We swear we are never going to do it again. AND SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS!!

So far I have done each and every single item on this checklist since I crossed the finish line on Saturday.

IMG 3295

I remember the exact thoughts that I was having in the below picture.  

They were as followed—> “I will never ever do another marathon ever again. Ever. I want to sleep for the next 12 years. I will also never wear shoes again.”

And somehow my brain has already forgotten about all of the pain and the promise that I made to myself about never doing a marathon again and I am already looking forward to the St. George Marathon in October and starting to train again in about 5 weeks.  

Why do we do that?  How do we forget about how hard races can be and yet we keep signing up for more and more?

Somebody please explain this to me because as of 4 days ago I was pretty positive I was going to never run again but now I may already have a countdown on my phone for the St. George Marathon.  

IMG 3178

***I do know that I really do love the training that goes into the marathon.  All of those runs with my training partners are what I really love and so I think I am already looking forward to those runs together again.  

I agree with this 100%:

Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 10 33 57 PM


Are you ready for my good news?  Okay, it is just really good news for me but just pretend to be excited mkay:)

So, a few months ago when I was finally starting to feel like myself again and a little bit more stable after my divorce Brooke and I started looking for a place to live.  I felt like I could finally do it all on my own and I was really stoked.  We found the absolute PERFECT PLACE for the two of us but there was a huge waiting list and we have been waiting patiently ever since.

After my race on Saturday they called me and told me that my apartment is ready and waiting for me at the beginning of August.  

It is perfect.  It is still super close to my mom and sister’s house (location was the most important part for me), it has a beautiful pool, I have friends that live at this complex, the kitchen is beautiful and I just feel so right about it.  Don’t you love it when you feel really right about something? 

My mom and dad told me when I started looking at places that they were okay with me moving out but Brooke… that is another story:)  Good thing we will be within 7 minutes of them and will still be over all of the time.  

Things sure have changed over the last year!


My dad has some really exciting things going on in his life right now too so we all went to dinner last night to celebrate.  

IMG 3330

My mom passed the genes of ‘ordering breakfast for dinner as much as possible’ down to me and I like it.  Denver Omelet for me.  

IMG 3336

PS it is snowing in the mountains right above our house and we have the heater on full blast.  It is June.  


Are you in a house, townhouse, apartment?  How do you like it?  How often do you move?

Do you ever have ‘post race blues’?  Do you tell yourself you are never going to do a race again while you are doing it and then forget about that and sign up for another?

I haven’t heard about your workouts lately… WHAT IS YOUR WORKOUT TODAY!?

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Congrats on finding a place for you and Brooke! How awesome!

We have been in an apartment for about 6 years. I like it and it’s location but I often feel like I wish it was mine. I’m not a fan of my landlord so it always kind of bothers me that I have to give him money each month. But, he’s never raised our rent and we are in a very popular area so there really isn’t much I should complain about.

I’ve definitely felt like I didn’t want to do another half marathon after my first but I signed up for another one and I’m happy I did. I have my first marathon in January so we’ll see how I feel after that!

I’m still doing a June run streak for suicide awareness so I think I’ll run outside after work. I’ve also been doing weight training so I’m not sure if I’ll want to do that and head to the gym.


Congrats on the apartment! I am so happy that you are healing and feeling ready to take that step.


We’re potentially going to be moving into a travel trailer here in the next few weeks! It could be very interesting! We went to the bank yesterday to see if we could get a loan, and we’re waiting to hear back! It will be SO nice to be out from under our landlords and putting money into something that is OURS!

Also, it’s been spretty cool here in Colorado the last few days. We haven’t had much moisture, though, unfortunately. And we’re getting smoke from fires in NM and AZ. Fire season is on its way =(


I bought a condo when V was 3 months old, thinking how in the world could I cut grass/scoop snow in a house. Then the collapse happened.We will never get out of here. I wish I could redo it.


Congrats on the apartment! That is exciting news! August is the perfect time to move in with enough summer left to enjoy that pool.

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