadmill! haha!
Hitting the wall. Can’t remember the last time that happened!
Foam rolling. Love it or hate it – I love it!
Dream race. Finishing fast doesn’t matter the race!
Trail running. hard
Early morning run. Tell myself “No excuses!”
Night running. dark and scary
5k. Goal is 28 minutes!
Chaffing. sucks!
Tempo. getting better!
Personal Record. 2:16 minutes for my half in January! and that was a HARD race!
Post-race or long run food. Post race is chocolate milk!
Running friends. few and far between. :(
My running motivation. “You can do hard things”


Janae, you’re doing it all wrong! :) How do you have a treadmill at home and not have one of these? Best of both worlds, treadmill + breeze while running! http://www.amazon.com/Holmes-Convertible-Desk-Black-HCF0611A-BM/dp/B007QE62PU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1438614660&sr=8-2&keywords=clip+fan


The long run – Training
Carb-loading – Pasta
Marathon – Runner
Finish line – Victory
A beautiful new pair of running shoes – Love
Injuries – Suck
Speedwork – Hurts
Summer running – Sweaty
Winter running – Hardcore
Hill workouts – Vomit
GU – Yuck
The treadmill – Satan
Hitting the wall – Mile 20
Foam rolling – Relief
Dream race – Boston
Trail running – Scary
Early morning run – Bliss
Night running – Adventure
5k – Warm-up
Chaffing – Ouch
Tempo – Fast
Personal Record – 3:37
Post-race or long run food – Waffles
Running friends – Foundation
My running motivation – Family

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